The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 15

Beloved, If You Will Do This, You Will Awaken To The
“Bright” Divine Self-Domain

First, You Must Listen To Me and Hear Me (Whether In The
Manner Of The Devotional Way Of Insight Or In The Manner Of
The Devotional Way Of Faith). Then You Must See Me (and,
Thus and Thereby, “Locate”, Identify, and Become Attracted
To The Spiritual Divine) Via My Giving Gift Of
Spirit-Baptism. Then You Must Practice Reception Of That
All-Pervading Spirit-Power In The Frontal Line.

On The Basis Of Hearing and Seeing, Overcome The Tendency
To Reverse, or Obstruct, or Be Weak In The Frontal Line. Do
This By The Active Combination Of Most Fundamental
self-Understanding, Conversion Of All emotional Reactivity
Into Free Heart-Feeling, or Love, Regular Performance Of
functional, practical, relational, and Cultural Disciplines,
Steady and Full Spirit-Conductivity In The Frontal Line, and
The Practice Of Divine Communion, Via Either self-Enquiry Or
True Prayer.

On The Basis Of Hearing and Seeing, Overcome The Tendency
To Break The Circle. (This Breaking Is Generally The Product
Of physical imbalance, toxicity, vital weakness, and
degenerative sexual activity. Therefore, Repair, and
Otherwise Avoid, or Voluntarily Relinquish, These Results Of
Unlawful Living, Even Through self-Discipline, and Through
self-Surrendering and self-Forgetting Feeling-Contemplation
Of Me , In The Context Of The Ordeal Of Listening.)

On The Basis Of Hearing and Seeing, Become Full and
Steady In The Frontal Line. Then You May Receive and Conduct
and Be Carried By That Fullness Via The Spinal Line.
Therefore, Let The Circle Be Full, Not Weak, Not Obstructed,
Not Reversed, and Not Broken. And, If Practice Of The Way Of
The Heart Becomes Associated with The Yoga Of Ascent In The
Spinal Line, Freely and Openly and Fully Allow The
Spirit-Current To Ascend Via The Spinal Line, Even So That
the cerebro-spinal fluid is heard and physically felt
pulsing and clicking through the lower ventricles of the
brain. Do This Until The Knot In The Brain Core Is Opened,
Even So That The Passage Above Is Made Clear. Then You May
Also Let The Spirit-Current Carry You Further Upwards (Even
To The Highest Place, Which Is The Free Ascended Space Of

The Impulse Toward Such Ascent Is Transcended At The
Heart (and In Due Course), Whether Before Or After The
Spinal Yoga Of Ascent Is Entered. Therefore, When The
Impulse To Ascend Is Transcended, Come To Rest In The
Witness-Position Of Free Consciousness, Inherently Free Of
All Concern For the body-mind, Until The Ultimate and Real
Condition Of The Heart (or Consciousness Itself) Is

Then The Heart Itself Will Shine Upwards To The Highest
Place, and It Will Shine From There Into The Circle Of the
body-mind and everywhere In The Cosmic Domain. And The
Inherent Love-Bliss Of The Self-Radiant Divine Being Will
Freely Descend and Ascend In The Circle Of the body-mind,
Radiating In All Directions.

Then Abide As The Self-Existing and Self-Radiant and
(Necessarily) Divine Being (or Perfectly Subjective
Self-Condition), Divinely Recognizing All Modifications Of
That Radiance That Are experienced Via The Parts Of The
Circle. Abide Thus, Recognizing all beings and conditions In
Divine Love-Bliss. Abide Thus, Standing As The
Transcendental (and Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self, Until
The Inherent “Brightness” Of The Transcendental (and
Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self Outshines the body-mind
and The Total Cosmic Mandala.

Then You Will Stand In (and As) The Divine Self-Domain,
Which Is Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, and Perfectly
Subjective Being Itself, Shining Beyond all attention to the
worlds Of Cosmic Struggle and death.

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