Avatar Adi Da Samraj – Divine Presence

His Divine Presence,
Avatar Adi Da Samraj,
and His Reality-Way


Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj is the Perfect
Breakthrough of the Pure Divine into the cosmic worlds. He
Appeared on Earth in human Form in order to Reveal and Give
the process by which any and all living begins – on Earth,
and throughout the entire cosmic domain – may Realize the
Ecstasy of Perfect Oneness with Reality Itself (Which He
Reveals, and Which He Is). Thus, the Life and Work of Avatar
Adi Da Samraj Is the Universally Consequential Event in all
of cosmic history. To receive Avatar Adi Da’s Word is to be
Addressed not as a separate “self”, but as What you Really
Are. To receive His Word is to be Offered His Transmission
of Perfect (and Perfectly Love-Bliss-Full) egolessness. This
Perfect Divine Gift has never been given before, in all
previous human time. His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da
Samraj – the Perfect Divine Manifestation on Earth, Whose
Appearance has been intuited and prayed for in all the
traditions of humankind – Is, now and for all time, Offering
His Supreme Gift to all.


Adi Da’s Life was an incomparable, unceasing service o
humankind, and to all beings everywhere. His Birth marked
the appearance of a human Form that Perfectly Manifested and
directly Revealed the Truth of Reality-the Love-Blissful
Condition that all have yearned for and sought after,
throughout time. In the course of His Life, Avatar Adi Da
underwent a tremendous Ordeal of identifying with,
submitting to, and transcending every possible variation on
the human condition, every pattern of the search, every
doctrine, every “point of view”. Thus, through Adi Da’s
human Incarnation, Reality Itself Perfectly Coincided with
manifest existence-Communicating about every aspect of the
human condition, and Revealing the Divine Nature of Reality
Itself and the Way to Realize That Reality.

The resulting body of Teaching,
Given from His unique Disposition of pure egolessness, is
like no other. Its breadth and depth far surpass any
existing Teaching from a Spiritual Master (or from anyone).
It includes His thorough address to all the limitations that
constitute the universal bondage of humankind, as well as
His description, in every detail, of the process of Divine
Self-Realization in His Company. He thus Speaks to everyone,
calling all to thoroughly examine the human condition and to
recognize the self-evident prior unity of humankind-a
recognition urgently needed for the survival and well-being
of all Earthkind. And He offers the Reality-Way of Adidam,
the Way of devotional recognition-response to Him as the
Divine Reality in Person-for those who would transcend ego
utterly and Realize the Love-Bliss of Reality Itself, by
Grace to Him as the Divine Reality in Person. Avatar Adi Da
Completed His essential Teaching-Work in the year 2000.
Then, from mid 2004 to early 2006, Avatar Adi Da offered a
unique series of Discourses which were broadcast live over
the Internet to His devotees worldwide. During these
occasions, Avatar Adi Da answered questions from devotees
who were present in the room with Him, but also from
devotees all over the world via speakerphone. As He had
always done, even from the beginning of His Teaching-Work,
Avatar Adi Da addressed each devotee personally, but was
also Instructing all beings, in all times and

These were the final occasions
during Avatar Adi Da’s physical Lifetime that He met with
large groups of His devotees in order to Speak to them
directly. In these Discourses, He is no longer Instructing
on the basis of His Submission to the Work of Generating His
Teaching-Revelation. He Speaks simply as the “Bright” Divine
Avatar, Offering His Revelation of Truth as a Free Gift.
And, in fact, these Discourse occasions were part of a
summary process in the last years of Avatar Adi Da’s
physical Lifetime that culminated in His Final
Revelation-books, principally The Aletheon.

The Avataric Discourse Study Series
presents a video record of full occasions from this
remarkable period.

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