compiler’s Nirvanasara note

Compiler’s Nirvanasara note:

I am net-publishing Nirvanasara for the following reasons:

1. So little of the Dharma of the Supreme Dharma-Bearer
is freely available to the world, certainly not a complete work. Bhagavan
Incarnated in this time of mass communication for a reason and yet the
world knows not.

2. The “necessity” of turning the world from the materialist
destiny to the higher possibilities and dimensions of human existence seems
urgent. Nirvanasara is a brilliant example of Bhagavan’s Unique Siddhis:
He Elucidates, Purifies and Completes the Great Tradition; All of Our Inheritance,
with His Brightness. What could be more needed?

2. When I suggested the idea to Jay Feinberg in 1997,
I heard no real objection. (I will likely hear from a representative of
Bhagavan, or The Love-Ananda Samraja, on it’s
lawfullness or appropriateness, however. For now, Hear and Enjoy this “Free
Gift” from Bhagavan!)

3. Nirvanasara is unlikely to be republished as it has
been superseded by the Source Texts, especially,
The Basket of Tolerance (unpublished), The
Lion Sutra
and The Dawn Horse Testament.

(For examples of how some more recent Dharma see The
“Five Points of View”

The Unique Sixth Stage Foreshadowings
of the Only-By-Me Revealed Seventh Stage of Life
from The Basket of
Tolerance. See also The Lion Sutra excerpt and
other excerpts from Adi Da’s Source-Texts.


The only I changes I made were to replace the “Way That
I Teach” with the “Way of the Heart”. Some changes were also made to some
of the footnotes.

There may also be a few remaining errors from ocr translation.

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