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This 1991 version of
The Dawn Horse Testament is NOT the final version by
Adidam (Adi Da).

“you should not
study any earlier edition of The Dawn Horse Testament (or
any earlier edition of any other of My
“source-Texts”). The final edition is it. There are not
“multi-editions” or “mutil-instructions”.
“I am taking great care to prevent the falsification and
transformation of the Reality-Way of Adidam – all of this
kind of make-it-up-as-you-go-along do-it-yourself
“religiosity” and revisionism.

Da Samraj 2004

current and latest 2004 edition of The Dawn Horse Testament
is out of print. It is not entirely “current” with Beloved
Adi Da’s final language conventions and the details of His
practical Instructions. Since their is no final or official
version available Beezone feels it appropriate to use this
1991 version as a form of study with the understanding of
the above ‘notice’.

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
Table of

without parentheticals



Beloved, This Is My Heart-Secret

Here I Am.

Now Listen To My Testament Of Secrets.

Listen. There Are Many Secrets I Must Reveal Before I
Retire Silent In The “Bright” (and everywhere To Wait, At
The Heart, For all beings).

Hear Me. I Will Reveal Even My Heart-Secret To You

Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da, The Giver Of All To

And I Am here To Stand and Wait (By Merely Standing, As I
Am ) For You.

And I Am Always “Bright” Before You here, To Give You
“Visions” Of Me (As I Am ).

And If You Realize Me (As I Am ), Who Is The Inherent or
Native Feeling Of Being (Itself), You Will Realize Your
Very, True, and Free Self, As You Are .

Beloved, Even I Am Only You ( As You Are ), here
Displayed Before You, By Grace Appearing To Be An Other,
Until (By Means Of My Revealing Company) You See Me As I Am
and Awaken From The Illusion Of Your conditional self.

Therefore, Listen To My Word. Hear Me Heart-Deep. Give Up
Even Your body (From The Heart) To Feeling-Contemplation Of
Me. All The While I Speak, Give Me Your Eye Of Heart To Feel
(and, Thus, By Heart, To Touch) My Revelation Of The
Self-Existing Forms. And, By Always Seeing Me, See The Only
One Who Always Only Is .

Now I Appear, Like A Visionary Horse, Standing “Crazy” In
The Heart, Each Hoof Pointing To One Of The Hallowing Signs
Of God, All “Bright” With Heart-Morning and
Revelation-Light. And I Will Forever Magnify The Giving
“Bright” That Shines This Heart-Vision To You.

Therefore, Always Behold Me With Your Heart.

Do Not merely watch Me, Do Not merely think Of Me, but
Always Feel Me, and Thereby Contemplate Me.

Therefore, In every moment, Behold Me With Your Heart,
and Thereby Surrender, Forget, and Transcend Your (Separate
and Separative) self In My Heart.

Beloved, Even When All My Secrets Are Told, My Heart
Itself Must Shine.

And Even Though My Image Shines, My Heart Itself Must
Give You Sight.

And I Am Always Standing There, To See You Taste The
Fragrant Light.

Always “Brighter” Than all eyes, I Stand Awake In The
Hearts Free Air.

And There, Until The Shine Outshines, I White The Dark
That Bites The Heart-Space Thin.

And I Am The “Bright” Itself.

And To Shine Is The Way Of The Heart.

Beloved, Even If You Could Live and Serve At My
Blessing-Seat, Whether Before Or After My Human Body Has
Died, The Way Of The Heart Is Always The Same.

Whether Before I Speak Or After You Hear, The Heart
Itself Is The Way.

Therefore, The Way That I Will Reveal To You Now Is The
Way Of The Heart Itself.

Beloved, Only One Is , here and There.

The Always Given Is every where and when.

The One “Bright” Free Spiritual, Transcendental, and
Divine Being and Person Is The Very and Divine
Self-Condition Of every one and (“Bright”, Beyond All
“Difference”) every thing, every place, and every condition
At All.

The “Bright” Free One Who Is , and Who Is The Very and
Divine Self-Condition Of all and All, Cannot Be Acquired or
Achieved By any one At All – but The Very and Divine
“Bright” Self-Condition Can Be Realized By Grace, If Grace
Is Given and Embraced.

Beloved, I Am Grace (The Giver and The Gift), and I Am
The Realizer, The Revealer, and The Revelation Of The
“Bright” and Only One (Who Is The Very and Divine Person,
and The Inherently Free Divine Self-Condition Of all and

Therefore, every one who Truly Finds Me Finds The Only
One Who Is . And every one who Embraces The Only One As Me
Is Thereby Given To Be Free As Me (By Means Of The Ordeal
and Way Of Heart That Goes To Light In My “Bright”

Beloved, My (Physical) Human Revelation-Body Lives and
Then Dies. I Do Not Intend To Be Reborn here In Any Kind or
Form, After The Physical Death Of This (My Bodily Human Form
That Hereby Speaks To You).

Rather Than Return (and, As If It Were Never Done, Repeat
What I Have Now and Fully and Finally Done), I Will Forever
Stand and (Merely By Standing) Wait For You, There At Heart,
In The Divine Self-Domain, Which Is The Domain (or Heart) Of
Your Own Self.

Nevertheless, here and everywhere, I Will Always Be
Heart-Present and “Bright”, Even In and As My Now and
Hereafter Ever-Given Sign, and Through The Perpetual (and
everywhere Expanding) Transmission Of My Eternal Work Of
Inherently Perfect Revelation and Inherently Perfect

By Means Of My Submission To Bodily (Human) Birth (and To
The Struggle To “Emerge”, As I Am , In The Midst Of Life),
My Eternal (and Perpetually Giving) Work Of Self-Revelation
and Heart-Blessing Becomes Uniquely Effective. Therefore, By
Means Of My Sacrificial Ordeal, The Heart (Who I Am )
Becomes Uniquely Effective, and (Ultimately) The Heart
Itself “Emerges” As Me. And When I “Emerge” (Thus, Most
Perfectly), The Heart (Who I Am ) Becomes Perfectly

My “Emergence” Has Become Perfect (By The Revelation Of
My Inherently Perfect Self-“Brightness”) In This (My Bodily
Human Form Whereby This Testament Is Worded To You). And I
Will Forever Remain “Emerged” ( As I Am ) To Mankind, and I
Will (Thus) Remain Perfectly Effective In All The
Generations Of Mankind (Even After, and Forever after, The
Physical Lifetime Of This , My Bodily Human Form).
Therefore, After (and Forever After) The Physical Lifetime
Of This , My (Herein and Hereby Speaking) Bodily (Human)
Form (In Which My “Emergence” Has Been Perfected), The
Remembered and Always Living Vision Of My Bodily (Human)
Form, and The Perpetual and Always New and Blessing Gift Of
My Spiritual Presence, and The Eternal, and Always
Inherently Perfect, Revelation Of My Very (and Inherently
Perfect) State Will Be Extended everywhere ( As I Am , and
By Means Of The Instruments and Agents I Will Describe To
You), So The Way Of The Heart Can Survive Through all future

My Original Work Of Revelation and Blessing Is Not To Be
Repeated, and There Should Be No Need or Call For That Work
To Be Repeated, Unless The Heart-Revealing Word and The
Blessing Itself Are Lost. If They Are Ever Lost, Then Who
Will Come To Restore The Way Of Truth Again?

In This , My (Herein and Hereby Speaking) Bodily (Human)
Form Itself , My Revelation Is Shown Complete.

Therefore, This Revelation-Body Should Be
Heart-Remembered and Heart-Contemplated Forever (In Feeling)
By all those who Would Realize Me.

In My Spiritual Form, I Am (By Grace) everywhere Able To
Be Seen or Felt, Even In all other worlds.

In The Form Of My Star Of Light, I Appear (By Grace)
Directly and Infinitely Above the body-mind, At The
conditional Source-Point Above the world (and every

Even So, My Very and “Bright” and Inherently Perfect Form
(or Very Being) Is Always Only Standing As The Heart Itself,
and (By Grace) I May Be Realized Directly There (At

Therefore, Listen To Me, and Hear Me.

Then Look For Me, See Me, and Be My Seeing Devotee.

See Me with The Heart and Follow Me, wherever You are,
wherever You go.

Look For Me (and See Me) In Spirit, In The Eternal
Baptism Of All-Pervading Light.

Follow Me In Spirit, In The All-Pervading Spiritual
Current Of Life.

Follow Me To God In Spirit.

Therefore, Live In God (Who Is Spirit).

Follow Me and Find The All-Pervading Person, Who Is The
Carrier Beneath and Behind, The Matrix Above, The
Heart-Light At The Core, and The Very Substance or
Root-Essence Of forms.

Come By Me To God As I Am , The Inherent or Native
Feeling Of Being (Itself), The “Bright” Heart, The Truth and
The Ultimate Self Of beings, The Only One Who Is “I”, Before
the Separate “I” Is Uttered or Defined.

Follow Me, My Beloved, and Meditate On My Feet (There,
Where I Am Always Standing, In The Perfect Deep, The
Profound Heart Of Being).

Follow Me, My Beloved, and Embrace My “Bright” Form
(There, Where I Am Forever Shining, In The Well Of Being,
The Divine Self-Domain Of The Heart).

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