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“You can’t read and understand the Aletheon without reading and studying the Aletheon”

Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Note to reader. The ‘White and Orange Books” project is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format. Read more >>>

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Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Excerpts taken – some edited, some adapted (in parenthesis) and others translated. This starts from the beginning of the book.

What are the Greek origins of Aletheon?

Adi Da editing Aletheon

Aletheon – pp. 1-76



All who study the Way of Adidam should remember that they are responding to a Call to become responsible for themselves. They should understand that they,not Avatar Adi Da Samraj or others, are responsible for any decision they make or action they take in the course of their lives of study or practice.

(Nobody is taking you home)
(It is traditionally presumed that the Spiritual Way is a matter of following a great path by which the aspirant will return from here to the place that is regarded to be the goal (or home ).



A visual and visionary representation of The White Circle in the black field is called the “Midnight Sun” – the Divine Shining in the midst of the cosmic domain – Eternal Sun. It is not perceptible by the ego – the separate one.

It is the ‘face’ or the ‘doorway’, the Threshold Personality of the Divine, the ‘hole’ in the universe. The Heart, the root of the heart seemingly ‘objectified’.

It appears everywhere, simultaneously in all the worlds in the Cosmic Domain – high (translation) and low (emergence).

The Red Field is the grossest dimension of the conditional realm of the Cosmic Mandala. It is a representation of the Transcendental Translation of Adi Da Samraj – it is from Him, it is Him.

This is the ‘new’ and never before ‘event(s)’ – emergence and translation – in the history of the Cosmic Mandala. It is the central message of the Aletheon.


Aletheon starts with (and ends – and never leaves) Ignorance. There are no answers, no questions, no others, no differences, there is neither a ‘yes’ a ‘no’ or any possible combination of the two.

The Perfect Ignorance the Aletheon refers to is Reality, Truth, The Divine (all words depending on your particular ‘orientation’ that mean the same ‘thing’) which is Always, Already, Here and Indivisible and Prior to all that arises in consciousness.
This ignorance is the foundation. There are no ‘knowers’ in God, Truth or Reality
The only ‘thing’ that ‘creates’ division is the separate sense of self. The reflective mechanism of ‘ego’. In its vital, subtle and causal forms.
Ego creates the illusions of others, high and low, ‘all of it’.
The reflective world(s), gross, subtle and causal are all simultaneously rising and falling within their own laws, without center or circumference.
Perfect and True Philosophy begins (and ends) with self transcending – body and mind – Self-Apperception of Reality Itself. Which is Already the Case, Self-Evident, Indivisible, One.
This One, This Reality is everyone and everywhere.
This One is the conditional context (not the cause) of all the worlds – high and low.


The One, the source, appears in form and in person. The One is the only giver of self-realization.

At this time, because of this present state of the Cosmos, The One has appeared as a World Teacher, as the Heart.
This appearance came in the from of an ordeal, similar to a ‘crucification’, a self-submission. This ordeal was necessary to awaken everyone to Reality.
This ordeal is Complete. The Way is most perfectly Revealed and ’emerging’.
The Power of the Heart, It’s Presence is Now Fully Revealed.
The Power of the Heart is the Means that awakens the separate sense of self – high and low – through Sacrifice, devotion, forgetting, transcending the ‘self-contraction’ of I, me and other.
My Form, my Presence, and my State – all three together – are the Way.
The ‘seemingly’ separate heart is Me. You and me are only Me.
The Way is an ordeal, into and throughout The Orbit That Circles the Whole.
You are never excluded from the One, this is Revealed by The One.
The Seventh Way is the Only Way. The six stages seek the Seventh.
The Seventh Way is Direct, it is not a roundabout way.
The Way is always at the Heart’s Root.
The teaching word is for listening and it reveals the Way.
The Way Brightens the world.
The Hearts Way is a continuous affair, moment to moment, breath by breath, a constant dancing Communion.
The Means is a responsive, participatory Communion. You must participate.
There is reception and release, release and reception, feeling and attention. Dissolving.
Always release the separate sense of self through participatory transcending Communion.
The Means fills my devotee, my true devotee, with Love-Bliss Light, from head to toe, towards the height and depth of Heart’s Infinite Space.
Always Already Disappeared in “Bright’ Indivisibility.
Beloved, I am The Divine Avataric Master
note to reader

Spoken Word

My spoken word, my source texts are the Living Word of Reality, now and forever.

My spoken word is spoken to every particular individual personally. Such is its Uniqueness.
No matter how many times you read my word it is always unique.
What makes it unique is not the changes you are going through but that is Reveals the One Reality, Always.
Social conventions of speech and writing are based on reality as untrue.
My word is not spoken or communicated from or to a separate point of view.
The “I” reference in social communication has no reality. It is merely a convention of speech and communication.
The “I” does not exist, has never existed or will ever exist.
The “I” is self contraction
My writing style reflects Reality and conditional existence.
Read, recite, listen and feel instead of think about Message of Reality
My word is my Form, an extension of My Agency. It is not a substitute and not independent of Me.
Do not abstract yourself from my word. Immerse yourself.
My word is my Gift.
I Am Free – not in the middle

I am not an ‘other’

I mysteriously appear and demonstrate responsiveness because of conjunction, not because of karmas.
For many years I served, through self-submission, becoming and teaching those who would listen.
I am now ‘set-apart’. Free.
I am only available through right response.
I wait for your response, Here.

Transcending Insubordinate Mind of Religion and Science

All modes of human religion and science are systems of presumed knowledge that define what is allowable to be known.

Religion and science tribalize, to localize and control knowledge.
Religion and science protect a collective political, social, and cultural mode of mind.



The New Testament more than any other book communicates the principles, ideas and beliefs of the Western world.

The ideas and principles in the New Testament are not only Christian, they are part of the secular Western culture.
These ideas and principles are the basis for present day morality and social conception.
Today science is replacing religion as a way of knowing – and therefore behaving.
Without a moral order – as a collective system – society can not exist in a sane manner.
This is not only applicable to the West but also the East.
Ancient cultural supports have lost the legitimacy.
Modern changes in the fundamental principles have lost the ideas of the ‘Sacred’.
Human ‘centeredness’ are now accepted conventions of mind.
My criticism is of the analytical reductionism – reducing everything to the individual human being, to its most rudimentary material sense.
Reducing things down to its material sense is profoundly destructive.
Science, political and philosophical materialism is presently controlling ‘mind’ today.
The present day mind set excludes other ways of knowing.
Ancient religions are being reduced to atheistic humanism.
Mass media controls mind sets – reducing communications of moral, science, politics and religion to human centeredness.
The State, the church or established cult religions are not interested in ecstatic transcendental teachings. Such teachings are very rare.
If you are Spiritually Awake you transcend the separate self, the body and the world.
The basis of current popular religions, both East and West are based on a teaching about Communion with Present Moment Reality, God and Truth.
The basis of all religion is esoteric rather than social and moral gospels and teachings.
Jesus summarized this in his teachings from the old testament “Love God with your entire being, and love your neighbor as if your neighbor were not other than yourself”.
Jesus’ summary is not merely a social morality teaching but a “Kingdom of God” Spiritual Mystery teaching, moment to moment Communion with Spirit-Breath.
Thus be Free and Happy.

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 (PDF 58 pages)
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 Aletheon – Table of Contents