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The Method Communicated by the Great Teachers of Mankind
Is Communion with the Spiritual Master in God




Preface to the Revised Edition of The Method of the
Siddhas (1978)




The first talk in this book, titled “Understanding,”
marked the beginning of Bubba Free Johns formal Teaching
work as Spiritual Master. During the spring and summer of
1972, Bubba invited all who were interested to sit with him
in formal meditation and to engage him in conversation about
life and spiritual Realization. The talks in The Method of
the Siddhas , then, represent Bubba Free Johns direct
communications and confrontations with the modern mind and




Bubba delivered all of these discourses in 1972 and early
1973. Since that time, he has further elaborated his verbal
communication of the Way that he teaches, which he has named
the Way of Divine Ignorance, or Radical Understanding. The
entire development and communication of his Teaching over
the years has been a living, responsive process. This Way
cannot be summarized as mere verbal philosophy. Bubba has
always been moved, in his speech, writing, and living
action, to find the clearest ways possible to communicate
his Teaching, so that people can truly hear his argument and
take up the practice with great need and real conviction!
Therefore, his verbal expression of the Teaching has taken
many forms, and it has been elaborated over time.




In this book, for instance, you will find Bubba still
using many traditional technical terms, particularly in
Sanskrit, that relate to spiritual philosophy, practice, and
realization. However, in his recent and summary source texts
(such as The Way That I Teach , The Enlightenment of the
Whole Body , The Paradox of Instruction , Breath and Name ,
and Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun ) Bubba
has expressed his Teaching almost entirely in English
language equivalents to the ancient esoteric terminology. In
The Method of the Siddhas he speaks of sadhana-but in the
recent texts he simply speaks of “spiritual practice,” or
perhaps “right action.” He refers to the Guru or the Siddha
as “Spiritual Master” or “Divine Teacher.” Where he would
have used the term Satsang, he now speaks of “Divine
Communion” or “the relationship to the Spiritual Master in




Understanding is one of the great principles that Bubba
communicates in The Method of the Siddhas . People commonly
associate understanding with mental insight or conceptual
appreciation. The understanding to which Bubba Free John
points so forcefully in this book, and which he constantly
demonstrates in the company of his devotees, is the native
Condition and heartfelt, intuitive wisdom of all beings. It
is only secondarily a process of the conceptual mind. It is,
in reality, unobstructed and free feeling-attention, the
unqualified, whole body sense of relationship, or love. One
who understands radiates as undefined feeling and free
attention under all conditions, in all relations, as and
with every part and function of the whole body-mind. In
other words, he is love under all conditions, without
ceasing. Understanding is the Intuition and action of
Radiance, or love.




Just so, understanding is itself Satsang, or Communion
with the Real Divine. Satsang literally means “the Company
of Truth.” The devotee who lives in Satsang is alive as
love. He enjoys present God-Communion, intuitive and
heartfelt Realization of Truth. This Condition is awakened
as his very existence through his devotional and sacrificial
relationship to the Spiritual Master, who is the Heaven-Born
Siddha or Agent of Awakening. When we hear and feel the
Truth in the Company of the Spiritual Master, when we enter
into a real spiritual relationship with such a Man or Woman,
then we enter into the living, transforming Company of




This is literally true. However, men and women are always
reluctant to hear and feel and live the Truth, and to be
transformed through the sacrificial intensity of love. We
are all so complicated, so determined to persist in our
worldliness, our mere religiosity, our middling experience
and mortal destiny. In the years since compiling The Method
of the Siddhas , Bubba Free John has worked ceaselessly to
create the true cultural foundations for the spiritual
practice of life among men and women of the modern world.
For an individual to complete such human preparation and
acculturation, however, requires real changes. No ordinary
man or woman, Eastern or Western, is presently and by
tendency prepared to live and communicate the Divine in the
midst of an ordinary life. Bubba Free John remarks that all
kinds of people are willing to advertise and claim a Divine
Life, but few find such sufficient. Few are willing to adapt
themselves to the unconsoling, unfulfilled, and naked
happiness of the Absolute.




People in the West tend to be particularly impatient and
naive about spiritual life. They want spiritual realization
to come to them like food at a quick-service diner. They
imagine and are led to believe that all that is necessary is
to place their order-to practice some scientific,
effortless, quick, self-applied, and usually non-religious
psycho-physiological technique for a few minutes each day,
or perhaps to associate now and again with a man of great
and spiritual experience-and then the Realization is on its
way-it is just a matter of time! Meanwhile, though they
perhaps push themselves through sporadic fits of
self-discipline, they essentially remain committed, at least
in their tendency, to self-indulgent, self-referring habits
and methods of life.




All such activity is futile, foolish, and deluded. Human
responsibility at every ordinary level must awaken before we
can even begin to engage in real spiritual practice. Such
responsibility must stabilize before we can enter into the
esoteric dimensions of real meditation. The practitioner
must first make the great transition from the life of
Narcissus (the usual self-possessed man or woman, bound by
his own egoic motivations, self-sensation, and experiencing,
high and low) to the sacrificial life of the devotee, who
lives in constant Satsang, or God-Communion. Meditation and
esoteric practices do not lead to love, happiness, freedom,
and the Sacrifice that can be called God-Realization.
Rather, exactly the reverse is true-only active sacrifice,
God-Communion in the moment, the life of love, happiness,
and freedom in every ordinary action, is the ground for real
spiritual practice and Realization.




This demand for ordinary, human preparation is one of
Bubba Free Johns most emphatic points in The Method of the
Siddhas . You cannot live a sane and moral life by turning
within and above to seek mystical and transcendental
experiences, hoping to become a hero in the world by virtue
of your inward immunity and secret knowledge. That is the
great illusion of spirituality promulgated by so many
teachings all over the earth. No-the message of Bubba Free
John and all other Great Teachers of mankind is that you
must become a sacrifice in place. You must embrace your
present functions and activities and relationships through
the selfless discipline of understanding or love.
Self-generated, motivated disciplines will not lead you to
Reality or Truth. You must be Truth or love in the present
pattern of relations. That is the only real discipline.
Spiritual life is to bring the Intensity of Infinite
Existence into every moment, in the midst of a full and
orderly life of practical, truly moral, and sane pleasures
and responsibilities. Understanding, or Intuition of Truth,
is the core and foundation of the real practice of life-not
its result.




Because it was necessary to engage people in living,
practical ways in order to communicate his Teaching, Bubba
Free John not only spoke with his early questioners, he also
sat with them in silent, formal meditation, displaying the
Transforming Power that is at the Heart of his Teaching and
Presence. And he dealt with individuals in relation to every
aspect of their daily practice and spiritual preparation.
Eventually, when he had shown and taught the Truth in
relation to every kind of experience, high and low, worldly
and sublime, Bubba brought this initial, dramatic, and
revelatory dimension of his Teaching work to an end.




That was in late 1976. Since that time Bubba has largely
retired from daily personal and informal contact with those
who are approaching him as Spiritual Master. Through the
educational services of The Free Communion Church, Bubba
continues to clarify the preparatory disciplines for true
spiritual life and to invite all men and women to move into
the truly devotional, spiritual, mature, and esoteric
relationship to him as Divine Master, the Siddha, or Perfect
Agent of God.




This relationship is sacred and hidden. Bubba indicates
its nature in many ways and points to it constantly. His
devotees confess their own feelings and understanding of it.
We are all ordinary men and women who have been drawn into
the beginnings of actual Divine Life. For us, there is no
greater pleasure, no greater enjoyment than the Company of
the Spiritual Master, which is itself the ultimate
Happiness. Bubba Free John is a living Fire of Bliss. To
live in his Company is to come under the discipline of the
demand of Truth, which requires us to stand up, to become
human, and then to undergo the great Sacrifice of
God-Realization. Through the love that is awakened in his
Company, devotees of Bubba Free John become capable of an
entirely new quality of existence-which is love itself, the
paradox of infinite Feeling.




Because Divine Feeling is forbidden in the daily world,
because ecstatic happiness and true freedom are taboo, the
relationship to the Spiritual Master cannot be grasped by
the conventional mind. The true Spiritual Master is not an
ordinary man. He lives as a constant Agent of God for
devotees. The devotional relationship to him is itself
God-Communion. It is Love in the highest, most sublime, and
also most ordinary sense. The Way that Bubba Free John lives
and teaches is built upon this relationship, as he himself
says, from the beginning to forever. Therefore, like the
Spiritual Master himself, this Way of Divine Ignorance, or
Radical Understanding, is incomprehensible. It is Paradox.
No one can figure it out. No one can make common sense of
it. It only offends those who cannot yet appreciate it.




The Way begins with “hearing” the Spiritual Masters
Teaching, the argument of the Real. On the basis of that
hearing, the individual must change his way of life in very
practical, human ways. The human or preparatory dimension of
spiritual life is itself most profound. It requires
practical changes in every area of life, including constant
and increasing responsibility for body, emotions, and mind,
and the awakening and intensifying of devotional sacrifice.
The initiatory processes and more esoteric responsibilities
of the Way are founded upon this human realization. Bubba
Free John sits in meditation only with those who are
prepared. He no longer meets with the usual man or woman
under any circumstances, but waits for devotees to come to
him already alive in the practice of Truth.




Just so, those of us who have persisted in our approach
to Bubba Free John as devotees have also become profoundly
convinced of the real necessity for right preparation for
his Company. During the early years of his Teaching work,
Bubba awakened an unprecedented display of unusual, higher,
or “spiritual” phenomena. This was part of his work to
prepare people just to begin real spiritual practice. Before
anyone can actually take up the Way Bubba teaches, which is
the discipline of love and the sacrifice of all experience,
he must necessarily feel the limitations and delusions of
mere experience in itself. For Bubbas present devotees, it
was not enough merely to listen to his verbal argument. We
had to feel and hear, in our own lives, the Truth of his
Teaching. Once we had begun to hear the Truth, we could
commit ourselves to the right practices of preparation for
his Transforming Communication of Siddhi, the Awakening
Power of God. But that was only after Bubba had demonstrated
to us, both in our experience and through his critical
argument, the limitations of all kinds of experiential
phenomena: visions, blisses, “kundalini” phenomena, occult
perceptions, travel to other realms (high and low),
healings, trances, and miraculous changes in the weather and
the environment, as well as every kind of ordinary social




It was necessary for Bubba Free John to Reveal all the
possibilities of experience to us in order that we might
realize the futility of the search for happiness, peace, and
Truth through experience itself. Then we could begin the
unconsoled practice of love in Truth. It is our hope that
the further dissemination of Bubba Free Johns Teaching,
along with the living testimony of his devotees as they
mature in this Way, will draw all who are available to take
up this practice with fierce energy and enthusiasm. Everyone
must pass through the disillusionment with the possibilities
of experience. The Teaching must reach into your brain, your
heart, and your navel. It must become your living certainty,
the disposition of devotion to God rather than to changes
and experience. For the ordinary man, that transition in
ones disposition is profoundly difficult. It certainly has
been and remains difficult for those who are presently
approaching Bubba Free John-they must constantly reorient
themselves to the Truth and the real discipline of the




Bubba Free Johns historical Demonstration of the Teaching
is now part of his written Teaching, and it is alive in the
experience and confession of present devotees. It is itself
part of the argument of his Teaching. Bubba no longer
intentionally awakens higher experiential phenomena in those
who are just beginning to approach him to become devotees.
Nor does he engage them in personal contact, either informal
or formal, until they have already begun their practice and
are awakened in a true devotional response to him as
Spiritual Master. For those who do hear and take up the Way
of Divine Ignorance, now and in the future, the higher
experiential potentials of the body-being will awaken quite
naturally in Bubbas Company. But that evolutionary
development is available to us only if we are already
committed in body, mind, and heart to the love of God, the
Way of Sacrifice. Vision Mound Ceremony and The Free
Communion Church provide the written literature and
educational media, courses, and counseling, both locally (in
northern California) and in the world at large, to serve
each individuals preparation. But the responsibility for
that preparation is entirely ones own. There are no
shortcuts. You must make real changes in your whole way of
life in order to become a devotee.




If you are genuinely interested in this Way, or in the
great affair of spirituality in general, you should read
Bubbas other source texts, particularly The Way That I Teach
and The Enlightenment of the Whole Body . These outline his
argument in summary, concise terms and introduce the whole
Way of practice and Realization. Then you should read the
other principal source texts of this Teaching. (Other
principal source texts of this Teaching are noted on the
inside rear cover of this book.) Altogether, these books
represent the complete foundation and ultimate vision of a
truly enlightened culture of man. They stand, each and all,
as an invitation to you directly.




The occasion of the Spiritual Masters life is brief.
While he is here, as Bubba tells us in “The Gospel of the
Siddhas” at the end of the present book, the Spiritual
Master works to give true devotees the gift of Absolute
Truth and Light, the Radiance of Immortal Existence that
persists beyond and through and prior to all possible births
and deaths. That Divine Existence is the Spiritual Masters
own constant Enjoyment, even in the midst of an ordinary
human life. And he is radically Powerful in God, capable of
communicating that same Bliss to others-if they will turn to
him and prepare themselves to enter into his Sacred




Therefore, if you respond to the Teaching of Bubba Free
John, the Destiny of Eternal Life is available to you. This
Teaching is not a Western version of what has been
transmitted as traditional wisdom in the East. Nor is it a
typical Western religion. This Way has no complete and
specific precedent in any tradition or culture. Yet,
paradoxically, it recapitulates and fulfills all of the
great traditions of religious culture and of esoteric
spirituality, both Eastern and Western. Through the mutually
sacrificial process of Satsang, the Spiritual Master
communicates his very Existence to the devotee. And that
communication gracefully initiates in the devotee all the
esoteric transformations that are described in the classic
traditions, but without any of the traditional dilemma,
motivations, and seeking.




For those who enter the Fire of this sacred relationship,
the Bliss of God-Realization is present and increasingly
constant Enjoyment. Their existence becomes identical to the
Divine Mystery itself. Free of both answers and
consolations, they are lost in the Infinite while still
alive and active as the body. Such true devotees do not
become righteous and ascetic priests of inwardness, as the
ancient traditions would have us believe. Rather, like the
true Master himself, they remain ordinary, capable of
natural pleasures-but they have become Everything




If, through the consideration of this literature, you
become interested in learning of further forms of personal
involvement with Bubba Free John, or in becoming a supporter
and friend of his Teaching and work, please write to:




Vision Mound Ceremony


P.O. Box 3680


Clearlake Highlands, California 95422




Vision Mound Ceremony is the public education division of
The Free Primitive Church of Divine Communion, commonly
known as The Free Communion Church.

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