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Aletheon – The Ancient Walk-About
Way – (pages 835 – 848)

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To live in right relationship to
Me is both an inner and an outer exercise. Those who enact
that inner-and-outer exercise are (both tacitly and
verbally) Instructed by Me in various modes of
“self”-discipline, and in the total fundamental
psycho-physical process inherent in devotional surrender to
Me (which, in due course, becomes a
by-Me-Transcendentally-Spiritually-Awakened practice-always
founded in the devotional turning to Me). Altogether, the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam is a
fundamental simplicity that is Beyond and Prior to
words-even though it is both possible and necessary to also
make verbal communications about It.

I Am Adidam, As It Is-Prior to
words. I have Said what can be said about the Reality-Way of
Adidam-but, fundamentally, there is nothing to say. Words
are not a replacement for practicing the Reality-Way of
Adidam. Words themselves are not the Reality-Way of

The only-by-Me Revealed and Given
Reality-Way of Adidam Is Prior to words, Beyond words. The
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam Is
simply the tacit (or wordless and ego-transcending) practice
of the relationship to Me. For anyone who is serious, that
relationship and that practice are

The ego-patterning of mind tends
to separate the Reality-Way of Adidam from Me, reducing the
Reality-Way of Adidam to the form of words only. True
devotees of Mine use My Words rightly-to simply serve the
practice of devotional turning to Me.

Fundamentally, the only-by-Me
Revealed and Given Reality-Way of Adidam Is devotional
turning of the four principal faculties to Me-not merely
talking about doing so. The practice of the Reality-Way of
Adidam requires the devotional recognition-response to Me,
and the moment to moment turning of the four principal
faculties to Me. That does not begin only when you come into
the “inner temple” of fully established practice of the
Reality-Way of Adidam-it must happen even in the “outer
temple” of approach and adaptation to the Reality-Way of

If you reduce Me, or the
Reality-Way of Adidam, to words, then you do not respond to
Me. You do not turn to Me. Instead, you merely turn to the
words, respond to the words-and, thus, you turn back in on
your own mind.

The human mind is a facsimile
machine. This “machine” merely replicates language-forms in
the illusion of mind. The “machine” feeds language into the
computer of the illusion of mind with which people identify
themselves. That illusion is who they mean when they refer
to themselves-the body-mind-complex, the mortal bio-form
associated with the “artificial intelligence” of talk, of
space-and-time “point of view”, of ego-“I” constructs, of
language, of language-based brain, and (altogether) of
ego-based and brain-based psycho-physical ideas and
perceptual memories.

You do not “have” all of your
words in mind right now. Where are they? The only words of
which you are aware at any moment are the words you are
thinking or speaking at that moment. Where are the rest of
your words? You never think or speak all of your words at
once. You never have them in mind all at once. You are not
the mind. Where is the mind?

The mind has no substantial
existence. The mind is simply stored as language-bits (or
patterns of language and remembered perceptions) in the
brain. When a particular brain dies, other replicating
machines carry on the language-mind-continuing it from one
generation to the next.

Where is the “God” in that? Where
is the Divine in that? Where is the Truth in that? Where is
the Reality in that? Where is the Realization in that? The
Great Process is not in any such artificial, conditional,
and insubstantial replicating cycle. When people are
“thinking” or “talking” about “religion”, they think that
“religion” is about some kind of survival of mind, or even
some kind of survival of body-mind-“self” somewhere. Such a
notion is merely a mind-based illusion. It is a “self”-idea,
a mere and insubstantial “self”-reflection, the illusion of
a substantial and separately existing “ego”, reflected in
the Mirror That Is Reality Itself. Because of a facsimile
made of words-only some of which, in any moment, arise from
the brain and enter the field of conditional awareness-there
is the ego-presumption, or the separate-“I”-presumption, of
an infinitely self-replicating, eternal

There is no such thing as eternal
mind. That notion is an absolute illusion. The mind is as
mortal as the hardware, as mortal as the bodily machine.
When the machine stops working, the mind likewise stops
working. The only mind that exists afterward is the mind
carried by the other replicating machines.1 So what is there
after death? The same thing as there is before birth-Reality
Itself, the Divine Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State only. After death-as, also, during the physical
lifetime-anything and everything of mind persists only
non-personally, as pattern patterning, without intrinsic

If you were truly aware of mind,
you would not want it to go on. It is a terrible, horrific
source of bondage. It is a dreadful trap. Human beings are
not only trapped in the mortality of their physical bodies,
they are trapped in the absurdity of mind.

Realization is Beyond mind.
Realization has no mind. I Am That. In My Divine Avataric
Incarnation here, I have no inherent association with mind.
I am not thinking now. The words are being uttered because
of the conjunction of This Body with the human-born
circumstance. There is a mind-process in the brain of This
Body, but I am not sitting in that mind. I Am Always Already
Beyond and Prior to body, mind, and ego-“self”. I, Myself,
have nothing to do with mind. This Body, being Uniquely
Born, Speaks the Uniqueness That It Speaks, because It is
wholly Conformed to Me. But I am not the mind. I am not
body, and I am not mind, and I am not

Conventional “religion” says the
body is mortal and the body dies, but the “I” somehow
survives. Such an idea is based on identification with mind
as if it were some kind of personal identity that is going
to survive death. To presume that mind is eternal is the
same as claiming that life in the “world” is eternal. It is

People typically do not want to
observe and understand and transcend themselves directly.
Yet, if (in the moment to moment context of all your
life-choices and seeking-efforts) you can observe and
understand that the total body-mind (or conditional “self”,
or ego-“I”) is intrinsically and irreducibly
“self”-contracted and unhappy, then you have the capability
to transcend egoity and to change in the context of your
association with all others, and in the context of your
entire association with life, and in the context of the
devotional and (in due course) Transcendental Spiritual
process of your relationship to Me and (on that basis) your
unobstructed participation in the Divine (or Real

The Divine (or Real God) is not a
“Deity”. The Divine (or Real God) Is Reality Itself. Apart
from right and true “self”-understanding, you cannot rightly
and truly participate in the devotional and (in due course)
Transcendental Spiritual process of your relationship to
Me-and, thus, altogether, you cannot rightly and truly and
unobstructedly participate in Reality Itself (Which Is the
only Real God, or the One, and Indivisible, and Perfectly
egoless Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and Self-State That Is
the Divine).

To be moved toward
Real-God-Realization in the Reality-Way of Adidam is to be
moved toward the transcending of egoity in Real (Acausal)
God. Therefore, to be moved toward Real-God- Realization in
the Reality-Way of Adidam is to be moved toward the Divine
Itself, based on a unique understanding of What the Divine
Itself Is. The Divine Itself is not the conventional “God”
of common (or egoic) “religion”, or even the “God” of the
fourth, the fifth, or the sixth stage of life. Rather, the
Divine Itself Is Real (Acausal) God-the Divine Self-Nature,
Self-Condition, and Self-State Avatarically Self-Revealed by
and As Me. Real (Acausal) God Is the True and egoless Divine
Beloved of every heart! You must transcend separate and
separative “self” (or ego-“I”) to be entered into right and
true participation in the Self-Nature, Self-Condition, and
Self-State of That One.

In your tacit clarity, you are
inherently able to wake up to the illusions in which you
have been living. In that awakening, you tacitly understand
that you are in a mortal situation, that everything by which
you are bound and everything with which you are identified
is mortal and suffering-absolutely everything. If you want
to Realize Freedom from that mortality, and “Locate” the
Reality That Is “Bright”, Most Profound, Intrinsically
egoless, and Self-Evidently Divine, then you come to Me. If,
on the other hand, you are not yet moved beyond body and
mind to Truth Itself, to That Which Is Divine, then you will
simply keep your distance from Me. You will prefer illusions
and illusion-mongers, illusion-salespeople. You will prefer
the “talk” and the “talkers”, the “talking” schools, the
consoling association with others, in various kinds of
social connections. You will like things you can do or
believe or think that will make you feel consoled in the
moment. That is what is being “sold” everywhere in the

If you disconnect the Reality-Way
of Adidam from the direct relationship to Me, and reduce It
merely to words, then you have merely created another means
for “selling” mind. If you remain busy with mind, with body,
with social situation, struggling to be fulfilled by all of
that, there is, inevitably, a tacit and perpetual dis-ease,
an anxiety of fear just under the surface, a constant
gnawing sense of the unsatisfactoriness of

But who will act on this sense of

Who will look for the Realizer,
to the point of even noticing Me?


Aletheon – The Ancient Walk-About
Way – (pages 835 – 848)

Sections 1

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