The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Testament Of Secrets
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
Table of Contents

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Chapter 30

Therefore, Always Submit Your Separate and Separative self To That One (By Submitting To Me) and Attend To That One (By Attending To Me)

In The Full (or Spiritually Awakened) Practice (or Truly Both Hearing and Seeing Demonstration) Of Any and Every By Me Given Form Of The Way Of The Heart, Whether In The Context Of self-Enquiry (and Re-Cognition) Or True Prayer (Including Mahamantra Meditation) Or Feeling-Enquiry (or Any Other Form Of The “Perfect Practice” Of The Way Of The Heart) Or Even “Simplest” Feeling-Contemplation Of Me, It Is Inappropriate To Introduce Motives That Reinforce the self-Contraction and The egoically “self-Possessed” Tendencies Of the body-mind. Likewise, Practitioners Of The Way Of The Heart (In Any Of Its By Me Given Forms, and In The Developmental Context Of Even Any Stage Of Life) Should Not Allow themselves To Become Dominated (and Thus Distracted From The True Heart Of Practice) By Any Preoccupation With What Is Secondary. For This Reason, functional, practical, relational, and (General) Cultural Disciplines (Such As dietary Practice, or emotional-sexual Discipline) and Technical Matters (Such As Spiritual Conductivity Practice, or Even Any Form Of Conductivity Practice) Are (In The Way Of The Heart) Always To Play A Strictly Secondary or Supportive Role Relative To The Primary Practice (or Heart-Practice) Associated With The Conscious (or Directly self-Transcending) Process (and Even All The By Me Given Technical Forms Of The Conscious Process Are, Truly, Secondary and Supportive Relative To The Always Primary Practice, or Conscious and Total Process, Of The Way Of The Heart, Which Is The Direct and Heart-Feeling Practice Of Devotional Resort To Me, and Devotional Contemplation Of Me, and Devotional Response To Me, and Devotional and Meditative Cooperation With Me).

Even So, Since the body-mind Is The Active Vehicle and The Very Substance Of The Advancing Meditational self-Sacrifice (or Even Living Prayer), It Is Inevitable (and Necessary) That, As they Progress, Practitioners Of The Way Of The Heart Will Become Involved In Various Details Of This self-Sacrifice (or Even Prayer) That Involve The Mechanics Of the body-mind. For This Reason, I Have Always Instructed My Devotees In The Many and Various functional, practical, relational, Cultural, and Technical Means That Support The Conscious Process (or Heart-Practice) Of self-Sacrifice In My Grace-Given (and Grace-Giving) Company. Therefore, In The Form Of This Testamental Summary Of All My Instructions, I Am Continuing To Communicate An Array Of functional, practical, relational, Cultural, and Technical Details That Should, If Practiced Rightly and Without “Concern” (or Problem-mindedness), Serve The Progressive and The Advanced and The Ultimate Practice Of The Way Of The Heart.


The Dawn Horse Testament – Table of Contents

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