The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation – Adi Da Samraj


The Completing Discourses of the 25-Year Revelation – Table of Contents




On December 1, 1994, Beloved Adi Da Samraj began the last extended period of gatherings in what is now known as His “25-Year Revelation” Work. The gatherings continued (with only one break, from mid-January to mid-February) until August 20, 1995.

During the gatherings, Beloved Adi Da Samraj literally recapitulated the entire Way of the Heart. In conversations with His devotees, Beloved Adi Da Samraj “Considered” everything: from “Bonding” to Him as the single essential principle of the Way of the Heart, to the absolute requirement to discipline sexuality for real growth in practice, to the subtle nuances of the “Perfect Practice” in the ultimate stages of life.

The gatherings of that time fall naturally into three periods. The first period of gatherings, from December 1, 1994 through mid-January 1995, is chronicled in the fourth quarter 1994 issue of The Free Daist . The middle period of gatherings, from mid-February 1995 through the end of April, is chronicled in a double issue of The Free Daist (third and fourth quarters, 1995). And to complete our chronicle of these extraordinary gatherings, we present here the highlights of the final period, from April to August 1995.

The “Reality” You Are Asking Questions About Is Your Own Illusion

April 22, 1995

Being Without a World

May 19, 1995

You Become My Devotee in Your Past as well as in the Present 

May 26, 1995

I Don’t Need Anything; I Just Want To See You! 

by Lynne Wagner

The Search for Perfection 

June 27, 1995

The Seeming Conventionality of Right Sexual Discipline 

April 7, 1995

Make the Body a Yoga-Body 

July 7, 1995

The Fundamental Structure of Existence

The Dimensions of Cosmic Appearance and the “Dimensionless” Divine Domain 
July 23, 1995

Don’t Seek – Eat Soup!
July 24, 1995

The Grid of Attention
August 15, 1995

The Infinite Sea of Undifferentiated Happiness
August 15, 1995

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