Hyms to Me – The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation – Adi Da Samraj

The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation
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The “Reality” You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own

Hymns To Me

April 22, 1995


DEVOTEE: Beloved Master, what was the purpose for this
whole event of separation to have occurred? Why did it have
to happen? I have always wanted to ask this question. I
don’t understand.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: You are asking the question from a point
of view of presuming yourself to be separate. You are
engaging in the exercise of naive realism, just presuming to
be a body-mind and seeing reality from that point of view.
And so you ask this question. If you had practiced to the
point of Realization, and could take all of reality into
account, were not merely fastened in that presumption of
separateness, fastened to an organism, then see if you would
still have that question.

The source of the question is not that you are looking at
all of reality and coming up with a notion about it. The
source of the question is your divorce from Reality-“How did
all this separateness, all this blah-blah-blah, how did this
occur?”, you see. You presume that separation has occurred,
and that it has occurred in the form in which you perceive
it to exist, which is an illusion based on a gesture of
ignorant organism life.

But, in reality, it is not so. Reality Itself, Realized,
is free of that complication that is based on your
presumption. Reality doesn’t have to account for the
illusion you are suffering from. Reality doesn’t contain
that illusion. What is actually happening is not what you
think, nor what you are presuming. What you are presuming is
an illusion, ultimately. And if there was the Realization of
reality, that question would not exist, because you would
not be suffering the illusion. And then, seeing even this
appearance, perhaps, in that Realized State, the question
would not evolve and it would have no basis, because Reality
is not what you think, or, as Shakespeare says, “There is
more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of in your

You are constructed in your questioning by egoic
“self-possession”, by illusion, by results of error, and so
on. So you want to account for what you think to be reality
by asking great questions and wanting great answers. But the
question itself is based on illusion. What you think exists
doesn’t exist.

DEVOTEE: I do understand that. I understand that illusion
my question is based on. I just don’t understand what the
point was of this whole event.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What event? The event you are suggesting
exists and asking “What’s the point of it?” is not what it
seems to be to you. So there is no ultimate answer for
it-like “Did it come from some Divine Intention,
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah?”, because it doesn’t exist . Its
just a presumption. Reality is actually much more profound
than your question suggests.

DEVOTEE: I intuit that, Lord.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes, but then you still ask, “But why is
all of this happening?” All of what? You see, the “all of
this” that you are asking the “why” of is your illusion of
Reality. Your illusion of reality, then, is your creation. I
don’t have to give you some metaphysical, theological
explanation, and so forth, you see. That reality which you
are asking Me about-“Why does it happen, and what’s the
point of it?”-is entirely your creation, and is not a
universal reality or condition. Its entirely your creation,
this separate thing and all the rest of it you perceive on
the basis of it, you see. Why did it happen? You did it. You
tell Me-why are you doing this? Hm?

DEVOTEE: Well, my question is, why are any of us doing

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Well, I have thoroughly accounted for it:
self-contraction. It doesn’t have any great purpose. You are
doing it out of fear. You are perceiving reality out of
fear, because you have reacted to your apparent association
with a mortal organism, and your questions come from this.
But not only your questions-your perception of reality comes
from this, you see. So that thing that you’re wondering
about-“Why isn’t it, what’s the purpose,
blah-blah-blah-blah-blah?”- doesn’t have any purpose. You
are doing it.

DEVOTEE: I don’t understand why, in the whole cosmic
creation, this had to happen.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: What you are presuming to be the whole
cosmic creation, or whatever, or what you are perceiving to
be reality, is just an evolute, an extension, of your own
self-contraction. Its not the universal reality, its your
illusion , the result of your self – contraction ! It
doesn’t have any purpose, except for you. You see?

What you perceive to be a universe, a cosmos of separate
things, and blah-blah-blah, doesn’t really exist. Its a
result. Your perception suggests that it is such. It is not
in reality such. What you perceive to be reality is a naive
realistic notion based on your own fear, your own
self-contraction. Its not a universal reality. The universal
reality is quite different than you perceive it to be in
your self-contraction. So this great cosmos that you presume
to be a separate something, full of separate some things,
and separate beings, and so forth, is not so ! It is your
presumption, based on a local activity-self-contraction. And
so you must go beyond that, and, by this Process in My
Company, Realize reality itself, no longer asking questions
from the egoic point of view and no longer perceiving
reality from the egoic point of view.

Then, in that Realization Itself, your question is
answered, vanished, undermined. It no longer exists, because
the illusion doesn’t exist, you see. Then, bereft of
illusion, self-contraction, egoity and its effects, there is
the Realization of reality. And the reality of the cosmic
domain is not what you are now perceiving it to be. Its not
that way. I tell you quite frankly and directly, it is not
at all what you are thinking and perceiving it to be. So
that which you are referring to does not exist, except as an
illusion on your part. So its not a universal reality. Its
just an effect of your own self-contraction.

The cause of that thing you are asking Me to account for
is you . Even the cosmic domain is quite different than you
perceive it to be in your self-contracted illusion. So it
doesn’t have to be accounted for by some universal or
ultimate description of cause. Its not caused by That Which
is universal or Ultimate. Its caused by you . By virtue of
your self-contraction, you think and perceive reality to be
a particular kind, and that’s not what it is.

So relative to your question, the true answer, then, is
that even the question itself and all of your perception and
the thing you’re wondering about is an illusion based on
your own fear. And it is not necessary. It is not caused by
any Divine or otherwise universal Force. Its caused just by
you, in your fear. You feeling identified with a mortal
organism, you see, produces all kinds of illusion and,
therefore, questions. And you expect answers to your
questions to somehow be satisfactory from your egoic point
of view.

An illusion does not have to be accounted for in ultimate
or universal terms. An illusion must be transcended. It is
false. Hm? This great cosmos-how much of it do you
experience, by the way?-this great cosmos does not exist in
the form that you presently think it exists. Its like, you
look up into the night sky and-Ah! there are the stars! They
are all at different distances from earth, which is your
point of view for perceiving them. And light in the
functional domain of the cosmos has a certain speed. It
takes a certain time for things to be perceived at a
distance. All those stars are at different distances. So you
look up at the night sky and you see the stars and so forth,
and there they are-but they are not there! Those stars are
actually in quite different positions than you perceive them
to be, in this location. You’re looking at an illusion of
light. You’re not only looking at an illusion of light,
you’re looking at it from the point of view of a presumed
separate perceiver, self-bound in a body and full of fear.
So how much of the cosmic domain are you actually accounting
for? You’re just suffering yourself, and looking at
everything from the point of view of that suffering, that
limitation. You are not seeing it as it is. Mm?

Speaking from the point of view of ordinary knowledge,
the term “universe” refers to a local system, in some
location in space-time. The totality is not rightly
described as “universe”. So I call it the “cosmic domain”.
In reality, the cosmic domain exists in Infinite Ecstasy,
without the slightest differentiation. And, while in some
sense it may be said to appear, it does not. In reality,
there is not the slightest differentiation. So the Condition
of even the cosmic domain is Infinite, Unbounded Ecstasy,
without the slightest differentiation.

You have asked Me your question, describing, even in your
question, the cosmic domain as being about separations and
separate persons, separate beings, separate things, separate
everything, and all the things that go along with it in
human terms-the suffering, the limitations, and so forth.
But that’s not how I just described the cosmic domain. In
reality, the cosmic domain is as I just described it. It is,
and it is not. It is in Ecstasy, and it is without
differentiation. That is reality.

Mysteriously, then, in that reality, there can be the
illusion of separation. There is no “why” about it, as if it
is caused. It is not caused by some Ultimate Will. Its an
illusion, a presumption-possible within this Infinity,
because everything exists. But even though everything
exists, it is without differentiation, without error. It is
Ecstatic, it is all Love-Bliss, and without the slightest

So there is no Divinity causing egoity, separateness, and
suffering. That is a local-universe gesture-so local a
universe, its not very large. It takes forms like your own
body-mind-which is a kind of universe, which, by a subtle
gesture of reaction, has entered into the presumption of
separation, or non-Ecstasy, has entered into the presumption
of differentiation, and is under its own illusion.

This illusion is not necessary. The self-contraction
itself is not necessary. It is not caused from without by
some universal or Divine Cause. It is a possibility in the
context of everything. So you are making that presumption,
but you are making it. It wasn’t forced upon you. It is not
necessary, and you can transcend it. And you can Realize the
True Condition, the Reality-Condition, from Which even the
question you just asked is nonsense! But its not nonsense
from the point of view of your own contracted condition. By
self-contraction you cut the lines of Force that are the
mechanism of universal Ecstasy and Unity, without
differentiation. No one caused it. There is no universal
Force causing it, no evil force causing it, no Divine Force
causing it. Its a strictly local manifestation that can be

Perhaps you did not know this before. That’s why I am
here-so that you can be Drawn out of your illusion, Realize
the circumstance of reality, transcend your suffering, your
questions, and so on.

Now, speaking locally, then-not only local universe, but
local you -you are living on the basis of self-contraction,
fear of your own locality, fear of process. You want to be a
“thing”, you want to be some “one”. But the proceedings of
reality are process, without differentiation, without
separateness. Although you are clinging to your own
position, no position can be maintained forever. All
positions dissolve into other positions in process. There is
no fixed position, no separateness at all. To presume it is
to be under an illusion and to cause your own suffering.
Your own suffering is not caused from without. Your
egoity-your suffering, in other words-is not caused by the
Divine or some universal Force. It is not necessary. Its a
liability inherent in reality, but its not reality

DEVOTEE: But why is it a liability inherent in reality?
Other than the fact that everything can arise within
reality? I’m not looking for a moral answer (I don’t think),
but I just don’t understand the necessity for that.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: But you’re looking outside yourself. There
is no necessity for it. You are doing it. Examine yourself,
you see, and that’s the answer. Not all the objective
things-the perceptions, the questions, and so forth-but your
own search, your own self-contraction is what you must
address. And, in examining it, you will see the “why” of it.
It has no Ultimate, or universal, or Divine Purpose. Its
something you are doing, by presuming to be you, in the
separate sense, because you are afraid rather than

Reality-universally, ultimately – is inherently and
infinitely surrendered. The infinitely surrendered cosmos
can be said to be “caused” in some sense, but not the
un-surrendered universe. Blessed to exist in infinite
complexity without differentiation – that’s a Gift, that’s
the Divine Gift. But you have presumed your separateness and
broken the threads, the cords of Unity.

With this Blessing to be allowed universal existence,
without differentiation, comes the possibility of divorcing
yourself from it. Hm? Reality itself is not a problem and is
not in pain. Being Blessed with this Play of forms in Bliss,
you have chosen, for the moment, to differentiate yourself,
as a “you”, in this self-contracted sense. But its not part
of the universal existence. Its not part of reality.
Reality, even in the multiplication of forms, is just a
Blessing, in Bliss. But the forms-appearing, by Blessing-
can divorce themselves.

So that Blessing, by Grace Manifested at all, Comes in
Person sometimes, to relieve you of your illusion, of your
distress, your suffering-because you are doing the
suffering, and the collective of like-minded divorced beings
are doing the suffering. Not merely experiencing or
suffering the suffering- doing the suffering. Hm?

This is what I tell you, then. “Consider” it.

Even your questions come from this suffering, from your
own act. Even the human bodily form is a Blessing, you see,
a spontaneous Blessing without differentiation, is all
Love-Bliss. You’re making it into a problem. Yes, there are
discrete forms, in some sense, but they are in utter Unity,
blended with one another absolutely, and in process
eternally. So there’s no fault in the fact of universal
cosmic manifestation, no lack of Bliss or Ecstasy in it. But
that Blessing having been Given, these apparent forms can
divorce themselves from the Unity. Even though they are
necessarily associated with Consciousness, because it is the
universal reality, these forms can divorce themselves from
the Unity. They can contract, they can react, rather than
submit. That’s what you’re doing-reacting rather than
submitting, not trusting the Condition in Which you are
apparently arising.

Really, it all comes down to this lack of trust, or
un-Love. If your heart were full, you would live in this
Ecstasy, and even the cosmic domain is a dance of appearance
and disappearance, but no fault. So you are out of joint
with this Blessing, and I am Revealing to you-have Revealed
to you-how to get with it. You must surrender. You must
trust, just as, when an infant, newly born, you trusted your
mother. While lying in the womb, there was inherent trust.
That’s why the fetus grew, without complaint, without
complication. It existed, heart-born, in utter trust of its
container, its associate, its source, the energies of its
existence-in Bliss.

Then you get booped out of the womb, you see, cut off the
cord, and-hhht! hhht! hhht! [imitating gasping for
air]-air, and more and more experiences. You fall out of
this Reality of Bliss, because of fear. You could just as
well have feared not , continued to trust absolutely. You
could have just as well not been concerned about process
based on appearance. Then you would have been blended with
the Whole, in Ecstasy, and maybe still walk and talk.

But instead, you got uptight, you got afraid. Hm? And
violated the Law-lost trust, lost faith, lost love, presumed
you were threatened-and you have made an entire culture out
of it, an entire way of life out of it-out of fear. Fear is
just mistrust of reality. Ordinary fear is a mechanism in
the body to react to physical threats to your survival.
That’s just a moment. But constant fear, anxiety, egoic
“self-possession”, negativity, isolation – that’s your own
doing. It has no survival use. It has no great purpose. Its
just lack of trust, failure to surrender.

If you don’t trust, if you don’t surrender, if you don’t
live in the Infinite Ecstatic Sphere of Love, then you come
up with questions like the one you just asked Me. Trust,
love, enter into Ecstasy, enter into Reality-then there is
no question about it, because the cosmic domain is not
something booped out like a baby, separate forever and
suffering. The cosmic domain exists in the Luxury of
Infinite Love-Bliss, without differentiation, allowing the
proceedings of changes-even births, deaths, all the
rest-without the slightest philosophical or metaphysical
complication about it.

So anything that is complicated about it is your own lack
of trust, your own self-contraction. Out of this you make
questions and life-activities that are based on an illusion
of un-Love, non-Ecstasy, an illusion of differentiation.

There’s nothing wrong with the cosmos. Its not separate
from the Divine Domain. It is not separate from Me. This is
what I am Revealing to you. But if you start asking
questions about the cosmic domain which are based on the
presumption of separation, you are already under an
illusion, so you want to blame the universe and God for your
suffering. But it didn’t come from there-the suffering
didn’t come from there. It comes from you. Hm?

All the fishes in the sea are in process, ultimately like
trash. And you, too. But, in Ecstasy, absolute Trust,
without differentiation, in the Samadhi of Divine
Realization, it is all allowable. It is all a Grand Display,
a Play, a Play in Ecstasy. A Great Gift, to be in Infinite

This is why the Source-Condition, the Divine Reality, is
sometimes pictured in ferocious and obscene forms-like the
Kali image in the Hindu tradition-suggesting that you be
Ecstatic in the circumstance of death, of apparent
suffering, of process, that, even to trust and Commune with
the Divine, you must accept process, death, and not wink.
Hm? Not in the slightest.

Of course, you all like to imagine that the Divine is
telling you, “Everything’s okay. I love you, just love one
another, everything’s fine.” You don’t want no Mother Kali!
With thousands of arms lifting up heads of beings chopped
off, fangs, suggesting to you that Ecstasy requires trust
and the utter acceptance of death! No, you want some
comforting message, a rather utopian message that doesn’t
require you to transcend yourself or accept the appearance
of reality as just an appearance in the context of That
Which is Infinite Love-Bliss without the slightest

Ramakrishna was one of those devoted to the Divine as
that Force Which is also about death. He went into Ecstasy
relating to the Divine in that manner, you see. He didn’t
fear death. He accepted process, but not as itself Reality,
just an appearance. For Him, Reality is Ecstasy. No
differentiation. Didn’t require the vanishing of this.
Didn’t cling to it, didn’t dissociate from it.

But you think death of bodies and all of that is a
philosophical matter that causes untrust, distrust in you,
and fear, and that fills you with philosophical propositions
that are Godless, Ecstasyless, Loveless, Blissless.

As a matter of fact, the cosmic domain is just like
Mother Kali. Exactly so. It is full of death, full of
process, full of changes. So, maybe a way to put it in brief
is: In the face of all this that appears, don’t lose your
life-force. Don’t distrust. Don’t be a naive realist.

So I said that. What else?

DEVOTEE: You have Drawn me beyond my question.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: Mm. Then that’s really what its about. The
resolution of questions is not really in the answers, but in
the transcendence of the question. The Way of the Heart is
not about seeking and achieving one end or another. Its
about the transcendence of seeking itself; transcendence of
the cause of seeking, which is self-contraction.

You all haven’t even seen the cosmos yet. Not as it is,
you see. You’re “Narcissus” at the pond. You’re preoccupied
with yourself. You don’t see reality, conditional or
Unconditional, except through this illusion of divorce from
trust, Love-Bliss, undifferentiated Unity.

So the body is going to die. That’s it, that’s right. But
there’s not a jot of differentiation in the True and Divine
Condition when that occurs.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, You do Give Your devotees glimpses of

ADI DA SAMRAJ: I am here to Give you more than a glimpse.
Shivapuri Baba was asked, you know, about God-Realization,
suffering, and so forth. He said, “Yes, the suffering is
still there, in some sense, but it doesn’t hurt”. There’s no
one to be hurt. It doesn’t carry with it the implication of
differentiation or of divorce from Ecstasy.

From the point of view of the ego, the day of death has
got a lot of fear potential in it. You just tend to
participate in it in a naive realism sense, focused on it as
a gross event that implicates you negatively – or you may
have some hopes, some aspirations, some motive to practice,
some way of dealing with it that’s more profound. That’s an
individual matter. But for those who are Godward and do
right sadhana, they not only live rightly and transcend all
apparent limitations, but they die rightly and transcend all
of its limitations. Doesn’t mean its a casual day. Its one
of those really good, profound days. Not some
pain-in-the-ass boring day.

In fact, all beings are arising in the same Divine
Radiance and Consciousness. All , everything. All is One in
That. Nevertheless, all beings want to live . They want to
exist . All would struggle to survive in the moment of
intrusion. The fish in the sea, the fly on the wall, the
mosquito-they all experience the same sense of
self-contracted differentiation and a will to survive as
that. All . If you understand this, you cant draw the lines
or the circles around your own sphere and be just localized
in your love and compassion. Your compassion, your
understanding, must extend to all that is . How can you
possibly protect it? How can you possibly protect all? You
cant. How can you prevent death? How can you prevent
killing, when your own body kills living organisms who want
to live? Hm? When just breathing kills them? When just doing
whatever you have to do to eat, to feed the body, to make it
survive, kills something or other, even if a plant or
something? You cannot be perfect in that sense. You cannot
be morally righteous. There is no non-killing. Its an
infinite realm of death .

But from your self-contracted, self-generated-suffering
point of view, you see, you cant understand that, and you
cant function infinitely. And so your virtues are all local
(if they exist at all), still result in suffering. In your
own lifetime, you have already killed billions upon billions
of beings. You have killed billions this very day, all of
whom wanted to live.

So, what is going on here? This manifestation is a plane
of universal sacrifice. It is a process in which all forms
appear, continue for a while, are subject to intrusions,
apparent differences, effects, and then die-but without
bringing an end to life or the process itself, without
bringing an end to Consciousness Itself. And there is
nothing you can do about it-not absolutely, to the point of
perfection, to the point of moral righteousness-absolutely
nothing .

So, to understand the “meaning”, so to speak, of cosmic
existence, in which beings die, you must examine all of this
and be intelligent about it. You must accept the fact that
the cosmic domain is a realm of universal sacrifice. It is
Wisdom to appreciate this. And True Wisdom is to appreciate
it to the point that you transcend all negativity about it.
But to do that, you must transcend your own
self-contraction, your own separateness, your own egoity,
and become Godward and Drawn into that Domain in Which there
is no fault, no death. You must accept that your own
body-mind is a sacrifice, the body-minds of all are a
sacrifice. And even though you can be gentle to some degree
locally, you cannot avoid death, or sacrifice.

Death is essential to the reality of this cosmic process.
Every apparent form, although in Reality not differentiated,
nonetheless in its appearance goes through changes, suffers
influences, exists for a time that cannot be predetermined,
and then is disintegrated. Yes, there are continuations on a
subtler level, and so forth, but it is still the same
process: endless changing, endless change, process, endless
sacrifice. Reality is sacrifice. The cosmic reality is

Self-protective, self-contracted, you only suffer it. You
lose faith, become loveless, in doubt, and full of fear, and
then maybe even try devices-like somehow avoid all death,
avoid killing. Well, that’s impossible. In Truth, then,
there must be a fundamental acceptance of sacrifice, of
death, of process, of changes. It doesn’t mean liking the
process of sacrifice. But it does mean a fundamental
acceptance of it. But in that acceptance there must be the
relinquishment of self-contraction. In that relinquishment
there is participation in process with faith, with trust,
with love-ultimately to the point of outgrowing and going
beyond the negative drama of sacrifice, to the point of
entering into the Source of the infinite meal of sacrifice
that is the cosmic domain.

You must outgrow your self-contraction and cease to be
localized in your disposition. But, having ceased to be
localized in your disposition, you must proceed as part of
the meal. Become a sacrifice, make meaning out of your
apparent life, then, by making it into an intentional
sacrifice, full of love and faith and trust, full of
self-surrender, Godwardness, God-Communion. Instead of
fearing your death, intentionally use your life as a
sacrifice. Make it a right and positive sacrifice, a service
of love, of compassion, without self-concern. Not serving
separate self-serving the Ecstasy of the Whole.

And, as much as you can, relieve the suffering of beings.
Minimize it. Its the best you can, do. But you cant be
righteous about it. You cant be absolutely pure. You must be
free of egoic self, and full of trust and love, full of
surrender. Be compassionate, and overcome your fear of death
by allowing your own apparent form to be a sacrifice-not by
violent acts on your person but by service, by love. Enjoy a
happy, compassionate companionship with all beings, with the
entire cosmic domain. In other words, do not differentiate
yourself, do not refuse your own sacrifice. Trust that death
is just part of the process in the Divine as long as you are
gifted with this form of perception. Be Godward and continue
to grow, and this form of perception will pass, you see. You
will have to be a sacrifice constantly, as all beings are
required to be a sacrifice, until you are Divinely
Translated beyond this perception. But, even while this
perception exists, be grateful. What an extraordinary Gift!
You could just as well not exist, instead. Therefore, be

What if there were no Divinity, no Absolute, no cosmos,
no life, no forms, no persons, no relations, no love? No
insistence, then-with you being free to make the choice-no
insistence upon Unity, upon love, upon trust?

What a Gift it is that there is the cosmic domain! It is
an undifferentiated domain of Bliss, one with the Divine
Domain! But it has these apparently discrete manifestations,
which should not be the basis of separateness. It should
just be the basis for sacrifice, for love, for Godwardness.
Be grateful that you have this opportunity, rather than
nothing .

And this something exists in Infinite Bliss. You have
infinite opportunity. Thus, the way to transcend your fear
is to become a sacrifice in love, full of trust, and Godward
and serving.

DEVOTEE: That’s what You do in every moment.


Don’t look for some quick stimulation, congratulations
for being an ego. Use yourself up in service. Don’t reduce
your existence to human interactions, but in your
Godwardness, your true sadhana, let your body be a sacrifice
rather than fear its death. Exhaust yourself in service. You
have to die from something, so die from exhausting the body
in the infinite attitude of service, or being constantly
Godward in Divine Communion, rather than just let the toxins
of the world and the negativity of egoity kill you with
assorted diseases. They may come along with the
exhaustion-so what?

Use yourself up in sadhana. Exhaust the body-mind in
sadhana. Use all its parts, including its human dimension,
to serve, rather than seeking to survive and be
congratulated or pleasurized in your egoic
“self-possession”. Hm?

DEVOTEE: As You have done with us, Lord, utterly.

ADI DA SAMRAJ: This Body has no karmas. Its going to have
to die, so the only way It can get Its death and be part of
the natural order is to exhaust Itself in service. Sacrifice
is what I am about. There is nothing I can do to stop it.
This is how It will die-by exhausting Itself in Love.

And all these other bodies here – they’re all going to
die. They should all die based on positive participation in
reality, rather than in egoic fear of death, and living a
self-protective life all the while, hiding out in
circumstances of immunity. That’s egoic business, refusal to
accept conditionally manifested existence as a

I am your Avadhoot Master. Why should I be full of fear?
The Avadhoot is inherently Free of fear. I Make My Sacrifice
without regard for health or reputation, if necessary. I
just get on with it, for the sake of beings. And sooner or
later the body dies from it, and that’s the way it is. Its
not going to exist forever. It need not. It should not.

Love until death.

Serve until death.

Commune with Me until death.

Accept cosmic existence as a universal Sacrifice and as a
great Gift, and Realize the Inherent Blissfulness and
Non-“difference” in it.

Answer all your questions by giving yourself up and
Realizing Me.

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