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Revelation and the

(03:33 mins)
– 1975
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The Spiritual Master is a Different Kind of

Hearing is the Discovery of the Self-Knot

Guru Function is Universal

Purusha is the Same One

The World is a Spontaneous Creation

Alone is the Condition of Bliss

The Place Where Sadhana Begins

Light and Consciousness

Heart of Understanding

Prologue to The Knee of Listening

True Hearing tells the Difference

Influence of the Purusha

It Up to YOU Now

Good and Bad Karma

The World as Spirit

The Mind is a False Point of View

This is My Single Message

The Way is Forever and The Realization is

Sadhana is a Conscious Process

Smiles and Groans

Tests and Lessons

Communicating Satsang

Academic Discussion of Sahaj Samadhi

The First Thing You Should Do

The Way of The Siddhas

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