The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 13

I Call You To Listen To Me, To Hear Me, To See Me, and To
Receive My Spirit-Baptism Through Conversion Of The

Even Though The Way Of The Heart Is Primarily A Matter Of
The Conscious Process (and The Realization, Ultimately, Of
The Perfectly Subjective Divine Self-Consciousness), The
Full (and Fully Fruitful) Practice Of The Way Of The Heart
Also Necessarily (If Secondarily) Requires The Constant
Establishment Of attention (and the Total body-mind) In The
Divine Spirit-Energy, For The Perfectly Subjective Divine
Consciousness Itself Is Both Transcendental (or
Self-Existing, Prior To conditional Existence) and
Inherently Spiritual (or “Brightly” Self-Existing As
Self-Radiant Energy, or Love-Bliss Itself).

Therefore, Let the body-mind Be Opened To Me At The Heart
Through Devotional Listening, To The Degree Of Hearing (or
Most Fundamental self-Understanding), and Then Let The
Opened Heart Be Deeply Attracted and Spontaneously Converted
Through The Seeing Of Me (Which Is The Event and Process Of
Spiritually Activated emotional, and Total psycho-physical,
Conversion To The Spiritual Divine By Means Of My
Grace-Given Spirit-Baptism). Then Practice Whole bodily (or
Total psycho-physical) self-Surrender To Me, In Meditation
and In daily life, By breathing and Feeling The By Me
Revealed Divine Spirit-Energy In The Total Frontal Line Of
the body-Down From Infinitely Above the head, and Down
Through the head (Via the aperture in the rear of the top of
the skull, and Down and Forward, Through The Upper Rear, and
The Middle, and The Front Of The Brain Core, and Down
Through the Total facial area), Then Down Through The Region
Of the throat, Then The Region Of the physical heart, Then
the solar plexus and the abdomen, To the bodily base (or The
Region That Includes the genitals, the perineum, and the
anus). When This Descending Practice Is Full, You May Yet
(If Necessary) Also Engage The Circle In Its Ascending or
Spinal Line (By Always Calling On Me At The Ajna Door, or
The Total Brain Core, Between and Slightly Above and Deep
Behind the brows, and Always By breathing and Feeling The By
Me Revealed Divine Spirit-Energy In The Total Spinal Line Of
the body-In, Back, and Up Via the Total bodily base, and,
Thus, To and Into The Spinal Line, Then Straight and Fully
Up The Spinal Line To the base of the skull, Then Up and
Forward Into The Brain Core, and Ever Deeper, Up and Back,
Into The Upper Rear Of The Brain Core, Even To the aperture
in the rear of the top of the skull, and Even To The Total
Crown Of the head, and, Thence, Even Above, and Infinitely
Above, the head).

If The By Me Given Primary Practice and Conscious Process
(Of The Submission Of attention To Me, and, Thus and
Thereby, To Commune With, and, Ultimately, To Be Dissolved
In, or Utterly Transcended In, its Divine Source) Is Truly
and Rightly and Fully Embraced and Engaged By You, and If
You Consistently Support That Primary Practice and Conscious
Process By True, Full, and Right Embrace and Engagement Of
The Necessary Secondary Grace-Given Means (Which Is The By
Me Given Practice, and The By Me Given Process, Of Divine
Spirit-Conductivity), Then The Entire and The Ultimate Way
and Revelation Of The Heart Will Be Given To You, By Me (and
As Me, and, Ultimately, As You Are ). Therefore, If You Are
My True and Truest Devotee, All The Necessary Revelations Of
Descent, and (If They Are Necessary) All The Revelations Of
Ascent, and (In Due Course) The Revelation Of The
Witness-Consciousness (and The Revelation Of The Heart On
The Right, and The Revelation Of The Perfectly Subjective
Heart Of Consciousness Itself), and (Ultimately) All The
Revelations and Necessary Demonstrations Of The Seventh
Stage Of Life Will (each and All) Be Given To You,
Inevitably, and In Right Time, By Grace.


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