Terry Patten: The 3 Essential Practices of a Sustainable Spiritual Life


Guest Faculty Includes:

Ken Wilber

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Andrew Cohen

Diane Musho Hamilton

Saniel Bonder

Craig Hamilton

“Imagine a proven heart-centered process and holistic practice that can help you navigate the fast-paced whitewater of 21st-century life, providing the clear guidance and community support you need to truly embody your awakening and have the impact you aspire to.”

Incorporating over 3 decades of research into human potential—and capturing it all in a simplewholesome, and practical form—Integral practice pioneer Terry Patten offers, for the first time, his uniquely powerful approach to uniting head and heart, and finding dynamic balance in midst of our chaotic world.

Whether you’re new to the power of authentic spiritual practice or a veteran of the path, Terry’s experience working with hundreds of students across the globe will gently and effectively guide you to a simpler, deeper, and more effective Integral practice than you may ever have imagined was possible.

Dear Friend,

At some point in your life, you made a promise to yourself—and it’s been burning in your heart and soul ever since.

You vowed, to the best of your ability, to live a life of joy, meaning, and purpose—to become a loving embodiment of goodness, beauty, and truth in this world.

That deep promise and potential you feel makes you part of a growing, global wave of visionaries, progressives, change-agents, and other conscious, caring people who are beginning to feel just like you—who are committed to their own growth and awakening, and to the evolution of our world.

And yet, like 95% of us, you’re probably also feeling frustrated in some significant ways.

Perhaps, like so many others, you feel that:

  • For all the work you’ve done on yourself, you are still not truly and fully living what you know in your heart to be true.
  • The world is getting faster and more complex every day, and while you long to make a bigger difference, it’s hard enough just to keep with the many obligations of your personal life.
  • Your spiritual and other health-oriented practices are not as effective as you wish they could be, and thus you’re not experiencing all the positive changes you know are possible.
  • Too many approaches to spiritual practice are either too soft and mushy on the one hand, or too cerebral and disembodied on the other—and you long to strike a wholesome balance between body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul.

And, perhaps you suspect that what you really need is to simplify (without over-simplifying) so that you can finally feel truly centered, clear, joyful, creatively inspired, and grounded in your deepest source of power.

You know there is a simplicity beyond the accelerating complexity of the world. And you know there is a wholeness beyond the stress of our personal lives.

You know that you could be living more joyously from your heart, with intelligence, courage, passion, peace, purpose, and spiritual insight.

And you know it takes practice!

It’s just a matter of making practice… actually work in your life.

The good news is, you’re in excellent company

The fact that you are even thinking about these issues is a sign that you deeply care. As difficult as growth and evolution can feel sometimes, you haven’t given up. That deep promise and potential in your heart is radically alive.

Also, you realize that what got us here is not going to get us where we need to go. As Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it.”

That’s why so many people across the world are turning on to integral and evolutionary forms of spiritual practice. They’ve found that only by consciously growing to the next level is it even possible to meet the challenges of our lives in the 21st century.

Some people have integral practices they been doing for decades. Others are just beginning on the path. And quite a few have practices that they can only do off and on, whenever their busy schedules and energy levels permit.

Yet across the spectrum of experience, our aspirations are very similar. We long for more elegance and simplicity, more heart and depth, and more effectiveness and efficiency in our spiritual lives.

The frustrations are similar as well. No matter how hard we try (and even those of us with a lot of experience feel this way!) our practices are not enabling to rise to all the challenges that life’s throwing at us.

Why sustainable spiritual breakthroughs are so elusive

It’s important to realize: there are many forces in play that are beyond our control. So it’s crucial that we find the most powerful leverage points, if we’re going to get un-stuck and finally fulfill our life-promise.

These are three of our biggest challenges:

  1. First, the world conspires against any kind of deep practice.
    The accelerating pace of complexity, including the proliferation of new media and technologies, means that our lives are in a state of constant upheaval. While we’re more connected to each other than ever (which is great!) we’re also more dis-connected from ourselves.
  2. Second, our spirituality has not caught up with the reality of our lives.
    Many spiritual practices focus on only one or two areas, or they were conceived by teachers living centuries ago in a totally different world. Meanwhile, many of the purely heart-centered, feeling-based approaches are not intelligent or integral enough. Some are even in denial about the challenges we’re facing.
  3. Third, the existing “integrative” approaches to spirituality are often too theoretical to be of immediate practical use.
    While many cutting-edge thinkers have given us important new ways of looking at the world, and it’s invaluable to study these enlightened perspectives, at the end of the day what are frustrations leave us crying out for is a simple, doable, and heart-centered form of integral practice.

We also need a supportive community and compassionate coaching to help us re-align ourselves with a simpler, truer, happier, more intimate and embodied way of being.

So we must ask ourselves: What would an Integral practice look like that 1) meets the challenges of our complex and chaotic world; 2) is simple and sustainable in our messy, human lives; 3) balances body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul; and thus 4) helps us fulfill the deepest potentials of our being?

An Integral Practice with Heart

Terry Patten has been researching human potential for over 30 years.

In 2004 he joined the core team at Integral Institute that developed Integral Life Practice (ILP)—a cutting-edge application of the Integral map created by Ken Wilber, uniting body, mind, spirit, and shadow. Soon he began teaching these revolutionary principles around the world.

In 2008 he published the acclaimed book Integral Life Practice: A 21st Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening, co-authored with Ken Wilber. Many consider Integral Life Practice to be the first truly comprehensive approach to spiritual practice in the 21st century.

Yet in Terry’s teaching work over the last decade, working with hundreds of students all over the world, he has taken the exploration a step further—discovering the nitty-gritty issues that people encounter when they commit to living consciously in our busy and crazy world.

He began realizing the need to move from “comprehensive” to “essential”—to integrate head and heart. And he began uniting the core teachings of an Integral spiritual life.

That’s how he developed Integral Spiritual Practice—a daily, do-able, heart-centered practice based on Integral principles. Neither mushy nor overly brainy, Integral Spiritual Practice is the next step in the evolution of spiritual practice.

The 8-week course will help you connect—and keep reconnecting—to the essential source of your spiritual power, and teach you how to tap into that power source in your daily life.

It will guide you through each step of establishing a sustainable practice that activates the full potentials of your body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul.

It’s an ideal way to get the guidance, insight, and support you need to take the next step on your path.

Join now to connect with Terry and an incredible community of fellow integral spiritual practitioners, each committed to their own awakened embodiment as well as the evolution of the whole.

Together, we’ll explore what it means to co-create a new cultural movement that brings an inspired, heart-centered intelligence to the challenges of living in a rapidly evolving world.

Luminaries Speak About Terry


“Terry Patten combines brilliance with heart and passion to give an important transformational gift to the world. Working with Terry lifts my heart, while strengthening and clarifying the evolutionary impulse within me. If you study with him you will be empowered, uplifted and inspired into your own next level of conscious evolution.”
— Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution

“Terry Patten’s work is beautifully comprehensive and integral in its intent and form. I highly recommend it for anybody engaged in truly transformative work.”
— Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

“Terry Patten is a magnet for new evolutionary solutions.  He has powerfully engaged the practices of the world’s great spiritual traditions, and now serves as an impassioned pathfinder and bridge- builder, a champion for the betterment of all beings. As an evolutionary leader, Terry puts the flame under the crucible of becoming, thus catalyzing the sacred inward alchemy of transformation.”
—Jean Houston, A Mythic Life

“Terry Patten is an authentic Evolutionary, and one of today’s most dynamic, original, and important teachers. He embodies a powerful force of Integral intelligence and love, deeply aligned to the higher imperatives of our time. Those who connect with his influence are uplifted, empowered, and transformed.”
— Craig Hamilton, Integral Enlightenment

“Terry Patten is a leading-edge teacher through whose work dharma is finding fresh and passionate expression. I heartily recommend him to any serious seeker of spiritual awakening and conscious evolution.”
— Lama Surya Das, Awakening the Buddha Within

What You’ll Learn…

Integral Spiritual Practice:

8 Weeks to Activate the Full Potential of Your Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart & Soul

Week 1

Learning the Secrets of a Daily Practice That Sticks
The Foundations of Integral Spiritual Practice

[This is the overview for the entire course. Ties together the history of spiritual practice, including the profound inheritance of the ancients, with the unique challenges we face today. World in crises. Lives ever busier. Practice must take these new realities into account, serving both our personal needs as well as our need to contribute to the whole. Get to know Terry. How does his personal history inform this course? Teach the morning practice.]

  • Learn the easiest and most basic form of a daily practice that will immediately change the dynamics of your everyday life—a simple morning practice ritual incorporating movement and stillness.
  • Discover a new level of confidence and self-respect, simply through the act of having a regular everyday practice.
  • Activate the key insights drawn from the latest scientific research into how to change your habits without strenuous feats of superhuman willpower.
  • Begin building the structures that can hold the “art” of everyday awakening.
  • Learn the most fundamental unit of practice that can be done in literally just a moment—with profound results over time.

Week 2

Building Your Unstoppable Momentum
The Practice of Living Beyond Limits

[Here we get more deeply into the mechanics of the practice that is being taught. What are the lessons we’ve learned over the past 30 years when it comes to sustaining a practice over time? How do we keep practicing even when we don’t want to, or when we’ve stopped for whatever reason? How does ISP relate to practices we might already be doing? Teach the moments practice, which can be done anytime no matter what with minimal effort or impact on other activities. Moments lead to momentum.]

  • Deepen your morning practice with a new guided exercise process and guided meditation developed especially for this course.
  • Learn how to overcome guilt, doubt, and inertia on the path, so that you will always be able to resume practicing, no matter how many times, or for how long, you may have lost the thread.
  • Learn to understand, recognize, and tangibly feel the innate joy that can re-inspire your practice, even in the darkest times.
  • Change your inner weather by learning to be your own most compassionate, loving and tender friend.
  • Contact a strong, clear source of inner toughness and discipline that frees you from the endless push-pull between inner parental voices and childish impulses.

Week 3

Tapping Into the Awesome Energy of Evolution
The Practice of Evolutionary Creativity & Emergence

[The reason we flee from embodiment is that our bodies are the site of suffering, sickness, and death. By gently but bravely, with dignity, facing the limits of our human condition, we can more fully enliven the miraculous bodies we’ve been given.]

  • Clearly grasp “the big picture” of what’s really happening in your life and in our world on the largest evolutionary scale.
  • Discover and feel how the impulse of evolution lives within you.
  • Learn to feel the connection between the big picture of evolution and the most intimate scale of your moment-to-moment existence.
  • Find the peaceful contentment and acceptance of yourself and of life, exactly as it is, that coexist simultaneously with passionate urgency to transform yourself and the world.
  • Discover how to connect your life’s sacred mission to a vast source of renewable inspirational power.

Week 4

Finding Absolute Freedom in Any Moment
The Practice of Ever-Present Awareness

[This week, we turn our attention outwards to the story of evolution and what means for our current historical moment. How can we become “evolutionaries” in service of a higher human possibility. How can our daily lives be meaningful in this larger context, whether we’re simply tending our garden or raising our children, or working with a global enterprise redefining how the world does business.]

  • Learn how more deeply relax into the infinitely spacious reality that is prior to any and every experience, no matter how “good” or “bad”.
  • Decode the very process of taking perspectives to reveal the liberating and luminous nature of awareness itself.
  • Experience that you don’t have to change your perspectives and experiences to recognize the freedom and clarity that is their essence.
  • Discover the liberating practice of resting as awareness itself for brief moments anytime, anywhere.

Week 5

Achieving Dynamic Balance in a Crazy World
The Practice of Navigating the Whitewater of 21st-Century Life

[This is a unique week in the course, offering a teaching typically not found in spiritual courses. Here we look at how the media, the Internet, and technology can numb and diminish our humanity, or be tools that we use to enhance and amplify our awakening, making us more connected and efficient. How do we “practice” in a world of email, facebook, and 24/7 news and information.]

  • Optimize your nervous system to stop tuning into unhealthy frequencies of stress and anxiety.
  • Dare to go deeper than denial and numbness to face the “terrible truth” of our times, and learn why it is only one part of a more optimistic story.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of fear-based thinking leading to despair, denial, and paranoia.
  • Discover the potentials of a “wonderful secret” that has the power to radically elevate your life.
  • Wake up from our media-saturated “consensus trance” into the hopeful and wholesome reality of life’s sacred mystery.

Week 6

Liberating Your Emotions / Aligning With Your Highest Purpose
The Practice of Integral Shadow & Soul-Work

[After two outward focused weeks, we have two inward focused weeks. This week we gain the tools to practice with difficult and often hidden/obscured emotions.]

  • Face and feel the paradoxical reality that your generation (whatever your age) is among the luckiest in history, as well as among the most stressed, busy, indebted, medicated, overweight, and addicted.
  • Awaken to the universality of fear, shame and grief, and the powerful energy that is released when you discover the courage to face them.
  • Forgive yourself for being imperfect and prone to struggle with life.
  • Discover the amazing field of connection and care that can arise when you face your shadows authentically and vulnerably while held by safe community structures.
  • Uncover your soul’s unique gifts to the world—the “diamonds on the soles of your shoes”.

Week 7

Resetting Your Happiness Set Point
The Practice of Finding Your Radical “YES” to Life

[The shadow work of the previous weeks prepares us to unleash an even deeper possibility and positivity. This is the “waha” week, the ultimate payoff of the course. No matter what, inner our outer, we can say Yes to life.]

  • Make contact with your deepest levels of ambivalence about being alive, imperfect, and wired for struggle in an unpredictable world.
  • Discover how to welcome and accept that ambivalence in a way that enables you to wholeheartedly choose the life you were given.
  • Learn how to continually bring that “yes” into your life choices—both the big ones and the little ones.
  • Discover a new window on the radiant glory of existence, and thus become more able to embrace your day-to-day reality.
  • Engage the power of gratitude and forgiveness, and learn how to make these attitudes a core feature of your engagement with the world.

Week 8

Discovering Your Hidden Sources of Intimacy & Support
The Practice of Integral Spiritual Community

[This is the first of two “wind-down” weeks that begin a transition to life beyond the course. Here we reflect on how Weeks 2-7, step by step, brought us into greater embodiment, and we explore how this opens up totally new ways of being and working together. It starts with the participants in the course, but it extends to family, relationships, work, etc. Together, we’re creating a new evolutionary spiritual culture.]

  • Experience the profound intimacy that arises when sincere practitioners explore their fears, hopes, and highest aspirations vulnerably together.
  • Take the journey of joining with others in creatively and productively asking our biggest “big questions”—even questions for which none of us yet have sufficient answers!
  • Be supported and support others in embodying healthy sustainable community locally, with near and regional neighbors, perhaps even daring to create and lead in new ways.
  • Consider and practice ways you can creatively respond to community shocks or changes that may arise in the months and years ahead.
  • Prepare to persist and deepen in your integral practice and build the support you need over time after this course ends.

Exclusive Bonus Virtual Workshops

In addition to your weekly Course Sessions and bi-weekly Q&A calls with Terry, you’ll receive a series of bonus virtual sessions with some of today’s leading teachers.

Offered free of charge to participants in Terry’s “Integral Spiritual Practice: 8 Weeks to Activate the Full Potential of Your Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, and Soul” course, each 75-minute session will take you further into the specific skills, tools, and perspectives you need to evolve your self to help evolve our world.

Special Live Bonus Workshop #1

Ken Wilber

The Farther Reaches of Human Potential ($47 value)
Activating Your Non-Ordinary Abilities

In this 75-minute eye-opening virtual workshop, Ken Wilber sets out to explain the non-ordinary capacities that lie dormant within us, and guides us into the kinds of states where we can get a taste of how those capacities can appear in us. We’ll also get him to talk about the famous YouTube video which features him stopping his brainwaves at will as indicated on the screen of a portable electroencephalograph (EEG).  As a spiritual practitioner with a regular sustained practice, you won’t be seeking these supernormal abilities but you’ll naturally be able to allow dormant higher capacities to unfold, especially unfolding from a deep sense of empathy and love for others and the world. 

Learn all that and much more in this unique free workshop.

About Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, and is the first philosopher-psychologist to have his Collected Works published while still alive. Wilber is an internationally acknowledged leader and the preeminent scholar of the Integral stage of human development, which continues to gather momentum around the world. Some of his more popular books include Integral Spirituality; No Boundary; Grace and Grit; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; and the “everything” books: A Brief History of Everything and A Theory of Everything.  Ken Wilber is the founder of Integral Institute, Inc., and the co-founder of Integral Life, Inc.. 

Special Bonus Workshop #2

Diane Hamilton & Saniel Bonder

Unleashing the Energy Held Captive by Shadow ($47 value)

Those of us who are committed to evolving ourselves to evolve our world recognize that “you can’t see what you can’t see.” Whatever feels too threatening is repressed into the unconscious, where it sabotages our conscious intentions. That’s why working with the shadow is one of the core components of integral spiritual practice. This is the area that we most tend to fool ourselves, even as we grow.

In this 75-Minute virtual workshop, Diane, Saniel, and Terry will explore how we can liberate ourselves through shadow work to unleash our fuller potentials.

About Diane Musho Hamilton

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei is a gifted mediator, facilitator, and teacher of Zen and Integral Spirituality. She has been a practitioner of meditation for more than 25 years. In 2003, she received ordination as a Zen monk. Diane facilitates Big Mind Big Heart, a process designed to help elicit insights of Zen in Western audiences. She has worked with the Integral Institute since 2004.

About Saniel Bonder

Saniel Bonder is the author of Healing the Spirit/Matter Split and the founder of the Waking Down in Mutuality work. He has been a pioneer in the widespread embodiment and mutual, evolutionary exploration of awakened consciousness for over a decade. Saniel is a founding member of the Integral Institute and a charter member of the Integral Spiritual Center.

Special Bonus Workshop #3

Barbara Marx Hubbard & Andrew Cohen


Awakening the Power of an Evolutionary Spiritual Practice ($47 value)

In this 75 Minute virtual workshop, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Andrew Cohen, two of the world’s most eloquent voices for an Evolutionary Worldview, will join Terry to explore Conscious Evolution and the nature of spiritual practice in relation to this turbulent time of challenges and opportunities. 

Never before has our culture needed awakened beings able to contribute their gifts and help it evolve to help heal our planet. Barbara, Andrew, and Terry will explore how we can do that together, as well as how individual spiritual practitioners can tap into the inspiring energy, the transformational fire of conscious evolution, so that it can inform our daily practice.

About Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a social innovator, speaker, author, educator, and leader in the new worldview of conscious evolution.  In 1990, Barbara co-founded the Foundation for Conscious Evolution through which she developed the Gateway to Conscious Evolution, a global educational curriculum enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next state of human evolution.

About Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen, founder of EnlightenNext, is redefining the spiritual ideal of enlightenment for the 21st century. Through his revolutionary philosophy, his award-winning magazine, and his work with thousands of individuals and groups around the world, he is dedicated to creating nothing less than a revolution in consciousness and culture.

A Groundbreaking Opportunity from Awakening to Embodiment

Up until now, to work with Terry Patten, you would have had to travel to join him in a costly seminar or workshop. But now you can gain the full benefits of engaging directly with him without incurring travel costs, let alone hotel and accommodation costs.

Studying with Terry is a unique experience compared to any you may have had before. Even if you’ve studied with other spiritual teachers and guides, working with Terry is certain to move you forward on your path in an uniquely powerful way.

That’s because Terry’s 8-part process draws on his own extensive experience as today’s leading authority in Integral Spiritual Practice and gives you an unmatched and powerful developmental experience.

Your engagement with Terry will take place in recorded audio sessions; in follow-up exercises between the sessions; in a series of audios and videos that lead you through key Integral Spiritual Practices in very practical terms; through live Q&A calls; and through a members-only online community.

Praise from Terry’s Students

“With Terry’s leadership in the recent 9-month ‘Awakening Together’ course, I traveled into and through arenas of Heart-opening, Shadow-dissolution, Consciousness-expansion, and We-Space Awareness. Terry’s deep dedication to his work and vision, along with his extraordinary knowledge and skill, provide beneficial, inspiring, and beautiful guidance along the path of Integral Evolutionary Spirituality. It is with heartfelt gratitude for his teaching that I recommend the Integral Spirituality telecourse.”

– Marianne B. Rowe, MS, Marriage & Family Therapist

“With so many available paths to pursue in one’s unfolding, Terry’s ILP brings it all together in an easy to grok format with an elegantly written context that inspires and opens just by reading alone. If you get a chance to experience his wisdom through the spoken word….jump!…it will amaze you!”

– Holly

“Terry has the unique ability to be able to speak the Dharma to many levels of intellectual and personal development at once. I often find that what he says will take root in my psyche and blossom over time. But what really makes me willing to follow Terry wherever he goes is the extraordinary care I’ve felt in his presence, as his student. That is a unique experience for me in relationship to a teacher, I don’t exactly know how he manages such a loving and devoted transmission to so many, but I cherish and am inspired by it.

And finally, even as Terry’s ability to parse enormous complexity soars at the heights of the best philosophers, he still is willing to speak to the mundane and daily practice of managing a body, shadow work, relationships, and other personal but essential challenges of being human today. He is willing to “carry water and chop wood” for Evolution.”

–Christina Sophie, embodiment coach, tantra teacher.

It’s More Than a Course—
It’s a Community!

Activating new potentials and breaking through old habits can be tricky business sometimes… with questions and challenges arising all along the way. To get the most out of your work with Terry, you need not only training, but the ongoing support from and rich connection with fellow practitioners.

When you register for “Integral Spiritual Practice: 8 Weeks to Activate the Full Potential of Your Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, and Soul” you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant community of individuals just like you who are seeking to connect with like-minded souls. You’ll be interacting online with Terry and also with your fellow students from around the world through a private social network created exclusively for the participants in this course.

This won’t be a standard, dull, all-head/no-heart online forum. It will be guided by principles of integral evolutionary practice  that will help orient us all to be uplifted by the way we interact. And it will be lively and passionate, since it will be filled with purpose-driven, inspired people. As a part of each week’s curriculum, you’ll be given exercises for contemplation and reflection, and invited to post your responses on the forum.

Eight 75-minute audio course sessions with Terry Patten*

Each week we will explore a new vista of possibility, as I support you in making the next step in the process of your inner transformation. The course will go live on March 24th and then your transformative learning journey will begin. You will receive a new course session each week for eight weeks. As the course unfolds, you will have unlimited access to all of the course sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player). * These audios are professional studio recordings and include musical accompaniment by acclaimed composer and platinum recording artist Ray Lynch

LIVE 90 Minute Q&A Calls Every Other Week for 3 months to answer all of your burning questions:

I set this time aside specifically to answer the questions that are most relevant for you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask me questions about what’s coming up for you on your journey of transformation. I will be available every other week to help guide you through the entire process. Q&A Sessions will be held every other Saturday at 9:00am PST beginning on April 2nd, 2011.

Access to our custom-designed exclusive online community forum:

You’ll be able to engage live with hundreds of other people who will support you in the transformative process of living your life purpose. As you go through the course you will be able to join with new friends online to share your successes and insights, and watch as they open themselves up to their highest calling alongside you. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the exciting connection that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

Exclusive video, audio, and printable PDF instructions for doing my specially designed “3D” workout.

This is a ultra-flexible practice sequence that can be done in as little as 2 minutes (on busy days) or be enjoyed for as long as an hour or more (on days when you really want to sink into and savor your practice experience). Involving movement, stillness, awareness, and feeling, it’s a unique synthesis of multiple modalities of practice designed to enliven, tone, strengthen, and balance your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Detailed Guided Meditation Audio Instructions.

Follow along with me into progressively deeper states of heartfelt feeling-awareness, in these experiences that I’ve created exclusively for this course. Going both into and beyond stillness and awareness, these guided meditations explore the multiple profound perspectives that are available to us in relation to the Mystery of Existence.

Digital Audio Downloads of ALL of our Q&A Calls:

If you need to miss a Q&A Session, you’ll be able to download it immediately and listen at a time that is convenient for you. Our Q&A calls will also be uploaded to the community site. You’ll be able to revisit important learning moments, and listen to the calls that inspired you over and over again.

Digital Workbook with Practice & Reflection exercises for each session

Practice and Reflection exercises are a great way for you to start to embody the lessons of the course in your everyday life. The exercises are designed to help you to learn the powers of association where you collaborate, co-create, and understand your higher purpose in very practical ways. You will be encouraged to think about what you are doing in images as well as words, and to run it through different states of consciousness, drop it into your meditations, work it through your different persona of the self as well as from archetypal friends and identities.

PDF transcripts of each course session and Q&A call for three months

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back and quickly reference key concepts and answers to frequently asked questions as you step into living a life of purpose and higher calling.

Three SPECIAL BONUS LIVE Virtual Workshops with Ken Wilber, Diane Hamilton & Saniel Bonder, Barbara Marx Hubbard & Andrew Cohen

Participate in three separate Live Virtual Workshops where you will get to hear some of your favorite teachers and thought leaders guide you and explain to you how you to access the extraordinary capacities that lie dormant within you, and how to activate them with the power of a sustained spiritual practice that informs how we live, and how we thrive.

Register Today for
one payment of $297

If you need help registering, please email us at
and one of our support representatives will be glad to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual course?

A virtual course delivers curriculum to you on a weekly basis which gives you the control to determine your best time to do the work. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to listen to the recorded sessions with Terry Patten at your convenience. Sessions with Terry are recorded in advance, but the Q&A sessions will be live, scheduled for every second Saturday starting on March 26h. Between sessions, participants are also invited to post reflections on a special online discussion board and to interact with other participants.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection.

More Praise from Terry’s Students

“Terry brings to his spiritual teaching a seemingly endless archive of life experience and intrepid research that he beautifully synthesizes with his native gifts of good cheer, quick insight, clear communication, and a truly caring heart. I highly recommend his work to anyone pursuing the path of enlightenment.”

– Byron Belitsos, coauthor, A Return to Healing

“I can joyously attest to the full-hearted ‘leadership’ of Terry Patten. He joins us in a mutual search, lovingly outing the blocks to our own fulfillment and energy for life.”

– Richard G. Page, M.P.A., President, Conference Recording Service, Inc.

“As a student of Terry’s in an Integral Spiritual Practice group, I learned much about how the different dimensions of self—body, emotions, mind, and spirit—relate to one another, an area on which he skillfully teaches and authentically models. Before encountering his teaching, I had encountered many integral ideas in books, which deeply inspired me. Terry helped me understand what embodying high-soaring integral ideas looked like and felt like.

Though for much of Western culture, and certainly my own athletic training, the physical realm is utterly divorced from the spiritual, Terry teaches exercises that connect bodily energies to spiritual awareness and imagery. While he possesses a keen knowledge of integral philosophy and insights into the levels and lines of development, he also brings a rare kind of passion and empathy to his teaching.

For those interested in putting the lofty ideas of integral theory into real lived-out practice, I would heartily recommend Terry’s work.”

– Clayton McClintock, Graduate Student, Harvard Divinity School

Begin Your Daily, Do-able,
Heart-Centered Practice Today

Imagine for just a moment what your life will be like in
just 8 weeks. Take a brief voyage into the realm of possibility.

Imagine yourself, 8 weeks from now, filled with the confidence and passion of being firmly on your path as a integral spiritual practitioner

You’ve discovered not only how to practice more deeply and effectively, but how to make it work for the rest of your life.

Moreover, you realize even more powerfully the bigger context for your practice. You’ve figured out how your practice relates to the evolution of our world—and how you can contribute to that extraordinary unfolding in your own unique way.

And in meeting the challenges of the world around you, you’re bringing true abundance to your life—not just spiritual fulfillment and joy, but also love, deep relationships, and yes, an increased capacity to succeed and thrive.

You’ve discovered (or re-discovered, or deepened your life on) a contemporary spiritual path—and are possibly even creating a livelihood that no one has ever seen before—that marries personal well-being and transcendent purpose.

You’re creating all of this side by side with Terry Patten, and are supported by a community of like-minded souls who are just as passionate about what’s possible as you are.

You’re on your way to living life on a global scale… yet firmly and joyfully grounded in your body, work, and relationships.

Your cost for this course is only $297. A modest investment to take a giant leap forward on your spiritual path—to more fully embody your highest evolutionary calling.

Join Terry in this extraordinary journey.

We all know that there literally is no other time than this very moment. Now. So embrace it, and make the choice to step forward and say “Yes” to evolving your self and evolving our world.

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