The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 35

And Become Full Of My Revelation Of The Living One

In The Ascending Practice Of The Way Of The Heart, The
Technical Practice Of lung-breathing Spirit-Conductivity In
The Circle May Be Engaged At Random As A Supportive or
Skillful Means For Collecting attention, mind, vitality,
bodily Orientation, and All Heart-Feeling At The Ajna Door
During Ascending Mahamantra Practice, and Also During The
Exercise Of Any Other Ascending Form Of True Prayer, and
Also During The Ascending Exercise Of self-Enquiry.

In The Ascending Stages Of The Way Of The Heart, the body
Should Be Constantly Relaxed Along The Spinal Line Toward
The Crown Of the head and Above. Then, At Random, the breath
Can Be Used, As I Have Described, To Move The Spiritual
Life-Current In The Circle. In That Case, when inhaling Via
The Frontal Line, Artful Locking Of the bodily base May Be
Applied At times, To Draw Down and Hold The Spiritual
Life-Current In The Frontal Spirit-Focus. Also, Artful
Locking Of the bodily base May Otherwise Be Applied To
“Shoot” The Spiritual Life-Current Upwards Via The Spinal
Line With exhalation, or Even To Serve or Emphasize The
Drawing Up Of The Spiritual Life-Current Through The Spinal
Line With inhalation. Likewise, the tongue Should Always Be
Allowed To Rest or Press Lightly Upon the roof of the mouth,
and the eyes Should Be Allowed To Close and Turn

At times, It May Be Found Useful To Make An Even More
Strong Engagement Of the inhaled breath For These Same
Purposes. Thus, On any inhalation, While Drawing Up The By
Grace Revealed Spiritual Life-Current Via The Spinal Line To
The Ajna Door, the inhaled breath Can Be Pressed Up Into The
Brain Core and Held In the upper rear of the head, Locked
and Suspended there By The Upward Pressure and Intention.
This Holding Can Be Maintained For several moments, Even
Just To The Point Where exhalation Becomes Inevitable and
Necessary For Comfort. Indeed, In The Ascending Context Of
The Way Of The Heart, either the exhaled or the inhaled
breath May Be Intentionally Used To Press The Spirit-Current
and attention Upwards At The Ajna Door.

Also, Whether In The Technically “Fully Elaborated”
Context Of The Way Of The Heart Or, Otherwise, In The
Context Of The Technically “Simpler”, or Even “Simplest”,
Practice Of The Way Of The Heart, It May Be Found That A
Natural Kumbhak Occurs During Deep Meditation, Particularly
In The Context Of Either The “Advanced” Fourth Stage Or The
Fifth Stage Of Life In The Way Of The Heart. Even the
heartbeat May Temporarily Come To Rest In Deep Meditation.
Or All Awareness Of breath, heartbeat, and body May Cease At
times. Just So, In The Context Of Ascending Practice In The
Way Of The Heart, The Awareness Of The Circle May
Spontaneously Yield To The Awareness Of The Arrow. In Any
Case, All Intentional “Working” Of The Spirit-Current Via
the breath Should Eventually Yield To Simple Observation Of
the breath-Cycle and The Voluntary Following Of The
Movements Of The By Grace Revealed Spiritual Current Of
Life. And Even This Disposition Must Eventually Be
Spontaneously Replaced By The Utterly Ecstatic Swoon Of
Faith, In Which body, breath, mind, attention, and All
Heart-Feeling Are Simply Relaxed and Released In The
Spirit-Flow Of Love-Bliss.


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