The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 40

And You May Hear A Distant soundless Sound

In The Way Of The Heart, The Ascending Stages Of
Technically “Elaborate” self-Enquiry, or Else The Ascending
Stages Of Mahamantra Meditation, or Else The Formally
Acknowledged Ascending Practice Of The Technically “Simpler”
(or Even “Simplest”) Form Of The Way Of The Heart, May Be
Associated With The Attractive Power Of subtle sounds. If
The Attractive Power Of internal sound Is Particularly
Strong For You In The Ascending Course Of Practice In The
Way Of The Heart, Then listen Upwards, Via the internal
sounds, Toward and Into The Silent Fullness That Is The
Ascended Source From Which the sounds Are Apparently
Emanating. (And You May Assist This Process By wearing
Comfortably Effective earplugs.)

You May Climb Toward The Silent Ascended Source
Gradually, sound by sound, Always Tuning In To The Next
Faintest Level Of sound. In That Case, whatever kind of
subtle sound is, in any moment, most obvious To You, listen
Upwards, Toward The Center Of the auditory field (and Always
Up and Back, Up and Back), and Try To hear the sound that is
Just Behind, Above, and Fainter Than the more obvious one,
Until The Ascended Source Absorbs attention. Or Else, No
Matter what sound Attracts Your attention, You May Simply
Feel and listen and Swoon Beyond it, Toward The Center, and
Up and Back, and Directly Into The Silent Ascended Source Of
the sound.

As An Alternative To listening Toward Silence Via the
“music” of Natural internal sounds, You May Turn Your
auditory attention To My Voice within You (If It Appears
Spontaneously), but Always Feel Toward The Silent Ascended
Origin Of My Voice (or Toward The Silent Ascended Origin Of
any voice or sound that May Otherwise appear Spontaneously
within You), and Thus Always Feel and attend Toward The
Center, and Above (Up and Back, Up and Back). Or Else, If
You Practice Mahamantra Meditation (or, If, As A “Lay
Congregationist”, You Practice Sat-Guru-Naama Japa, In
Ascent, or Even “Simplest” Feeling-Contemplation Of Me By
Name, In Ascent), You May Let Your attention Be Carried Up
and Back, Up and Back, Beyond all Natural or subtle internal
sounds, and To The Silent Source Above, By The “Sound” or
Heart-Feeling Of The Mahamantra (or Of The Sat-Guru-Naama
Mantra, or Of My Principal Name, “Da”), As It Is
Spontaneously Recited With “the tongue of the mind”.

If The Ascending Process Continues, Heart-Feeling and
attention Will (At Least Eventually) Progress Upwards
Through (or Otherwise Above) the layers of every kind of
Natural or subtle internal sound (each of which Corresponds
To a level or plane In The Cosmic Mandala), Until There Is
No Longer Any Motion, no sound, No Further Up, no object or
other, but Only The attention-Absorbing (and Ascended )
Love-Bliss Of The By Me Revealed Spiritual Divine.
Therefore, If Your Practice Of The Way Of The Heart Enters
Into The Ascending Stages, and If That Practice Becomes
Associated With Sensitivity To internal sounds, Proceed In
The Manner I Have Described, Always Submitting Heart-Feeling
and attention Into The (By Grace Revealed) Ascending
Spirit-Current. And Do Not Be Concerned About Mapping (or
Categorizing) the various sounds According To Cosmic planes,
but Constantly Submit All Heart-Feeling and attention To My
Spiritual Presence (and, Thus and Thereby, To The
Love-Bliss-Presence Of The Divine Person and Condition).
Therefore, Let The By Grace Revealed Spirit-Current Carry
You Upwards (Up and Back, Up and Back), and Do Not Become
Fascinated With any present sound. Feel Upwards, Hold To The
Center Of the field of perception, Do Not Seek To the left
or the right, but Always Feel Upwards (Up and Back, Up and
Back). And Be, By This Course, Released Into What Is Utterly

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