The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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Chapter 41

And You May Feel My Invisible Touch

Although It Is Perhaps Inevitable That Every
Devotee-Practitioner Of The Seeing Meditation Of Ascent In
The Way Of The Heart Will, At Some Stage (or Stages) Of Life
In The Way Of The Heart, experience (To One Degree or
Another) and Even (To One Degree or Another) Be Drawn Up Via
the Primary sensations (or perceptions) of light and sound,
some May Not Find such experiences To Be So Profound,
Intense, or Elaborate As others May Find them To Be. For
Such Devotees, the Most Primary sense, which is touch, or
Tangible Contact Via physical, emotional, or mental
Feeling-sensation, Will Become The More Direct Means Of
Ascent. Indeed, the sense of touch (Especially In Relation
To The Spirit-Current Itself) Is (Necessarily) The Primary
sensory (or perceptual) Means For all (Even If such
perceptions as sight or sound Are Also Fundamental To The
Process). Thus, When touch-sensation Relaxes its Fixation On
the gross body, Heart-Feeling and attention Transfer
touch-sensation To The Tangible (and Only By Grace Revealed)
Spirit-Current. As This Transfer Occurs In The Course Of The
(Possible) Ascending Stages Of Life In The Way Of The Heart,
Simply Be Released Into The (By Grace Revealed)
Spirit-Current, and Let It Carry You Upwards (Up and Back,
Up and Back), Into Its Matrix or Source Above.

That Spirit-Current (Revealed By Me, and As Me) Is The
Tangible Presence Of The Divine Person. It Is Love-Bliss
Itself. Therefore, Be In Love With My Spiritual Current Of
Love-Bliss, and (In Your Possible Course Of Ascending
Practice In The Way Of The Heart) Let My Tangible
Spirit-Current Draw You Up (Up and Back, Up and Back, and
Always Higher) Into The Utterly (Apparently) Ascended Domain
Of Love-Bliss.

Even If My Bodily (Human) Form, or The Cosmic Mandala, or
The Divine Star Is Not Otherwise Perceived In Vision, and
Even If no sounds Distract You Upwards, and Even If no odor
or taste Delights You and Moves You Above, My Tangible Touch
(and, Thus and Thereby, The Tangible Touch Of The Divine
Person) In The Form Of This Embrace Of and By The
Spirit-Current Will Be Sufficient To Draw You Upwards (If It
Is To Occur), Even To The Degree Of Absorption In Fully
Ascended Love-Bliss (or Fifth Stage conditional Nirvikalpa

By This Ascending Process (Begun With and Appropriately
Served By The Conscious Process Of Technically “Elaborate”
self-Enquiry, or By Technically “Elaborate” Mahamantra
Practice, or By The “Lay Congregationists” Technically
“Simpler” self-Enquiry, or By The “Lay Congregationists”
Technically “Simpler”, or Even “Simplest”, True Prayer, and
Also, Secondarily, Begun With and Appropriately Served By
The bodily Exercises Of Ascending Spirit-Conductivity), You
Should Allow Heart-Feeling and attention To Be Carried
Upwards To The Ajna Door. Then Allow Heart-Feeling and
attention To Relax Into The Ajna Door. Indeed, By This
Entire Process, Relax All Effort and Every Stress In The
Circle (and The Arrow), the body itself and its brain, The
Feeling Heart, and the mind. By Even All Of This, Let The By
Grace Revealed Spiritual Current Of Life Carry attention
Into (and, Perhaps, Even Through and Above) The Ajna Door.
And Constantly Submit, Release, and Relax attention (From
The Heart), So That attention Is Drawn Ever Deeper (Into The
Brain Core, or Deeper Behind the brows) and (Always Up and
Back, Up and Back) Ever Higher (Even Beyond the brain). This
(Always Up and Back, Up and Back) Combination Of Deeper and
Higher Will Gradually, or Suddenly, but Spontaneously Draw
attention Up and Back Via The Central Axis Of the brain. In
This Manner (Only Attracted and Carried, Free Of All Effort
In the body-mind), You Will Be Led Upwards (Via attention),
Progressively (or Even Suddenly).

Eventually (If The Ascending Process Continues To The
Fullest Possible Extent), There Will Be Fully Ascended
Absorption In Love-Bliss (In Fifth Stage conditional
Nirvikalpa Samadhi), Followed (In The Further Effective
Exercise Of The Way Of The Heart) By The Realization Of The
Witness-Position Of Consciousness (Prior To the act and the
objects of attention), or Else The Ascending Process Itself
May (In The Midst Of Its Course) Be Suddenly Transcended By
Direct (or Native and Spontaneous) Identification With The
Witness-Position Of Consciousness, Without The Preliminary
Experience Of Fifth Stage conditional Nirvikalpa Samadhi. In
Either Case, In The Effective Exercise Of Most Fundamental
self-Understanding In The Way Of The Heart, The Ascending
Process Will (or Must) Eventually Resolve Itself In
Consciousness Itself (Prior To the arising of conditional
attention) and The Heart Itself (Including The
Spirit-Current Itself, Prior To The Circle and The Arrow Of
the body-mind).

Then The Process (In The Context Of The Sixth Stage Of
Life In The Way Of The Heart) Will Tend To Become Jnana
Samadhi (or Exclusive and conditional, but Also
Transcendental, and Inherently Spiritual, Self-Realization,
Associated With The Resolution Of The Gracefully Revealed
Spirit-Current In The Right Side Of The Heart). And
(Entirely Exclusive) Jnana Samadhi (If It Occurs) Will (In
The Spontaneous Transition To The Seventh Stage Of Life In
The Way Of The Heart) Be Followed and Replaced (or Else
Similarly conditional, and Not So Entirely Exclusive, but
Uniquely Deep Meditative Identification With The
Transcendental, and Inherently Spiritual, Self Will
Otherwise Be Superseded) By “Open Eyes” (or Transcendental,
Inherently Spiritual, and Inherently Perfect Divine
Self-Realization, Realized Unconditionally, and Demonstrated
By Inherent and Spontaneous Recognition Of all conditional
forms and events As Un-Necessary or Non-Binding
Modifications Of The Self-Existing, and Perfectly
Subjective, Divine Self-Radiance). And This Realization
Will, In The Context Of The Seventh Stage Of Life In The Way
Of The Heart, Demonstrate Itself (Spontaneously, and
Progressively) As Divine Transfiguration, Divine
Transformation, Divine Indifference, and, Finally,
Translation Into The Divine Self-Domain.


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