THE ALETHEON – Adi Da Samraj

“About the Cover and the “Midnight Sun” From THE ALETHEON (Final Ruchira-Sannyasin-Order-Authorized Edition) –

About the Cover and the “Midnight Sun”

The Image on the cover, while simple in form, is a visual communication potent with meaning. Created by Avatar Adi Da Himself, this Image is a variation on the imagery from His suite entitled Oculus One.

The White Circle in the black field is what Avatar Adi Da calls the “Midnight Sun”—a visual representation of the Divine Self-“Brightness” Shining in the midst of the cosmic domain.

As His Divine Presence writes in Part Nineteen of The Aletheon:

There Is a Sun That Is Forever Risen in the night sky of the body-mind. It Is the Eternal Sun—the (Self-“Bright”) “Midnight Sun”, Infinitely Above the mind and the crown of the head, and not perceptible by the presuming-to-be-separate observer. . . .

The Eternal “Midnight Sun” Perfectly Transcends all of the cosmic and egoic perception of division, duality, or “difference” between Light and Dark. The Eternal “Midnight Sun” Is, Truly, the Divine “Face” of My Threshold Form. . . .

The “Midnight Sun” Is the Hole in the universe. It is not (Itself) black. It Is the Hole in the black. It Is Divine Being, Shown As Apparently “Objectified” Vision Seen—the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself Seemingly “Objectively” Shown To The Heart-“Root” of Perfectly Subjective Sight. When There Is Perfectly Subjective Divine Translation Into and As That Place (or the Divine Self-Nature, Self-

Condition, and Self-State of Reality Itself), There Is Nothing More To Say. That Is My Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain. . . .

The Image of the Circle of Infinity (or the White Hole in the midst of the blackness) . . . is a visual Image of the Structure of Reality Itself and Truth Itself. In Truth, It is the “Face” of Da. It is, literally, My “Face”. (pp. 1680-81)

Thus, most simply, the “Midnight Sun” is the Eternal Form of the Very Divine Person of Reality Itself, Adi Da Samraj, Avatarically Appearing everywhere in the cosmic domain. Simultaneously, the “Midnight Sun” represents the ultimate process of Divine Translation the Divine Gift of the Perfect Outshining of all conditionality, the Gift which Avatar Adi Da Samraj Came here to Give. Specifically, the “Midnight Sun” represents the “Universally Consequential Event”, which occurred at Ruchira Dham Hermitage (on April 12, 2000). In this Event, Bhagavan Adi Da Miraculously Demonstrated for the sake of all beings the Ultimate Outshining of conditional existence, or the Process of Divine Translation, while remaining physically Alive in bodily Form.

The red field of the cover Image is a representation of the outermost circle (or conditional realm) of the Cosmic Mandala.* As Avatar Adi Da has Revealed, the grossest dimension of conditionally manifested existence is seen in visionary terms as a red field. There-fore, the red field of the cover Image represents Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Avataric Self-“Emergence” in the outermost realms of the Cosmic Mandala, where He Did His Divine Work of making Divine Translation possible for all beings everywhere in the cosmic domain.

Altogether, the juxtaposition of the “Midnight Sun” and the red field visually communicates the two defining Yogic Events in the Avataric Incarnation-Lifetime of Avatar Adi Da Samraj the Event of His Divine Avataric Self-“Emergence” and the Ruchira Dham Event. These two Events epitomize Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Avataric Process of Perfectly Coinciding with every being and every thing in every realm, from the “highest” to the “lowest”:


I Am the Breakthrough of the Non-conditional into the conditionally manifested cosmic domain. . . .

From the Instant of My Divine Avataric Birth to here, I Am always now, and forever hereafter Perfectly Coincident with all-and-All, here and everywhere in the cosmic domain. (p. 1887)

Indeed, the Perfect Coincidence of Avatar Adi Da Samraj with the entire cosmic domain is, as He Confesses, the Greatest and “Universally Consequential” Event of cosmic history. Therefore, that Perfect Coincidence is the central Message of The Aletheon and that Message is visually epitomized in the cover Image.

The cover Image is a Logo chosen by Avatar Adi Da Samraj not only to represent Himself and His Divinely Perfect Coincidence with all-and-All but also to represent the most senior renunciate order founded by Him the Sapta Na Sannyasin Order of Adidam Ruchiradam.

The members of [the Sapta Na Sannyasin Order] are those of My seventh stage Ruchira Sannyasin devotees in whom the Transcendentally Spiritually manifested sign of Priorly egoless indifference has become uniquely intense and life-pervading, such that a life entirely free of all social, organizational, cultural, and public obligations becomes both appropriate and necessary. . . .

Thus, for all My Sapta Na Sannyasin devotees, the fundamental “Event” is egoless Inherence in and As the Indivisible and Non-“different” Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State of Transcendental Spiritual Conscious Light—no matter what arises or does not arise.

“The Orders of My True and Free Renunciate Devotees”

in Eleutherios


Thus, altogether, the cover Image represents, at once, Avatar Adi Da’s Breakthrough into and Coincidence with the entire cosmic domain and His Gift to all beings of Most Perfect (or seventh stage) Realization of His Divine State. In other words, by Breaking Through into the cosmic domain and Perfectly Coinciding with every one and every thing, His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj has made it possible for all beings and things to become Perfectly One with Him, the Divine Reality-Truth of Existence. Such is the Infinitely Graceful Reality Conveyed by the Words of His Divine Presence in The Aletheon, and visually expressed by the Image on the cover.

The representation of the “Midnight Sun” by Itself as a White Circle in the midst of a square black field, without the juxtaposed red field appears many times within the pages of The Aletheon, and also on the back cover. This quintessential Icon is a form of repeated “Remembrance” of the Divine Avatar as the Source of The Aletheon, and as (Himself) the Gift He Describes and Offers in The Aletheon.