((The)) choice of happiness

(The) addiction affliction

(The) asana of science

(The) avon lady

(The) baptism of immortal happiness

(The) bodily location of happiness

(The) bridge to god

(The) cosmic mandala

(The) crashing down of my divine grace

(The) cycle of subjective captivity a

(The) cycle of subjective captivity b

(The) day of the heart

(The) divine creates the lifetime of the
spiritual master

(The) divine does the yoga

(The) dreaded gomboo

(The) fire must have its way

(The) foundation and the source

(The) four aspects of the way of divine

(The) four dharmas

(The) gesture of the being

(The) gift of discipline

(The) gorilla sermon

(The) gospel of the siddhas

(The) grace of suffering

(The) graceful process a

(The) graceful process b

(The) great tradition

(The) guru’s demand for absolute attention

(The) heart-breaking truth

(The) hymn of the master ( nina )

(The) impulse of the heart

(The) intuition of eternal life

(The) invisible man a

(The) invisible man b

(The) knowledge of light

(The) law

(The) lion sutra

(The) man who fell to earth

(The) primal space

(The) religion of the whole body

(The) religious ambivalence of western man

(The) ritual of sorrow

(The) saturday night massacre

(The) secret of suddenness

(The) sign of love-bliss

(The) taboo against god-realization

(The) thirsting heart

(The) tip of the iceberg

(The) transcendence of attention

(The) transcendence of familiarity

(The) truth of our existence is love

(The) two sided man or woman

(The) ultimate mudra

(The) way of fun

(The) westerner in everyone must be

(The) yoga of consideration and the way that i

(The)re is no magical way to god

(The)re is no one else

(The)re is no such thing as relationship a

(The)re is no such thing as relationship b

A birthday message from jesus and me

A kind of madness

Accept no limits

Audio File

Be moved by me to infinity a

Be moved by me to infinity b

Be moved by me to infinity c

Be moved by me to infinity d

Better to be happy than concerned
(non-conditional living)

Break the spell of the ego

Children must be liberated

Crazy da must sing

Cultivate your relationship to me

Death is not your concern

Death, meditation, and spiritual life

Discipline is an expression of

Divine distraction

Do this yoga in all your parts

Ego death and the chaos of experience

Eternal ignorance

Exercise your singleness

Feeling without limitation

Franklin jones is a fictional character

Freedom is in the existence place

Frogs and walls

Garbage and the goddess

God actually exists

God is not in charge a

God is not in charge b

Gradual dancing

Guru as prophet

Guru, faith and satsang a

Guru, faith and satsang b

I am always talking about the same thing

I am more like you than you are

I am the heart of man

I enter the world of dragons

I is the body

I want this divine existence to be true of

Idealism and realism

Identification of the beloved is the principle
of spiritual life

I’m not talking about anything

Keep attention in the sacrifice


Listen to me a

Listen to me b

Listening is the foundation of true practice

Love of the god-man

Luxuriate in a life of contemplation a

Luxuriate in a life of contemplation b

Luxuriate in a life of contemplation c

Luxuriate in a life of contemplation d

My radiance is perfect

Not that kind of magic

One more monkey a

One more monkey b

Persist in your loving

Practice in your vulnerable heart

Purify yourself with happiness


Radical practice a

Radical practice b

Reality is not absent

Relationship and freedom

Remember the mystery

Renouncing the search for the edible deity

Renunciation and the gift of community

Right practice depends on hearing

Sex, laughter, and god realization

Submission to the self

This is it

Transforming sex (and everything else)

Understand the nature of what you are
identifying with


Use your advantage

Walking the dog

Way of understanding 01a

Way of understanding 01b

Way of understanding 02a

Way of understanding 02b

Way of understanding 03a

Way of understanding 03b

Way of understanding 04a

Way of understanding 04b

Way of understanding 05

Way of understanding 06a

Way of understanding 06b

Way of understanding 07a

Way of understanding 07b

Way of understanding 08

Way of understanding 09a

Way of understanding 09b

Way of understanding 10

Way of understanding 11

Way of understanding 12

What is the conscious process?

What is your intention? A

What is your intention? B

When the tiger disappears

You are not the guilty party

You can’t get there from here

You don’t know what it is

You must become a devotee

You must become a renunciate

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“(The) perfect
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difference between us”
Chap XX,

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