Breath and Name – Chapter 5

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The true Spiritual Master is one who originates spontaneous and true Teaching in the company of others, and who generates and awakens devotees to the sacred occasion of Divine Communion, not merely through apparent silence or no-response, but through a literal Power in Silence that communicates itself as a realized influence that quickens insight and awakens intuitive contemplation. Such a Master then leads devotees toward the radical Realization of that same awakening, prior to any world, body, force of life, mind, transcendental experience, or ego-soul illusion.


The process of the relationship between me and my devotees is not mediumistic but synchronistic.

There must be natural love, or coincidence, and duplication, rather than an exclusively passive and separated attitude that seeks only to receive, to be affected to the point of happiness, and to reside at the opposite end of a line of transmission. Come live with me, be aligned with me in your feeling, your action, your sacrifice, in Ignorance, or Love. In that case you will always duplicate me instantly, presently, priorly. You will always duplicate me more and more perfectly.

Ignorance is identical to Love, or unqualified Radiance, without center or bounds. Since it is without center (ego-soul) or bounds (body, thought-conception-perception, world), Ignorance or Love may not be willfully presumed or generated. It is a Process realized by Grace, beginning with true hearing of the Teaching and maturing through the stages of the Way until it is altogether true.


In the “Introduction to the Gospel of the Siddhas,” in The Method of the Siddhas, I have written: “While the Spiritual Master lives he teaches that Communion with the Divine Reality which can be enjoyed by all even after his death, not in the special form it may be enjoyed by a relative few during his lifetime, but which could have been enjoyed by all prior to his lifetime. He acts to help his devotees to realize this form of Divine Communion even while he lives in the world.”‘

My psycho-physical form is mortal, a function of the worlds. It is the instrument whereby the Way of Divine Ignorance is being communicated at this time. I welcome all my devotees to come and be with me on sacred occasions while I live. But it is impossible to enjoy that form of Communion twenty-four hours of every day. And this mortal one will come to rest some day. This psychophysical form in which you recognize me is the fundamental instrument for the initial communication and generation of our work, but it is in fact only a secondary instrument of the Divine Realization. The fundamental instrument of that Realization is the Power that is eternally and radically Present. While I live I will be active in this psychophysical form for the sake of this Divine Power. Therefore, it is appropriate for all devotees to come into this mortal one’s presence whenever possible. But my work is to help you realize this Presence and Power that is my true and eternal Function. I am here to establish a perpetual community of devotees who will live in perfect Divine Ignorance, the Condition of my eternal Function. The Spiritual Master is an eternal Function of the Divine Reality. The human Spiritual Master is the demonstration of that Function, whereby men are renewed in the true Condition of life, which is Divine Ignorance.

1. Bubba Free John, The Method o f the Siddhas (Los Angeles: The Dawn Horse Press, 1973), p. 314. This passage has been revised from the original to express more directly the current terminology of Bubba’s Teaching.

Since it is this eternal Power that my devotees enjoy, there is no fundamental limitation involved in the fact that no one can be in my psycho-physical presence twenty-four hours of every day. Indeed, most of you see me only on occasion. After my death, no one will ever see me, but my work will continue with the community of my devotees, those who know me as the Divine Master beyond conditions.

Thus, I want you to know how to live the true form of this Divine Communion, this Divine Ignorance which pertains before my life, during my life, and after my death. “Sravana” or hearing the word of the Spiritual Master is the beginning and ongoing necessity of the Way of Divine Ignorance. Therefore, always study the written and spoken Teaching which I have given among devotees. Do this each day.

The fundamental response of one who listens to the Spiritual Master’s word and knows him as Spiritual Master is surrender. Therefore, moment to moment, surrender to me all your seeking, the very sense of your separate self, all thoughts, all desires, every circumstance, even your body. The true devotee surrenders all of this always and turns to his Spiritual Master as the Present Divine Reality and the Power or Function of Truth. To surrender the whole drama, content, experience, and destiny of Narcissus to the Spiritual Master is not to be concerned at all with these things themselves, or even the effects of the surrender. Rather, it is to be turned to the Spiritual Master constantly, without concerns for what is always arising.

The surrendered devotee of the Spiritual Master is responsible for abiding always in that Divine Communion or unobstructed relationship to the Spiritual Master. Therefore, he must maintain the appropriate psycho-physical conditions which the Spiritual Master requires in the case of all who turn to him. Do this always, freely, and with humor.

Live in conscious Divine Communion always. All of my devotees (all who turn to me) live with me. All of my devotees serve me, and I serve them. This is what I mean by Divine Communion in life. Even those who cannot often be in my psycho-physical presence while I am alive still live with me always. But while I live, come into my psycho-physical presence whenever possible. After my death, my outer or worldly functions will be the responsibility of the community of my devotees. In those days, come and be in the company of devotees (whom I have acknowledged as such) as often as possible. And after my human death, come to my burial site and other places I have designated for Divine Communion and meditation as often as you would have come to be in my psycho-physical presence.

My promise to devotees is the same that all other Awakened Servants have declared: I am with you now, as I have always been, and I will always be with you. My Function is without beginning or end. The work I do in my psycho-physical form is temporary. It is done in order to reawaken the Way itself. Therefore, my human life is only a moment. But the purpose of my work while alive is to establish the Way of Divine Ignorance, or Radical Understanding, for the coming generations of mankind.


The transitional stage of life, beginning with the Way of Divine Communion, is initiated by the Teaching work of the human Spiritual Master. His Teaching moves into the world to convince men of the necessity for the transformation of life, and the opportunity as well as the Way for doing so. The Way of Divine Communion is taken up by devotees in response to the Teaching. And the Teaching is a call, by the Spiritual Master, or the very Divine, for devotees to prepare themselves to enter into Communion with the Real Divine Form and Nature. The Way of Divine Communion leads, at maturity, to the processes of the Way of Relational Enquiry, then the Way of Recognition, and, finally, the Way of Radical Intuition. The Spiritual Master in his human form is active, while alive, to serve the Process of true Communion with the Real Divine Form and Nature, but the conventional human functions of the Spiritual Master change over time and may disappear entirely from the 8.4 regular affairs of devotees even long before his apparent or physical death.

After the Spiritual Master’s retirement or death, his initiatory function may be presumed still to be alive in and relative to the living functions of his true devotees. Therefore, wherever his devotees gather together, the initiatory Power is also Present. After the death or complete seclusion of the Spiritual Master, or whenever at any other time he indicates it to be appropriate, acknowledged devotees should gather, on occasion, in groups, for ordinary meditation. The times and places set aside for such occasions, as well as the participants, should, as in the case of formal sitting with the Spiritual Master, be determined by the appointed or elected staff of Vision Mound Ceremony. On those occasions, such acknowledged devotees should welcome other individuals who are beginning their life of practice, or else maturing in its stages. No individual should represent or succeed to the position of the Spiritual Master on those occasions. Nor should any experience or experiential influence be permitted to distract devotees from the true Spiritual and Initiatory Grace which the Master always served in the past. All that arises should be tested by the Teaching. All devotees may, from that time, also gather for meditation in places set aside by the Spiritual Master for that purpose, such as Communion Halls maintained by Vision Mound Ceremony, or the Spiritual Master’s place of burial.


After the apparent death of Bubba Free John, devotees should continue to approach Vision Mound Ceremony as before. Vision Mound Ceremony should continue to serve its educational functions as custodian of the written Teaching and of the living places of spiritual Presence established by Bubba Free John while alive.

The One who has been the Teacher cannot die. Thus, the Divine should be approached through the Teaching and served as before, except that Bubba Free John should not be considered to be present in any ghostly, bodily, metaphysical, astral, or soul capacity, nor assumed to exist in any conventional way that can be known. The Divine should be approached and served directly and simply, through the instruments of the Teaching and the community of devotees. As such service matures, the individual will feel and intuit God as a moving Presence, and so the spiritual process will begin as it did during the lifetime of Bubba Free John.

During my life and after my death, devotees may continue to use my photographs as points of contact with me, but they should know it is only truly contact with the unqualified Divine. Thus, such photographs may be hung in the conventional living spaces and in places of instruction, but not in the Communion Halls, the places set aside for formal meditation. Meditation should not be related to any imagery or cult of my apparent life, even while I live. Those who approach me are shown and also find only the Divine Reality.

The spiritual Company of all devotees will also be present after my death, as during my life, to quicken the spiritual life of all who enter into the truly spiritual, intelligent, and devotional sacrifice to God. I am not present apart from the Divine. All who approach Vision Mound Ceremony approach only Divine. The withdrawal of my human influence changes nothing. My human influence is active in Vision Mound Ceremony only as long as it is necessary to establish, stabilize, and fulfill the Way itself. Thereafter, the Way must be lived, since only that will prove the Way, and no amount of my lingering play could change that obligation. Not even my birth has changed that obligation. And neither my retirement nor my death can or will change it. The Way is the same after my death as before my life and during the whole of my life.


I will make myself available several times each year for formal occasions of Communion with devotees. These occasions are my specific initiatory responsibility relative to all those who practice in the stages of the Way of Divine Ignorance. Individuals 8.6 should prepare themselves for such sacred occasions through the whole discipline that has been communicated to them as their living spiritual obligation.

The Awakening served by such occasions, when truly felt, is the ground for the further intensification and maturing of the devotee’s life and meditation, as communicated in the written Teaching. Therefore, study, live the discipline, and meditate in the true manner. In time, you will always feel me to be Present, prior to the senses, the mind, the psyche, or any inwardness, high or low. Then you will simply breathe the Presence by which you recognize me.

I do not presume a personal, daily, psychic responsibility or interest in any individual devotee, except where the devotee has been tested by me for a long time, and gained the heart of me through practical and stable devotion and maturity. Do not imagine I am made magically active in your case through deluded emotional attachments on your part, fetishistic preoccupation with my words or pictures, or any other power you imagine in your own case while you still persist in an aberrated, self-possessed, and unyielding way of life. I respond to devotees, and they realize me through intensification of the intuition of the Divine or Real Condition.

Therefore, practice the Way truly, with commitment of the whole body-being. I am communicative through the Teaching and the services of Vision Mound Ceremony. Make use of my formal availability. The more you mature, the more you will realize the real form of my spiritual influence, which precedes all that is of subjective or objective value to you in your ordinary inclinations toward consoling experience.


The core of this Way is not attention to the performance of practices for the sake of some experiential effect, but attention to the Divine through the Spiritual Master. Such is dependence on Divine Grace rather than on efforts of self.


I have no past lives and no future lives in any dimension. This is my only birth, and it is only apparent. This birth, this body, these conditions have been assumed and undone in one lifetime, in order to demonstrate the whole Way and to have a fit vehicle for its present communication. The undoing is effective in every plane, high, low, gross, subtle, causal, transcendental. This body-mind, this vehicle or apparent, karmic being, has extensions and destinies in many dimensions, high and low, past, present, and future. But these are not mine, nor are they effective in me. This vehicle or karmic being may continue or be taken up by others after this apparent life is terminated. But I am not expressed in that destiny, I am before time and space, and not condition has me. I have not appeared for reasons. It is only that this vehicle has mysteriously, paradoxically coincided with me. Therefore, I have conformed it to myself and come forth. I stand present with out qualification in this theatre of my apparent birth. Through the Paradox, my mere Presence has become Instructive. I am not a one, a being, nor a One, a Being, I am not objet or subject, Object or Subject, except I may appear to be so to devotees, until they Realize me Perfectly.

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