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“Study my Testament. I tell you there and always that this is my final Word and I need not be obliged further to communicate the Way to you…. I have given you my Word, my Promise. My Work is evident to you in every day of your life… You are in the most difficult position of adolescence, the position of being directly confronted by the Absolute Truth. You, more than anyone who might casually observe my Word and Promise and Presence, must exhibit the revolution of response to Me in your own body-mind”.

Adi Da Samraj, October 1985


“The most ecstatic, most profound, most complete, most radical, and most comprehensive single spiritual text ever to be penned and confessed by the Human-Transcendental Spirit” Ken Wilber – 1985  

Avatar Adi Da’s paramount “Source-Text”, this Great Divine Testament is unparalleled in its magnitude and depth. It represents the fruit of Avatar Adi Da’s Immense Work of Teaching and Revelation over more than three decades. An extraordinary Scripture, containing Avatar Adi Da’s detailed Revelation of every aspect of the process culminating in Divine Enlightenment. The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar is the Paramount “Source-Text” of the Divine Way of Adidam. It is a comprehensive Summary of all aspects and developmental stages, including the full details of the complete technical practice of the Way. Avatar Adi Da has Explained that His Dawn Horse Testament Lives as an Eternal Conversation between Him and the heart of all beings: In making this Testament I have been Meditating everyone, contacting everyone, dealing with psychic forces everywhere, in all time. This Testament is an always Living Conversation between Me and absolutely every one. Includes: Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Self-Confession, The nature of His Life and Work, His fundamental Teaching-Arguments, The True Nature of God, The characteristic philosophical faults of East and West, The three basic human personality types, How sexuality relates to Spiritual practice, What actually happens in the process of death and reincarnation, The nature of the ego and how it is utterly transcended, Detailed descriptions of all the practices Avatar Adi Da Gives to His devotees, What Divine Enlightenment really is, and how It is Realized.  



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The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar (2004)


The Visionary Winged Horse


First Word


My Divine Disclosure

The Plight Of The Divine Heart-Husband

Ruchira Avatara Gita

The True Dawn Horse Is The Only Way To Me

The Eternal Conversation





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How The Dawn Horse Testament Was Begun: An Excerpt from Chapter Nine of Adi Da: The Promised God-Man Is Here.

In 1984, Avatar Adi Da Samraj began to write His summary Divine Scripture, His Ultimate Instruction for all humankind. From the early years of His Teaching-Work, collections of Avatar Adi Da’s Discourses, Essays, and practical Instructions to devotees had been published. But He had never written a full summary of His Wisdom-Teaching. The time had not yet come. He was still making His Wisdom-Teaching, bringing It into existence via the living relationship with His devotees. But now, by 1984, His Teaching-Revelation had achieved a fullness that moved Him to put It into summary book-form. Divine Revelations flowed from His pen—the secrets of esoteric anatomy, the developmental process of Spiritual Awakening, the technical details of emotional-sexual Yoga, the meaning of death and the design of the cosmos, the ultimate Mysteries of Divine Enlightenment.

For the next nine months, Avatar Adi Da continued to write and revise His manuscript, doing everything possible to make sure that His Teaching-Summary was written in perfect detail for all time. Finally, on March 21, 1985, after completing a full review, Avatar Adi Da declared that the book was ready for publication. One of the editors, Michael Wood, whose task it had been to type Avatar Adi Da’s new writing into the computer each day, remembers the remarkable weather phenomena that coincided with that moment of completion:

MICHAEL: During the last month of Avatar Adi Da’s Work on The Dawn Horse Testament, three big storms came either right to Naitauba or to nearby areas of Fiji. There was an almost continuous series of storms, and only on two or three days were any boats able to travel to or from Naitauba. This very stormy time seemed to me to be obviously connected to Avatar Adi Da’s completion of His Dawn Horse Testament. The profundity of what He was doing was being reflected in the energies of Nature, a phenomenon that we have often observed. But this was uncommonly dramatic.

On the day that Avatar Adi Da announced that He had finished the book — which coincided with the spring equinox—an incredible thunderstorm sprang up, out of nowhere, at about five in the morning. The thunder and lightning seemed to be centered at the Matrix [Adi Da’s residence on the eastern side of the island], as if emanating from Avatar Adi Da’s Domain. I could see a big cloud right over the Matrix, and directly above the cloud lightning was continuously crackling in horizontal patterns. A devotee who was familiar with traditional Spiritual literature reminded us that in the Upanishads the sound of thunder is said to be “Da”.

Even with the publication of The Dawn Horse Testament in late 1985, which was joyfully received, read, and marvelled over by Avatar Adi Da’s devotees everywhere, He felt that His Work was still not being received at depth. There was no absolute difference between the world and His devotees—His devotees were simply representative of humanity in general and of the universal egoic impulse to selfsatisfaction, self-protection, and immunity from the wounds of life and love. They were continuing to hold out for selffulfillment, both worldly (in the domain of “money, food, and sex”) and “Spiritual” (looking for satisfaction in apparent Spiritual advancement). They were still unprepared for the depth of the Spiritual process that the Divine Avatar was so passionate to offer them.

On October 4, 1985, the night that Avatar Adi Da was presented with the first publication of The Dawn Horse Testament, He spoke about the most significant and difficult transition in a human life—the movement beyond an egocentric existence (based on the search for consolation) to an ego-transcending life of service to, and devotional absorption in, the Divine.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: You must go through the inevitable and natural crisis of the transition to Spiritually Awakened life, and that is a profound matter. If it were not profound, most difficult, and something that people in general are not prepared for, human beings all over the world would be Spiritually Awakened by now. This crisis of transition is the most profound and unwelcome change that confronts humanity. That change has been unwelcome for thousands of years. This Way of life that I have Given is not idealistic. It is realistic. The transition to Spiritually Awakened life requires a realistic confrontation with your limitations in the grossbody-based life. These are the most vulgar, the most immature, the most primitive limitations. They are associated with the most basic physical, emotional, mental, and sexual functions to which you have adapted. It is no longer My business to shoulder your responsibilities.

I have Given you My Word, My Promise. My Work is evident to you in every day of your life. Therefore, you must give Me another word, another report, a different sound than the one I have received. You are in the most difficult position of adolescence—the position of being directly confronted by the Absolute Truth. You— more than anyone who might merely casually observe My Word and Promise and Presence— must exhibit the revolution of response to Me in your own body-mind. — October 4, 1985

Recent Expansions of The Dawn Horse Testament An Interview with Jonathan Condit, Senior Editorial Assistant to Avatar Adi Da Samraj

JONATHAN: From childhood I had an “academic karma”, you could say. I was always reading and always interested in books and interested in ideas. It was somewhat of a surprise, even to me, when in college I found that my primary interest was really religion and spiritual matters— although it took me a while to understand that that was something to be practiced, not just something to read about! But before I got seriously involved in any form of spiritual practice, I first spent a period of time in Korea in the Peace Corps and also studying Korean music. I actually made quite an intensive study of traditional Korean music and then went on to do a Ph.D. in that field. I feel that the training I received in graduate school, in writing my thesis, was probably the most helpful education I had in preparation for serving Beloved Adi Da’s editorial Work.

Interestingly enough, however, at the time that I was in graduate school—a three-year program at Cambridge University—I was burning up with my desire to drop all things academic and simply devote myself to spiritual practice. And I almost did drop out of graduate school and return to a Zen monastery, but the obligations that I had incurred to my professor convinced me that I couldn’t just drop it and that I had to complete my course of study. At the time, I thought I was relinquishing my impulse to devote myself to spiritual life, whereas, in fact, I was getting the training that was later going to enable me to serve Beloved Adi Da. So that was one of those amusing and highly useful twists of fate. After completing my Ph.D., I did spend ten years practicing as a Zen Buddhist.

During those years, my Ph.D. thesis was published by Cambridge University Press (under the title Music of the Korean Renaissance) and I wrote articles for ethnomusicological journals and so forth and lectured on that topic from time to time. Finally, through a series of events that struck me very forcibly, I realized that engaging spiritual life was not going to lead to anything unless I had a teacher who had Realized what the practice was about. It took me many years to discover that that was what was really required. But as soon as I realized that, a friend of mine said, “You should read The Knee Of Listening.” [The Knee Of Listening is Avatar Adi Da’s spiritual autobiography.]

Everything went very rapidly from that point on, and I became a devotee of Avatar Adi Da a few months after reading The Knee Of Listening in 1984. Almost as soon as I became a devotee of Avatar Adi Da, I was drawn more and more into serving Beloved Adi Da’s Literature. The first form of service I had was working for the book distribution company that devotees owned in the 1980s, called “The Great Tradition”.

I had an office job and worked in the warehouse there, literally shipping Beloved Adi Da’s Books out to people and preparing catalog entries and that kind of thing. And then—I think it was in 1988—I was asked if I would be willing to replace James Steinberg as the librarian at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary, because James was about to go to serve Beloved Adi Da at His principal residence in Fiji, the island of Naitauba. I had three days in which to “download” everything from James about the job that he had been doing for decades. I went to the Sanctuary for the weekend and he showed me the ropes as well as he could in the time we had. Then he flew off to Naitauba and I was the librarian! This put me in a very direct service-relationship to Beloved Adi Da because in those days He was reviewing very large numbers of books for The Basket Of Tolerance (an annotated bibliography that embraces all the religious, spiritual, and cultural traditions of humankind).

Every week we would send fifty or sixty items to Naitauba for Adi Da’s review. I spent a lot of time in bookstores in Berkeley, looking for suitable books for Adi Da, and also solicited other people’s help in finding things and serving His Process with The Basket Of Tolerance. Then, in September 1990, I went on a (supposedly) three-week retreat to Naitauba. At the end of my retreat, I was asked to become a resident of Naitauba and join the serving staff there, which I was thrilled to do.

The next time I left the island was six years later! And more and more I began to be drawn into editorial work. One of the principles of working on Beloved Adi Da’s manuscripts is that whenever He does anything on a manuscript “three pairs of eyes” need to look at everything and check to make sure it’s correct. In other words, three people proofread anything that Beloved Adi Da writes. (He writes by hand, and that is entered into the computer and then reprinted.) At first, I was the “third pair of eyes”, so I would get a call every so often saying that the manuscript was ready and I was needed to come down and proofread it.

In those days, the editorial office—rather incredibly—was right next to the ocean. You would step out of the door directly onto the sand, with the water just yards away. It’s amusing to think about it now—computers right in the salty air. And I would go down there and proofread and was drawn more and more into the process of serving Avatar Adi Da’s manuscripts, and eventually became the senior editor of those who assist Beloved Adi Da in His direct Work with His Word.

There have been certain gigantic periods of Beloved Adi Da’s great concentration of working on His manuscripts over the years that I have been involved in that process. For example, in 1994, His extensive review of The Knee Of Listening took place, during which we intensively processed His additions and refinements to that Book and did whatever He asked to have done in the manuscript.

Then, in 1997—in an amazingly short period of a few months—He created the twenty-three “Source-Texts”. This was another intensive effort for us, and involved many long hours for Him as well. It was concentrated work of a kind that it is difficult to even imagine before you are actually involved in it.

1998 was His time of expanding and refining The Mummery Book. And, finally, last year, in 2002, from May to September, Avatar Adi Da did His major review of The Dawn Horse Testament, in which He Worked with the entire Text from beginning to end. Those have been the four most significant periods of concentrated editorial Work done by Beloved Adi Da during the years that I have served as one of His editorial assistants. By the time I started serving in the editorial department, the kinds of computer procedures that Beloved Adi Da could take advantage of were very well established.

And so He would very often give instructions to us like, “Wherever such-and-such a word occurs, consider whether it should have this particular modifier, and then propose all of those potentially modified instances for Me to look at.” An example from recent time would be the word “Bright” (by which Avatar Adi Da means the Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Reality). He wanted us to consider, every time the word “Bright” appeared, whether the word “Spiritually” should be inserted in front of it—“Spiritually ‘Bright’” or “Spiritually Self-‘Bright’”. That was part of what was done in the last review of The Dawn Horse Testament. In every instance of that word, it was recommended to Beloved Adi Da either to have the adverb added or not and He would then make the final decision.

Another aspect of our work (which became more and more a part of the way He would work with His manuscripts) was that He would ask for something that He had Spoken to be added to The Dawn Horse Testament (or sometimes to one of the other “Source-Texts”). It would then be the responsibility of the editors to take the transcript of His Talk or His Notes and prepare them in the style of whichever book they were to be added to. This happened with great frequency in 1995, which was the last gathering period with large numbers of devotees in attendance. He had gathered for many years with different sizes of groups and especially from ‘92 to ‘95 on Naitauba He would frequently gather with all of His devotees on the island— often both residents and retreatants. As always, He was Working in a responsive manner, bringing various issues up, seeing how devotees responded and what kinds of questions they had, and Giving Talks on that basis. He was always sensitive to our concerns and questions, and what the areas were in which we were not clear, and He would respond to all of that in His Discourse. And then, as I said, He would frequently ask that a certain Talk be prepared in the style of The Dawn Horse Testament and then a placement suggested within the Book. Then He would review what we had prepared, and (typically) Work with it further.

For example, He Gave a Talk one night in which He was Addressing a particular devotee about “victim consciousness”. It was a very inspiring address in which everyone felt personally served by what Adi Da Said to this one man. And then, a day or two later, Beloved Adi Da Said that the Talk about “victim-consciousness” should be added to The Dawn Horse Testament. It became part of His whole “Consideration” about understanding the ego, or the self-contraction.

Here is an excerpt from that “Consideration”:

The self-Contraction Is The Act Of Separation. The self-Contraction Is The Act Of Casting Yourself Into The Illusion Of Separateness, Independence, Isolation, and (In The Ultimate Sense) Un-Wholeness. The selfContraction Is Your Reaction To conditional Existence. This Reaction Is egoity itself, and It Is Always Your Own activity. All Your Seeking, All Your Disturbance, and All Your Dissatisfaction Are Your Own activity. This Is What Must Be Understood Through The Process Of “Reality Consideration”. This Understanding Is The Essence Of True Hearing Of Me. To Understand This Is To Be Free Of “victim-consciousness”, or the notion that Your Fundamental Difficulty Is Somehow caused by others or by the conditions Of Manifested Existence.

That is just one example. There are many, many such examples not only over recent years but throughout all His years of Work of Avatar Adi Da Speaking about something and then including it in The Dawn Horse Testament or elsewhere. Jonathan’s commentary continues in this next section, where he describes the devotional practice involved in serving Avatar Adi Da in this form:

JONATHAN: It is an inestimable Gift to be constantly occupied with Beloved Adi Da’s Word, as I have been now for ten years. I can’t express enough gratitude and happiness about it. And through the intensive service to Adi Da’s Work with His Word have come many Gifts of growth and understanding.

One example is that when we’re doing intensive work with His manuscripts, it is typically more work than you might think you could do in the amount of time you have. Avatar Adi Da never gives an open-ended schedule to anything. He would never say, for instance, that such – and such needs to be done and just do it as soon as you can. His own Urgency relative to His Work is profound, and He always Works to create the circumstances that make possible real growth and self-transcendence for His devotees. He always asks us to commit to when we are going to complete the work and represent the manuscript to Him.

There is thus a combination of having to finish the work very quickly but also having to do it with total accuracy and discrimination. We would frequently be on the brink of just barely managing to do things correctly because of the pressure of time, and occasionally He would find that we had made a mistake. In that case, He would always require us to account for exactly why it happened, because He wanted us to be clear about what had gone wrong in the process.

In one very summary moment of this kind of situation, He said something to us that was profoundly Instructive: “You begin to make mistakes when you decide that you have too much work to do.” In other words, it wasn’t a “reality” that we had too much to do—we had decided that it was more than we were capable of. Another thing in general that Beloved Adi Da has said about service to Him is that He tells us what we would have to do in order to fulfill the service as sadhana—that is, as ego-transcending practice. Thus, if He asks for something to be done in a very short space of time and if the devotees who are doing the service come up to the demand, they transcend themselves in the process. And self transcendence is what the practice of this Way is about. There were times when we would all literally be nodding off at our keyboards, but we had to find a way to break through that and collectively and cooperatively accomplish what He was asking of us.

One such moment occurred at the end of 1997, when we celebrated Beloved Adi Da having completed His initial creation of the twenty-three “Source-Texts”. Just prior, we had been in one of these cycles when we were beginning to make some mistakes and we were falling into despair about how we were going to crack out of this pattern. Just then, we received a question from Beloved Adi Da: “Is there any reason at all that My Work on the twenty-three Books should not be finished today?” We were just amazed that He was taking this turn and we considered it and responded that there was no reason that the work could not be finished that day. There were three of us working in the editorial office at that point, and we took shifts allowing us to send round after round of manuscripts back to Him throughout the day. The very last thing He did was to underline one word in The Lion Sutra. And that evening there was a wonderful gathering with Him on the beach to celebrate the completion of the twenty-three Books. He very sweetly said that the editors had gone “a little bit crazy” while doing this service for Him and that we would have a lot of stories to tell about that period of service. It was a very sweet moment of His expressing His appreciation for the great ordeal that He and we had all endured for the sake of the communication of His Heart-Word to all beings in all times and in all places.

This final passage is taken from the Epilogue of The Dawn Horse Testament: . . .

I Would Have all beings Hear My Word (That Calls The Heart To My Heart-Grace), and See My “Brightness” (Who Is Not “Other”) Face To Face, and (By This Great Fortune) Grow To Realize The Divine Heart-Secret Of Existence (Even Now)—but I Must Also Tell You That What Is Truly Secret (or Inherently Hidden From The self-Contracted Heart) Remains So, Even When My Own Confession and All These Me-Revealing Words Are Made and Given To each and all. Therefore, My Divine Heart-Secret Is The Heart Itself, Who Must Hear and See Me “Brighten” Up The Space, and Go The Way It Is. . . . [The Way of Adidam] Is Not The conventional Path Of worldliness, egoic security, orderly consolations, and psycho-physical selfFulfillment—As If What Is Eternally Free (and Always Already Most Prior To all conditional activity, and Always Already Most Prior To All egoity and Separateness) Made (or Separately Caused) the conditional worlds and all conditional beings, and Made (or Caused) them For their own Sake. The conditional worlds and their Seeming Separate beings arise Spontaneously, As Apparent Modifications Of The Transcendentally Self-Existing (and SelfRadiant, or Inherently Spiritual) Divine SelfCondition Of Mere Being—and many causes, Great and small, Make effects In The Seeming Distances and Surfaces Of conditional life. Therefore, To Live Rightly Is To Be Schooled To Reality Itself, Realizing The . . . Conscious Light In Stages Of Growth and Out-Growing—Until The Cosmic Domain Itself (and All Of Separateness Itself) Is Out-Grown.