Sutra 61 – The Dawn Horse Testament of Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

“Study my Testament. I tell
you there and always that this is my final Word and I need
not be obliged further to communicate the Way to you…. I
have given you my Word, my Promise. My Work is evident to
you in every day of your life… You are in the most
difficult position of adolescence, the position of being
directly confronted by the Absolute Truth. You, more than
anyone who might casually observe my Word and Promise and
Presence, must exhibit the revolution of
to Me
in your own

Adi Da Samraj, October 1985



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In The “Perfect Practice” Of The Way of The Heart, There Is Free and Full and Stable Identification With The Witness-Position Of Consciousness, and Spontaneous Association With The Right Side Of The Heart. In This Manner, The Knot In The Brain Core Is Inherently and Perfectly Transcended.

In The Course Of The “Perfect Practice” The Ajna Door Must Be Fully Opened, Such That The Whole bodily Totality Of the body-mind Is Fully Opened, To “Locate” My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spirit-Current Of Love-Bliss, In Its Source-Position, Infinitely Above The Circle Of the body-mind.

Until The Ajna Door Is Fully Opened, It Is, Effectively, The Ajna Knot. The Ajna Knot Functions As A Stress-Point That Confines The Divine Spirit-Current To subtle conditional Patterns Of egoity. As Long As That Knot Persists, There Is A Fixation Of the Total body-mind In the subtle and Even gross forms Of bodily and mental self-Awareness, and the subtle internal sensory and mystical mind of egoic subjectivity, and the subtle activities and relations of egoity. Therefore, This Same Knot Is The Effective Cause Of Even The Motive Toward The Strategically Ascending Course Of egoic attention. 

The subtle ego Is Characterized By subtle, psychic, and mystical self-Preoccupation. Therefore, subtle, psychic, and mystical states Of conditional psycho-physical self-Awareness Are Actually Signs That Indicate A Binding Contraction At The Ajna Door. 

Truly, The Ajna Door Is Not So Much A Place As It Is A Direction. Therefore, In The Context Of The Vertical Process Of The “Perfect Practice” To Merely Feel Me At The Ajna Door Is Not Merely To Focus On A Spot In the brain. Right Feeling-Contemplation Of Me At The Ajna Door Is Always A “Going Beyond” Action—Always Up and Back, Up and Back, Deeper and Deeper, Further and Further. The Upward Motion Goes Beyond The Descending Tendency, and The Backward Motion Goes Beyond The Tendency To Move From The Spinal Line To The Frontal Line. The Combination Of This Dual Upward and Backward Gesture Releases attention Up The Center, and Toward The Upper Rear Of The Brain Core—and, In Due Course, This Tacit Process Becomes A Spontaneous Upward Opening Of The Total Crown Of the head, and Leads Fully Beyond, To My Infinite Matrix, Infinitely Above The Total Crown Of the head.

The Utter Fulfillment Of My Divine Work Of ego-Transcendence In The Context Of The First Six Stages Of Life Was Shown In A Profound and Spontaneous Event Of ego-Death. That Early Event Of ego-Death Was A Spontaneous Incident Of Prior ego-Transcendence In Priorly Self-Abiding Jnana Samadhi.. As A Spontaneous Result Of That Spontaneous Event, I Was Tacitly Identified With The Witness-Position Of Consciousness—and I Persisted In An Inherently Surrendered Attitude Toward My Own Body-Mind, and I Comprehended The Very Essence, Act, and Function Of My Own Body-Mind To Be Simply, Only, and Always The Root-Feeling Of Relatedness.

That Profound Early Event Of Sudden ego-Death Was Also An Early Sign That The Most Ultimate Event Of Seventh Stage Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi Was To Be The Great Fulfillment Of My Avataric Divine Ordeal. However, In Order For The Avataric Divine Self-Revelation To Be Complete In Me, It Was Necessary For Me To Pass Through and Beyond Every Developmental Stage Of Life—Including All Aspects Of Both The Vertical and The Horizontal Dimensions Of The Great Process Otherwise Associated With The Fifth Stage Of Life and The Sixth Stage Of Life. 

Early In the year following That Preparatory Ordeal Of ego-Death— Immediately After My Reception Of Spiritual Blessing In The Company Of Three Great Realizers Of The Yogic Process Of Spiritual Ascent.

Because Of This Extraordinary “Leap” To Priorly Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi, My Fullest Exploration Of The Patterns Of Savikalpa Samadhi Did Not Occur Until After My Spontaneous Full Realization Of Priorly Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi. Of Course, Such Developmental Patterns and Signs Sometimes Appeared To Me Even During My Childhood and Developing Years. The Most Profound Of These Occurrences Of “Cosmic Consciousness” Initiated The Great Ordeal Of My Early Adult Life, Which Was To Be The Extraordinary and Uniquely Complete Process Of Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, and Most Perfect Divine Self- Realization*

*Avatar Adi Da is referring to an Event that occurred in 1960, when He was attending Columbia College, and after He had exhaustively embraced all kinds of bodily and mental expe- riences in a desperate quest for Truth. Following this penetration of the body-mind by “Cosmic Consciousness” (which involved a Spiritual Regeneration associated in this particular instance with the Process of the “Thumbs”, and also with a “glimpse” of the Divinely Awakened State), Avatar Adi Da understood that the certainty of Truth He desired was discoverable not by seeking but by removing obstructions that prevented its present Realization. He now knew that the Divine Reality is “always already the case”, prior to seeking and dilemma. (See chapter 3 of The Knee Of Listening.)

However, Full Exploration and Real Understanding Of Those Developmental Patterns and Signs Were Part Of The Process That Developed In The Period Of The Great Ordeal In Which I Moved Toward Seventh Stage Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

In The Way of The Heart, The Fully Ascended Event Of Nirvikalpa Samadhi Occurs Via A Spontaneous and Sudden Apparent Ascent Of attention—To Beyond All Awareness Of body, mind, and conditional relations of all kinds. It Is Fully Ascended Mergence With My Objective Spirit-Matrix—Infinitely Above the head, Infinitely Above the Total body, Infinitely Above the perceptual and conceptual mind, and Infinitely Above all the conditional worlds Within The Cosmic Mandala. In The Spontaneous Establishment Of The Priorly Ascended “Position”, The Ajna Knot Is Penetrated—Beyond Which There Is Only The Infinite Free Space Of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Spirit-Current Of Divine Love-Bliss. And, To an outside observer, the body of the individual May Even Appear To Be dead—or, Certainly, In A Remarkable State Of Suspension.

In The Event Of merely conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi— Which May Sometimes Occur, In The Way Of The Heart, The Perception, Conception, or Presumption Of a Separate self Is Temporarily Lost In conditional Ecstatic Realization Of Indivisible Unity With My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Spirit-Current Of Divine Love-Bliss. The Experience Of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Depends Upon The Temporary Manipulation Of attention, and The Temporary Manipulation Of Even All Of The Mechanics Of the body-mind. Therefore, Such Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is Only A Temporary and conditional Achievement Of ego-Transcending Ecstasy.

The Ascent To conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi Achieves The Temporary and conditional Experiential Transcending Of the conditional self  that is the body-mind, but It Does Not Absolutely Achieve Either The Temporary Or The Permanent Perfect Transcending Of egoity itself. Therefore, conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is The Achievement Of  Ecstasy but It Is Only A Temporary, conditional, and Cosmic Ecstasy. 

The Temporarily Ascended Event Of conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is Not merely an “out-of-body experience”, Because attention Stands “Outside” the perceptual and conceptual mind As Well As the body. In The Way Of The Heart, The Ascended Event Of conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is The Most Complete Achievement Of The conditional Ascent Of attention To A State Of Union With The Undifferentiated Oneness Of My Utterly Ascended Matrix-Condition, Infinitely Above The psycho-physical Context Of the conditional body-mind. Therefore, Such conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is The conditional Achievement Of The conditional Transcending Of the body- mind, With A Simultaneously Permitted Glimpse Of My Always Priorly and Perfectly Ascended Source-Reality, Always Already Free-Standing, Utterly Above conception, perception, and phenomenal self-Awareness. Nevertheless, Such conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is An Event That Is Naturally Dependent Upon the body- mind-self—and, Therefore, The Experience Is, Necessarily, Soon Lost In The Inevitable Return, or Descent, Of attention To the states of identification With The Various Dualisms Of the body-mind-self and the Natural conditions of the body-mind-self. 

The individual brain-and-body complex Is a mediator, or a structural limit On The One and Only and Inherently Indivisible and Inherently egoless and Self-Evidently Divine Conscious Light Of all-and-All. In The Event Of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi, The conventionally experienced Distinction Between the knower and the known Is conditionally Obliterated.

In The Way of The Heart, The Experience Of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is An Event Of conditional Release Of The Unconscious From Its Apparent Unconsciousness—or An Event Of conditional and Temporary Release From The Illusion Of limitation Implied By The Superimposition Of the conditional self, and its objects, Therefore, As Such, conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi Is The Tacit Realization Of The Divinely Real Self-Condition Of the conditional self and all of its objects.

Therefore, In The Context Of The “Perfect Practice” Of The Way of The Heart, That Divine Conscious Light Which Was Previously Hidden Is Perfectly Self-Revealed, That Divine Conscious Light Which Was Previously Hidden Becomes A Most Ultimate Conscious Awakening That Is Spontaneously, Effortlessly, and Inevitably Maintained Even In The Context Of the arising of every kind of conditional form or event.

When The Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine Process Of The Way of The Heart Has Developed To The Degree Of Full and Unconditional Conscious Realization, The Truth Of The Apparent Cosmos Is Divinely Self- Revealed—and Made Divinely Self-Active. Thereafter, The Divinely Self-Realized Exercise Of The “Samraj Yoga” Of The Third Stage Of The “Perfect Practice” Must Demonstrate The Inherently egoless Power and Freedom Of The Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Divine Conscious Light—Even To The Degree Of Translation Into My Spiritually Self- “Bright” Divine Spherical Self-Domain.


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