The Basket of Tolerance – Epilogue




Form only changes.

Energy is always conserved. Being Is, never negated.

Perception and conception, and all their objects (or “things”), including the physical body, every thought, and all the kinds of “others”, are an immense and ultimately unfathomable and (as a whole) unknowable Process of changes. The arising of conditions is a Play of changes, and every form only changes (until it disappears, or otherwise ceases to appear as it was). The entire Process of appearances, or conditions, or forms, or changes is a Dynamic Display (or a Play of opposites). Every positive becomes negative. Every negative becomes positive. Whatever arises changes, positively and negatively, until it disappears (or even reappears, modified, or newly defined).

All appearances, conditions, forms, or changes are modifications of Primal Energy (or Spirit-Power). Primal Energy is the Essence of the body-mind and all “others” and “things”. Primal Energy is the Essence of all opposites and all changes. Primal Energy is the Essence of the activity of change itself. Even so, Primal Energy Itself is inherently changeless. Even in all changes, Primal Energy Itself is forever conserved. Primal Energy Itself cannot be destroyed. Primal Energy Itself is a Constant and Self-Existing Shine, “Brightness” Itself, Merely or Only Self-Radiant.

Primal Energy Itself Merely or Only Is. Therefore, its Totality of changes, and even every form, Merely or Only Is. Being Is the Constant Sign, even in all changes. The Observation (or Intuition) of Being (or Existence Itself) Demonstrates (To and In Consciousness Itself) that non-Being, or non-Existence, is an illusion, or a myth of possibility, generated by fear (or false knowledge). And fear itself is the result of clinging to forms, without Understanding the Process of forms, and without Real Observation of Primal Energy, and without Direct Observation (or “Radical” Intuition) of Being (Itself).

Consciousness Itself Is the “Radical” Intuition of Being (Itself). Consciousness Itself Is the Real Observation of Energy Itself. Consciousness Itself Is Merely Being (or Existence Itself), Self-Radiant (As

Radiance Itself), appearing to be modified as all forms and changes. Consciousness Itself Is Inherently Free Love-Bliss.

Consciousness Itself, Realized As Inherent Freedom and Self-Radiant and Self

Existing Love-Bliss, Is the Realization of God, Truth, or Reality Itself.

Therefore, do not cease to Grow.

Do not prevent (but always serve) the process of Constant Growth (and OutGrowing) in all others.

Always notice when Growth has stopped.

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