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I am not here to tell you bad news. This is not a time to
respond in fear. Fear and separation are what is creating
this time. I am Here to Wake you up to the insanity of the
present world situation.

I am here in the midst of the beginning of a terrible
time, this grossness, to give everyone the option to bring
an end to this madness. Either you will listen to me, hear
me, change, or you will not. This is the opportunity for all
mankind. It is so. Without a true response, what is to come
is terrible.

It has gone too far. The suffering in this world is too
great. This world of beings cannot afford neglect anymore.
It is time you to stand firm. Stop deluding yourself, stop
being mediocre, stop finding the loopholes in my Word. You
do not have much more time of comfort. The world is closing
in in its results. No one is superior to the Great Power. No


Listening is considering this argument and applying it to
your life.

of Consideration

“Feel into that knot of stress. Feel into it and account
for it. See it as your own action. Regard Me in that moment,
in every moment. And then you begin to feel Me. Then the
surrender comes, the self forgetting comes, the native sense
of Non-Separateness is felt. This is actually what I am
Calling you to do! Actually to do that. Just to be doing it
grants equanimity to you, even bodily, grants equanimity to
your speech, your actions, your feelings, because you are
registering this depth-point and going beyond it and feeling
Me. This is the context of practice of the Way of the Heart,
not merely outer observances. This is what it means to
listen to Me: to be examining this point of contraction in
depth, to feel it, and by its unfolding to feel Me. This is
not the end of the Way of the Heart. It is the foundation of
it. Self-understanding and devotion at depth – this is what
you must do in every moment. This is what it is to practice
the Way of the Heart.

Adi Da Samraj: April 8, 1993 – The
Place Where Sadhana Begins

At first (in the Listening course of The Only-By-Me Revealed
and Given Reality-Way of Adidam), the individual becomes
tacitly aware of his or her habits of seeking, desiring,
doubting, believing, manipulating, betraying, and always
returning to the same distress and want. In that tacit
“self”-awareness, it is self evident that all of that
seeking is being motivated by a constant feeling of
distress, which is the result of “self”-contraction in the
face of all relations and conditions.



The preliminary “Perfect Knowledge” Listening-practice is
not a “something” to be exercised in and of itself
(independent of the devotional relationship to Me). My
devotees must understand: The preliminary “Perfect
Knowledge” Listening-practice can be rightly (and
fruitfully) exercised only in the context of the
(necessarily, formally acknowledged) devotional relationship
to Me.


Right and true Listening to Me is not the search to
mentally (or verbally) understand (or, altogether, to merely
conditionally and egoically “know”) Me by reading, and
thinking about, and talking about, and, altogether (by egoic
and conditionally-projected means), “objectifying” My
Divinely Avatarically Self-Revealing Leelas and My Divinely
Avatarically Self-Revealing Reality-Word-but, rather, right
and true Listening to Me is the intrinsically
ego-forgetting, ego-surrendering, and ego transcending
devotional practice and process of silent (and prior to
verbal thinking) heart-Listening (or heart-intelligent whole
bodily receptivity) to the Telling of My Divine Avatarically
Self-Revealing Leelas and the Recitation of My Divinely
Avatarically Self-Revealing Reality-Word.

Right and true Listening to Me is tacit (silent and
pre-verbal) heart-attentiveness to the Intrinsic and
Non-“objective” Silence of My Divinely Avatarically
Reality-Revealing Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State-As I Am (Thus, and As Such) Self-Communicated and
Self-Revealed by the Acausal Self-Transmission of My
egolessly Self-Revealing Divine Avataric Leelas and My
egolessly Self-Revealing Divine Avataric Reality-Word.



Beezone White and Orange
is a study method based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s
& Brown Books
books. The
Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a
set of notes to his student in 1934-1935.

Beezone uses a number of formats for assembling a
project. One is to present a short piece directly from Adi
Da. Then Beezone will write down the highlighted points from
said paragraph and/or a group of like paragraphs.

The second format is ‘thematic’. Beezone will take a
‘theme’ of Adi Da’s teaching and go through various talks
and essays and write down a sentence or two related to that
theme or topic.

Lastly is a compilation or remix. This is a blend of the
two other methods. In this style Beezone will take a number
of talks and essays based on a theme. Beezone will then use
the ‘cut-up’ method. The cut-up technique is an aleatory
literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged
to create a new text. This method can be traced to at least
the Dadaists of the 1920s, but was popularized in the late
1950s and early 1960s by writer William S. Burroughs, and
has since been used in a wide variety of contexts.

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This is project is not to be confused with:

Humble One-Liners

DEVOTEE: It is like the left and right (or the world of
opposites)…..Life is suffering, and then there is God.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That is one way of putting it, in your
humble one-liner fashion.

Humble one-liners are sufficient for most people to
generate in them a sense of feeling consoled. They are like
teddy bears.

So a lot of people reduce the religious life to something
like one-liners that they pull out to snuggle with. But how
can one settle for that couple of sentences worth of
comprehension as the attitude of ones existence? It is a
profound matter.

The only way to save yourselves from the destiny of
religious one-linerism is to constantly and directly study
my teaching, read the great traditions, study them. Stay in
the process of this great “consideration”, instead of just
sitting around and ‘smoking the pipe”, rapping out dharma
and consoling yourselves with your teddy bear

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