The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Testament Of Secrets
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991

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Chapter 39

And You May Have Many Visions Of The Source Of “things”

Human intelligence tends to be organized around visual sensations even more than it is around auditory sensations. Therefore, in the Way of The Heart, self-enquiry, and ascending mahamantra meditation, and also the technically “simpler” “lay congregationist” practice of formally acknowledged ascending feeling-contemplation of me, may tend to collect heart-feeling and attention toward visualized objects more than toward objects of audition.

Many light-forms, discrete objects, environments, and beings may be perceived in subtle vision as heart-feeling and attention rise in the cosmic mandala toward the apparently objective divine star. In the Way of The Heart, the primary objects to be perceived are my subtle bodily form, the full presentation of the cosmic mandala, and the five-pointed divine star.

The entire cosmic mandala, including the divine star, may be perceived even in gross internal vision. The divine star and the cosmic mandala are tangibly projected even into the structural pattern of the gross body, including the brain, of every human being, just as they are also projected into every body-mind, plane, or realm of experience in the cosmic domain. Therefore, those who practice meditation in the Way of The Heart may, before long, have some visionary experience of the cosmic mandala and even the objective white star.

The great mandala of the conditional or cosmic domain may appear in vision, both during life and after death. The various cosmic planes or worlds may be perceived, as in a dream, or more concretely, with varying degrees of clarity, detail, and completeness, with all their kinds of beings, forms, and events, and with varying degrees of your participation.

Just so, the great cosmic mandala itself may be perceived in vision. It appears as a circle. The circle is itself a gathering of circles, each set within the other, concentric, formed as a radiant wheel or a well or a tunnel of great formative lights. The outer ring is narrow and red in color. The next ring is yellow, and it is wide. Then there is another narrow ring, of a moonlike whiteness. Then another narrow ring, apparently black, or the color of indigo. And the last ring, at the center, is a radiant blue, wide as the yellow. In the center of the radiant blue is the brilliant clear white five-pointed star.

Each ring of color is an energy-field of a certain range of vibration. Within each ring, there are countless worlds and beings, each characterized and limited by the vibratory field in which they appear. The outer rings are grosser, or of a lower vibration, and existence in them is brief and difficult. Those closest to the center are subtler, or of a higher vibration, and existence in them is more pleasurable, more prolonged, less threatened, but nonetheless conditional, changing, temporary, made of many limits, and moved by a necessary struggle. The radiant blue is the most subtle, and existence there is limited by great powers and great longing for divine love-bliss, which is finally realized only in the exceedingly “bright” feeling-domain of self-existing and self-radiant divine love-bliss. And the human world is also within this cosmic mandala of lights, in the outer or grosser fields of red and yellow.

The vision of the cosmic mandala may be perceived as a whole, or in part, either enlarged or reduced to a point. Therefore, a point or a spot or a circle may be perceived, made of any color, or a group of any of the rings of associated color. In any moment, a sudden spot of light may be perceived to fly out of the eyes, or one of the eyes, or else flash before the internal vision, attractively.

Any kind of pattern or scene may appear in meditation or random vision. Any kind of adventure may be experienced, before or after death, in this or any other conditional world.

All worlds are a psycho-physical display, made of divine self-radiance, by spontaneous and conditional and merely apparent modification of that radiance. All conditionally manifested beings are spirits, or conditional modifications of transcendental divine conscious light. All visions are made of the same mandala of modified clear white light, the light or self-radiance or inherent spiritual radiance of transcendental divine being.

Therefore, in the process of divine translation, all conditional worlds, all conditional beings and events, all conditional forms of the psycho-physical self, and all the cosmic colors yield to the divine star, and, therefrom, to the most prior source-condition of even the divine star, and, thus and so, enter into the divine “brightness” of self-existing being, which all-outshining “brightness” is itself the divine self-domain.

In that process of divine translation, the divine star ceases to be an object. Indeed, divine translation occurs only if my devotee is fully awake to all the forms of my revelation of the divine person, and, therefore, only if my devotee is established in the transcendental, inherently spiritual, and divine self-condition, divinely recognizing the apparently objective star, and all objects, and even the feeling of relatedness itself as the only one. Therefore, in the event of divine translation, the apparently objective divine star, divinely recognized, becomes a transparent doorway at the heart, the same as the self-existing and self-radiant field that is consciousness itself, the “bright” itself, glorious beyond conception, full, without the slightest absence or threat, more than wonderful, all delight, heart-feeling without limit, the unspeakable “embodiment” of joy, God-Great!

How will this divine translation be accomplished? By love! Only submit to me in loves embrace, attracted beyond the separate and separative self. Therefore, hear the one who is love. See the one who is love. And practice in the heart-manner I am revealing to you in this testament of secrets.

If, in the earlier course of practice in the Way of The Heart, any subtle visions appear, simply notice them, and do not otherwise indulge in such appearances, but simply continue to engage the exercises appropriate to your stage of life in the Way of The Heart.

However, if visual objects capture your heart-feeling and attention in the responsible course of formally acknowledged ascending practice in the Way of The Heart, always look to the “head” of the spirit-current. That is to say, always look above what is presently perceived, and always look to the middle of the visual field. Whatever object is perceived, whatever conditionally manifested environment appears, or whatever appearance the visual field may conditionally assume, always look up and toward the middle, to locate the apparent source of the light or illumination in the present field. Do not hold to any limited object or field that is presently before you. Do not seek to the left or the right. Hold heart-feeling and attention to an upturned view, and constantly turn and yield toward the center. Always feel beyond what presently appears, and always be moved toward the indefinable central source-space above.

If I am perceived in a vision of my bodily form, I will lead your attention upwards. Therefore, if I appear in vision, look toward me, hold on to me, ascend with me, and realize the most ascended source-space of my appearance. If I am not thus perceived, then simply look above for the source of light, and hold to the highest center or most ascended source of the field, rather than to what may be perceived to the left or the right.

If the cosmic mandala is perceived, or if any spot or circle or shape of light is perceived, look to its center and be drawn upwards.

The apparently objective central star may be perceived in vision even by a little concentration in the brain core. If it is perceived in the course of the ascending stages of life in the Way of The Heart, look to its center and be drawn upwards. In this manner, the star may be perceived again and again, each time in a different or more subtle plane of the cosmic mandala. Then penetrate the present star in the manner I have described, even until there is no more ascending motion, and there are no more light-changes, but only absorption in love-bliss.

In your course of ascending practice in the Way of The Heart, do not be concerned with mapping, or categorizing, the various lights, environments, or beings according to their relative position in the cosmic mandala. Constantly submit all heart-feeling and attention to me. Let the by grace revealed spirit-current carry you upwards via the central source of the field, and do not seek or hold to what is perceived on the left or the right. Simply be released into what is most above. If my bodily form appears, or if the cosmic mandala appears, or if the divine star appears, let that vision carry you upwards, via the center, up and back, to the source-space above.

In the course of your ascending practice in the Way of The Heart, it may be found useful on occasion to apply finger pressure to the eyes, to turn them toward the ajna door, to aid in sighting the lights and visions above the brows. Simply press the middle finger and thumb of the right or left hand against the lids of the closed eyes, while resting or lightly pressing the index finger on the forehead, between and just above the brows. Eye pressure should be firm but not beyond comfort, and it should be made by pressing the outer corners of the lids, then drawing the fingers down and then up via the centers or near the inner corners of the eyes. This gesture will close the lids firmly and turn the eyeballs upwards.

The effect of this exercise will be to emphasize the concentration of visual attention at the ajna door and above. It will also tend immediately to stimulate internal light phenomena that appear to be a kind of discharge of the light-energy accumulated from environmental visualization. The visual mechanism will also tend to relax via this exercise, and various kinds of internal light-forms may be perceived. In any case, this exercise remains confined to the rather peripheral or superficial visualizations of phenomena associated with gross bodily awareness and subtle visualizations associated with the gross brain. Therefore, practice this exercise only briefly, and then let eyes and arm return to rest.

The purpose of this application of finger pressure to the eyes is simply to serve the general submission of attention via the ajna door. The experience of the higher phenomena of meditation can occur only when the body is totally relaxed and attention goes beyond conceptual thinking and gross bodily sensations, into the planes above.


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