Dawn Horse Testament – Chapter 11

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 11

And Even Your Own body Is (At Heart) The Form Of The
Heart Itself


Those who Practice The Way Of Devotional self-Sacrifice
To The Eternally Living One May experience Many
conditionally Manifested Visions On The Way To Divine
Translation. The Final Such (Possible) Vision, and The
Visible Doorway To Divine Translation, Is The (Apparently
Objective) Divine Five-Pointed Star-Form. Then There Is The
Outshining Of the conditional body-mind and the conditional
world By The “Bright” (Which Is The Ultimate and Inherently
Perfect and Perfectly Subjective Source or Heart Of The
Apparently Objective Divine Star ). Such Is Divine
Translation, or Entrance Into The Inherently Perfect
God-World, The Divine Self-Domain, Beyond and Prior To all
the planes Of The Cosmic Mandala.

The Right Side Of The Heart Is The Root Of The Horizontal
Plane Of the body-mind. It Is The bodily Seat Of The
Inherently Perfect Realization Of The Transcendental,
Inherently Spiritual, and (Ultimately) Divine

The Apparently Objective Star Of God Stands Above the
head. It Is (In Its Appearance) The conditional Root Of The
Vertical (or The Descending and Ascending) Dimension Of the
body-mind. It Is (In Its Appearance) The conditional (or
Ascended) Seat Of The Realization Of The Self-Radiant
Source-Condition Of the body-mind and the world (or all
conditionally Manifested subjective and objective

First (Through Fulfillment and Transcendence Of The
Ordeal Of The Way Of The Heart In Relation To The First Six
Stages Of Life) There Must Be Realization Of The
Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine
Self-Condition. Then (Through The Demonstration Of The Way
Of The Heart In The Context Of The Seventh Stage Of Life)
all Apparent (or conditionally Manifested) energies Of
Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Being Must
Be Mastered (or Divinely Recognized, and, Ultimately,
Outshined) By The Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual)
Divine Self-Condition.

When The Concept Of “Difference” Associated With the
conditionally Manifested energies In The Cosmic Mandala Is
Transcended (In The Context Of The Seventh Stage Of Life),
Then the conditional activities of those energies Become
Relaxed. The (Apparently Objective) Divine Five-Pointed Star
May Then Come Into The Field Of Vision Of The Transcendental
(and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self (To Be Spontaneously
Recognized In The “Bright” Divine Self), or Else The
Inherent (and, Ultimately, Divine) Feeling Of Being May
Simply and Spontaneously “Coincide” With The
Feeling-“Bright” Itself. In Either Event, The Transcendental
(and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self and Its Own
Spirit-Energy (or “Bright” Inherent Radiance) Are In The
State Of Inherent (and Inherently Perfect) Oneness, or
Divinely Enlightened Realization.

Realization Of The Inherent Union Of The Transcendental
Divine Self and Its Own Divine Energy (or Inherent Spiritual
Radiance) Is Realization Of The “Bright” (Which Includes and
Yet Transcends Every Fraction Of The Total Cosmic Mandala).
In The Context Of conditional Existence, The Realization Of
The “Bright” Is Demonstrated Even Universally (and
Throughout the Total Apparent body-mind), but The Most Basic
(or Original) conditional Demonstration Of The “Bright” Is
The Realization or “Regeneration” Of Amrita Nadi (The Great
conditional, or Apparently conditionally Manifested, Form
and “Location” Of God). Therefore, Amrita Nadi, or The
“Bright” Fullness That Stands Between The Right Side Of The
Heart and The Matrix Of Lights Above the head, Is The
Ultimate Yogic Form. It Is The Ultimate conditional (or
Structural) Seat, Sign, and Self-Radiant (or Divinely
Transfigured) Body Of The Process Of Translation Into The
Divine Self-Domain.

The Seventh Stage Of Life Is The Final Process, In Which
This Ultimate Yogic Form and The Ultimate Event Of Awakening
Into The Divine Self-Domain Are Accomplished. And The
Seventh Stage Of Life Begins With The Event Of
Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine

Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine
Self-Realization Is Not A Matter Of Identification With the
essential inwardness of the Apparent, conditional, Separate,
or Distinct individual self. It Is Realization Of God. It Is
Inherent, and Inherently Perfect, and, Necessarily,
Perfectly self-Transcending God-Realization, or Realization
Of God Without The Concept Of “Difference”.

Neither the conditional self Nor the conditional world
(or the various conditionally Manifested relations of the
conditional self) qualifies (or limits) The Realization Of
God In The Seventh Stage Of Life. Rather, both the
(Apparent) conditional self and the (Apparent) conditional
world Are Inherently (and Divinely) Recognizable (or
Inherently, Tacitly, and Inherently Perfectly Transcended)
In The Case Of That Realization. Because Of This, both the
(Apparent) conditional world and the (Apparent) conditional
self (Simply as Divinely Recognized body-mind, Rather Than
as ego, or Un-Recognized self-Contraction) May Continue
(Apparently) To arise (Until Divine Translation), and in any
form at all, Without limiting That Realization, Its
Love-Bliss, or Its Demonstration.

To Abide As The Self-Radiant (or Inherently Spiritual)
and Self-Existing (or Transcendental) Divine Condition Of
Being (Itself) Is The Primary, Ultimate, and Perfect (or
Inherently Perfected) Yoga. Even So, As Long As the
conditional body-mind and the conditional world Continue To
(Apparently) arise, The Conscious Process Of Transcendental
(and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self-Abiding Will Be
Spontaneously Associated With Divine Recognition Of the
conditions that (Apparently) arise, and Such Divine
Recognition Is Naturally Associated with (or Demonstrated
Via) conditional Spirit-Conductivity, or The Secondary or
Manifest Yoga Practiced (or Demonstrated, Even
Spontaneously) In The (Apparent) Context Of psycho-physical
events. Therefore, This Natural Association Between The Yoga
Of The Conscious Process (Which Addresses the
self-Contraction, or, Ultimately, The Divine Self-Condition,
Directly) and conditional Spirit-Conductivity (or The Yoga
Of psycho-physical events, Which Eventually Becomes
Spirit-Conductivity) Also Characterizes The Way Of The Heart
In All Its Inevitable (or Otherwise Potential) Processes and
All Its Necessary (or Otherwise Potential) Practices,
Previous To (As Well As Ever After) The Awakening Of The
Seventh Stage Of Life.


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