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Note to reader. The ‘White and Orange Books” project is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format. Read more >>>

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Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Excerpts taken – some edited, some adapted (in parenthesis) and others translated. This starts from the beginning of the book.

pp. 653-670




Rightly conservative “self”-discipline of the whole body is fundamental to practice (and) has always been acknowledged as fundamental to Spiritual life.

The responsibility for right conservative “self”-discipline is inherent and inescapable in the esoteric process of Realization.
The foundation disciplines of the Spiritual life are not ascetical. They are the foundation disciplines are entirely life-positive—and entirely a matter of establishing the right equanimity of the whole body through disciplines of basic right life.
Foundation disciplines are, most fundamentally, because they bring the body-mind-“self” into the Condition of Utter Non-separation.
It is profoundly important that (you) understand that practice of foundation disciplines are not a matter of being “good little boys and girls”.
“self”-discipline is a right, voluntary, intelligent, and intentional practice.
“self”-discipline is a secondary responsive practice.
The perfection of functional, practical, and relational behavior is neither expected nor possible.
You must convert your life itself into ego-transcending practice. Your discipline must cover every aspect of your life.


Physical exercises and traditional Yogic poses are not the ego-transcending discipline of “conscious exercise”. “Conscious exercise” is a unique and specific approach to exercise and all common daily activities.

In order to become “conscious exercise”, those formalities of physical movement require not only the discipline of the physical body but also the simultaneous discipline of mind, emotion, and breath—in intrinsically ego- surrendering, ego-forgetting, and ego-transcending devotional Communion.
“conscious exercise” is mature activity.
Only when all the functions of human existence are so coordinated do they become a single, non-problematic condition of existence.


The basic disciplines relative to diet involve the constant purification, re-balancing, and rejuvenation of vital bodily existence through right and optimum personal diet.

A right and optimum personal diet is a pure, and conservative, and fructo-vegetarian, and totally raw-food dietary discipline.
A conservative discipline of diet is the most basic—because dietary practice also determines the relative controllability of social, sexual, emotional, mental, and all other functional desires and activities.
The optimum diet fully serves the submission of personal energy and attention to the Great Process.
The optimum diet must be intelligently moderated in its quantity and carefully selected in its quality.
Basic dietary orientation is given.. a(s) a rule and guide .
That basic orientation is to eat only raw foods, consisting principally of vegetables and fruits, together with seeds and nuts.
Habits and addictions of gross physical “self”-indulgence is inevitably desensitized to Reality.
Habits and addictions of gross physical “self”-indulgence undermine the effectiveness of the Reality-Way.


The basic disciplines relative to sexuality begin with “consideration” of My Teaching-Arguments relative to the human emotional-sexual character, its “Oedipal” patterning via early-life adaptation, and its obsessive egoic orientation toward “self”-pleasuring, stress-release, and rituals of rejection and betrayal.


The basic disciplines relative to service involve the transcending of the social ego, by Means of the re-orientation of social activity, work, money, and even all activities, to the ego-transcending, cooperative, inclusive, and other-serving disposition, and to an intention that is, characteristically, harmless, and, characteristically, both pro-relational and positively relational.

True service is not based merely on a socially conscious disposition, or the disposition that it is one’s social duty to do “charitable” work.
True service is based on the disposition that one should always serve the Divine, and that one should devote to the fruits of one’s service to the Divine, rather than take the fruits to oneself.


Money is simply a sign of human energy.

Money is made into a positive or negative sign depending on one’s disposition toward it and toward life altogether.


The discipline of cooperative Sacred Culture is the most fundamental Means of disciplining the basic human fault of social egoity.

The social ego is the first developmental form of egoity—the gross ego in its common, daily-life manifestation.
Human beings tend to be diverted by the purposes of the social ego. Thus, the any individual ego is patterned not by its nature to non-cooperative activities. The social ego is bound to always seeking to generate associations that satisfy or console the separate and separative “self”, by “knowing”, thinking, doing, acquiring, and getting results in the form of enjoyments of one kind or another.
By embracing the discipline of living in the cooperative domain of The “Bright”-House Adidam, My devotee “moves out of” the domain of the social ego, or the mere “consumer”-domain of egos-in-the“ world”. In the cooperative domain of The “Bright”-House Adidam, the social ego is disciplined both by being required to demonstrate the principle of cooperation in the field of daily relations and by being called to embrace the principle of simplicity in the field of daily activity.
On this basis each individual must discover a detailed personal design that is both appropriate and optimum in his or her own case. In this always ongoing process, all My devotees must make the measure of every day, such that they consistently fulfill forms of functional, practical, relational, and cultural discipline.

The human psycho-physical system is a participant in a Universal Field.
Because human beings tend to be so “bogged down” by the influence of their life-histories, their patterned habits, and their habitual associations, they are thoroughly desensitized to the actualities of their own conditionally manifested existence.
In this “latetime”, human beings tend to presume that the entire cosmic domain is merely gross —and, because of this overriding presumption, human beings also tend to perceive the cosmic domain as merely merely physical.
When the human being is “ruled” by this materialistic presumption, it becomes impossible for real and true purification of the individual body-mind-complex to take place.
Much psycho-physical toxicity relates to the subtle dimension of existence.
The psycho-physical toxins cannot pass through and out of the human psycho-physical system if the reigning paradigm is that all of Reality is merely gross.

Whatever is in the mind and the emotions registers in the body as well—because the human being is a single mechanism.

I Am here to Teach you,

to Reveal to you, and

to Give to you, and

to Draw you into—

the Real Process

of becoming

Utterly Free

of all

psycho-physical limitations,

by Means

of Transcendental,

Inherently Spiritual,

and Self-Evidently





However, there is a necessary practice of “self”-discipline, or right life.

In the beginning the various functional, practical, relational, and cultural “self”-discipline act as reflectors.
Purification of patterned accumulations is not a matter of mere thinking or of mere talking.
Right diet is not merely a matter of following a generally healthful dietary regime.
Diet must purify the body-mind-complex of the toxins that are otherwise constantly accumulating in it.
To enforce a degree of moderation relative to money, food, sex, and social egoity does not fundamentally change anything.
You can adopt a “program” of moderation relative to life-functions.
There is no potential Realization in such a “program”.
I am not about a mere “lifestyle change”.
I am about Realization of Reality Itself, or Truth Itself.
Such Realization Requires, as Its foundation, the real process of purifying what you have accumulated through your dis-ease (or “self”-contraction).
That purifying process necessarily involves participation in the field of existence beyond the gross physical.
In due course, that purifying process necessarily becomes a Transcendental Spiritual Process.
Because much that has been accumulated as a result of the “self”-contracted life is in the dimensions of energy that are beyond the gross physical.
Until all of that is purified and gone beyond, there can be no Real-God-Realization.
Life-signs must be there to prove the reality of the process.
Only when you enter the Spiritual Process do you reach beyond the “embodiment trap”, into what is beyond the gross physical.
Spiritually practice does not (in any sense) exclude the gross physical body, but transcends the “point of view” of the gross physical body.
In Spiritually practice you are participating in the Field of Energy-Force.
Leading, ultimately, toward the readiness to enter into the “Perfect Practice” of the Reality-Way.
There is no Realization without renunciation.
Realization and renunciation are the same.
Realization and renunciation coincide, “hand-in-glove”.
Realization and renunciation cannot be separated from one another.
All the patterning of ego-bondage—which is the patterning due to the exercise of “self”-contraction—must be gone beyond.
It is not that you will achieve some kind of idealized human perfection as a prerequisite for Divine Self-Realization.
There is fundamental purification.
This necessary process of purification is magnified in the “Perfect Practice”.
That seventh stage Process “Operates” at a universal level that is not even describable from an ordinary perspective.

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 Aletheon – Table of Contents