The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 24

By listening to me, by hearing me, and by seeing me,
purify body and mind of self-contraction

In the true course of the frontal yoga in the way of the
heart, there will be occasional “surges” of the
spirit-current in the frontal line. Such surges may be weak
or strong. They may produce yawning and general relaxation,
and they may otherwise reveal or yield feelings of general
pleasure, happiness, or love-bliss. Frontal surges may also
be accompanied or followed by temporary symptoms of mental,
emotional, and physical discomfort, pain, fever, and even
physical disease. Occasionally, there may even be an
experience that feels like a kind of electric “shock” or
“jolt”, that briefly energizes the body beyond ordinary
tolerance. In and by all of this, the human character is to
be positively changed through the invasion of the frontal
personality by the divine spirit-current.

Among all of these signs there should appear progressive
evidence of what i have, since childhood, called “the
thumbs”. Beginning in the “basic” context of the fourth
stage of life in the way of the heart, there should be at
least occasional experience of an intense invasion of the
frontal line by the grace-given spirit-force, beginning at
the top of the head and descending into the lower vital
region to the bodily base. The pressure of this event may be
rather overwhelming, and it must be allowed. At last, it is
not possible to defend your psycho-physical self against
this invading pressure. It feels like a solid and yet fluid
mass of force, like a large hand all made of thumbs,
pressing down, engorging the throat, penetrating the mind,
the emotional core, and the physical body. This simple and
most basic form of “the thumbs” is a necessary, although
generally only occasional, experience associated with
spirit-baptism. It is the divine goddess-power and
husbanding grace at work.

As the spiritual process develops toward the transition
from the “basic” fourth stage of life to the “advanced”
fourth stage of life, in the way of the heart, the simple
and most basic experience of “the thumbs” should continue to
occur on occasion, and, on one or more occasions, the
experience of “the thumbs” may appear in its most extended
and complete form. In that case, the descending spiritual
fullness will completely overwhelm the ordinary frontal or
human sense of bodily existence. The spirit-current will
move fully down to the bodily base, and it will then turn
about and pass into the spinal line with such force that you
will feel utterly intoxicated, and there will be the feeling
that the body is somehow rotating forward and down from the
crown of the head as well as backward and up from the base
of the spine. This rotation will seem suddenly to complete
itself, and the experience will suddenly be one of feeling
released from the gross physical body, so that you feel you
are present only as an energy body, and you will feel your
psycho-physical self to be somehow spherical in shape,
centerless and boundless, although somehow and partially or
potentially also yet centered, defined, and limited by the
essence of form, body, mind, and ego-self. The ordinary
references of the body-mind and the environment will not
make much sense or affect this experience of “the thumbs” in
any significant fashion, although there may be some
superficial awareness of the body, the room, and so forth.
This experience will last for a few moments or minutes. And
just when this experience has become most pleasurable, so
that you would have it continue indefinitely, the ordinary
sense of the body-mind will return.

This complete experience of “the thumbs” is a
transitional samadhi. Therefore, its significance is not in
the experience itself, but in its effect. That is to say, it
is an indication that the process of self-transcendence is
moving on from concentration in the frontal personality to
the next immediately possible developmental stage, which
involves the process of ascent to the ajna door via the
spinal line.

Either the samadhi of “the thumbs” or else the experience
of “the thumbs” in its simple and most basic form will, by
grace, spontaneously appear in the full frontal course of
spiritual practice in the way of the heart. Therefore, in
the way of the heart, the sign of “the thumbs” is one of the
necessary indicators that must precede the transition from
the “basic” fourth stage of life to the “advanced” fourth
stage of life.

The sign of “the thumbs” is one of the primary
experiential signs of the transcendence of bondage and
confinement to the frontal personality and the gross bodily
idea of ego-self. The sign of “the thumbs” indicates that
the knots in the frontal line are opened to the grace-given
spirit-current. The sign of “the thumbs” is also an
indication that the primary knot or root-contraction in the
deep or base region of the body-mind, from the solar plexus
to the bodily base, has been, and can continue to be, opened
to the grace-given spirit-current, so that great fullness of
love-bliss is established deep in the body, the emotional
being, and the mind of the frontal personality.

The sign of “the thumbs” has often appeared to me, even
in my childhood. In the course of my years of practice, i
gradually permitted “the thumbs” to achieve its full and
complete form. Even a full decade before the great event of
my divine re-awakening, i enjoyed the spontaneous experience
of spiritual regeneration via the regeneration of the total
mechanism associated with “the thumbs”, but the frontal
personality must be “worked” by the spirit-current of “the
thumbs”, until the frontal personality and the frontal line
cease to obstruct or prevent the advancement of the great
process. Therefore, even after the spontaneous regeneration
of the process of “the thumbs”, it was yet required of me to
continue to struggle with the limits of the frontal
personality for some years before i would allow the full
samadhi of “the thumbs” and, more importantly, the ultimate
“work” of “the thumbs”.

In my own case, the full samadhi of “the thumbs” did not
begin to appear until i began to practice the “work” of
surrender in the company of my first spiritual teacher ).
However, the struggle with the frontal yoga did not become
fruitful until struggle itself was transcended. Therefore,
that transcendence of the effort of surrender was not the
result of strategic non-effort, but it was the spontaneous
evidence of simple responsive identification with the
revealed spirit-current itself.

As with me, so for my devotees. The process signified and
initiated by the sign of “the thumbs” necessarily involves
intelligent, intentional, and otherwise spontaneous
relinquishment of un-happy identification with gross bodily,
emotional, and mental states. This relinquishment takes
place through spontaneous identification with the subtle
energy body that envelops the gross body, and spontaneous
identification with the by grace revealed spirit-current
itself. And all of this is initiated by the divine
spirit-presence itself.

Therefore, in the way of the heart, the transition from
the “basic” fourth stage of life to the “advanced” fourth
stage of life is not fully indicated until the complete
frontal process and the kinds of phenomenal signs i have
described have become fully evident. And the necessary signs
include real and stable evidence of frontal equanimity,
evidence of the full and stable awakening of spinal
conductivity, and either simple and basic evidence of the
experience of “the thumbs” or fully extended and complete
evidence of the samadhi of “the thumbs”. And if a transition
is to be made directly from the point of basic maturity in
the “basic” context of the fourth stage of life in the way
of the heart to practice of the way of the heart in the
context of the sixth stage of life, the same complete
frontal process and the same phenomenal signs must be
demonstrated, although there may be less experience of
significant spinal spirit-conductivity, and the experience
of “the thumbs” may be limited to the simple and basic form,
but there must also be clear and stable and native and free
identification with the witness-position of

In every case, the “work” must continue until the “work”
is done.

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