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Note to reader. The ‘White and Orange Books” project is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format. Read more >>>

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Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Excerpts taken – some edited, some adapted (in parenthesis) and others translated. This starts from the beginning of the book.

Aletheon – pp. 149 – 182.







The primary force and “root” of all the esoteric traditions of humankind are the Adept-Realizers, those who actually Realize the Spiritual and Transcendental Nature of Reality.

Adept- Realizers appear in all times and places, and they become associated with the complex social and cultural structures existing in their immediate environment.
Apart from the Adepts, there is no tradition of Truth.
There is no great Spiritual tradition that is without a person at the center of the process.
The Adept-Realizer is the continuous and unending resource and resort of his or her devotees.
One who Functions as Adept Spiritual Master exercises the Guru-Function only in relation to those who are his or her devotees.
If the Adept addresses public society at all, he or she may also assume the role of prophet.
Adept-Realizers spontaneously Transmit That Which they have Realized.
That Which they have Realized Transmits Itself.
Everything transmits.
The best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission.
This is the Great Rule, the Great Law, the Ultimate Principle of the Great Tradition of humankind.
Only the ego will deny the Spiritual Master. The ego wants to “do it” himself or herself.
Do what exactly? Be himself or herself—separately and untouched.
The Spiritual Master is a Transparent Reminder of the Divine Reality.
A Guide to the ecstatic Realization of the One Reality in Which all conditions arise and change and pass away.




In My Teaching, I Speak critically of the conventional orientation of “Guru-cultism”.

The error of conventional cultism is precisely this childish, and adolescent, and ego-based orientation to fascination with Spiritual Masters.
This error of “religious” and Spiritual cultism, and of ego-based culture, must be examined very seriously—such that the error is truly rooted out, from within the cult and the culture itself.




The word “cult” means a system of externals related to the worship of a deity.

Therefore, all formally organized exoteric “religious” institutions or communities are cults.
Cults are at the “root” of all human cultures.
Cultism is associated not only with “religion”, but also with politics, intellectual studies, science, the “professions”, entertainment, sports, the news media—every area of human endeavor tends to produce the centralizing phenomenon of cultism.
All mere enthusiasm, or belief, or ritualized consciousness is at the novice level of human existence.
If enthusiasm, or belief, or ritualized consciousness persists beyond its appropriate term, it inevitably becomes an expression of either childish or adolescent neurosis.
When participation in the “outer circle” of life is prolonged, and the more advanced culture does not begin, then all the classic signs of human failure are in evidence.
This transition to human maturity requires profound and “self”-critical understanding on the part of the individual.
This is precisely the situation in the human “world” at the present time.
Everyone is clinging to the “outer circle” of human existence.
It is time to grow up!




Spiritually Realized Adepts are the principal Sources, Resources, and Means of the esoteric Way. This fact is not a matter of controversy among real Spiritual practitioners.

The entire Spiritual Way is a process based on the understanding of attention and egoic attachment and identification with every kind of conditional “object”, other, or state.
You become whatever you meditate on.
The Essence of the practice of devotional Communion with the Adept-Guru is to focus attention on the Realized Condition of a True Adept-Guru.
The Spiritual Motive is essentially the Motive to transcend the limiting capability of attention.
This process requires the Most Perfect transcending of egoity, or “self”-contraction itself.
Few adopt the path of extraordinary “self”-effort, which is asceticism.
Conventional effort is profound and difficult, and it tends to progress slowly.
Adepts themselves have, since the most ancient days, offered an alternative.
That Unique Principle is the Principle of Supreme Attraction.
Bondage of attention to conditional “objects”, others, and states must be really transcended in the Spiritual Way.
But “self”-effort is a principle that originates in the separate “self”.
The principle of independent “self”-effort is replaced by the responsive Principle of Supreme Attraction, the responsive devotional and Spiritual Identification with the Person, Presence, State of One Who Is In Samadhi.
Of course, actual Spiritual Identification with the Realized Spiritual Condition of an Adept is limited by the stage of life of the devotee.
The popular “culture” of the first three stages of life is characterized by the politics of adolescent rebellion against “authority”.
The Guru and the developmental culture of the Spiritual Way are taboo, because every individual limited by the motives of the first three stages of life is at war with personal vulnerability and need.
This is a form of what Sigmund Freud described as an “Oedipal” problem.
Until there is the development of significantly effective “self”-understanding relative to the developmental problems associated with the first three stages of life, any one who aspires to develop a truly esoteric practice will, characteristically, tend to relate in either a childish or an adolescent manner.
The Realized Adept is, primarily, an esoteric Figure, whose unique Function Serves within the context of the esoteric stages of life.
Those who doubt the Guru-Principle with popular taboos and the psychological limitations of the first three stages of life continually remain in doubt—until the Real Motive Awakens the heart’s Great Impulse to Grow Beyond.





Divine Self-Realization is absolutely uncommon. In Its Most Perfect Completeness.

Until My Own Divine Avataric Appearance and Demonstration, never transpired in anyone’s case in the entire history of the human “world”.
It is a process that belongs to the future “evolution” of humankind—at best, thousands, millions, billions of years in the future, for the human race as a whole.
As a general rule, human beings are still dependent, violent, egopossessed—still seeking consolations in the realm of changes.
Do not imagine for a moment that right and true practice of the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is an easy matter, that you can simply Listen to My Teaching-Argument and Realize the Intrinsically egoless and Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature.
The Reality-Way of Adidam is the Work of Reality Itself.
The Reality-Way of Adidam is the obligation of Eternal Existence—an obligation generated, and regenerated, by the devotional relationship to Me.
When My devotee enters into right relationship with Me, changes happen in the literal physics of one’s existence.
I am not just talking about ideas.
I am Talking about literal transformations at the level of energy of the Unlimited Condition of the Divine Conscious Light.
Most people are willing to sacrifice things, but not themselves.
There is an unspeakably profound difference between the condition of the usual egoic individual and the Condition of the Divinely Enlightened individual.
The physical body and its energies must be literally transformed.
Real Spiritual processes do not occur as a result of asking some silly question or going to a few lectures for the weekend.
In the Literature I have Described the full esoteric progression of this remarkable Process.
If you enter into the devotional relationship with Me, then the Divine Process begins to duplicate Itself in your case.
If you are irresponsible, you feel that you are the victim of events.
Past events do not control your life—you control your life. You are not a victim, and no one is to blame.
There is no event whatsoever that is so mighty that you cannot transcend your own reactivity in relation to it. None. Not one event.
You must be responsible for yourself at the human level, and in a profoundly uncommon way.
You must live the discipline of ordinary life.
You yourself must be love under all ordinary, daily conditions.
You must make this change in your life.
There is no way whereby you can be relieved of this necessity.
Nobody can do it for you.

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 Aletheon – Table of Contents