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Note to reader. The ‘White and Orange Books” project is based on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Blue and Brown books. The Blue & Brown Books of Wittgenstein’s were dictated as a set of notes to his student in 1934-1935. I have been collecting materials from Adi Da that I find would be suitable for the same format. Read more >>>


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Beezone Study of the Aletheon

Excerpts taken – some edited, some adapted (in parenthesis) and others translated. This starts from the beginning of the book.





pp. 347 – 480



Reality Itself Is “inside”.

Reality Itself Is “outside”.

Reality Itself—As “It” Is—cannot be sought and found either “inside” or “outside”.

Reality Itself Is Self-Realized As “It” Is Only Prior to “inside” and “outside”.

Reality Itself Is Self-Realized As “It” Is Only In Tacit Self-Recognition of Itself As Conscious Energy.

Reality Itself Is Without Implied ego-identity.

Reality Itself Is all-and-All that conditionally arises.

Reality appears by means of “cause-and-effect” processes.

Reality, God, Truth, Transcendental Being are All the Same Thing.

Traditional praying to God is like writing letters to Santa Claus.

“true prayer” is pre-“religious”.

The fundamental human urge and need is not gross in its nature.

The fundamental human urge and need is not food, sex, power, “things”, or even physical survival.

The fundamental human urge and need is happiness—but not in the mere “satisfaction-of-self” sense.

The fundamental human urge and need is ecstasy.

True Ecstasy need not be sought and cannot be achieved.

Seeking for Ecstasy is a dramatization of the failure to Realize Ecstasy in the present.

The ego-making act of “self”-identification with the body is the essential “self”-contraction.

“Worldliness” has required the suppression of the natural magical, metaphysical, and Spiritual, and ecstatic potential of the human psycho-physical ego.

If Great Restoration occurs, humankind will be everywhere re-established in accordance with the most ancient, and humanly indigenous, and intrinsically cooperative principle of prior unity.

Fear “causes” the idea of “other” to arise.

Fear is the primal psycho-physical evidence of the “self”-contraction of the brain-and-body-complex of perceptual “point-of-view”-awareness.

Fear is the “root-cause” of the idea and the “religious” life-search for the Divine.

The verbal mind, “rooted” in the “self”-contraction is the essential “cause” of fear.

The verbal mind must be transcended.







There is no ego-“I” here—but All that arises conditionally is only an egoless indivisible pattern patterning.

The “great path of return” is a seeker’s path, rather than a Realizer’s Way.

Understand the Perfect Distinction between the “great path of return” – seeking within the first six stages of life – and Transcendental Spiritual seventh stage Way of Adidam.

In traditional forms of Spirituality the body-mind-“self” is the platform of the practice.

In all traditional forms of Spirituality, it is the body-mind-“self” that is turned toward the Divine, or to the Spiritual Master.

This process shows itself through a progression of psycho-physical signs.

People have tended to misuse and misunderstand My Teaching-Word—because it can be incorporated into the conceptual mind and assimilated by the ego-mind.

If people subordinate Me to themselves, they approach Me merely in order to have their egoic “self”- image congratulated, stimulated, acknowledged, and supported.

To merely be “looking at” My bodily Divine Form is not, itself, Transcendental Spiritual Awareness of Me.

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga Is—at “root”—searchless Beholding of Me.

The Process of Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga Continues up to and into and through and As Divine Translation.

True devotional recognition-response to Me will, inevitably, show the signs of Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga.

Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga is the Sign and the Proof of My Own Transcendental Spiritual Force of Divine Avataric Presence and Awakening.

The True Reality-Way is unique Gift in the history of the Great Tradition of mankind.

In order for the Full Gift to be rightly received, there must be right, true and full Esteem for the Giver.

In this “late-time” the “architecture” of egoic existence obstructs “Samraj Asana”—because the “philosophy” of the “late-time” has, effectively, placed a “roof” on the mind.

In the ancient cultural setting, the mind, the brain, and the head were not “sealed”.

I Am Above and Beyond. I Am all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading.

I Am Above and Beyond.

I Am all-and-All-Surrounding and all-and-All-Pervading.

However, even though I Persist Eternally Thus and So, I cannot Enter into your “room” if there is no opening in the “ceiling”.

If there is no “hole” in the “ceiling”, then there can be no Transcendental Spiritual “Locating” and “Knowing” of Me.

If you cannot find the “hole” in the “ceiling”, then you will attempt to find Me by looking out of the “windows” of your “room”, or by expecting Me to come into your “room” through the “front door”.

Such is the “horizontally”-oriented search to find Me as a gross physical manifestation only.

In this “late-time”, humankind is caught in the trap of a sealed brain.

There is no Kundalini.

There is an Arrow in the wilderness

That flies not up or down

but Stands “Bright”,

having “Met Its Mark”

Always, Already.

This Is My Form.

Meditate on Me.

I Am As a Pillar

That Extends

from even underground

to the Highest High.

And I Am “Bright”.

And all things flow in Me.

This is What It Is to See Me As I Am.

Fifth Stage

The Great Process of the un-“Veiling” of the “Maha-Bindu” Is the esoteric Doorway to, and the esoteric Doorway from, the Perfectly Subjective Heart-Domain.

Which, in the Given seventh stage Realization of Divine Translation, Stands Self-Revealed As Is, In the Intrinsic Heart-Unity of Atma Nadi, and As the Non- “different” Divine “Bright” Spherical Self-Domain, the Infinite Centerless and Boundless “Midnight Sun” and Perfect Space, In and As Which all separateness, all “difference”, and Even all-and-All Is Perfectly Divinely Outshined.

Event of Priorly Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi in 1968, the intrinsically limited nature of Fully Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi as it has been conditionally Realized became immediately clear to Me.

The Realization of conditionally Ascended Nirvikalpa Samadhi depended on the exercise of the conditional apparatus of the body, the brain, and the mind.

Therefore, that Realization was conditionally dependent, and, necessarily, limited, and, therefore, non-Final.

On September 10, 1970, the Great Divine Avataric Process of My – Culminated in Limitless Realization of the Self-Evidently Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, Source-Condition, and Self-State of the cosmic domain itself.

Most Perfect Event

The Spiritual Reality-Way of Adidam Ruchiradam Is the practice of Atma Nadi Shakti Yoga or the Yoga of “Atma Bindu” and “Atma Nadi”.

The left, center and right heart.

The literature of the Great Tradition makes general references to the heart—but the right side of the bodily apparent heart is a Yogic indicator that has only rarely been mentioned in the recorded literature of the Great Tradition.

My Love-Bliss Is the “Thickness” in the air—without a psycho-physical sign in “It”.

My devotees breathe away and forget the mind of attention and thoughts in the Infinite, egoless, thought-free, Transcendental Spiritual Space Infinitely Above the whole body.

I Am to be breathed As That.

The “Regeneration” of Atma Nadi Is the Most Perfect Realization of the Divine Conscious Light, the One and Indivisible Self-Condition of all conditions.


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 Aletheon – Table of Contents