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Note to reader. The ‘White and Orange Books” project is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format. Read more >>>


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Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Excerpts taken – some edited, some adapted (in parenthesis) and others translated. This starts from the beginning of the book.





The Non-Religious, Post-Scientific, and No-Seeking Reality-Way of Only Perfect Means

pp. 481 – 561

Myths, Science and Religion.

Seeking to account for the world.

Magical acts of creation.

Stories myths, dreams, make-believe, illusionists, anxiety-reducing, explanations, knowledge searches for certainty.

“Religion” is a form of pious consumerism” – full of posturing, bargain hunting, haggling, and deceitful practices of all kinds – whereby the separate self” seeks to acquire what, from the egoic point of view”, is desired.

Religion” is the enterprise of Narcissus” – the separate one.

Reality Itself is not a religious” idea.

Reality Itself is not any kind of idea.

The universe is not …available to be perfectly observed or comprehended by or from or at a point of view”.

The presumed ego-I” objectifies” both self” and world”, and always conceives of the objectified world” in perspective”.

The ego-I” naively organizes” its own experience” and projects its own state” of separateness upon all that it” perceives.

The universe is, self-evidently-even like any ordinary room-a simultaneous totality, without its own specific or permanent locality”.

The totality of universe is comprised of all possible space-time, and every possible point of view” in space-time.

Religion” always begins with the presumption that the separate self” (or the ego-I”).

Religion” and science” do not Priorly and Inherently know” Reality and, therefore, religion” and science” always already do not know” Real God.

Religion” is the enterprise of Narcissus”—the presumed separate point of view”.

Attention has no right purpose whatsoever—whether extroversive, or introversive, or associative, or dissociative—relative to the inherently absurd search for Reality Itself.

Attention is merely a conditionally arising event in The Context of Reality Itself.

It is not possible to acquire or achieve The Realization of Reality Itself as a result” of any kind of seeking.

The ego-I” always seeks or, always simultaneously, avoids, lacks, wants, and pursues objects” and objectified others”.

It is not possible for Me (or for anyone at all) to actively by the application of any conditional means at all cause” people to Realize The Truth of Reality Itself.

The Realization of The Truth of Reality Itself cannot be caused” but It” can (and, indeed, must) Be Given.

Perpetual Circumstance of Reality Itself Which Is My Divine Avataric Free Gift To all and-All.

I Am As I Am, and characteristically natural, straightforward, open-faced, and plains peaking, in both manner and behavior, without ostentation or pretentiousness, utterly free of beliefs”, inherently without illusions, entirely without traditional or tribal” attachments to life-rituals, likewise without bondage to mere convention, and without any vested interest in the defense and perpetuation of mere ideas and, altogether, without any self”-identity, effort, or intention to deceive or delude anyone at all.

My devotee must Always Approach Me in a natural, straightforward, open-faced, and plain-speaking manner, without ostentation or pretentiousness, entirely free of beliefs”, illusions, traditional or tribal” attachments to life-rituals, and otherwise binding attachments relative to mere convention and mere ideas and, altogether and utterly, without any self”-identity, effort, or intention to deceive Me, or trick Me, or lie to Me.



What is your conclusion about Reality, your actual present-time presumption about Reality? Do you presume Reality Is Divine or not? This question is important, because your conclusion about Reality is operative in every dimension of your life.

What is operative in your life is your conclusion about Reality. That conclusion—whatever it is is what is determining your life, moment to moment, and even now.

To come to a firm and intelligent conclusion about Reality requires right use of the faculty of mind.

The firm conclusion that Reality Is Divine is the result of heart-conversion – not the result of an intellectual process.

The bland soup” of egoity is the state in which people tend to live—from moment to moment. That state is what human beings, in general, call life”.

The egoic self” merely sits by the pond”, in a constant state of oblivious ego-possession—as if it were a sensory immortal, living forever as a superficial current of bodily, emotional, and mental self”-pleasure.

The psycho-physically perpetuated ego-state can be transcended only if the habit of dramatizing egoity is broken—and at the root” of what is required to break the habit of egoity is the in-depth exercise of Reality-intelligence.

The in-depth exercise of heart-based Reality-intelligence is what authenticates Real Transcendental Spiritual life.

…your attention wandering and your breath out of balance….

Heart-based Reality-intelligence in-depth must constantly bring the lower” states of the faculties of the body-mind-self” under control, directing all the faculties into deep devotional Communion with Me.

If you do not exercise heart-based Reality-intelligence in-depth, you cannot practice right and true whole bodily devotional turning to Me.

If you are not Reality-intelligent in the moments of change, then, every time there is a change, you identify with the change.

The daily-ordinary ego-mind is constantly self”-identifying pure awareness with the changes that are peripheral to it.

If you do not want to suffer, you must stop doing suffering.

Your suffering is always something you are doing.



Truly, the prayers of egos are socially ritualized performance-projections of socially defined personalities—and, altogether, such prayers are not conversations with God”, but, rather, they are conversations” the socially tribalized” ego-mind engages with itself.

Why does conventional prayer work” at all? Prayer works” because Reality Itself Is.

If change is required, do not ask for changes and, then, wait for the changes to happen” as a result. Instead, always intrinsically be as changed, and always priorly and actively be the would-be changes—and, on that basis, always and only observe the experiential” evidence.

True prayer” is, characteristically…




There is already a depth in you, as in deep sleep, that has no association with the body.

That is your deepest place.

In that in-depth awareness, there is no fear of death.

That in-depth awareness has nothing to do with the body, and nothing to do with the mind.

To be established in the depth-position is what must always be done.

The more superficial you are, the more you lose the depth.




You live as your question”.

I am not your answer”.

My Work is not the answering” of questions” and questioners”.

My Work Is The Perfect Acausal Enabling of The Perfect Transcending of all questions”—and

The Perfect Transcending of the question” that is the questioner” (or the ego-I”) itself.





The Divine Avataric Seventh Stage Way of Reality Itself.

There is no discrete self”-entity.

There Is Only The Intrinsically egoless,




The ego, however, is a fool—and, like a fool, the ego throws away The Opportunity I Offer to every one and to all-and-All.



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 Aletheon – Table of Contents