The Basket of Tolerance – Truth Transcends the Body Mind of Man


The Basket of Tolerance – Introduction

Adi Da Samraj – October 1981

The significance of the Great Tradition is not that every Spiritual way may ultimately be seen to be the same, but that all ways taken together represent a single process of human and Spiritual growth through the seven stages of life. In the following essay – intended as an introduction to The Basket Of Tolerance – Da Love-Ananda emphasizes that traditional literatures are inherently bound to the point of view of one or another stage of life. Even seventh stage literatures do not necessarily account for the practice and discipline that must precede the Realization of Transcendental Consciousness. Therefore, the “Grand Argument” is an essential means to recognize and outgrow the limitations represented by each stage of life.


The Truth Transcends the Body-Mind of Man

Humanity is shrouded and sometimes instructed by the great mass of cultural mind. Each individual is minimized and sometimes expanded by the universal show of ideas. And among this crowd of conceptual influences is the most profound core, which consists of all the forms of religious and esoteric Spiritual presumptions.

Particularly in the time in which we now live, when the ideas of all the provinces of Earth are now gathering together for the first time in human history, and all the absolute dogmas find themselves casually associated, to be judged like a crowd of silly Napoleons or mad Christs in an asylum, the complex mind of Everyman is remembering itself all at once. Therefore, we are obliged to discover the Truth again by penetrating the bizarre consciousness of all the races combined as one.

Those who are seriously involved in the study and agonizing practice of religious and esoteric Spiritual teachings are now confronted by a great mass of doctrines, absolute creeds, sacred histories, secret formulae, and perfect paths. What is the Truth? What stands out in the wilderness of doctrine as singly as the “I” of the body-mind?

My Work in the world is to communicate the summary of religious and Spiritual Wisdom, so that mankind may again be devoted to the Way of Life in Truth, even now that all religious and Spiritual cultures confront us collectively and at once (rather than, as before, when each individual was usually confronted only by the primary institutional or cultic influence in power in his nation or province). The literature I have already produced, and whatever may be produced in my name in the future, serves to clarify the Truth and the Way of Life based on a profound consideration and Realization in the present, prior to all of the doctrines or persuasions of our inherited mind.

The present book is an attempt to allow the great traditions to summarize themselves through their most potent literatures. I have chosen and collected a relatively small number of texts-small enough in number to be capable of being read and surely studied by a serious individual over a finite number of months or years. Study of these books, generally in the sequence in which they are listed, will allow the serious and discriminating student to grasp the fundamental content of religious and Spiritual esotericism. In the process, he will transcend his own provincialism and his attachment to conventional persuasions, including all the downtown absolutes of popular exoteric religion. What is more, he will discover that this sequence of individual books flows, volume by volume, as an argument between all the parts of the religious or Spiritual mind, and as a progressive summary of the whole. And I have surrounded and interspersed this argumentative summary with critical essays and annotations, founded in my own lifetime of actual practice and Realization of all the Ways that you can read. Thus, any serious student of these matters should be able to get his “education” in the “school” of these books, and, as a result, he should at last be able to discriminate the Way of Life from all these Ways of Man, and the Divine Truth from all these moments of human consideration.

The Truth that Man or every individual human being must Realize is that his present and actual Condition is Transcendental – that is, his very Life-Energy and Consciousness (or very Being) presently and eternally exist as a single Transcendental Condition, prior to all the forms of psycho-physical experience, prior to this or any other world, prior to the psychophysical identity or mind or soul or “I” of his present self: reference. Once the Real or Divine Condition is Realized, there is native Ecstasy, or inherent transcendence of all self-limits and all phenomena. Such is true Humor, Liberation, Salvation, or Happiness. And that Realized Enjoyment is fully established whether or not any or all kinds of psycho-physical or subject object conditions arise as experience.

The Way of the Realization of Truth is complicated in any moment by the relative psycho-physical maturity of the individual. The particular practice of the Way that is both appropriate and attractive to the individual during any one period of his life is determined by his relative position in the pattern of the seven stages of human development and his relative freedom (or degree of transcendence) of the stages of life through which he has already passed. Thus, the various traditional literatures, and the various teachers who represent the traditional cultural, religious, and Spiritual motives of mankind, are each and all an expression of one or another degree of intuition of the ultimate Truth from the point of view of one or another relative stage of life, maturity, and self-transcendence. The “problem” inherent in the traditional and conventional literatures is that Truth (or the Realization of Truth) tends to be associated with one or another kind or degree of identification with aspects of the functional psycho-physical anatomy of Man. The Ways described in the various literatures were written by individuals (or prepared through centuries of consideration by a single cultural movement) that were founded in one or another of the seven stages of life, and thus the various and often conflicting religious and Spiritual traditions of Man do not express the Truth or the Way of Life in fully Transcendental terms, free of the limitations of the body-mind of Man.

In this book, I have selected those literatures that are most profound, most insightful, and also most representative of the traditional approaches to Truth. And I have placed these literatures in a sequence, and with certain annotations, that reveal how the traditions speak from various levels of relative maturity (or relative positions in the seven stages of life that I will also describe). This list of books is intended as a guide for serious students and practitioners. And those who find their own minds to be clarified and informed by this study, and who would appreciate the opportunity to consider the Truth and the Way of Life in direct terms, free of the limitations created by fixed cultural association with the stages and psycho-physical patterns of Man, should consult the various other books published in my name.