The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Introduction – The Plight of the Heart-Husband

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This 1991 version of
The Dawn Horse Testament is NOT the final version by
Adidam (Adi Da).

“you should not
study any earlier edition of The Dawn Horse Testament (or
any earlier edition of any other of My
“source-Texts”). The final edition is it. There are not
“multi-editions” or “mutil-instructions”.
“I am taking great care to prevent the falsification and
transformation of the Reality-Way of Adidam – all of this
kind of make-it-up-as-you-go-along do-it-yourself
“religiosity” and revisionism.

Da Samraj 2004

current and latest 2004 edition of The Dawn Horse Testament
is out of print. It is not entirely “current” with Beloved
Adi Da’s final language conventions and the details of His
practical Instructions. Since their is no final or official
version available Beezone feels it appropriate to use this
1991 version as a form of study with the understanding of
the above ‘notice’.


Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
Table of

Introduction without parentheticals


Introduction to “The Plight of the

The Titles of the Prologue, the Forty-Five Chapters, and
the Epilogue of His Testament of Secrets are Heart-Master Da
Avabhasas briefest Epitome of the entire Testament (or His
Great and Eternal Conversation). Together, these Titles (or
Confessions and Promises) form what Heart-Master Da calls
“The Plight Of The Heart-Husband”.

“The Plight Of The Heart-Husband” is (in alternation with
selections from all the written sources of the Word of
Heart-Master Da Avabhasa) formally and regularly read aloud,
in their daily occasions of sacramental worship, by all
formally acknowledged practitioners of the Way of the Heart.
And every event of such recitation provides a sacred
occasion for Contemplating the bodily (human) Form, the
Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence, and the Very (and
Inherently Perfect) State of Hridaya-Samartha Sat-Guru

The phrase “Heart-Husband” refers to the True
Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa, Who is the Living Manifestation
of the inherently Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine
Self, and Who is the Free Transmitter of the Great Power, or
Husbanding Influence, that Awakens every being to the Divine
Person and Self-Condition.

The “Plight” that Heart-Master Da Avabhasa had to endure
was an Ordeal of Submission to mankind, whereby He
Demonstrated and Established the Way of the Heart. The word
“plight” itself also denotes a binding promise or pledge.
Thus, by means of “The Plight Of The Heart-Husband”, and His
Testament of Secrets as a whole, Heart-Master Da Confesses
and Promises His Eternal Commitment to the Awakening and
Liberation of all beings.

“Plight” also connotes a weaving. “The Plight Of The
Heart-Husband” is a kind of “weavers pathway”, braided into
the fabric of Heart-Master Da Avabhasas Testament of
Secrets, such that, by its means (and by means of His every
Word), Heart-Master Da Avabhasa Himself may pass (via the
“Bright” Divine Mystery of Heart-Transmission) from the
Empowered text and into the heart of His every devotee.

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The Dawn Horse Testament –
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among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no
difference between us”
Chap XX,

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