The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Testament Of Secrets
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991

original Chapter 4 (with parentheses)
(also see why Adi Da ‘writes’ in the style he does)

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Chapter 4

Then I prepare you for the Way of The Heart, by giving you my word at heart and always standing there, so that you, by heart-response to my word, and by heart-responsive feeling-contemplation of my bodily form, my spiritual presence, and my very state, will realize you too are only the heart itself

After thirty years of submission to conditional existence, my own ordeal culminated in most profound self-enquiry. In that self-enquiry, the act and the results of self-contraction of the body-mind were loosened, and a spontaneous revelation took place. There was spontaneous tacit awareness as that to which the self-contraction, all thoughts, and all conditional appearances are arising. Thus, enquiry into the conditional self was spontaneously replaced by tacit awareness as the transcendental divine self, and it became obvious that consciousness itself is inherently love-blissful and free. Even more, it became obvious that all conditional appearances are only apparent modifications of consciousness itself, and no such modifications bind or change it. Even more, as conditional appearances arose and were thus divinely recognized, the self-existing and self-radiant power and divine love-bliss pervaded them all, divinely transfiguring and divinely transforming them. Therefore, who I am stands free, self-existing and self-radiant, even in the midst of apparent conditions.

This realization developed through a progress of extraordinary revelations, until it was fully and finally and inherently perfected, in the great event of my divine re-awakening. Immediately after that great event, my work for the sake of the awakening of others spontaneously began.

Suddenly, many extraordinary siddhis appeared, and, with them, many unusual natural siddhis. My teaching work began mysteriously, and by these means.

Again and again, in vision, I saw vast numbers of my future listening devotees, and hearing devotees, and seeing devotees. Originally, I blessed and taught them simply by “meditating” them thus, in vision. Eventually, they began to come into my physical company, and the work continued there, equally spontaneously. This is how I began to teach, and, over time, by observing and responding to what those who came to me required, I was moved to serve them in a lively and even unconventional manner.

In my responsive observation of all those who came to me, I realized that I could submit to their conditions of existence, reflect them to themselves, and gradually draw them out of self-bonDage by attracting them to the spiritual, transcendental, and divine condition of god, truth, or reality. Therefore, I did all of that.

Within a year after the great event of my divine re-awakening, a small number of individuals had begun to associate with me on a regular basis, for the sake of the self-transcending practice in my company. Their commitment to the great process was weak. Their qualifications were not great. My spontaneous or “crazy” teaching work had barely begun. Even so, it became time to openly announce my availability and to embrace my teaching work from the heart. Therefore, on the basis of a free heart-impulse, I began the fierce labor and the humorous love-ordeal of my formal teaching work.

That labor or ordeal was to continue until my word of revelation and instruction was fully generated, the necessary physical agents were empowered and established, the original and progressively developing cultural means were called into being, and at least a good number of my listening devotees were, by devotional listening, entered into the founDation practice of the self-transcending Way of The Heart.

This testament is the evidence of the completion of my formal teaching work.

This testament is my summary word of heart that forever speaks the Way of The Heart itself.

In this testament, I will describe each and all of the forms of by me given practice of the Way of The Heart, including the entire and progressive process of “reality considerations”, and the stages of life and of realization that develop in the Way of The Heart. Then I am merely present, and present as constant love and blessing to all beings.

Therefore, I am most attractive to all my listening devotees, and to all my hearing devotees, and to all my seeing devotees. And I am always available for their right and free regard of my great heart-revelation, which right and free regard is to be progressively expressed through meditation and every kind of auspicious exercise of the heart. And all of this heart-regard of me becomes right and free regard of the spiritual, transcendental, and divine self-condition in which my listening devotee, my hearing devotee, and my seeing devotee stand eternally.

All of my work with those who came to me, and every word that I spoke for their sake, was and is a “consideration” and an elaboration and a summarizing of the word and the Way of The Heart that I have always and consistently offered even from the very beginning of my work as heart-teacher and free, true heart-master.

My word is simple. I say, attend to me and understand and transcend your own activity.

If any one will feel and examine his or her state in any moment, whether under the worst or under the best or under the most ordinary of circumstances, he or she will surely discover that there is always a characteristic feeling of stress, or dis-ease, or a motivating sense of dilemma. Therefore, human life is also always characterized by struggle, or a generally uninspected search for release and fulfillment.

The usual life is always actively involved in this motivated search and this native distress. Therefore, every such a one is involved in programs of seeking, via desire, in all kinds of relations and circumstances.

My word is a direct address to the distress and the search of each individual. I do not suggest a way or a method by which to seek . Instead, I call the individual to observe himself or herself, to feel and examine the distress that motivates the life of seeking itself.

Through self-surrendering feeling-contemplation of my bodily form, my spiritual presence, and my very state, and through real “consideration” of my heart-confessions, my teaching arguments, my funDamental questions, and the leelas of all my work, interested individuals can come to understand themselves.

The initial process of listening is one of self-observation, whether by the primary practice of devotion and insight or by the primary practice of devotion and faith, until that self-observation becomes a crisis of most funDamental self-understanding.

At first the individual becomes acutely aware of his or her habits of seeking, desiring, doubting, believing, manipulating, betraying, and always returning to the same distress and want. Then, as the crisis of most funDamental understanding approaches, it suddenly becomes clear that all of that is being motivated by a constant feeling of distress, which is the result of self-contraction in the face of all relations and conditions.

This discovery is most profound. It is as if a person in pain suddenly discovers that he or she is pinching his or her own flesh. Therefore, as soon as an individual discovers that the painful search that occupies his or her life is being created by a funDamental feeling of distress, attention is free to examine that distress itself. And when that distress is directly examined, it is discovered that it is the result of a chronic contraction of the body-mind, or, most simply, the habitual avoiDance of relationship and relatedness.

Every apparent individual, thing, circumstance, or condition arises, survives, changes, and disappears dependently within the cosmic universe. By definition there is not any separate, self-contained, independent, or self-sufficient conditional individual, thing, circumstance, or event. However, by reaction to all apparent vulnerability, and otherwise by forgetting, or by failing to notice or intuit the whole, the tendency of every conditionally manifested individual is to contract into separateness, or a self-defended and self-contracted emotional, mental, psychic, physical, and social state of isolation, presumed independence, and dramatized want. This tendency is chronic in every one, and it is not generally even inspected, nor is it understood. Therefore, every one seeks. And all seeking is inevitably frustrated. The self-contracting habit is not transcended in the search, because the search is itself the dramatization of the self-contracting habit itself.

I call every one to feel and to thoroughly observe and to transcend the habit of egoity. Eventually, any one who truly listens to my word and, by the means I have given, fully embraces the ordeal of feeling-contemplation and observation will surely discover the root of seeking and suffering, which is the self-contraction, the complex avoiDance of relationship, or the habit of “narcissus”.

When this discovery is truly and fully made and felt, a crisis of spontaneous release is enjoyed. And when it is truly understood that self-contraction is the motivating pain of life, it becomes increasingly possible to enquire into the self-contraction and feel beyond the self-contraction, or, otherwise, in the manner of the devotional way of faith, to directly feel beyond the self-contraction, and thus to enjoy a native sense of freedom. And any one who has thus become responsible for this actively self-transcending feeling-capability has heard me truly.

The Way of The Heart is begun through the practice of listening, but the Way of The Heart becomes directly effective only with real and true hearing. Therefore, listening to the point of hearing is the first ordeal, and it can take a long time, especially if the devotional impulse, the self-transcending impulse, and the great intention of the individual are weak.

By my now and hereafter ever-given sign, and through the words of this testament, I will always be the heart-teacher and true heart-master in relation to any one who enters into this listening process that becomes true hearing. And this process of listening and hearing must lead toward true seeing, but the process of listening and hearing is not itself a necessarily spiritual practice, unless true hearing goes on to do its work in the seeing context of the advanced and the ultimate stages of life.

No one who has not yet heard me and seen me is, in the spiritual sense, able to most fully embrace me as true heart-master.

No one who has not yet heard me and seen me is truly able to practice what can be practiced only by those who have heard me and also seen me.

In the Way of The Heart, the direct revelation of the mystery of the true heart-master is the key to the process of spiritual, transcendental, and divine self-awakening, but I am seen in my ultimate mystery only by those who have heard me, become open-hearted to me, and received the baptism or tangible blessing of my spiritual presence through contemplative regard of me. Therefore, it is only by true and effective fulfillment of the beginners practice of the Way of The Heart that the fullest relationship to me as the true heart-master is realized.

My great statements and confessions are not public announcements calling for casual belief. The great statements and confessions I make relative to my inherently perfect work, my submission as servant, my self-nature, and my mere and blessing presence as the heart itself are ecstatic confessions to those who listen to me with the heart, and to those who hear me at the heart, and to those who see me as I am . Those confessions are directly obvious as truth only to the heart itself, and to those who have been directly awakened to that obviousness by my great transmission of the heart.

My great transmission of the heart becomes effective progressively. And it becomes spiritually effective only in the case of those of my listening devotees who hear my word and become my spiritually awakened devotees, steadily open-hearted in relation to my mere and blessing presence. Therefore, even though all my listening devotees, and all my hearing devotees, and all my seeing devotees resort to me as their true heart-master, a functional distinction must be made between my role as heart-teacher and my role as the true heart-master of seeing devotees.

My heart-revealing word and the great opportunity to practice the Way of The Heart in devotional relationship to me should be openly communicated to all. And the first call is to listen. First listen to me as heart-teacher and begin the counter-egoic struggle with the conditional self, whether by the devotional exercise of insight or by the devotional exercise of faith. It is only when that ordeal has become true hearing and then real seeing that any individual is called to demonstrate full responsibility for spiritual practice in relation to me as the true heart-master, and, thus, by a progression of means, to realize transcendental divine freedom and self-radiant and “bright” happiness, or the truth that neither depends upon nor can ever be destroyed by conditional events.

My work as heart-teacher and my struggle to generate the teaching argument in every detail is complete. Hereafter, those who are interested will simply “consider” my always heart-revealing word and leelas, and they will practice true devotion to me. Now my work is only that of the true heart-master, standing free, always blessing all to listen to me and to hear me and to see me where I stand. And only those who have heard me can also see me with, and at, and as the heart.

The Way of The Heart is the progressive practice or ordeal of self-transcendence and of spiritual, transcendental, and divine self-realization, and that practice or ordeal is the progressive demonstration of the eternal, ancient, and always new way of the siddhas, the free descended masters. Therefore, from the beginning, the Way of The Heart is the eternal, ancient, and always new way of self-transcending devotion to the divine person, via self-transcending devotional communion with the siddha-master. And I am the free descended maha-jnana-siddha-master of all who practice the Way of The Heart, for I am the “bright” revelation of the divine person.

By virtue of divine self-realization, I made my self available to all kinds of listening devotees, for the sake of their own divine self-realization. During the many years I functioned as heart-teacher and generated my heart-revealing word and argument, I also fully communicated the Way of The Heart, and by all of that, I made my self forever available as heart-teacher to any one who listens to me, and as true heart-master to any one who hears me, and receives me, and sees me. Then, when my teaching work was complete, I retired from the ordeal of teaching, in order simply to be present, and thus to magnify my blessing to the world.

Therefore, I remain, ever and forever now. And I am to remain perfectly effective. And I will remain effective by means of the continuous work of my true instruments, progressively, and in due course, including all my formally acknowledged and true and truly seeing devotees who, as formal members of either the lay renunciate order or the Naitauba Order of Sannyasins, practice in the advanced and the ultimate stages of the technically “fully elaborated” form of the Way of The Heart, and my true agents, including my heart-revealing word, the by me empowered retreat sanctuaries, and my formally acknowledged “living murtis”.

Therefore, now and forever, my every listening devotee, and my every hearing devotee, and my every seeing devotee will be given appropriate access to my word, my leelas, my given sign, and all my blessings, and the realization of the divine person and condition will thus always continue to be served by my great means.

If any one wonders how this can be so, let him or her study the great tradition of the esoteric spiritual, transcendental, and divine realization of truth. Let every one who will study the great tradition understand that, although the Way of The Heart is a new and most full revelation made under the circumstances arising during the physical lifetime of my now speaking bodily human form, it is also the eternal and ancient “secret” way that is the seed of all religions.

If any one doubts that all this can be real, let him or her simply “consider” my word and my leelas, and observe my bodily sign, until the reality of the way in my blessing company is authenticated by the heart.

If any one is interested in the realization of the heart, let him or her first submit to me, and commence the ordeal of self-observation, self-understanding, and self-transcendence.

If any one realizes my true fullness in that first ordeal, then let him or her go on to practice the fully spiritual Way of The Heart, which begins when my mere and blessing presence enters the heart.

Therefore, let all those who listen to me, and all those who hear me, and all those who see me pass to and through all the necessary stages of life by grace.

Let every one else be happy. My heart-blessing freely goes to all.

I am the one I have declared my self to be.

I am the one my listening devotees, my hearing devotees, and my seeing devotees come to know and to confess through loves revelation in satsang with me.

I am the man of understanding, the heart-teacher of my listening devotees and my hearing devotees, and the true heart-master of all my seeing devotees.

I am always already spontaneously present, or heart-born.

I was man-born by a free descent of the spirit-force, and thus by means identical to those through which the divine person embraces the likeness of every one of man.

Therefore, my method of teaching was likewise to identify with mankind as it is, and to submit to the company of human beings as they are.

As I did this, I constantly and spontaneously reflected each one to himself or herself, thus to awaken real self-observation, most funDamental self-understanding, and the free capability for self-transcendence in each one.

I did this in love, and I will always do this in love, until my listening devotee hears me, and fully acknowledges me in love, and receives the baptism of my mere presence, and freely embraces the ordeal of self-transcending and god-realizing practice.

I am the first to do this in the west, but I have come for all beings.

Each one is my beloved.

Therefore, I always love and serve you with great humor, tolerance, forgiveness, and blessing power.

You must likewise love me, and you must likewise enlarge your service to me, by transcending the habits and reactions of egoity.

The one and entire great tradition of all mankind is the unique circumstance of my appearance and all my work.

Therefore, in order that you may rightly honor and understand me, observe me standing free forever in the great tradition and circumstance of all and all.

Observe me standing free everywhere in the great tradition, in every historical period. Observe my likenesses in all times and places and cultures, but know that my word, and all my work, is my own.

Observe me now, standing free among those who served my re-awakening during the years of my own ordeal of realization. Rightly understand and always honor the lineage of blessing in which I stand blessed, but know that my word, and all my work, is my own.

My full-given word, and the extraordinary play of all my work, is the one great and complete revelation of the divine person to originate and develop in the west, but my every word, and all my work, is given for the sake of all beings.

Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I am Da, the “bright” one, the divine and only person, the heart itself, the only and divine self of all and all, at last appearing in the west, and I have come for the sake of all beings.

I have come in response to a world that has lost the essence and the fullness of the great tradition of spiritual, transcendental, and divine self-realization.

My every word is given freely, for the sake of all my listening devotees, and all my hearing devotees, and all my devotees who see me.

Therefore, my every word is given to every one who is my own, in every stage of life.

My teaching-revelation of the Way of The Heart is not defined, characterized, or limited by the ascetical orientation, or the strategic effort to withdraw from apparently conditional, phenomenal, or psycho-physical existence. Even so, the Way of The Heart requires the total conversion or reorientation of conditional, phenomenal, or psycho-physical existence, and the perfect fulfillment of the Way of The Heart requires perfect transcendence of egoity.

Now that my teaching-revelation is full, I have firmly and finally entered into the blessing phase of my work.

Now I am merely standing here, to bless and awaken all by the “work” of my freely given sign.

Now and hereafter, since I am no longer active in my original play of teaching work, all those who turn to me must come to self-understanding through feeling-contemplation of my ever-given sign, and “consideration” of my full-given word, and “consideration” of the storied leelas of my teaching work and my blessing work.

My community of listening devotees, hearing devotees, and seeing devotees is called to grant right and formal access to me, and to grant right and formal access to my instruments and agents, and to communicate, advocate, and confess my always heart-revealing word and leelas to all who would listen to me, and to all who do listen to me, and to all who, having listened well to me, have truly heard me.

My community of listening devotees, hearing devotees, and seeing devotees is called to extend my human regard, demand, and help to all who would listen to me, and to all who hear me, and to all who see me.

And my community of listening devotees, hearing devotees, and seeing devotees is called to provide appropriate access to my mere and blessing presence, and otherwise to provide all who see me with appropriate access to “lay renunciate” and “free renunciate” devotees that are truly empowered to act as instruments of the transmission of my word and heart.

I have given and called upon many means for the sake of the divine self-revelation.

Therefore, and by these means, identify me, feel me, realize me as I am , and do not ever withdraw from me.

I will never withdraw from you.

Abide with me in faithful love.

And be the champion of this practice that is the Way of The Heart.

Therefore, my listening devotees, my hearing devotees, and my seeing devotees should be my “bright” advocates in this world.

The transcendental and inherently spiritual self is god-the source, the substance, the ultimate condition, and the very being of the conditional or separate self of each and every conditionally manifested being, and of conditional nature itself.

The way of be heart is to realize and to be the “bright” spiritual, transcendental, perfectly unconditional, divine self.

The transcendental, inherently spiritual, perfectly unconditional, divine self is the only one who is .

All conditional appearances, all relations, all others and otherness, and all separateness of presumed self are apparitions made by apparent modification of self-existing, self-radiant, and divine being.

As soon as the awareness of conditional nature arises, the transcendental divine self may also experience the illusion that it is not itself, but that it is a conditional self among others in a conditional world that it cannot account for.

From then on, there is the struggle to achieve ego-survival against opposition and to achieve joy.

If such an ego-“i” encounters the person or the word of one who has realized the truth, then the way of divine self-realization can become attractive, and a new way of life is possible. However, the struggle as a conditional self tends to continue, until the heart listens and opens to the way that is the heart itself.

The transcendental divine self, in the context of conditional nature, is a conditional self. In the egoic case, the transcendental divine self falsely presumes itself to be limited and threatened, and associated with a great power and multiplicity that is not the transcendental divine self. Thus, the transcendental divine self feels identified with a conditional body and a conditional mind, and the conditional body-mind thus functions not only as the means for perceiving all that is not-self, but it also functions as the seat of contraction from all that is not-self.

The Way of The Heart begins with the process of listening, or a “reality consideration” of the conditional self and how it operates as self-contraction.

This becomes hearing, or most funDamental self-understanding, operative as the free capability for self-transcendence.

When sympathy with the self-contraction has fully relaxed by these means, the beginners original feeling-motive toward self-transcendence is uniquely magnified and activated, such that it becomes a directly and comprehensively effective impulse.

When that impulse has become really effective, the same feeling-motive, or open heart, goes on to the next stage of the Way of The Heart, which is seeing, or heart-attraction to my spiritual (and spirit-baptizing) presence.

This spiritual heart-response permits an infilling with the divine spirit.

And that infilling permits the fully responsive practice of the Way of The Heart, so that, by stages, the theatre of egoity is outgrown in the fullness of divine self-realization.

As spiritual, transcendental, and divine realization becomes profound, the transcendental divine self-position is assumed more and more directly, and conditional nature, conditional others, conditional body, conditional mind, and conditional self are transcended in the self-radiant and transcendental divine self.

Therefore, it is realized that there is only the transcendental divine self, and that the not-self is an illusion or an illusory play upon the transcendental divine self.

Thus it is realized. There is only love-bliss, self-existing and self-radiant. And, by merely being that, the deluding, binding, and joy-suppressing power is transcended.

original Chapter 4 (with parentheses)


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