A Mastered Life – Adi Da Samraj – The Brightening Way Talk Series – A Mastered Life


Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996) – Gathering “Considerations” with Beloved
Adi Da Samraj, at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort and the Manner of Flowers,
December 29 and 30 1995, and January 3, 1996.




The Yajna Discourses of Santosha Adi Da (1995-1996)


A Mastered Life

A Gathering “Consideration” with Adi Da Samraj

Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, California

December 29, 1995

In late December, Beloved Adi Da Samraj went on a
“holiday” to the Sugar Bowl Ski resort, staying at a ski
cabin owned by the family of one of His devotees. After a
day out around the resort, Bhagavan Adi Da called all the
devotees serving on the trip to the cabin, where they all
gathered in the living room with Him. After some small talk,
one of his devotees started talking about his relationship
with his intimate partner.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I look at my relationship with wife as
a Gift from You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, fine. It can be understood in more
than one way, however.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: It can be understood in more than one way,
more than one fashion. There are some people whom I hardly
ever hear from, except every now and then they send Me a
card thanking Me for their new relationship and telling Me
what a Gift it is from Me. The I’vewpoint behind that is
that I am here to Bless the self-satisfaction game, and they
found something new to imagine they are going to be
satisfied by. And they’re really thanking Me for Giving it
to them.

To understand intimate relationship truly as a Gift from
Me, you must understand it in relationship to Me, and as a
Gift of sadhana for real. You don’t have to be a celibate
renunciate in this Way. It’s always an individual question
relative to that matter. To practice this Way, as a general
principle, it’s not necessary to become a celibate
renunciate. It may be necessary in the individual case. In
every other case, the sadhana cannot truly be effective
unless emotional-sexual life becomes sadhana, Yoga.

So you can be sexually active in this Way, but it must be
Yoga. It must be as I’ve Given it to you to do. Therefore,
you must thoroughly examine My Teaching relative to the Yoga
of emotional-sexual relatedness, and convert absolutely
every aspect of your life in those terms into the Yoga of
true sadhana in devotion to Me. You can’t use it any more
for the egoic purpose. You have to be very sensitive to how
you use it for the egoic purpose, how you use any fraction
of it, so that you can invest it in the real discipline of

So, I haven’t Given you a Way that requires celibate
renunciation, unless as a particular individual it’s the
necessary choice. You have the option otherwise, but it must
be Yoga, and not this endless wrangling with the egoic
intention relative to it, the self-satisfaction game, the
emotional-sexual drama altogether, the “Oedipal” drama, and
on and on. You’re just wasting your life using it in that
fashion. And you’re not doing sadhana if you’re using it in
that fashion-not fully certainly.

So you don’t own your intimate partner. Your intimate
partner is a devotee of Mine, is here to do sadhana.
Therefore, your relationship should be about your mutual
commitment to just that-both of you.

Both of you are Mine. Neither one owns the other. And you
must use every fraction of your relationship to serve that
sadhana, including the sex act and everything else.

And you’re not doing sadhana if you’re just wandering in
the egoic mind relative to emotional-sexual business, coping
the worldly way, or otherwise periodically changing partners
because you’ve worn out your “case” game with somebody and
you want to start all over again and do it again with
somebody else.

So there is nothing negative about being involved in an
emotional-sexual intimacy in this Way-not in principle. But
if you’re going to do that you must transform it into the
sadhana, the true Yoga, of this Way. Then it is as a
renunciate relationship. It’s not the householder’s
relationship in the worldly sense.

It’s like every other aspect of your life-business, then.
It must be transformed into devotional service to Me, always
Contemplation of Me, every fraction of it put in order, all
business handled. All of it must be simplified, made steady,
equanimity granted to one another. And you must be granted
the freedom to be devoted to Me with the purpose of
Realizing Me, rather than merely to be devoted to one
another for the purpose of self-fulfillment.

That doesn’t mean if you want to be emotionally-sexually
active in this Way, you choose the ugliest, most
pain-in-the-ass partner you can find, just to test you every
day of your life. [laughter] A relationship must be
congenial in all the obvious ways of being attractive to one
another, being emotionally full with one another, and so on.
But of course, those very factors in such relatedness are
the circumstance of bondage. So it must be given to Me and
must be transformed in action.

DEVOTEE: Beloved?


DEVOTEE: I feel really like my heart skips a beat
listening to You Talk. I can really feel, in my relationship
to Gina, Your Admonition, and I fall short of Your
Admonition, but something about this in our actual lives, in
our sexual relationship, is built on hearing Your Word. We
have a relationship together, but primarily our relationship
is to You-ultimately, that’s where it’s at.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You should use My Example, then, also. My
Sign to you is that of Infinite, unqualified renunciation.
Also My Life-Sign involves intimate relatedness. So, I’m not
telling you to be shut down, asexual about it and so on.

DEVOTEE: I never felt that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But I am telling you and Showing you how
to do it right. The Kanyas are not related to Me in a
conventional man-woman sense. They are here to Realize Me.
Their obligation in relationship to Me, which I enforce
constantly, is to be related to Me in a way that serves
their Realization of Me, and not to indulge in ordinary
man-woman games-householder, or emotional-sexual, or
“Oedipal”, or whatever-but to be in this utterly surrendered
disposition. And be there to Realize Me every moment of
every day.

So seeing that Sign in My own Case, and understanding
what it’s about, is an example to you of the kind of
transformation that must occur in your own intimacies.

DEVOTEE: That absolutely is true, Beloved. I want to come
up to what You Call me to do.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So every moment of it, then, every moment
of the relationship, every moment of sexual intimacy, every
moment altogether, must be Communion with Me. How do you do
that? Well, I’ve told you. How do you do it when you’re in
bed with one another? I’ve told you how to do it. How do you
do it in the daily moments of the relationship? I’ve told
you how to do it. All of My example and all of My Teaching
Word to you relative to this matter covers all the details
of what it is to transform that usual source of bondage
through ordinary “bonding”, how to transform it by “Bonding”
to Me, and going beyond all the egoic limitations in it. But
it’s not about shutting it down. There must be utter freedom
in it, unlimited responsiveness in it. But it is devotion to
Me through that vehicle of circumstance and relatedness.

DEVOTEE: It’s about devotion to You or it is always
self-deluded. If it isn’t conformed to You, It’s complete

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Conformed to Me means that it’s always
Communion with Me, every moment of the relationship, every
moment of action in it, every moment of sexuality in it,
always Communion with Me.

DEVOTEE: Everything in life, from walking out the door,
from making the bed, to getting up in the morning, to going
to bed at night. It’s all about You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And it’s not shut down. People who are
really doing this sadhana in emotional-sexual terms really
have sex with one another. [laughter]

DEVOTEE: It’s extremely happy.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It is not that you’ve got to be placing
some limit on your emotional-sexual involvement with one
another. On the contrary, it’s just the opposite of that.
There should be no limit on it. Always go beyond your
limits. Have it be, every moment, Communion with Me. Then
there’s no delusion, no bondage. There’s no ego-“bonding”
with one another, there’s just “Bonding” to Me, going beyond
self, always in Communion with Me, even though you are in
the moments of apparent ordinary human life in
emotional-sexual or any other terms.

DEVOTEE: As it is now, my heart feels You directly, right

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. Direct?


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Never forget Me, never. Never break the
“Bond” with Me. Never dissociate from Me. But you see, the
functions, the circumstance, the relatedness that you’re
involved in by these choices is “bonding” to the world,
“bonding” to an other, “bonding” to function, and so forth.
It is that, just in and of its self. So you must convert
every fraction, then, to self-surrendering, self-forgetting
Communion with Me. And there are also technical details to
it, including in the sex act. It must be transformed, not
only into something that has psycho-physical Yogic
integrity, but into something that is Communion with Me, a
devotional act of self-surrendering, self-forgetting
devotion. That being the case, then it must also be utterly
free, elaborate, unqualified. Any limitations you bring to
it are also part of the bondage-going beyond limits but
“bonding” to one another. All of it must be transformed.

DEVOTEE: You have to be free in your Love-Bliss, you have
to be free in all this. For me, when I am driving down the
road, I think of You. Remembrance of You is the Principal
part of my life. If that’s not it then my life is deluded
and there’s no telling what could happen to me – unless I’m
in relationship to You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If there is this Yoga that I’ve just
described to you, and it covers all aspects of your life-the
emotional-sexual business and everything else – then that
Yoga becomes effective. If you do this Yoga with every
aspect of your life -associations, then it becomes
effective. That’s how you prove it. It becomes effective as
Communion with Me, constant Communion with Me, constant
practice of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga moment to moment,
self-surrendering, self-forgetting. It show that sign. In
other words, it shows the sign of going beyond the ego-knot.
And it becomes, in its progress, great purification by My
Blessing of you. That means relief from the bondage
symptoms, the ego-signs, the ego-results, the ego-drama, the

It becomes a profound equanimity, a samadhi of Communion
with Me. And the modifications of the Divine Reality are
loosed, purified and then loosed so that ultimately, in the
progress of that sadhana, the agitations of the leading
functions are released. The ego-signs in the body, in the
feeling, or emotion, in the mind, in the breath-all these
things become evened out. The mind ceases to be preoccupied
with its content, with its thought. So thought quiets.
Reactive emotions quiet. Impurities and agitations in the
body quiet. If you are in this profound and steady Communion
with Me-you notice that the breath changes depending on your
disposition, reaction, and so forth-the breath becomes

So these are all necessary signs that are, in profound
moments, shown even from the beginning. But then it becomes
more and more constant, and a sign of you totally in every
moment under all circumstances. And when that becomes the
case, then you are on the borderline between earlier
practice and the “Perfect Practice”, or preliminary practice
and the “Perfect Practice”. Then the disposition of the
Witness can be awakened steadily, and the “Perfect Practice”
becomes possible.

So all the disciplines preceding the “Perfect Practice”
have the qualities I just described to you-this submission
to Me under all circumstances and all functions and all
relations, moment to moment Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga in other
words, all the leading faculties submitted to the point of
self-surrendering, self-forgetting Communion with Me.

DEVOTEE: There’s no happiness without that, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So it’s a simple sadhana to describe. It
requires a great attraction, a great response to Me, a great
effort, a counter-egoic effort of application to this Yoga
of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti in every moment, in every circumstance,
every function.

DEVOTEE: The counter-egoic effort.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Hm. There must be that effort in response
to Me, attracted by Me. That effort is necessarily required.
That’s the tapas.

DEVOTEE: For me, to fall short of that tapas is

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s the essence of amateurism, religious

DEVOTEE: It’s the beginner practice.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. And then in the midst of that you all
can listen to one anothers lies, or double-mindedness, or
arguments to do other than this submission I’ve just
described to you. So both individually and collectively you
must root this out -the double-mindedness, the arguments to
the contrary of engaging in this counter-egoic effort in
Communion with Me. It must be rooted out, eliminated in your
personal disposition, in speech, and all the rest, but also
in your cultural, community, or collective disposition and

DEVOTEE: It’s through that speech that the culture

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So a discipline of speech, and therefore
of mind, is a fundamental part of this sadhana, this
counter-egoic practice.

Notice how your words affect your breath, your emotion,
your state of mind, and your physical condition. Every
thought, and therefore every word that you utter, is a
modification of the Divine Power, My Very Presence. The
modifications are what you’re suffering from. What you must
Realize is My Very Nature, Condition, State, My Presence,
Which is Prior to all modifications. If you indulge in the
modifications, you avoid Me, you are dissociated from Me. If
you relinquish them in Communion with Me, then you’re going
beyond all modifications and are Realizing Me directly. You
are entering into Samadhi, true Communion with Me. So
effectively then, the sadhana is about relinquishing all
modifications of My Presence, My Person-surrendering and
forgetting them in Communion with Me. That is the essential
sadhana, because what there is to Realize is Me, Prior to
all modifications.

So all modifications must be forgotten-surrendered and
forgotten. Every moment there is this practice. And to make
it every moment, you have to do the sadhana in all of its
details. It has to cover every aspect of what you’re up to.
That’s why you have to meet with one another, “consider”
your practice, examine your doings, be admonished there by
My Word, and make new agreements about this, that, or the
other detailed discipline-because there are things that up
until that moment, perhaps, you do not notice, do not
account for in this surrendering. You must account for them
very directly, very practically, as a discipline for which
you must be kept accountable.

The practice must cover everything, ultimately. It’s
about relinquishing all modifications. They attract
attention. They control your body. They control your
emotion. They control your breath. The modifications-when
they become the focus of your life-are common bondage.
That’s “bonding” to the world. It’s “bonding” to
modifications of That Which is the Truth.

So you must Realize the Truth by passing beyond
modifications. Turn your attention from them. Submit your
breath to Me. Submit your feeling to Me. Submit yourself
bodily to Me. Forget the modifications and enter into
Communion with Me. That’s the essence of the sadhana. It
must be done rigorously, covering every detail. And when it
has become a complete discipline, and you’ve been purified
and matured in that complete discipline, then you move on to
the “Perfect Practice”.


DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved.

[Devotees all thank and praise Beloved.]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The “Perfect Practice”, then, is not about
dealing with modifications, but about entering into
unobstructed, unqualified Contemplative Communion with Me,
without “Difference”. It is Identification with Me beyond
modifications, just As I Am, My Very State, My Very Person.
That’s the “Perfect Practice”.

To do that, however, you must go through the tapas, the
discipline of relinquishing all modifications until you come
to that point of steadiness, fundamental purification,
equanimity, one-pointedness. Then the Native Stand in the
Witness-Position is just inherently obvious, and it is not
lost. It’s true of you even now, as I say so often. Isn’t it
true that no matter what is arising right now, you are the
Witness of it? But to Stand as the Witness of it, you must
be able to Stand There, and not move from that Position.

(Therefore, fundamental purification must occur through
the process I’ve just described to you -Ishta-Guru-Bhakti
Yoga, relinquishing all modifications, submitting the
leading faculties to Me, going through the ordeal of real
discipline in self-surrendering, self-forgetting Communion
with Me, relinquishing attention and all the faculties from
modifications of Me and simply entering into Communion with
Me . It is the great Yoga.

DEVOTEE: The happiest moments of my life have been in
Communion with You-when I lived on Naitauba, when I lived in
Suva, and now living in Marin. I know my life is the most
happiest when I am with You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: There’s no “my” about it. There’s the
turning of the faculties from all that content or those
modifications-that self-contraction-turning from all that to
Me and forgetting all of that, to the point where it is no
longer operative, no bondage. Then you can do the sadhana of
Perfect Identification with Me. That’s the “Perfect

(The preliminary practices are about relinquishing
modifications of Me in order to Commune with Me. The
“Perfect Practice” is about Communing with Me As I Am,
directly, not having to struggle with the modifications.
There’s necessary preparation for that.

DEVOTEE: That’s what will make Your Lay Renunciate

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm-hm. When it gets to that point, then
it’s the Free Renunciate practitioner, or Lay Renunciate
practitioner, or Lay Congregationist practitioner truly
doing the “Perfect Practice”.

(Now if you aren’t serious about this, and are dallying
with the modifications, you’ll be rather tardy about true
practice of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, or about disciplining
yourself relative to all kinds of matters-picking and
choosing. You will remain a beginner. You won’t handle your
life-business. You will waste your life looking to the time
when you will handle your life-business, including this
emotional-sexual matter. That is a waste of life, because
you should understand life as an opportunity to Realize Me,
and not life purposed for its own sake, to realize its
possibilities. This is the fundamental understanding in
fact-that you’re purposed to Realize Me, you’re vowed to
Realize Me from the time you’re a student-novice.

(Therefore, you must convert all your doings, all the
faculties, all the modifications with which they are
associated-you must convert all of that to this
self-surrendering, self-forgetting Communion with Me and be
purified, brought to equanimity and fundamental steadiness
in the Native State, so that you can do the “Perfect

(Until then, you are involved in preliminary discipline,
preliminary sadhana, dealing with and disciplining the power
of modification, the stress of egoity, egoic seeking.
Therefore, you’re doing egoity.

(Egoity is self-contraction. It governs all of your
life-absolutely every detail of it. It is inherently
suffering because it is contraction, a strangulation, a
shutting off, a disturbance. Therefore, you are motivated to
seek. You are seeking to be relieved of that stress that is
your own creation, to satisfy yourself out of it somehow, to
enjoy yourself out of it somehow, by exploiting the
capability for experiencing the modifications of

(Truth is Existence, My Very Person. That’s What there is
to Realize. That is Happiness. It is Inherently Happiness
its elf. The modifications are not. They are simply
possibilities arising temporarily, changing, diminishing,
passing. All modifications have that nature. All things are
conditional. Therefore, there is no ultimate satisfaction in
the midst of modification. Only the Source-Condition is free
of modification, and therefore Is Happiness Its self,
Freedom Its self, Existence Its self, Love-Bliss Its self.
This is what you must Realize. I Am the One to Realize. I Am
That, in Person-not only in This Body, altogether.

(The process of this Realization is a sadhana. It’s up to
you to be serious about it. Otherwise, if you’re not serious
about it, you will waste your life by devoting it partially
or totally to the egoic purpose, to the search. So It’s up
to you to respond to Me, take your vow fully seriously and
get down to it, and not piss your life away waiting to get
down to it. Yes, observe yourself. But the purpose of
observing yourself is to refine the details of your sadhana,
not to delay your sadhana or avoid it, but to refine it.
It’s up to you to be serious. If you’re serious, prove it.
You prove it by doing the sadhana I’ve just described to

(Its purpose is Liberation from all power of
modification, and Realizing Me, the Source-Condition, the
Source-Person, the Source-State. If you’re serious, that’s
what you purpose your life to. If you’re not serious or only
middling serious, then you do a little bit of sadhana, a
touch of it. It’s not enough for Realization. It may improve
things for you somehow, even to do it a little bit.

DEVOTEE: It’s still suffering.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. As it says in the traditions, even a
little bit of the Dharma of Truth casts out great fear. So a
little bit of sadhana, doing sadhana relative to some bits
and pieces, already improves the situation to some degree,
relieves you of some pain, some bewilderment. It’s not
enough for Realization, but there is a level of release, or
relief, in any degree of sadhana. It’s just not enough for

(The Way I’ve Given you is a total Way purposed for
Realization, and sufficient for it. And It’s not just an
idealization of life so that things can get a little better
karmically, or so the modifications can be improved or made
less dreadful or less uncomfortable. Those results may be
there, but that’s not the point, not the purpose. The
purpose is to conform everything to Me and Realize Me, and
not delay the course.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, in anybody who has heard Your Word,
there’s really no compromise anymore. They have to go beyond
that point-because if there is a struggle that is bound to
that point of I’vew, that falls short of Your Wisdom, it has
to be gone beyond.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You always already live in My Space, the
Self-Existing and Self-Radiant Space of Consciousness Its
self. Everything apparently arising is occurring in that
Space, but you don’t know it yet. You’re looking at the
things themselves, the modifications themselves and are not
Realizing the Source-Condition, the Very State in which you
exist. I don’t even like to use the words “in which you
exist”, because that suggests there’s a “you” somehow
independent of it. You Are that State. You’re not the ego.
The ego is a modification of It, an apparent modification of

(And unfortunately, you are stressfully identified with
the fundamental modification, which is the self-contraction
Its self, and all of It’s results, which is every kind of
experiencing, or every kind of condition. So you live in the
domain of egoity, presumed separate self, indulging in or
otherwise suffering the modifications that come from
presuming such a point of I’vew. It’s all a lie, because
Natively, Inherently, you are already in the Condition That
precedes all of that. You just don’t notice it. It’s not
obvious to you, because you are indulging in the
self-contraction and It’s results, and pursuing the search
that comes from your dissatisfaction, having made that
choice of self-contraction.

(The self-contraction is the reality of your own
creation. You’re bound to it naively. The naive realism of
your experiencing is controlling your life. Apart from truly
doing the sadhana I’ve Given you, all of that illusion is
controlling your existence Its self. You are in a dream made
of presumptions. You’re not Realizing the Truth, the
Inherent Condition, My Very Person.

DEVOTEE: To see Your Sign is Liberating in Its self.
There is a whole feeling in the heart that all devotees can
think of. They know in their hearts Who You Are.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: That’s the basis of your vow, and
therefore the basis of your practice. But then you must do
it. If you have a Guru, then you do it. If you’re
“self-possessed”, you’re Guru-less, or self-“guruing” in
other words, and are simply volunteering to participate in
your own bondage.

(If you have a Guru, a Master-you have Me-then you have a
Mastered life. You don’t tell Me what you’re going to do.
You ask . And the basis of your asking is you don’t want
bondage anymore, you don’t want this suffering, you don’t
want this search, you don’t want this stress and fear, you
don’t want this mortality. You want utter Freedom from all
of that. So, being committed to that, you ask Me relative to
every fraction of your life, “What shall I do?” Well,
sometimes you ask Me personally, in a conversation or
whatever, but fundamentally you go to My Teaching Word,
because that’s where all the answers are.

DEVOTEE: You have Instructed us in every aspect of our
lives, Beloved. The first time I lived on Naitauba, somehow
I was on the phone with You and I was trying to do something
that other devotees were asking me to do. And You completely
educated me and conformed me to You based on that
conversation. And I felt utterly helpless in my own

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I Am your Capacity. Therefore your
capacity is Unlimited. The heart is without impediment in
every case. Anyone can do sadhana. Anyone can do this Way,
from the heart, in response to Me. You need to participate
in My Excesses, My Light, My Siddhis. So everyone is Granted
full capacity in this devotion to Me.

(But, sit around talking, yammering to one another about
your own limitations, “Ah, if I could do this sadhana,” and
so forth-this double-mindedness-its how you talk one another
out of the sadhana. You let one another off the hook.
There’s always the sadhana to be done. That’s the only
conversation, therefore. Affirm that . Build one another up
relative to that, instead of talking case.

(Its appropriate to examine yourselves, examine one
another in order to discover new details necessary for your
discipline. But It’s not appropriate to look at the
conditions of your apparent life and struggle and so forth
and meditate on them, and use all of that as an excuse to be
double-minded and avoid the sadhana. That’s not appropriate.
That’s utterly inappropriate. It’s something to be rooted
out collectively.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, the basis of Your Teaching is Divine
Distraction. And as You were speaking, I was just reminded
again of a Talk that You Gave to us about Divine
Distraction-that in the midst of that attractiveness,
everything else falls away. Everything else is totally

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, love is a great intoxicant. It must
become a moment to moment matter.

DEVOTEE: It’s so simple that way, Beloved. It’s just
completely simple.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, well I’ve told you this. This is


[Devotees praise Beloved.]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Why should you have to be told again?

DEVOTEE: No, You don’t have to. You’re so Great,

DEVOTEE: It is Your Written Word.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s like a woman telling a man how pretty
she is over and over again. Why should she have to mention
it? In some sense, then, why should I have to mention to you
that this Way of life is about you being distracted by Me,
moved by your attraction to Me? Okay, say it once. Say it
more than once is like a woman trying to prove she’s pretty
to the man she’s interested in. I’m not here to prove My
Attractiveness to you.

DEVOTEE: No way.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It should be perfectly obvious to you.

DEVOTEES: It’s perfectly obvious, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And you can make an entire culture out of
it, an entire Way of life out of it. I shouldn’t have to
repeat Myself about it.

DEVOTEE: This is absolutely what our responsibility is.
The recognition of that, communicating that, demonstrating
it, living by that Principle.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Therefore, eliminate that double-minded
culture, root that double-mindedness out of the culture and
simply engage in communication with one another that is
right speech, that serves one anothers sadhana.

DEVOTEE (A MAN): I love talking about You, Beloved.


(What I’ve observed about this gathering after just about
years, is that basically they’re beginners, yet to handle
their life-business and so forth, yet to get the basics of
sadhana together, yet to adapt to the basics of sadhana. Why
is that? Everybody is “considering” it, talking their case,
having sadhana meetings, changing partners, whatever-over
and over again, endless variations on not handling your
life-business. Well, what is the purpose of having a Guru if
you cant use the Master to get life-business straight?

My Word to you as a Body of Instruction should be
sufficient, in general, but it may be appropriate, here and
there, to ask Me directly. My Teaching Word to you is My
answer to your questions, but occasionally it may be
necessary for somebody just to ask Me directly. But you
should always be asking Me directly in the sense of living
by My Word and not by your own inclinations. Otherwise, you
have no Guru. You’re not living a Mastered life if you just
say I’m your Guru and do the Puja and so on, and then pick
and choose to do as you please. You’re not Mastered merely
by liking Me. You are Mastered by taking My Word as Law,
being obedient to Me.

And you wouldn’t be wasting years and decades on the
whole matter of getting your life-business straight if you
asked Me, truly took on My Word as Law, as necessary perhaps
asking Me directly or approaching some who are in a cultural
position representing Me to just say it straight and get it
straight altogether.

Why has it gone on for years? Because you don’t ask Me.
You’re not Mastered. You’re not willing to be Mastered.
You’re not willing to have My Word be Law. You want to be on
your own, self-“guruing”, making your own decisions, playing
your own game, and saying you’ve got a Guru. But you are

Its not just a matter of asking a question, either. It’s
a matter of having the disposition to be Mastered, to have
My Word be Law. And that’s the end of that. That’s business
handled. And you don’t self-“guru” yourself, and mull over
your case, and piss your life away for years on end
pretending to be involved in “consideration”.

I am the utter Source of Wisdom and Law, and you approach
Me as such and then you ask. That’s it.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I feel that You’ve really drawn all of
us in these last years of “consideration” through a very
profound process relative to the whole emotional-sexual
area, and our response to the practice altogether. It is now
time for the incarnation of the Free Renunciate Order and
the Lay Renunciate Order.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And the entire gathering handling It’s

DEVOTEE: Exactly. And I do feel that, Beloved. I feel
what this resolution-and the great Puja that You’ve been
Doing here during this time-that there has been something
resolved in all Your devotees in terms of their right
alignment to You, their commitment to You to serve You,
their commitment to get on with the God-Realizing

ADI DA SAMRAJ: And for the entire gathering to bring an
end, universally, now and forever, to the theater of
emotional-sexual “consideration” -all the ways of you
relating to one another, relating to Me, and so forth, all
of the interactions that are about having an
emotional-sexual problem or an unresolved emotional
situation, a sadhana that is about emotional-sexual
complexes, and all the rest of it. During this last year I
have addressed this emotional-sexual matter once again, and
in every possible detail. And now there is simply the
discipline, unwavering, thoroughly established. There is no
further “consideration” about it, no loopholes. It’s a
straightforward sadhana in everyone’s case. It must be

DEVOTEE: I think You’ve mentioned it, Beloved, many times
tonight and in the past, that when you establish an
intimacy, it must be done in relationship to You. And that
means that you must conform everything to You. And you have
to totally transcend all of the bullshit of
self-satisfaction and everything else, and turn it into a
Yoga of relationship to You. And there cannot be this
constant changing of partnerships.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, in the traditional setting, where
people took the Guru seriously, they wouldn’t enter into a
marriage or an intimacy arbitrarily. It was a very important
decision in the individuals life. They would always ask
their Master. Always. They wouldn’t just fool around, work
it out, pass on another one, over and over again, endless
emotional-sexual horseshit, dramatization of case. That’s
not how It’s done if you have a Guru.

(If you don’t have a Guru, and you just have a kind of
culture or community, you self-“guru” yourself within it,
and “beginner-land” goes on forever. But if you are
Mastered, have a Guru whose Word is Law, then it gets
straightened out very directly.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I feel that’s what You’ve really been
doing. You’ve really been straightening us out very directly
in relationship to You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: In the traditional setting, the Guru is
Law-you ask and you don’t fool around, and you don’t change
partners again unless there’s some extraordinarily profound,
justifiable reason for changing partners-and that may occur
here and there. But, in general, it is not to be the case.
Celibate renunciation or the Yoga of intimacy, It’s a
lifelong commitment for the purpose of sadhana. And,
therefore, you are confronted by whatever limitations are
there, yes, that’s not time to change partners. That’s time
to bear down. That’s when the sadhana begins.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You’ve been so critical of us
self-“guruing” ourselves that I feel that’s been absolutely
true. You’ve talked about Grace straightens. You’ve talked
about Grace leaning. And the thing that I’ve been feeling
this last year, and most particularly in terms of Your
coming to California and Embracing Your devotees, is that
Grace embraces. And that is Your Sign. That is really Your

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I Embrace you and Straighten you. I’m
Conforming you to My Self. I know what it takes. It says in
the old documents: the born person doesn’t know, the ego
doesn’t know-only the Horse knows, only the Master knows,
only the God-Realizer knows. Hold on to the Tail. In other
words, take the Gurus Word as Law, be Mastered, and you can
eliminate all kinds of time of diversions if you truly live
the sadhana of Guru-devotion. That means you don’t just
smile at Me, or look to feel loved by Me. You accept Me as
the Law of your life.

Relative to handling life-business, you do what I Say. If
you want Me to do what I Do, you have to do what I Say.

You see, all these years I’ve been waiting for you to
take Me seriously. All of you not being serious about Me is
what I’ve observed. I’ve seen you self-“guruing” and
dabbling in religion-business culture, by not practicing
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, not practicing this Yoga of devotion
to Me. Because to do so you must not only recognize Me, you
must accept My Word as Law. You must have no egoic purpose
to satisfy, instead just the impulse to Realize Me, and you
want to know what you should do. Therefore, My Word
altogether as a collective communication, which you have in
the literature and so on, is in general sufficient for the
wise. Here and there, if I have to be asked about some
particularity, fine.

Understand the profundity of what I’m Saying to you just
now-its a matter of living a Mastered life and My Word as
Law. And you don’t tell Me what you’re going to do, you
don’t dabble in My Teaching and govern yourself, but you ask
Me. Because this is perhaps the single most important matter
for this gathering at the present time.

(Up to this time, you haven’t taken Me seriously, you
haven’t treated My Word as Law, you’ve been picking and
choosing, “guruing” yourselves. You haven’t asked Me. You
haven’t accepted My Instructions as Law. And you’re doing
your own thing.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, that’s going to change. That is
absolutely going to change.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It should be understood culturally what it
is to have Me as your Guru.

So life-business is be to handled very directly. It’s
what student-novices and student-beginners do in adaptation
to this Way. It covers all the details. There’s a time of
adaptation, fine. But each moment or level of adaptation is
a matter of accepting My Word as Law relative to this, that,
or the other thing. So it covers all life-business. It
doesn’t go on forever. It must not! You all have taken a vow
to Realize Me. Therefore, I must serve your Realization and
not just simply allow you to be out there doing your own
thing. You’ve taken this vow of devotion to Me, this vow to
Realize Me. Therefore, do what I Say. No more farting years
away “guruing” yourselves, trying it out, pretending that
that’s sadhana, or “consideration”, as you call it. But I’ve
Given you the Yoga of “consideration”, but what you all do
and call “consideration” is not “consideration”.

DEVOTEE: Well, there’s something about seeing the root of
“Narcissus”, Beloved, that is very difficult to see.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: No, It’s not. You can make it incredibly
difficult, but that’s only because you meditate on yourself.
If you want to meditate on yourself, you can do so-called
sadhana, pseudo-sadhana forever-countless lifetimes. You
embrace the Master in order to have that adventure be
brought to an end.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, one of the things that stands out so
ecstatically in every moment is Your Supreme Sacrifice for

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, I’ve been willing to enter into the
Teaching years kind of “consideration” with you all for
these years-which required Me to wink at your self-“guruing”
game and let you do this and that. Yes, Admonish you, but
still be soft about it, lean. You see?

In the future, I’m just going to tell you flat!

DEVOTEES: Thank You, Beloved, that’s what we need.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: My Word to you, Given without a personal
conversation is really telling you flat. There may be, here
and there, some particularity that rather than just work on
it for a lot longer, you should just ask Me and get it over
with. It should essentially be obvious to you anyway, having
enough of My Word to “consider”, you know what that choice
requires. It should be obvious to you. But sometimes it may
not be completely obvious. So you have to send a question on
to Me, but I’m not going to Instruct you unless I know My
Word is Law for you and you’re approaching Me rightly. Then
Ill Tell you.

Those of you in intimacies-don’t do the householder game.
There’s more to being a celibate renunciate than just
getting sick of the results you acquire from playing the
householder game. That doesn’t mean you’re qualified for
celibate renunciation. It requires a special disposition. Be
really serious and fulfill your life-obligations as real
sadhana. Don’t be looking to relinquish mere circumstances
and tell Me that’s devotion to Me.

In general, It’s continuing the circumstance you’re
already in, but doing it as true sadhana. So generally,
that’s the basis of My Instruction to anyone who asks Me
such questions. Here and there maybe somebody should be a
celibate renunciate. Here and there maybe somebody should
get involved in another intimacy perhaps. But those are the
more rare options.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I have a question I want to ask on a
somewhat similar vein but slightly different. Since You’ve
been here on this Yajna, I have felt a double-mindedness in
giving my energy to my job, I’m an occupational therapist
for children. I just returned to that job, after being out
of the field for seven years, in the same week in which You
came to California. And I have felt somewhat heart-sick that
I haven’t been able to be available to serve You in Your
bodily (human Form.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You’re not!?

DEVOTEE: Well, I also feel the Gift of feeling You in my
human relationships, and giving my love to the children that
I serve.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Give them loving and compassionate energy,
fine. That doesn’t mean they become the objects of your

DEVOTEE: Right. I just wanted to express to You that I
wish that I had more time available to be around Your bodily
(human Form. I’m so grateful just to be here.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I’ve noticed this, generally speaking,
about devotees since I’ve been here. All have the option to
come on retreat, every moment possible to come around Me
physically. And, actually, relatively few have made use of
this opportunity.

So It’s not a matter of giving up everything so you can
be around Me physically night and day, unless that is
something particularly appropriate in your individual case.
It’s a matter of doing real sadhana, embracing Me
constantly, making your life-circumstance, your circumstance
of service, into Communion with Me rather than devotion to
the objects, modifications, and other things associated with
your life circumstance. You must make all those relations
and functions into Communion with Me and not into some
conventional “whatever”-devotion to your children for their
own sake and that sort of business. Why are you serving them

DEVOTEE: Well, I basically feel like I’m handling
business financially and I would like to free myself up to
do more, to be available to serve You in Your bodily (human)

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, that’s a kind of self-“guruing”
impulse, isn’t it? Better put, you have a certain training
which suggests a certain kind of service you do in life. And
you do that as service to Me, as Communion with Me. That’s
it. Not doing it for a little while pretending it has
nothing to do with you, in order to make some bucks and to
move to Naitauba, or whatever. That’s to not address your
service circumstance rightly. Your service to children, and
so forth, should not be a distraction from Me but should be
your service to Me. It’s not just My feeling, It’s a matter
of doing it that way every moment as a real discipline.
Practice Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga every moment. Then what
difference does it make what your work is? As long as It’s
the appropriate work for you-what difference does it make
what it is? It’s not separation from Me. It’s your means of
Communion with Me. Or, one of your means.

DEVOTEE: That’s what I wanted to ask. Because I do feel
heart-Communion with You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It wasn’t even necessary to ask for it,
you see, because My Instruction in the literature and so
forth covers this point

DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What else?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, when You talk about devotees conforming
themselves to You, there’s something about the whole matter
of money and the self-“guruing” that everybody does with
money that feels like it has been profoundly released in the
last year or so. And over and over again people have
submitted this whole matter of their own possession of money
to the community process in relationship.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You, by participation with one another in
this community process, should understand there is something
fundamental about cooperative use of money altogether, and
of human energy altogether. Then do the same thing with
everything. You should be constantly meeting with one
another relative to cooperative use of money, time, your
various capabilities in service and so forth. Use everything
that way. Don’t just have a fund-raiser every now and then.
Use all of your human financial resources, your time, fully
as sadhana in cooperation with one another.

So there certainly are many things for which to raise
funding cooperatively. And I expect you to do it instead of
just building up a hoard for personal “whatever”. Use your
resources with which you can make money by doing work and so
forth. And take all of that and, instead of just hiding it
away like a squirrel does oak nuts, bring it into the
community situation and “consider” the use of it
cooperatively. Account for your practical requirements,
fine, but use this virtue, this energy cooperatively to
serve all of your purposes for institution, culture,
community, and mission. Use it to accomplish your collective
obligations and do so all year long-every year, forever.

What else then?

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I was thinking about Your birth. I
mean, there’s probably been no more humble circumstance-and
this is part of Your Greatness, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I think my parents paid-it was either
three or five thousand dollars for that house. We eventually
lived there when I was about three years old, I guess. I
wasn’t born there, but that’s where I grew up. And they were
very humble people, very humble circumstances

DEVOTEE: But You transform everything.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, maybe that’s a basic reason-of
course, all kinds of reasons in the Vehicle too, the deeper
personality Vehicle was renunciate-even in My life
circumstance, by birth, I learned to tolerate and be happy
in and enjoy circumstances without any luxury whatsoever,
and being with ordinary people, extremely ordinary people. I
cant remember My mother or father ever reading a book. My
father never finished high school-he went to some years of
it. My mother dropped out of school in grade school,
somehow. They never read books. They never talked about
matters of importance. There was never one single
conversation between us of an intellectual kind about any
larger matter. Some personal matters here and there, not
much of that-but here and there. Really no great discussions
about personal matters. The entire family, on both sides,
were just very ordinary, humble people. No great discussion,
no intellect, no great matters discussed. They were
emotional people with their reactivity and all that
dramatized. Very ordinary. All My circumstances ordinary.
Never put into a rather extraordinary or larger circumstance
until I went to Columbia. Until then a humble past.

And even after Columbia, My physical circumstances were
always rather ordinary-the years preceding going to New York
and formally beginning My Sadhana and so forth. Where was I
on the beach at Tunitas? Crappy little buildings made of
railroad ties. No great accommodation. Then in New York-very
simple, little apartment buildings in the lowest areas of
New York, generally. So, this Body hasn’t been living in
luxury, ever.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, I don’t think It’s just the physical
aspect of the humility of Your life, but It’s also just a
sign of Your Sacrifice. I mean I feel like that part of Your
Greatness is that you are the Divine World-Teacher. And the
Divine World-Teacher appears for the embrace of all mankind,
all beings. And that’s what You truly Demonstrate.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, how did Your parents respond to Your
interest in Columbia? I never heard just how that

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, they were humble people. My father
was ambitious within his range of capability. So he went
into the window business and so forth and there he could
afford getting a Cadillac every year or two and so on. So he
began to have aspirations that were bigger for his children.
So he thought he should send his son to college. He didn’t
know about what college means or what you’re supposed to do
with it. I didn’t come out of Columbia with a career
intention or anything like that. But it was part of just his
sense of being successful that he could send his son to
college. That’s all. He didn’t know what was going to happen
to Me there or what it was going to amount to

DEVOTEE: So what was the process of investigating
different possibilities for college?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, it was basically left to Me. I was
involved with Sue Ellen Beckman at the time. And I probably
thought that that was very basic to My feeling it would be
good if I went to a college in the general area. But a good
one. Columbia was certainly the best in that area. But it
wasn’t based on some intellectual knowledge or presumption
of what you could do there, or what an Ivy League school is
about, what an education is about. I didn’t read any books
either until then.

FEMALE DEVOTEE: Comic books.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Comic books and ordinary high school. So
there was no high-faluting notion about it all. It was just
a chance to go to college, that’s it. That’s what that
meant. I didn’t take it all that seriously either. I was
totally into Sue Ellen and thoroughly intoxicated by all of

And so, time came for the final exams at the end of high
school, some of which were not just a result of that senior
year, but had to do with the last three years. From My
sophomore year on I was involved in a special
program-technical electricity it was called-which dealt with
all kinds of matters of electricity, electronics, and theory
relative to all that, as well as practical. So I had to take
final exams based on three years of education. And I was
simply in an exalted state and really didn’t care about it.
I didn’t really study very much for these exams, I was just
in this intoxicated state. I just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t
there to be done. It wasn’t about anything. I was going to
go to Columbia and that’s just the way it was.

I told you all this story how then I sat in these exams
and kept other guys around Me and so forth. They were there,
the guy wrote this answer, and so well, okay, I wrote that
down. But then I would think about it and I would change it
so Id get better marks than they did. I got among the top
marks. I could have just as well studied and done the same
thing but I didn’t. So I was just in this exalted condition
altogether including sexually. It was just the way it was
supposed to be.

I was just there for the sake of everything that I had to
do to get out of that circumstance and into a realm of
education and familiar ideas that Id not had before. So it
didn’t make any difference whether Id studied or not. I was
going to get good marks and go on to Columbia and that’s it.
That was just the way it was to be. And so that’s how it
happened. I don’t recommend you all to do it that way. And
it wasn’t that I was without capacity because in the years
following I went to Stanford, and I went to Seminary.

When I was at Seminary, in particular being a student
devotee of Rudi, I accepted that simply as a sadhana even
though I wasn’t Christian, had nothing to do with any of
this stuff. It was just work. And you had to do it
completely. So I did it. I got A’s on every exam and so
forth. Far more exaggerated requirements than ever at
Columbia, really. So it wasn’t that I was stupid in high
school or at Columbia. I was in an exalted state, that’s
all. And what had to occur just simply happened, one way or

I didn’t use any of that education for a career and so
forth. I had no notion of it whatsoever. I was just there
involved in My “Consideration” of the “Bright” and the
struggle with conditional existence. That’s what it was
about. It had nothing to do with getting a job. I never did
get a job for all that education. Not once. The only jobs
I’ve ever had were rather menial and ordinary. Of course I
did work for Pan American Airlines, but it wasn’t because I
was an intellectual. You know what it takes to be an airline
hostess or work at a ticket desk. It takes a lot less than a
Columbia education, I can tell you.

So I never got any work for all the education, and was
always, as I told you in The Knee of Listening , working on
the one thing. Just that primal “consideration”. So it
wasn’t about education. But I did get one, even so. Profound
intellectual education. So I can talk with the best, with
great educated discrimination.

DEVOTEE: Understatement, Beloved.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You can do that much better.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I’m better. [Devotees chuckle in
agreement.] So those were fortuitous, fortunate,
spontaneous circumstances that just were inevitable and it
didn’t make a damn bit of difference what I did. It was
going to happen anyway. That’s the way It’s been with
everything. It’s been a spontaneous Leela.

DEVOTEE: When You described it, it seems since the
Vedanta Temple Event something like that is more true of all
Your activities, whets going to happen.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I’ve always been in an exalted state,
Avadhoot from birth, from conjunction with this Body. I’ve
always lived spontaneously and “Madly” in a state of
exaltation, ecstasy. And so I’ve done all of My years with
you all. No figuring out, no “What does the ascetic Master
do with devotees when he’s an official teacher?”, you know.
No. I gave My Self up to it completely, oblivious to
reputation or the way It’s supposed to look and so on. I’ve
just dealt with whatever was brought to Me and did so
spontaneously without any sense of reputation or how It’s
supposed to be. I’ve shown you all how It’s supposed to be.
But there was no reading or idealization or strategy about
it in My Case-exalted as I was when I went to take the final
exams in high school.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Just a happening without the slightest
restriction. Even now. Always. I make no calculations. I
just do it spontaneously and true. And when you ask Me to
speak to you, I tell you the Truth. I never lie. I have no
sense of what a lie could serve. I’m infinitely naive. I
don’t even look after My own welfare. You all have to do
that. It’s only something you all could do but I don’t
measure it. I have to play it infinitely because I’m dealing
with everything that is. And so I don’t calculate. I have no
mind about it, really. It’s not that I cant have a thought
or write a complete sentence.

It was amusing to Me: I recently did the final work on
the new edition of The Adi Da Upanishad -there were a lot of
the Talks and so forth that I had suggested be added from
the recent period, just as the original ones were placed
there from the Yajna. And so the editors, following that
admonition, added a lot of Talks but they didn’t edit them.
They were just there as suggestions to be added, and if I
approved them they’d go ahead. And I think maybe this was
even the first opportunity I had to read My own Speech as
I’ve Spoken it with you all. Usually either I don’t read it
at all or I see it only in print after the editing job has
been done. And I noticed that it is exalted speech.

DEVOTEES: [Many at once] Yes, ecstatic

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Without punctuation. It’s “intoxicated”
speech. “Crazy” speech. When you read of traditional
teachers it is so often said of them, like Nityananda, he
sort of spoke in intoxicated voice, and so forth. Well, this
is how I Speak. That’s how I’ve been Speaking to you all of
these years. But My own Speech is actually, perhaps even
now, My Speech is intoxicated, and not hammered in by rules
of language and mind.

It is just more intoxicated than a Nityananda speech or
anyone else. Unedited, it is just Divine Speech. And having
seen that, that’s the way it is, you see. This is the first
time I noticed this. I had to remark about this to the
editors. Serve My Speech so the communication is clear. So
do various things. We have rules for doing editing. But
serve that purpose. Leave the intoxicated Speech. Leave it
alone apart from just serving the communicativeness of

DEVOTEE: Beloved, when You Speak, You Speak from the
Unconditional Reality most primarily.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everything.

DEVOTEE: And that speech is totally pure, and It’s always
the same. You always speak the same thing. Because It’s the
same Reality and It’s really True. But It’s You. And It’s
what You communicate most fundamentally.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If you give Me the opportunity, you’ll
hear My Word, My intoxicated speech and so forth. But if you
insist on approaching Me conventionally and size Me down and
require Me to engage in social intercourse, then It’s not
Me, It’s just a reflection of you.

DEVOTEES: Right. Yes.

DEVOTEE: Because we speak to You, typically, from the
point of I’vew of conditional reality. About where we

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, yes. So I had to make remarks
several times tonight before we finally got into talking
about some matters of importance.

DEVOTEE: I wanted to tell You, Beloved, that the first
time I read The Method of the Siddhas -it was the first book
that I was given-I was so overwhelmed at the Force of Your
Words, that I could hardly read more than a page at a time.
I had to put the book down. It was just the Force of the
Truth coming through those words in that book and
overwhelming my mind and my body, and all I could do was
just flip through the photographs of You, receive Your
Darshan before I could read more. And it was just like no
other experience that I had ever had in my life.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, profound Words, indeed. The most
profound ever spoken.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But, what do people in general think, what
are they willing to settle for? Trivial one-liners, and call
it religion. No demands.

So, you were profoundly affected by My full Word.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: So will everyone else, if you will put My
Word in front of them. You are supposed to be doing a
mission to all beings, but what is the mission you are
actually doing? A minimally effective mission to the
suburban middle class? What about everybody else? Where do
you do your barefoot mission with people who are not part of
the suburban middle class? What about other countries? What
about the poor, the homeless, people who are not white, you

They are not subhumans, they are just like you “whities”.
But you don’t go into their neighborhoods. Where is the
mission, really?

FEMALE DEVOTEE: Beloved, the true mission . . .

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I Am the True Avatar . . .

DEVOTEE: Yes, You are!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You sit in front of My picture, but you
don’t ask Me what you should do. You belong to a generalized
culture associated with Me. You do some minimal studying of
the Teaching, but you carry on a culture that’s about
scratching one anothers backs, letting one another off the
hook, and not submitting to Me as if My Word is Law-such
that, instead of “blah-blah-blahing” forever and indulging
yourself, you ask Me, “What should I do?” I say, “You do
this”, and that’s that.

Here it is, twenty-three years later, and this Body is
fifty-six years old with no real work to do. And others,
whoever, are world famous for one-liners, or because they
can somehow fake a miracle . . .

DEVOTEES: That’s right.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Or some other naturalistic thing, maybe a
little remarkable, happens here and there. You people don’t
even notice My Miracles because My Miracles are conjoined
with you so directly, you think you’re doing it, or that
maybe It’s not happening, or It’s become so commonplace for
you that you’ve neglected to make much of it, or to even
tell anyone else about it.

Get people who know what It’s all about, full of ecstatic
speech, right speech, detailed speech, in which to address
the public people, or whoever it may be, about where It’s
really at. Don’t reduce Me to a one-liner.

So I am here. I’ve given you My Word, My Revelation
altogether. I’ve told you Who I Am. Respond or not. That’s
the question. But to respond to Me, you have to prove it,
you have to change your act. You have to do what the Way
requires. If I’m your Guru, be Mastered by Me. That’s it.
Every detail of your life you do according to My Word.

DEVOTEE: Well, then, Beloved, do all devotees need to ask
You what to do?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Absolutely!

DEVOTEE: All devotees?

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You have to give up your self-“guruing”,
your ego-position, and ask Me. That doesn’t mean, you know,
come into the room with Me, ask questions, or get on the
phone with Me, or come to Naitauba and ask Me questions.

DEVOTEE: That’s what I wanted to know. People wonder
about this.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Oh, maybe here or there it may be
appropriate, but to ask Me means that you are here to live
according to My Word as Law. And basically, you can just get
that from My recorded Teaching.

But I have in every detail answered your questions and
instructed you.

FEMALE DEVOTEE: Your Dharma is there.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Absolutely, and you’ll get on with it,
because the things you’re all questioning about belong to
the beginning. And It’s just about, apart from the
profundities of Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga and so forth, the
things you all want to ask about are life-trivia,
life-business matters, which you want to piss your life away
struggling with for decades on end. If you were submitting
to Me, if My Word is Law, you would have it straightened out
in an hour. You’d cover those adaptations that precede . in
a few months. That’s all it takes. If I am the Law, then for
Me to do what I Do, you must Do as I Say. And that’s what it
is. It’s adaptation to doing what I Say. That’s what it is
to be a student-novice or a student-beginner-or at any
stage, really. Instead of consulting yourself, and trying to
become a genius through self-indulgence, you ask Me.

I am the Genius. If you want to know what to Do, you ask
Me and I tell you. I tell you that through My recorded Word.
If you have to ask Me Personally sometimes, fine-or My
Murti-Guru in the future, or the Free Renunciate Order,
whatever. But you ask, and you handle the business based on
the Law of My Word.

And It’s not a matter of you indulging yourselves, as if
to become geniuses of “consideration” in order to tell
yourself what to do. That’s to be Guru-less. To have a Guru
means, you know you are suffering and cant find your way out
of the web. And you find the Realizer, you know that He is
the genius of what it takes, and you ask. But you don’t have
to get lots of mind about it to figure it out. The Master
says, “Do this”, and you do it.

Like in that little kung fu moI’ve with that teenage boy.
“Teacher say, student do”. That’s the tradition. You have to
become a genius, because you have a Master Who’s a

DEVOTEE: That’s right.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You cant figure it out. You think you’re
going to figure out the total scheme of this complicated
illusion of modifications?

DEVOTEES: No way. No, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Understand that, and ask Me then. You
don’t have to figure it out down to the last jot. You have a
fundamental understanding in response to Me and My Work,
fine. But relative to the details, what should you do? You
don’t have to struggle for the next two decades to figure it

DEVOTEE: We are so taken care of by You.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You should have asked Me in the first
month or two, and every detail of your fundamental sadhana
should have been established according to My Word, and
that’s the end of the “consideration”.

I save you, I save you time. You consult Me. That’s how
you are relieved from wasting your lifetime in trying to
figure it out. If you want to spend your lifetime trying to
figure it out, first of all, you’re not going to do it. But
secondly, and as a practical matter, you’re going to waste
your lifetime, because you cant figure it out, and never
will figure it out. You’re not in a position to figure it
out. You’re in the position of egoity, self-contraction and
naive realism, and the modifications of Reality. And you
don’t know what is modified. You don’t know the Truth.
You’re not in the position of Truth, and all you can do is
guide yourself, pull yourself along by the ego, and
complicate yourself further, and waste your life in

DEVOTEE: Thank you, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I relate to you all like I relate to My
family, My children. Can you imagine the father of a child
lying to his children?

DEVOTEE: No, never.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I’m their True Father. A father is truly
concerned with the welfare of his children. Would he lie to
his children? Tell them Santa Claus is God or something like
that? No, the relationship, truly lived, between the parent
and the child, guarantees the straightness of the parent.
You will not lie to your children, because you love them,
you’re concerned for them, they break your heart. You want
them to be straight, you want them to be happy, you want
them to be relieved of the suffering of their bad

So, haven’t I told you? I never lie.

DEVOTEES: Never, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s not that I tell myself, “Don’t lie to
these people.” I don’t lie. I am Truth. I Speak the Truth. I
serve everyone individually and collectively, in an utterly
truthful manner. I even have to use street-language about
it. I don’t bullshit anybody, and I never have.

That is My Sign. I am your True Guru, but you must
embrace Me, and then, instead of consulting yourself, or
proposing a twenty or thirty-year cycle, or forever cycle of
so-called “consideration”, you ask Me-because you’re already
in trouble.

DEVOTEE: That’s the Grace of You, alive in bodily (human

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You all want to call Me Guru, you see, and
“guru” yourselves, make some ceremonial gestures in My
direction, and be part of a mutual back-scratching society
culture, in which you basically just indulge in egoity and
seeking, and double-mindedness, and you call it the Way of
the Heart. It’s not. The Way of the Heart is
Ishta-Guru-Bhakti Yoga, submission to Me, asking Me what you
should do.

You don’t just read My Books, and pick and choose, phrase
by phrase, and so forth. Use My Word as Absolute Law,
without the slightest ambiguity, and you adapt to My
Instruction personally, and you live by the Law of My Word,
and you truly surrender and forget yourself and conform to
My Person, because you get to Realize Me, and you do not
assign a jot of Genius to yourself. You are utterly bereft
of Genius relative to Realization-utterly bereft.

You have varying degrees of life-competence, but they are
not about Realizing. Wash the dishes, stick a needle here
and there. [Beloved is referring to Devotees, who both
practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine.]

DEVOTEE: That’s right, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But It’s got nothing to do with

DEVOTEE: It’s just something to do, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s just part of the ego-game of pursuing
life-fulfillment, or having life turn out to be utopia.
Notice, everyone who has ever lived has died. And the wisdom
you want to apply, which is not Mine, but something picked
up from the traditions, is that you want to hold on to it,
like It’s about Ultimate Realization-Ultimate Realization
and externalization of life. But you just don’t notice that
all those individuals are dead. So, their wisdom was not
about Ultimate Divine Realization, or even externalization
of the body, and so on, speaking to the couple at the

DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Acupuncture is just an ordinary science,
which can serve well, if you’ll do it compassionately and in
devotion to Me, forgetting yourself. And then you can serve
a little bit of health. Fine. No big deal.

DEVOTEE: Yes, It’s no big deal.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Do it in Communion with Me, always as
Contemplation of Me, and then, used properly in the
circumstances where It’s useful, it can serve My devotees in
their application to the discipline of making the body a fit
vehicle for My Blessing. In and of its elf, It’s just more
ego-games that are trying to eternalize the ego.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, one of the things You served me in this
last year was the reality in which I was. I’m not saying
that I’m at all perfectly in touch with that. I just kind of
feel a shift in me, where I can actually feel how everyone
is just a mortal being.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s amazing, isn’t it, that It’s still a
question? In terms of your awareness and functioning, you’re
organisms. You’re animals. Anything, anyone like you has
died. You treat your various relationships with parents or
your intimate, or whatever, like they’re some sort of
eternal person. But they trouble you and then they drop
dead, and then they’re just a dead organism. They’re nobody
anymore, Hm?

So, It’s still a question in you, after all your years in
My Company, or otherwise observing what happens to human
beings. That you can’t be impressed by this fact is amazing.
You pretend to be educated and full of discrimination and so
forth, and you can’t even get this point? This is the first
lesson given in some traditions, like the Buddhist
tradition-the first lesson.

DEVOTEE: Sitting in the graveyard.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Everything changes, everything dies,
everybody dies. Be impressed by this, and be moved to what
is Great.

You all want to think about it all your lives and fool
yourselves, as if maybe you’ll turn out to live forever.
Maybe some politics, politicians, political system will come
up, and everybody will be completely happy, and live immense
lifetimes-or maybe live forever, you know? You’re just
constantly deluding yourselves.

If you get lax in your sadhana with Me, you just become
the ego you already are. Yes, by ignoring Me, and not
embracing My Word as Law, and just diddling yourselves in
your double-mindedness, and scratching one another’s backs
and giving one another permission to not yet submit to Me,
do you see what you’re doing? You are avoiding Me.

Since I’ve been here, and also at the Mountain Of
Attention, when I come outside the Manner of Flowers, and
people are sitting out in front, or they sit along the
pathway if I walk to the bathhouse, or whatever, My
overwhelming impression is that you’re all sitting there in
front of Me wanting to be loved. It’s a social inclination,
and so on. I said a couple of times to people recently, if
that’s all you all want, get yourself a puppy dog, a teddy
bear, or something.

I’m not cynical. Wanting to be loved-I truly do love you.
But there’s more to it, profoundly more to it than that
little signal that somehow you’re okay, and I love you.

DEVOTEE: Thank You, Beloved. You showed us that,

ADI DA SAMRAJ: The Way is a profound discipline, moment
to moment, self-surrender and self-forgetting. And living it
in all the details of your life, and living it not only
individually but collectively. And handling the business
that belongs to you, and doing the mission of making this
opportunity of My Revelation available to all beings, bar


[Speaking again to Thomas and Kathleen about their
service as healers.]

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Dear Ramakrishna once compared the real
Guru to a healer. He described various kinds of healers. You
know, the healers will sit and listen to your blah-blah-blah
and play some consoling message. And then there are some
others, there is the blah-blah-blah and then they write a
prescription which you cant read and you go and you get some
medicine, but you may or may not use it. And so on and so
on. He said, no, the real Guru is like the real healer. He
knocks you on the floor, jumps on your body, holds you down,
and stuffs the medicine down your throat.

You want the option to be “self-possessed” and
assuming-if I get exaggerated about it and really approach
you directly.

DEVOTEE: It’s kind of Jewish, Lord.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: It’s not Jewish, It’s human, so-called
human, egoic. Jewish is just another one of the Great
Traditions. And you shouldn’t feel It’s hateful because you
haven’t converted to Christianity. This is utter crap, all
this prejudice against Jews and so forth. It’s just because
of the propaganda of Christianity that says Jews shouldn’t
be allowed to be Jews, they should have converted to
Christianity, so they are non-persons? Same thing as
anti-guruism, you see?

There’s egalitarian time, everybody is a “self-possessed”
source of the absolute, and gurus require submission, so
they are bad guys, you see? So therefore, they are
non-human, non-persons and you can ignore them, abuse them
and they’re fair game. Whenever you de-absolutize,
de-humanize anyone or anything, they become fair game,
something you can abuse casually. It happens politically all
the time. The politics of the time is about utter
“self-possession” politicized.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely!

ADI DA SAMRAJ: So a bow to anything is against the
principle of the times and so gurus are out. Not only true
gurus but false gurus. They’re all out. But of course,
people make a little bit of concession so they basically
surround false gurus. Everything these days that appeals to
the public is supposed to congratulate egoity.

DEVOTEE: That’s right, Lord.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: If it doesn’t, It’s bad. It’s okay, of
course, to become an employee of some big company and be
propagandized relative to everything that you do. But It’s
not okay to submit to a guru. There’s more guruing in
industry and big business and politics than is otherwise
allowed through the media and public places relative to the
real religious life. You’re supposed to be propagandized by
everybody but a Realizer. That’s the norm these days.

So if all you do is listen to the news, this is the point
of I’vew you will assume. There has never been a particle of
Realization, a little bit of the Law, apart from Realizers
and submission to them. It’s the way it is and the way it
always will be. There is not even a particle of Realization
otherwise. Mankind in its indifference and stupidity has not
invented one word of Truth. It has come from Realizers in
their various degrees.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely. That’s right.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: When it comes to the matter of great
Realization, you think you’re a “self-possessed” authority
to govern yourself. A source of absoluteness. You are
nothing of the kind. You’re an organism, “self-possessed”,
self-contracted. You don’t know where you are. You know
nothing whatsoever about the Truth, Reality its self, the
Divine Condition. Naive realism, “self-possession” -this is
your sphere until you find Me.

But having found Me you have to do it. That means no more
“you are the Law”, no more you “guruing” yourself, no more
you doing your own thing. You’ve had enough of that. Come to
Me, you recognize Me, you feel Me, you are attracted to Me,
you know Who I Am. You consult Me relative to absolutely
everything. So I say “blah-blah” and you do it. That’s it.
You see how quick it can be? Student-novice,
student-beginner [Beloved claps His hands three times in
rapid succession].

Rudi had His various limitations, but He cut through
that. Sadhana is work! You work on yourself in response to
the Master. You don’t just indulge yourself or look for
utopia. The whole bag of limitations must be submitted and
struggled with. He didn’t quite understand the total law
about it-as He always said, He was not a finished product,
just somebody on the way. But He knew something about the
fact of the difference between shit and shinola, between a
bullshitter and somebody who truly lives the religious life.
And that particle of wisdom which is profoundly important is
something He really got. And that was His importance in His
service to Me-to get Me out of the circle I had been into,
to that date, so I could move on.

What was missing at that moment? Work. Real application
to self-discipline, self-transcendence. You either do it or
you don’t. The Way is greater than that, but it was useful
wisdom for Me at the time. I’d understood much but was not
disciplined. The time came when the discipline was
profoundly necessary. So it is for you all. And this point
of the relationship to Me is what you have to invest
yourselves in.

Student-novice to a higherlever of practice, being
liberal when I tell you about a year is all it should take.
Then . to Spiritually prepared level -I’m being liberal
again that I tell you months to a year. You can’t measure it
by the day, but It’s brief. Hearing Me is not some immensity
that depends on you. It’s a straightforward matter that
depends on Me. But you must have embraced the totality of
practice according to My Word. Exhibit all the details of
that discipline. Do so, then the hearing matter is brief.
It’s a very straightforward “consideration” I’ve Given you
about it. Hm, hm, hm. [Add Da opens and closes His
fist.] Close fist. Open fist. [Devotees
chuckle.] How long does it take to understand that?

I lift, you pull, you know? [laughter] In a
cartoon shirt I gave to a devotee, a couple of polar bears
are lifting an igloo, trying to grab the human. But you can
see the human running away. One bear, who is holding the
empty igloo, says to the other, “I lift, you pull, George.
Is that too difficult a concept for you?”

The hearing matter is not a complicated concept. It’s
very straightforward if you’re studying My Word. But just as
there are prerequisites for truly being established in the
Witness-Position, there are prerequisites for hearing Me.
It’s not that hearing Me takes time. It’s that you have to
establish the conditions of practice. Then hearing Me-well,
a couple or few months more.

This application to My Word, and refining the discipline
of your practice, “considering” My fundamental argument
relative to seeking and self-contraction, all the
disciplines intact-that argument is very simple, very
straightforward and it doesn’t take a genius other than Me
to be effective. So, . to .-that could be three months.
Literally six. I’m a fool saying you could take a year at
it. It doesn’t take that long. The reason you all are taking
so long is you don’t set Me as you Guru. My Word is not Law
for you. You’re “self-possessed”, picking and choosing,
doing your own thing. And so you never get your life act
together. You’re never in a position to listen to Me to the
point of hearing.


ADI DA SAMRAJ: Live by My Word so that My Blessing works,
My Grace works. Adapt to My straightforward Word of
Instruction, no ambiguity. No space for “consideration”,
so-called. You see, I’m here for you all to do the “Perfect
Practice” of non-different devotion to Me. Everything else
is preparation. It takes no other genius than Me for you to
do this “Perfect Practice”. It’s up to you then. You can
waste your life-and Mine, by the way, which is what you’ve
been doing. Or you can get down to it, bring Me great gifts
and massive numbers of devotees. Then My Gift and this great
opportunity will serve all beings.

So what else do we have to discuss for the sake of
everyone? This is for all devotees. All this is going to be
passed on to everyone worldwide. Perpetuated. Not just done
once. So what else must I say? What else is there?

So I’m just Mad, Crazy, you see? I exhibit My unique
sensibility, My Sign. You exhibit your unique sensibility,
your sign to Me and we don’t need any more of these boring,
social conversations, full of politeness and so forth, you
know. Show Me devotion. Be creative. Bring Me some good
news. Bring more devotees. That’s interesting.

So devotees are interesting to Me when you’re exaggerated
by your devotion to Me, your submission to Me, really living
the Way I’ve given to you, showing Me your sign of real
response to Me and getting down to it and going beyond your
limitations. This is not boring to Me. This is interesting.
I love that. All the rest of these exchanges are a total
bore to Me. I want you to really be My devotee. Be out of
shape with it. Full of Me. Full of energy and full of
effectiveness, and really do the sadhana and bring Me the
gifts and bring Me the signs of all your effectiveness.
That’s fun. That’s interesting. That’s the real play.

DEVOTEE: Absolutely, Beloved. I love how You Speak,

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Good. I hope you’re getting the message. I
am really bored by conventional relationships. I’m not a
householder. I am, in My Life mode, a Tantric Sannyasin. I’m
the Avadhoot in your company, Atiashrami. I don’t have any
worldly business. I don’t dig conventional behavior. I don’t
like it. I don’t know how to do that. I don’t have any
interest in it whatsoever. It bores Me and turns Me off. I
don’t like anything about it. I want to see people really
get down to it with Me and the rest of it is a bore to

Be My devotee! Get out of shape. Give it up. Come on!
Let’s get on with it. Stop being a bore. You have to be out
of shape with Me.

DEVOTEE: Yes. It’s just what it feels like.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Devoted to Me. Submitted to Me. Living by
My Word. Showing the results. Don’t affirm it to Me or
promise it to Me. Do it! Let’s see the devotion all over
your face. Let’s see it all over your life. I don’t care
about any of the rest. It bores Me.

Give it out straight and many will respond and get on
with it with Me.

There is this story when Gandhi was talking about his
meeting with Meher Babas guru, Upasani Baba. Gandhi went to
see him one time. And Upasani, who didn’t care about dress,
used to wrap a cloth bag around to cover up his genitals
because people were uptight. So Gandhi came over, he lifted
up this little cloth bag and showed him his genitals there,
and Gandhi was totally offended. He ran out of the place
there. So he got to be on this boat with Meher Baba and he
told him, “I met your master and ….” [everyone
laughs] And Meher Baba said, “That just proves his
greatness.” [laughter and cheering]

In spite of what you guys think, you cannot be a True
Master and be gentlemanly or conventional about it. I can
always find ways to shift My Shapes.

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