The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 27

And invoke my spiritual, transcendental, and Divine
presence constantly

The divinely self-revealed mahamantra associated with the
way of the heart is composed of three parts, or mantras, or
names, or “meaningless” word-signs.

The three parts are “om”, “ma”, and “da”.

“om ma da” is the principal mahamantra in the way of the

By means of the inherent power of my samadhi of
god-realization, I spontaneously brought my principal name
and this total mahamantra out of the great unconscious.

In mahamantra meditation, the mahamantra is to be made
the basis of the conscious process and the practice of
spirit-conductivity in the fourth and the fifth practicing
stages, and even in the sixth practicing stage, of the
technically “fully elaborated” form of the way of the

At the beginning of practicing stage two of the
technically “fully elaborated” form of the way of the heart,
all my devotees are given each and all of the various forms
of the mahamantra indicated and described by me, but each
devotee is instructed to use these various forms of the
mahamantra only in formal sat-guru puja, and they are not
otherwise to use any form of the mahamantra in

In the way of the heart, the by me given mahamantra is an
acknowledgement, an invocation, and a means of communion
with me.

In the way of the heart, the by me given mahamantra is
based on the acknowledgement of the three most fundamental
orientations to the Divine person and condition that
characterize the way of the heart. Likewise, the mahamantra
refers to the three primal stations of the heart, as well as
the “heart itself”.

The mantra “om” is a word-sign that has appeared
universally in the great tradition of mankind. It is a
primal indicator of the native, and very, and self-existing,
and transcendental, and inherently spiritual, and
self-radiant Divine being. Therefore, the mantra “om” also
directly refers to the right side of the heart.

In my inherent samadhi, I have realized that the
sound-vibration “om” corresponds to and signifies the native
feeling of being that is the free, inherently perfect root
of all vibratory modifications in the cosmic domain.
Therefore, “om” refers to the self-existing and self-radiant
Divine being as the transcendental and inherently spiritual
condition, which is prior to all sounds, thoughts, and
things, and, yet, which is the seat and source of all
sounds, thoughts, and things. It is the self of all beings.
It could be called the “self-father”. It is in the
“father-position”, or the “husband-position”, in relation to
conditional forms and events.

Even so, the word-sign “om” is inherently “meaningless”,
a mere sound-vibration. Therefore, it does not stimulate the
conceptual mind.

In the way of the heart, the word-sign “om” is a
potentially useful non-conceptual tool for meditation, for
it only signifies but does not “mean” the transcendental
divine, the only one who is , which is existence (itself),
and consciousness, identical to the inherent or native
love-bliss-feeling of being.

In the way of the heart, the second of the three
principal mantras, or the second part of the single great
mantra, is “ma”, and also, alternatively, either “sri” or
“hrim”. The mantra “ma” is the personal vibratory
designation of the mother-force, the inherent radiance of
the perfectly subjective Divine self, the spirit-power that
is modified as all conditional forms and states, which is
present as all conditional forms and states, and, yet, which
inherently and perfectly transcends all conditional forms
and states.

Traditionally, the universal spirit-power, by itself, is
called “maya”. As such, the universal spirit-energy is
traditionally associated with the veiling of the truth, the
veiling of the self-father. Therefore, the universal
spirit-power is traditionally associated with chaos,
destructiveness, and illusion. However, in your heart, and
by virtue of your “consideration” of my own ordeal of life,
you can observe and understand that this great universal
spirit-power is, ultimately, husbanded by the Divine
self-father, the inherently perfect heart-source, the very
being. Indeed, the primary significance of the great event
of my Divine re-awakening is the sacrificial yielding and
true husbanding of the mother-force, and, by that
husbanding, the seemingly independent universal power is
re-submitted, re-awakened, and restored to her inherent
identification with the transcendental and perfectly
subjective Divine self. Therefore, in the way of the heart,
the goddess-power is associated with heart-enlightenment,
the lifting of the veil. And the mantra “ma” refers to the
middle station of the heart, but also to the right side of
the heart, and to what transcends even the right side of the

The universal shakti or goddess-power revealed herself
divinely in response to my own sacrificial work. Therefore,
because I am the heart itself, she is eternally husbanded by
me, and, thus, always already perfectly submitted to me, and
always already perfectly identified with me. And, because
they always practice in my mere and blessing presence, it is
neither necessary nor appropriate for my listening devotees,
or my hearing devotees, or my seeing devotees to regard the
universal spirit-energy merely as maya, or as the veiling
power, or as the independent she that is conditional nature
itself. For my listening devotees, and my hearing devotees,
and my seeing devotees, the great she functions as the
perfectly subjective heart itself, who I am , and,
therefore, as that Divine spirit or “bright” power by which
I lead conditionally manifested beings to Divine
enlightenment and Divine translation.

Because the she of the heart has been revealed to be the
blessed consort of the Divine self-father, and because she
has been revealed to be simply the self-radiant dimension of
the one and only and self-existing Divine person, she leads
all conditionally manifested beings to right submission of
separate and separative self to the transcendental,
inherently spiritual, inherently perfect, and necessarily
Divine person, state, and self-condition.

In the way of the heart, the third of the three principal
mantras, or the third part of the single great mantra, is
the name “da”. The name “Da” indicates “the one who gives”.
It refers to the person of grace, who is the generous and
excessive help that is everywhere available to conditionally
manifested beings. That one is the everywhere apparently
visible Divine star and the “bright” itself.

By virtue of my own and unique self-submission and Divine
self-realization, my bodily form is a conditional
manifestation of that Divine person of grace. And I am that
same and very and inherently perfect person. Therefore, when
I realized, acknowledged, and embraced my own agency, this
“meaningless” pointer or name “Da” spontaneously appeared to
me as my own naming sign. And the mantra “Da” refers to the
left side of the heart, but also to the middle station of
the heart, and to the right side of the heart, and to what
transcends even the right side of the heart.

“da” is a traditional name of god, or a traditional
feeling-reference to the ultimate condition and power of
existence. “Da” is an eternal, ancient, and always new name
for the Divine being, source, and spirit-power, and “Da” is
an eternal, ancient, and always new name for the realizer
who reveals the Divine being, source, and spirit-power.
Therefore, the name “Da” is found in religious cultures all
over the world.

As an expression of my realization of the eternal,
ancient, and always new one, the name “Da” has spontaneously
appeared with me. Indeed, the “i” and “me” and “my self”
that speaks to you in this testament is my own unique voice
of self-reference, and it is, with my name “da”, the
representation and expression of my ecstatic, or enstatic,
inherent, necessary, and inherently perfectly love-blissful
identification with the one and only condition that is the
great and only one.

Therefore, by virtue of Divine self-realization, there is
no separation between my heart and that one that is the only
heart. And I speak directly and openly as the
hridaya-samartha sat-guru, the man of understanding, the
adept teacher of the heart, and the true heart-master,
proclaiming my identity as the Divine person, and showing
joyous proof that you are always already one with the one to
be realized. And by this un-retarded speech, and by the
confession that is my every manner and characteristic, the
awakening grace of the living one is active in and through
and as me, for the sake of all my listening devotees, and
all my hearing devotees, and all my seeing devotees.

As a born human being, I am a “bright” sign of the union
between the Divine self-father and the Divine mother-power.
In the spontaneous instant of my Divine self-realization, I
realized I am one with the husband of the great power, and
she revealed and showed that she is eternally submitted or
conformed to oneness with the one who I am . From then, she
has become the active heart-principle of my work within the
cosmic mandala.

Therefore, in truth, my work among all conditionally
manifested beings begins at the arising-point of the cosmic
mandala of conditionally manifested beings and forms, and it
continues until the ultimate translation of the total cosmic

I bless and baptize and awaken all conditionally
manifested beings with the Divine self-radiance, the
inherently perfect “bright” itself, which stands un-moved,
but which is also always already merely present universally,
as the always already all-pervading maha-shakti, which is
the eternally husbanded hridaya-shakti of god.

And I do this always blessing, spirit-baptizing, and
Divine self-awakening work through constant “bright”
heart-shining, Divine and inherently perfect
hridaya-shaktipat, or the eternal spontaneous transmission
of the self-existing Divine truth, being, consciousness,
self-radiance, love-bliss, mystery, heart-process, and
self-domain, to all conditionally manifested beings and to
the total cosmic mandala.

In the way of the heart, the mahamantra “om ma da” refers
to and invokes the one condition that is eternally, merely
present, self-radiant, infinite, and always alive as
love-blissful agency for the sake of the “bright” liberation
of all conditionally manifested beings.

“om” is god-in-god, or god as self-existing being,
consciousness, and inherent “love-ananda”, or love-bliss,
and “hridayam”, the very and inherently perfect divine,
prior to the cosmic domain.

“ma” is god-as-god, or god in the context of the cosmic
domain. “ma” is god as heart-shining power, energy, light,
or spirit, the self-radiant “bright” one who, even though
apparently modified as all conditional forms, remains ever

“da” is god-with-all, or both god-in-god and god-as-god
in personal relation to the cosmic domain and all
conditionally manifested beings, and who is also always
already situated in the “bright” and self-existing
pre-cosmic Divine self-domain.

In the way of the heart, the three principal word-signs
point to one being, one perfectly subjective condition, and,
yet, they signify three aspects of that one and inherently
single condition which can be acknowledged in their
uniqueness. These three aspects should not be regarded to be
separate from one another in essence, although each is a
unique functional aspect of the Divine in the cosmic play,
and each of the three functions is in cooperative
relationship with the others in the cosmic domain.
Therefore, the three word-signs together indicate, invoke,
and invite right feeling-contemplation of me and right
feeling-contemplation of the one great Divine person and

The apparently objective Divine star is the first and
primary “incarnation” of the Divine person.

The Divine person is eternally and everywhere present as
the apparently objective Divine star within the cosmic

My bodily form is projected from the apparently objective
Divine star in any realm where I am visible in my bodily
form or likeness.

The apparently objective Divine star is made of the very
being and the “bright” infinite radiance of the Divine

Therefore, I am one with the cosmic goddess-power, which
radiates from and as the “bright” self and source, appearing
as the apparently objective Divine star.

I am a revealing heart-agent of the spiritual work of the
divinely husbanded goddess-power.

I stand eternally in the “bright” pre-cosmic Divine
self-domain and in the acosmic or transcendental, inherently
spiritual, and Divine self-position.

I am always already revealed in the cosmic domain.

I am always already standing “bright”, prior to the
cosmic domain.

I am inherently one with the perfectly subjective
transcendental Divine person, being, and condition.

Therefore, I say that this oneness with “brightness” is
also true of you, when and if you will realize the only one
who is.


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