I Do Not Recommend that You Meditate – Adi Da Samraj (Bubba Free John)



No Remedy, 1975 (Adi Da Samraj)




“Since there is no technique of inwardness to which I subscribe prior to what looks like a very concrete activity inquiry, what you’re supposed to be doing within seems very vague and confusing perhaps, and that’s because you’re very vague and confused and that you have no method by which to go inside that’s very concrete, then all you can do is look at yourself inside and it’s vague and confused and the force of that sadhana is one that tends to let you see things and you can’t see anything so brilliantly and clarified within if you haven’t been given some structure to rehearse.

All you will see is confusion, your random activity, your obsessions and this is good and prior to the coming forward of real intelligence on the basis of insight in Satsang, there’s no technique and no particular recommendation that I want to make for inward activities. I don’t recommend that you meditate or anything. I recommend that you see this whole strategy of meditation, so desire to meditate and so forth become absorbed in inward states, but I don’t recommend any meditation, any meditative practice, any sort of pattern to rehearse within so you get to look at that instead of where you’re really at within.

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