What You Must Surrender

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What you must

Notes from The Way That I Teach –
The Grace of Suffering p. 72-83


1. Yield forms of your existence, so
called external and so called internal.

2. The body

3. Life force

4. The mind

5. Knowing

6. Self

From the heart ——— reception
———– release

Experiences arise, but you persist
in the disposition of submission and surrender.

Grace cannot be communicated in a
realizable form unless you fulfill the law

First you feel the Divine presence,
first as Force

Then force becomes a Idol (yogic and
mystical experiences)

The you will notice what is not
arising and that is attention! YOU.

Then the subtle nature of the
surrender is activated.

And since the nature of
consciousness is the Divine only perfect intuitive
absorption is possible.

and YOU can’t do THAT. Only that
which is can ‘do’ that! Which must absorb your limited
consciousness into that which is.

Then when that occurs there is only
open eyes.

No matter what appears…high or

You will be absorbed in the Divine
always, regardless of the circumstances, waking, dreaming or
sleeping, alive in the gross plane or passed into some other
appearance. You will truly realize the psycho-physical
nature of the world. In the same moment that you appear in
conventional terms. bodily, personally, doing, thinking,
appearing ordinary – in that same instant and in every
moment there is the Divine Intuition. It is One Reality. It
is a play, it is humor. There are endless possibilities for
other kinds of worlds and also endless possibilities in this
world…none of which is any consequence to one who is free
in God.