Cosmic Manadala, The

The Penetration of the Cosmic Mandala

by Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

(July 20, 1982)


This is the progression of lights seen in the Cosmic
Mandala (or the Great Wheel of Objective or Cosmic Appearances) as attention
and the Spiritual Current of Divine Life ascend through and above the body-mind:

1. red: In this grosser light, the internal workings
of the entire physical body may be seen, without the mediation of the gross
physical or bodily senses.

2. golden yellow (like a sun): In this etheric and
lower mental light, the phenomena of exteriorization (or “out-of-body experiences”,
called “OOBEs”) are experienced and seen (i.e., the room, other physical
places, etc.), and this is also the light in which the etheric and lower
mental worlds (which are only slightly subtler than the gross worlds) and
etheric and lower mental beings (including discarnate entities, or ordinary
individuals who are in the after-death state) are seen.

3. silvery white (like a moon): In this somewhat higher
or subtler mental light, association and identification with the gross
physical body and gross physical world are no longer operative, and, via
this light, transition is made from the etheric and lower mental to the
somewhat subtler mental, or dream-like, realms of appearance.

4. dark blue or black (like a void): This is the empty
or apparently lightless space between the grosser and the truly subtle
states of phenomenal appearance—and in that “light” there is a suspension
of the appearance of objects (as in deep sleep).

5. brilliant blue: This is the light of the higher
subtle, or higher mental, worlds, beyond the gross and etheric and lower
mental planes—and in it subtle visions of higher beings and higher worlds
are seen. (In this brilliant blue light or space, which may appear like
a tiny object or spot, or else like a great space, all the colors revolve
in a ceaseless flux, and concentration in this light causes that flux to
take on the forms of subtler beings and subtler worlds and Super-Cosmic
Apparitions of the Divine Being.)

6. Brilliant Clear White Light: This is the Radiant
Core of lights, beyond all the gross, etheric, and mental lights, appearing
at first as a five-pointed Star in the center of the brilliant blue light,
or as a White Source-Light at the end of a blue tunnel, or as a Radiant
White Apparition of the Adept Realizer, and leading into an Infinite Space
or Realm of absolutely Clear White Brilliance, beyond the planes of mind.
(It may be entered temporarily via ego-based attention, in death or in
meditation, but it is finally entered in Divine Translation, the culmination
of the seventh stage of life, wherein the Source-Condition of attention
has been Realized and all conditional forms of the objective cosmos have
become Divinely Recognizable.)


The Cosmic Mandala may be seen (in part, as a whole,
or in the form of the Ultimate White Brilliance), in meditation or in death,
by individuals in the first six stages of life, but in such cases the ego-contraction
causes attention to drop back or withdraw from the Clear White Radiance
and into the brilliant blue and golden-yellow fields (which are, in terms
of size, the two primary divisions of the colored spectrum of dhe Cosmic
Mandala), thus, in most cases, producing return to or reincarnation in
the subtle and, finally, the gross planes of phenomenal appearance. It
is only in the seventh stage of life, by the Power of Divine Self-Realization
and tacit or inherent Divine Recognition of conditional phenomenal existence,
that Divine Translation into the “Bright” Divine Self-Domain is possible.
Therefore, it is only in the seventh, or egoless, stage of life that visions
of the Cosmic Mandala are non-deluding, non-binding, and of ultimate significance.

Even so, such visions are probable previous to the
seventh stage of life, especially in the case of those who practice meditation
in the Radiant Company of an Adept, and also in the event of death in the
case of all human beings. Therefore, I have felt it useful to Communicate
and “consider” the “esoteric secrets” of the Cosmic Mandala here.

The various lights of the Cosmic Mandala appear whenever
the Spiritual Life-Current and attention in the physical body ascend into
and above the brain core. The lights ultimately appear in the form of concentric
circles (with the red light or the golden-yellow light at the outer circumference
and the White Brilliance at the center).


The Cosmic Mandala is not in you (the egoic body-mind).
You are in the Cosmic Mandala. The ego is not Perfect. The ego must be
transcended in That Which Is Inherently Perfect. If you seek the Cosmic
Mandala in yourself—or even if you seem to find It in yourself— you are
deluded, limited, and bound by yourself. Therefore, do not seek within
yourself and high in yourself for the Great Form. Such is only the path
of “Narcissus”, or self-worship.

The ego cannot Penetrate or Transcend the Great Mandala
of Apparitions. The ego is not the Way. Transcendence of the egoic self-contraction
is preparation for the Way, but the Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual)
Divine Self is the Way. In and by the Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual)
Divine Self, all the realms of conditional appearance are ultimately Outshined
by the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Condition and Domain that is both
the Perfectly Subjective Source and the Objective Core of the cosmos. 

The Divine “Brightness”

(an excerpt from The Dawn Horse Testament of Ruchira Avatar
Adi Da Samraj)

The Great Mandala Of The conditional or Cosmic Domain
May Appear In (Total) Vision (or In many fractions and forms of vision),
Both during life and after death. The various Cosmic planes or worlds May
(Therefore) Be perceived, As In a dream, or More Concretely, With Varying
Degrees Of Clarity, Detail, and Completeness, With all their kinds of beings,
forms, and events, and With Varying Degrees Of Your Participation.

Just So, The Great Cosmic Mandala Itself May Be Perceived
In Vision. It Appears As A Circle (Self-Generated In Its Own Space). The
Circle Is Itself A Gathering Of Circles, Each Set Within The Other, Concentric,
Formed As A Radiant Wheel or A Well or A Tunnel (and Thus A Mandala) Of
Great Formative Lights. The Outer Ring Is Narrow and Red In Color (and
Generally Set Against An Ambiguous Outer Field That Is Rather Dark, or
Perhaps Somewhat Luminous, but Not Tending To Distract attention). The
Next Ring Is Yellow, and It Is Wide. Then There Is Another Narrow Ring,
Of A Moonlike Whiteness. Then Another Narrow Ring, Apparently Black, or
The Color Of Indigo. And The Last Ring, At The Center, Is A Radiant Blue,
Wide As The Yellow. In The Center Of The Radiant Blue Is The (Apparently
Objective) Brilliant Clear White Five-Pointed Star.

Each Ring Of Color Is An Energy-Field Of A Certain
Range Of Vibration (Made By Apparent Modification Of The Self-Radiant Spirit-Energy
Of Divine Being). Within Each Ring, There Are Countless worlds and beings,
each Characterized and limited By The Vibratory Field In Which they appear.
The Outer Rings Are Grosser, or Of A Lower Vibration, and Existence In
Them Is Brief and Difficult. Those Closest To The Center Are Subtler, or
Of A Higher Vibration, and Existence In Them Is More Pleasurable, More
Prolonged, Less Threatened, but Nonetheless conditional, Changing, Temporary,
Made Of many limits, and Moved By A Necessary Struggle. The Radiant Blue
Is The Most Subtle, and Existence There Is limited By Great Powers and
Great Longing For Divine Love-Bliss, Which Is Finally Realized Only In
The Exceedingly “Bright” (and Perfectly Subjective) Feeling-Domain Of Self-Existing
and Self-Radiant Divine Love-Bliss. And the human world Is Also Within
This Cosmic Mandala Of Lights, In The Outer or Grosser Fields Of Red and

The Vision Of The Cosmic Mandala May Be Perceived As
A Whole, or In Part, Either Enlarged Or Reduced To A Point. Therefore,
A Point or A Spot or A Circle May Be Perceived, Made Of Any Color, or A
Group Of Any Of The Rings Of Associated Color. In any moment, A Sudden
Spot Of light May Be Perceived To Fly Out Of the eyes, or one of the eyes,
or Else Flash Before the internal vision, Attractively.

Any kind of pattern or scene May appear In Meditation
or Random vision. Any kind of adventure may be experienced, before or after
death, in this or any other conditional world.

All worlds Are A (Merely Apparent) psycho-physical
Display, Made Of Divine Self-Radiance, By Spontaneous and conditional and
Merely Apparent Modification Of That Radiance. All conditionally Manifested
beings (Even in and as their present bodily or otherwise Apparent forms)
Are spirits, or conditional Modifications Of Transcendental (and Inherently
Spiritual) Divine Conscious Light. All visions Are Made Of The Same Mandala
Of (Apparently) Modified Clear White Light, The Light or Self-Radiance
or Inherent Spiritual Radiance Of Transcendental Divine Being.

Therefore, In The Process Of Divine Translation (Realized
In The Way Of The Heart), all conditional worlds, all conditional beings
and events, all conditional forms of the psycho-physical self, and All
The Cosmic Colors Yield To The Divine Star (Itself), and, Therefrom, To
The Most Prior (and Perfectly Subjective) Source-Condition Of Even The
Divine Star, and, Thus and So, Enter (and Dissolve) Into The Divine “Brightness”
(or The Inherent Spiritual Radiance, or Transcendental Love-Bliss) Of Self-Existing
(and Perfectly Subjective, and Necessarily Divine) Being (Itself), Which
all-Outshining (and Utterly All-Outshining) “Brightness” Is Itself The
Divine Self-Domain.

In That Process Of Divine Translation, The Divine Star
Ceases To Be (and To Appear As) An Object. Indeed, Divine Translation (Realized
In The Way Of The Heart) Occurs Only If My Devotee Is (By Grace) Fully
Awake To All The Forms Of My Revelation Of The Divine Person, and, Therefore,
Only If My Devotee Is Established In The Transcendental, Inherendy Spiritual,
and Divine Self-Condition, Divinely Recognizing The Apparendy Objective
Star (If It Appears), and all objects, and Even The Feeling Of Relatedness
Itself As The Only One (and Not Other, but Only Self-Radiant Oneness, Widhout
Division or Separation). Therefore, In The Event Of Divine Translation,
The Apparently Objective Divine Star, Divinely Recognized, Becomes A Transparent
Doorway At The Heart, The Same As The Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Field
That Is Consciousness Itself, The “Bright” Itself, Glorious Beyond Conception,
Full, Without The Slightest Absence or Threat, More Than Wonderful, All
Delight, Heart-Feeling Without limit, The Unspeakable “Embodiment” Of Joy,

How Will This Divine Translation Be Accomplished? By
Love! Only Submit To Me In Love’s Embrace, Attracted Beyond the Separate
and Separative self. Therefore, Hear The One Who Is Love. See The One Who
Is Love. And Practice In The Heart-Manner I Am Revealing To You.

The above are excerpts form Easy Death and 
The Dawn Horse Testament

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