Unpublished talks from the Transformation of Man by Adi Da Samraj


Even though God-Realization or
Enlightenment is true of everyone even now, this must become
the literal Truth. In the following excerpts, Master Da Free
John explains why a course of spiritual practice, or
sadhana, is necessary.

…. free energy and attention for
the process of self-transcendence, in which the true
Condition of our lives becomes Obvious.

….shortsightedly zero in on a
particular stage for its own sake. Spiritual life is about
the transcendence of the first six stages and the games of
attention and experience associated with them.

….the other tendency, witnessed in
the contemporary “spiritual scene,” of excusing oneself from
actual practice because God-Realization is supposed to be
already true of everyone.

The Great

Everything about you that falls
short of the seventh stage of life is simply an expression
of bound energy and bound attention. And in order to
observe, understand, be responsible for, and transcend the
mechanism of the binding of energy and attention, you must
enter into profound self-study. This is a great discipline.
It cannot be by passed. No superficial magic or blessing can
be given that would enable you to by-pass this process. You
must endure it, and you will endure it only if you are truly
responsive and enjoy the impulse toward Realization based on
tacit intuition.

Unpublished talk, January 24, 1983

The Seventh Stage of Life Is a
Matter of Self-Abiding

MASTER DA FREE JOHN: Where are you
in the seventh stage of life? In the seventh stage of life
you are not in the body, yet you are also not dissociated
from the body. You simply are the Self. The Self is not in
the body. The Self is located by transcending the knots of
the body. Therefore, the ultimate process whereby the
Transcendental Self is located is a matter of penetrating or
passing beyond the heart-knot on the right side.
Self-Realization is not a matter of being positioned in the
heart on the right.4

DEVOTEE: Then the Self is not seated
in the heart on the right?

MASTER DA FREE JOHN: The Self is not
seated anywhere. The heart on the right is seated in the
Self1. All the other centers of the bodymind are
seated in the Self. This is what it means to penetrate the
heart on the right. It is simply that the circuit of the
axis of life in this body-mind passes up through the body to
the crown above and then down into the right side of the
heart. We follow this circuit and ultimately locate the
Transcendental Self-Condition, prior to the

The seventh stage of life is a
matter of Self-Abiding. It is Samadhi, Sahaj Samadhi, the
natural Samadhi: to Abide as the Self prior to the
body-mind, prior to the entire cosmos. The Self is not
situated in the cosmos, or in the body-mind. It is prior to
space and time. We locate it through a process of
self-transcendence, or transcendence of the body-mind,
tracing its current to its root and so forth. Therefore, the
Yoga of the seventh stage of life is not a matter of
manipulating energy or attention relative to the body-mind,
or presuming yourself to be situated in the heart on the
right. It is simple Self-Abiding.

Abiding as the Self is Bliss, Joy,
Freedom. To be the Self is Samadhi, and this Samadhi may be
coincident with the arising of conditional events. But they
no longer have power to bind. They are transparent or merely
apparent. They are unnecessary. There is no clinging to
them. They are what they seem to be, but what they seem to
be is nothing but a transparent play upon the Self, and
therefore, from the seventh stage point of view, there is no
bondage in birth. The Self is already Free.

Unpublished talk, January 24,

4. Master Da Free John
has described the area of the heart on the right side of the
chest as the center, or root, of the Transcendental
Consciousness or Self in the body-mind. This area
corresponds to the sinoatrial node (or pacemaker) in the
right atrium. For a detailed description of this
psycho-physical center and its relationship to spiritual
Enlightenment, see The Enlightenment of the Whole Body,
chapter 7.

Recognizability Is the Essence of

The individual in the seventh stage
of life appears to be naturally alive as a human
being-acting, thinking, speaking, and so on. However, there
may be evidence of rather unusual siddhis, psychic
phenomena, healing power, and similar phenomena. It varies
from individual to individual. But the essence of that state
is the recognizability of phenomena, of the Life-Current or
the Radiance out of which everything is made, the
recognizability of Shakti3 from the point of view
of Siva4 or Transcendental Self. Brahman or
Transcendental Being inherently recognizes its own Force or
Radiance, sees that everything that is arising is a Play on
Itself and that nothing has any necessity, independence,
binding power, or capacity to destroy the Realization of
Transcendental Being. That Realization is constant,
unbroken, and perfect. Thus, the individual in the seventh
stage of life is in Samadhi, but not in the sense of a
trance associated with certain changes in the mechanics of
the psycho-physical being. It is the native Realization of
that in which attention and all conditions are

3. The living conscious
Force or Divine Cosmic and Manifesting Energy; Spiritual
Power; the Life-Current of the Living God. When capitalized
(Shakti), the term refers to the universal or perfect Divine
Power. When written in lower case (shakti), the term refers
to that same Power in the form of various finite energies
and activities, high or low, within the individual. The
generative power and motion of the cosmos.

4. Siva, or Shiva, is
the Male or Static aspect of the One Reality, Pure
Consciousness-always in dynamic Play with Shakti, the Female
or manifesting Power of Transcendental Being.

Unpublished talk, January 9, 1983

The Yoga of the Seventh Stage of

The Yoga of the seventh stage of
life begins on the basis of prior Self-Realization. Once the
being is established in its Transcendental Condition, it
enjoys the native capacity to recognize everything that
arises. In the seventh stage of life, therefore, it is
simply a matter of Abiding as the Self, and if nothing
arose, it would simply be a matter of Abiding in the
inherent Bliss of the Transcendental Condition. This would
be Bhava Samadhi. But in general conditions do arise, and
our association with conditions of modification develops
through a unique mechanism – a mechanism that may be seen or
read in terms of the body-mind.

This mechanism of association with
conditions is seen in terms of the Current that passes up
from the right side of the heart to the crown of the head
and beyond, and then shows itself as the circle of manifest
experience and knowledge. The upper root of Amrita Nadi is
the Matrix of the Cosmic Mandala. If attention were to
ascend high enough and become subtle enough, it would view
the brilliant white star, and pass into the brilliant white
Source out of which all of Nature is composed. And
descending from that Matrix are all kinds of planes and
possible forms of embodiment, at least planes that we may
witness. Terminal to all of it is our own body-mind,
together with its specific plane of existence, which also
appears as a circle in this same light of descending and
ascending energy.

Thus, the Yoga of the seventh stage
of life is simply to Abide as the Transcendental Self, which
is eternally prior to Nature and conditional embodiment, and
to recognize everything that is arising as a transparent and
unnecessary and non-binding modification of Itself. This
Self-Abiding recognition has its own unique Yogic
technicality. It is that of the “gaze” in the heart. This
“gaze” in the heart is established in the Root of the Living
Current. Attention is not fixed exclusively in the heart, it
is simply grounded or fundamentally established therein the
case of Transcendental Self-Realization, the Feeling of
Being is naturally associated with the right side of the

Then the Current that passes up to
the Matrix is felt and observed, and everything that arises
in the circle of manifestation is felt, observed, perceived,
cognized, experienced, known. But because of this
Self-Abiding “gaze” in the heart, everything that arises is
inherently recognizable. Everything is as if transparent. It
is merely apparent. In other words, it is not other than the
Self. Everything appears to be a modification of the Self
but it does not represent a limit. It is just the Self. It
does not confuse, complicate, or bind the Self. It is simply
tacitly recognizable. Thus, in the seventh stage of life
there is this free, spontaneous Play of action, without
bondage. It is a Transfigured life of action.

Unpublished talk, January 26, 1983

The Transcendence of

Enlightenment is not the difference
between self-indulgence and discipline. It is not merely a
disciplined personal existence – that is just a conventional
development of life. Disciplines of the body-mind that
maintain health and well-being have their place, but they
are still part of the norms of ordinary conventional

In the Way of Life associated with
the seventh stage, the conception of discipline is
transcended. A spontaneous art of existence is generated
which is based on Realization, not on any practices leading
toward Realization. In the seventh stage of life, moment to
moment existence is permitted to arise spontaneously, and
every feature of moment to moment existence is understood or
recognized in the Transcendental Reality. All the forms of
existence, then, equally express the Transcendental Reality,
are equally the setting or moment of the Transcendental

It is this disposition, rather than
the point of view of functional discipline, that
characterizes the seventh stage of life. Naturally, those
practicing in the seventh stage of life will represent the
kind of equanimity that is established through all the
previous stages of practice. That equanimity tends to remain
an essential feature of the functioning body-mind, but the
point of view of discipline is transcended.

Unpublished talk, January 8, 1981

Sahaj Samadhi Is Complete in

The disposition in Sahaj Samadhi is
such that there is nothing to be gained by deepening it.
There is also nothing to be lost by becoming superficial or
involved with the body-mind and with the play of
appearances. Certainly, there is no need for meditation any
longer. There is Samadhi now. Meditation is that last stroke
of the yogic process or spiritual sadhana that precedes
Samadhi. When Samadhi is Realized permanently, when it is
uninterrupted Sahaj Samadhi, then there is no need for
meditation because meditation has fulfilled itself. Samadhi
is the goal, fulfillment, or end phenomenon of

As a matter of ordinary daily
existence, the Enlightened individual wakes and dreams and
sleeps and has all kinds of psychic states in any of those
conditions. There may be times of relative repose and times
of relative activity. There may be times when he or she is
just sitting someplace, not involved in anything and not
even granting any attention to the body-mind. There may be
times in which he or she appears to be meditating, appears
to be in a trance, but this is only apparently so. In fact,
Samadhi is perpetual. Therefore, there is no need for a
program of daily meditation. There may even be times of
complete loss of awareness of the body-mind. That is Bhava
Samadhi, which is not based on meditation but is an
expression of Sahaj Samadhi itself.

Unpublished talk, March 26, 1983

Conductivity and the Conscious
Process in the Seventh Stage of Life

In the seventh stage of life, or the
Way of Translation, there is an equivalent to the dual yoga
of the conscious process5 and
conductivity6 in the lower stages of the Way of
Radical Understanding. The dominant half of this two-part
practice, the conscious process, is represented in the
seventh stage of life by the Yoga of Transcendental

Self-Abiding. This is not a practice,
but the inherent virtue of those who are Awake in the
seventh stage of life. Self-Abiding is that limb of the
Ultimate Yoga which expresses the conscious process in the
seventh stage of life.

The second aspect of the Yoga of the
seventh stage of life, or the Yoga of Translation, is the
Yoga of Amrita Nadi. This is the equivalent of conductivity
in all other stages of the Way. It is expressed through
Self-Abiding Recognition and natural conductivity into the
Matrix or Star of the Cosmic Mandala. This is done until
Translation, No-Noticing, or Realization of the Self-Radiant
Condition of Being prior to all objects or conditional
modifications. In this dual Yoga, it is tacitly obvious that
what arises is a play on the Self, or the Self-Radiant
Feeling of Being. But as Translation approaches, in
instances of Bhava Samadhi or Transcendental Nirvikalpa,
objects are transcended in their Light, the Matrix of the
Cosmic Mandala. That Light Itself is then directly Realized
to be the inherent Radiance of Transcendental Divine Being,
whereas in Sahaj Samadhi it is tacitly Realized to be so. In
Sahaj Samadhi, modifications, conditions, or objects arise
and are tacitly recognized to be nothing but modifications
of the Self-Radiant Being, but as the Translation phase
approaches, in Bhava Samadhi Itself, the Light is directly
Realized to be the inherent Radiance of Transcendental
Being. Thus, in the fulfillment of this Yoga, objects and
their Light return to unity with their Source in
Transcendental Nirvikalpa. Therefore, Translation is the
full Realization of Amrita Nadi, the Heart and its Light,
free of the circle of conditional or cosmic

Unpublished talk, January 22,


5. The senior or
transcendental practice and responsibility of devotees in
each stage of the Way of Radical Understanding or Divine
Ignorance that Master Da Free John Teaches is the “conscious
process.” It is the foundation discipline of conscious
surrender of attention in the Divine or Transcendental
Being. It is founded upon true “hearing” of the Teaching, or
radical and continuous release of self, knowledge, and all
experience into the Transcendental Condition of Divine
Ignorance. As the foundation of self-discipline, service,
and meditation develops, thesively developed and

6. “Conductivity” is, in
general, the capacity of the body-mind to conduct, or be
surrendered into, the All-Pervading Life-Current. Such
conductivity or surrender is realized through love, or
radiant whole-body feeling to Infinity, and such love
involves coordinated engagement of body, breath, and
attention in alignment with the Universal Current of
Life-Energy. There is also a specifically yogic or technical
form of responsibility for conductivity in each stage of the
Way of Radical Understanding or Divine Ignorance.
transcended in their Light, the Matrix of the Cosmic
Mandala. That Light Itself is then directly Realized to be
the inherent Radiance of Transcendental Divine Being,
whereas in Sahaj Samadhi it is tacitly Realized to be so. In
Sahaj Samadhi, modifications, conditions, or objects arise
and are tacitly recognized to be nothing but modifications
of the Self-Radiant Being, but as the Translation phase
approaches, in Bhava Samadhi Itself, the Light is directly
Realized to be the inherent Radiance of Transcendental
Being. Thus, in the fulfillment of this Yoga, objects and
their Light return to unity with their Source in
Transcendental Nirvikalpa. Therefore, Translation is the
full Realization of Amrita Nad
the Heart and its Light, free of the circle of conditional
or cosmic existence.

Unpublished talk, January 22, 1983

From Divine Activity to Divine

In the seventh stage of life, action
itself is recognized and therefore does not bind, but only
expresses the Blissful Divine Power of Being. And this very
Blissful Power, then, not only Transfigures but gradually
Transforms this body-mind and its relations. Thus, the
seventh stage of life is associated with Divine activity,
Divine Play in human form or in the form of a manifest
personality. But all the while this Divine Play is
continuing, all its features are being recognized and
inherently transcended. In this Way, all the seeds of action
or Divine Play are gradually released and dissolved, and
therefore, ultimately, the seventh stage of life is no
longer characterized by what one might call Divine activity.
Instead, it shows the sign or quality of sublime
Indifference, freedom from activity. This stage of the
demonstration may occur early or late in the history of one
who has entered into the seventh stage of life. It will not
necessarily even occur in this life, except perhaps in some
sense near death. Ultimately, the seventh stage of life is
fulfilled perfectly in the quality of Indifference, or Self
Radiant Transcendence, in which the motive of activity, the
whole affair of modification, is profoundly weak. And this
is the final stage of the demonstration of the seventh stage
of life, just prior to Transcendental Nirvikalpa,
No-Noticing, No-Modification.

Unpublished talk, January 26, 1983

The Mystery of Amrita

The Way is fulfilled in
Transcendental Nirvikalpa, the transcendence of all noticing
of conditional selfhood and conditional Nature, the perfect
Realization of the Matrix of manifestation. But that Matrix
is nothing but the inherent Radiance of the Self and is not
merely light in another place. So the great Mystery is the
Mystery of Amrita Nadi. In the seventh stage of life the
circle, which descends and ascends from the Light of Amrita
Nadi, is Outshined, so that in the Ultimate Event of
Translation there is nothing but Amrita Nadi, or the Self
established in its own Light. That is Translation into the
Divine Domain beyond any figure the mind can present,
because the mind, like the body, is only a modification of
the Inherent Radiance of the Transcendental Divine

Unpublished talk, January 22, 1983

The Ultimate State Is beyond

The power of recognition that
Transfigures and Transforms everything ultimately also
Outshines everything. Therefore, there are ultimately no
more modifications, and the cessation of modifications is
what is meant by Transcendental Nirvikalpa. Then there are
no more modifications of the Energy of Being. There is
more conditional existence,
no more circle descending and ascending from the Divine
Domain. Then there is only Transcendental SelfRealization,
which is infinitely Blissful, infinitely Radiant. There is
only eternal Existence in the Divine Domain.

Apart from these general
descriptions, which point to the unlimited nature of
Realization, there is nothing more that can be said about
it. It is not a matter of the negation of existence, but
rather of the perfect Magnification of existence or Being.
When Being is perfectly Magnified, what possible condition
could it be in? It is beyond imagination. The most you could
imagine is an expanded condition of Being associated with
some glorious environment such as a heaven-world. Perhaps
perfectly Magnified Being is associated with some sort of
world, perhaps not: It needs no world, but it may be
associated with one, beyond the circle. In the infinite
Realm of brilliant white Light, the joy or Love-Bliss of
Being, there may be a God-World of infinite Relations,
perfect Happiness, eternal Existence. This remains to be

Unpublished talk, January 24, 1983

The Enlightened Personality Does
Not Appear a Certain Way

There is no ideal personality that
you should be trying to duplicate or manifest. Realization
has nothing to do with any such ritual. It is a matter of
the Process that is taking place native to Consciousness,
where you Stand. The apparent personality is whatever it is
by virtue of its previous cause-and-effect development or
adaptation. Enlightened personalities look just like they
did before they were Enlightened -immediately prior to this
Awakening, perhaps not years before. I looked the same when
I left the Vedanta Temple in 1970. When I went home, no one
noticed anything special whatsoever. There was no change in
appearance. The apparent personality seemed to be the

In other words, the death of the
ego, or ego transcendence, is not a matter of the reduction
of the personality to some empty, simple, idealized
character. In the seventh stage of life, there may be many
character transformations in the course of the demonstration
associated with this Awakening, but not necessarily a
complete change of character. The person does not become
like someone else. The changes that occur are more like
additions to the personality. It is the same personality,
magnified and enlarged, clarified, founded in certainty and

Unpublished talk, March 26, 1983

Difference in Character Is Not a
Difference in Realization

In the Hindu system, presumably
Self-Realized individuals are
together in traditional classifications according to
character, or as it is
called after Realization, the quality of their appearance.
There are the more or less inert types, and there are the
active types. There are those who Teach and those who do
not. There are those who are extremely simple and those who
are in an oblivious state of Samadhi. Traditionally, these
types are mapped out in a scale, as if one were superior to
all others, and as if they represented different types of
Realization. But there is only one true

It is quite possible that
individuals who have entered into the full disposition of
Transcendental Awakening may not return to conditional
awareness. But if conditional awareness does return, then
there is a whole range of possible ways in which such
Enlightened individuals may appear. My description of the
seventh stage of life is itself a way to understand these
different character types. It accounts for everything from
the Crazy type to the apparent ascetic to the one who is
oblivious in Bhava Samadhi, and so on. We should understand
that there are different qualities of demonstration, even
different stages of demonstration in the seventh stage of
life, but they are all
of the same Realization. In other words, these traditional
classifications are simply ways of describing different
kinds of Enlightened characters, whereas in terms of
Realization itself, there is no difference between them at

Unpublished talk, March 27, 1983

Enlightenment and

When the Enlightened being is cut,
he or she bleeds. He or she experiences pain at the level of
the body just like anyone else. The Enlightened being enters
into relations of one or another kind, and when those
relations come to an end or are abruptly removed, there is
sorrow. All of the ordinary and extraordinary things that
can occur to an un-Enlightened being occur likewise to the
Enlightened being with the same effect, except that in the
case of the Enlightened being there is no ultimate binding
power in all of that. The capacity to stand Free remains.
Therefore, there is no ultimate consequence to the
limitations of existence.

Unpublished talk, April 8,

Enlightenment as

The players in the seventh stage of
life, the players who are Awakened or who are Enlightened,
are Free players who generally play a more dramatic role
than other people, at least in terms of the ultimate value
of what they are doing. Although many of them are not
apparently active in any outward physical sense, they may be
very active in subtle ways, or they may merely be Present.
Yet their mere Presence attracts beings to the Self,
Transfigures the world, and is therefore, in some sense, the
ultimate form of Activity.

Unpublished talk, March 27, 1983

The Enlightened Being as

The individual Awakened into the
seventh stage of life does not cease to be a devotee, but
that one is not a devotee in the sense of an ego-bound
individual turning to the Spiritual Master. Rather, his
devotion is the confession of a Liberated individual, if you
can call it individuality that is making this confession. It
is a natural expression of the gratitude of one who has
entered into this stage through the Agency of the Spiritual
Master, and an acknowledgment of the Spiritual Master’s
status in the world as Liberator.

The Awakened devotee is a servant of
that Work, but in general, Awakened devotees do not have the
status of the Spiritual Master. In other words, they are not
born to do the Work of the Liberator, but rather to serve it
once they are Awakened. Therefore, rather than presuming
that at the end of my lifetime I will acknowledge some other
individual to do my Work, or serve my Function, uniquely as
an individual, I propose that the Community of The Crazy
Wisdom Fellowship fulfill that Function. Even the Community
as a whole in some sense will serve that Function, but it is
primarily those individuals who have fulfilled the Way who
can Truly serve it. Together they remain servants of that
Work, without any one of them being individually responsible
for it. It is not presumed that any one of them is born with
the Guru Siddhi, which is a particular kind of
manifestation. But they are born with the Siddhi of devotion
to the point of Transcendental Realization, and therefore
they remain capable of serving the Work of the Liberator Who
is born into that Siddhi and for that special Work. They are
fully equipped to be vehicles of It, because they have
entered into that Realization.

Unpublished talk, March 26, 1983

Enlightened Beings and


As long as the worlds continue, it
is useful for Enlightened beings to continue to reincarnate.
It is such reincarnation that gives Agency to the Divine,
and that Agency would be lost if there were some principle
in Enlightenment itself that caused dissociation from the
phenomenal worlds. The search to dissociate from phenomenal
worlds is part of the Oriental disposition and

Unpublished talk, December 12, 1980