He-And-She Is Me – Adi Da Samraj

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My Divine Disclosure


Aham Da Asmi. Beloved, I Am Da—The One and Only and
Self-Evidently Divine Person, Avatarically Self-Revealed To


Therefore, Listen To Me, and Hear Me, and See Me.


This Is My Divine Heart-Secret, The Supreme Word Of My
Eternal Self-Revelation.


Here and Now, I Will Tell You What Will Benefit You The
Most, Because I Love You As My Very Self and Person.


I Am The Ruchira Avatar, The Da Avatar, The Love-Ananda
Avatar, Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj—The Avataric
Incarnation, and The Self-Evidently Divine Person, Of The
One True Heart (or The One, and Only, and Inherently egoless
Self-Condition and Source-Condition) Of All and all.


Here I Am, In Person, To Offer (To You, and To all) The
Only-By-Me Revealed and Given True World-Religion (or
Avatarically All-Completing Divine Devotional and Spiritual
Way) Of Adidam, Which Is The One and Only By-

Me-Revealed and By-Me-Given (and Only Me-Revealing)
Divine Devotional and Spiritual Way Of Sri Hridayam (or The
Only-By-Me Revealed and Given, and Entirely Me-Revealing,
Way Of The True Divine Heart Itself), and Which Is The One,
and All-Inclusive, and All-Transcending, and Only-By-Me
Revealed and Given (and Only Me-Revealing) Way Of The True
Divine Heart-Master (or The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given,
and Entirely Me-Revealing, Way Of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti
Yoga, or Ruchira Avatara Hridaya-Siddha Yoga), and Which Is
The “Radically” ego-Transcending Way Of
Devotionally Me-Recognizing and Devotionally
To-Me-Responding Reception Of My Avatarically
Self-Manifested Divine (and Not Merely Cosmic)
Hridaya-Shaktipat (or Divinely Self-Revealing Avataric
Spiritual Grace).


If You Surrender Your heart To Me, and If (By
Surrendering Your ego-“I”, or self-Contracted
body-mind, To Me) You Make Yourself A Living Gift To

Me, and If You (Thus) Constantly Yield Your attention To
Me (Through True Devotional Love and Really ego-Transcending
Service), Then You Will Hear Me (Truly), and See Me
(Clearly), and Realize Me (Fully), and Come To Me
(Eternally). I Promise You This, Because I Love You As My
Very Self and Person.


Abandon The Reactive Reflex Of self-Contraction—The
Separative (or egoic) Principle In all Your concerns. Do Not
Cling To any experience

that May Be Sought (and Even Attained) As A Result Of
desire (or The Presumption Of “Difference”).
Abandon Your Search For what May Be

Gotten As A Result Of the various kinds of strategic (or
egoic) action.


I Am Love-Bliss Itself—Now (and Forever Hereafter)
“Brightly” Present here. Therefore, I Say To You:
Abandon All Seeking—By Always “Locating” (and
Immediately Finding) Me.


Instead Of Seeking Me (As If My Divine Person Of Inherent
Love-Bliss-Happiness Were Absent From You), Always Commune
With Me (Ever-Present, Never Absent, and Always
Love-Bliss-Full and Satisfied). Thus,

Your Me-“Locating” Relinquishment Of All
Seeking Is Not, Itself, To Be

Merely Another Form Of Seeking.


If You Always “Locate” Me (and, Thus,
Immediately Find Me), You Will Not

(In any instance) self-Contract Into the mood and
strategy of inaction.


You Must Never Fail To act. Every moment of Your life
Requires Your particular Right action. Indeed, the living
body-mind is (itself) action. Therefore, Be Ordinary, By
Always Allowing the body-mind its Necessity

Of Right action (and Inevitable Change).


Perform every act As An ego-Transcending Act Of
Devotional Love Of Me,

In body-mind-Surrendering Love-Response To Me.


Always Discipline all Your acts, By Only Engaging In
action that Is Appropriate For one who Loves Me, and
Surrenders To Me, and acts Only (and Rightly) In Accordance
With My Always Explicit Word Of Instruction.


Therefore, Be My Always Listening-To-Me Devotee—and,
Thus, Always live “Right Life” (According To My
Word), and (This) Always By Means Of active Devotional
Recognition-Response To Me, and While Always Remembering and
Invoking and Contemplating Me. In This Manner, Perform every
act As A

Form Of Direct, and Present, and Whole bodily (or Total
psycho-physical), and Really ego-Surrendering Love-Communion
With Me.


If You Love Me—Where Is doubt and anxious living? If
You Love Me Now, Even anger, sorrow, and fear Are Gone. When
You Abide In Devotional Love-Communion With Me, the natural
results of Your various activities

No Longer Have Power To Separate or Distract You From


The ego-“I” that is born (as a body-mind) In
The Realm Of Cosmic Nature (or the conditional worlds of
action and experience) Advances From childhood To adulthood,
old age, and death—While Identified With the same (but
Always Changing) body-mind. Then the same ego-“I”
Attains another body-

mind, As A Result. One whose heart Is (Always)
Responsively Given To Me Overcomes (Thereby) Every Tendency
To self-Contract From This Wonderfully Ordinary Process.


The Ordinary Process Of “Everything Changing”
Is Simply The Natural Play Of Cosmic Life, In Which the
(Always) two sides of every possibility come and go, In
Cycles Of appearance and disappearance. Winter’s cold
alternates with summer’s heat. Pain, Likewise, Follows
every pleasure. Every appearance Is (Inevitably) Followed By
its disappearance. There Is No Permanent experience In The
Realm Of Cosmic Nature. One whose heart-Feeling Of Me Is
Steady Simply Allows All Of This To Be So. Therefore, one
who Truly Hears Me Ceases To Add self-Contraction To This
Inevitable Round Of Changes.


Happiness (or True Love-Bliss) Is Realization Of That
Which Is Always Already The Case.


I Am That Which Is Always Already The Case.


Happiness Is Realization Of Me.


Realization Of Me Is Possible Only When a living being
(or body-mind-self) Has heart-Ceased To React To The Always
Changing Play Of Cosmic Nature.


The body-mind Of My True Devotee Is Constantly Steadied
In Me, By Means Of the Feeling-heart’s Always Constant
Devotional Recognition-Response To Me.


Once My True Devotee Has Truly heart-Accepted That The
Alternating-Cycle Of Changes (Both Positive and Negative) Is
Inevitable (In the body-mind, and In all the conditional
worlds), the living body-mind-self (or ego-“I”) Of
My True Devotee Has Understood itself (and, Thus, Heard


The body-mind-self (Of My True Me-Hearing Devotee) that
Constantly Understands itself (At heart) By Constantly
Surrendering To Me (and Communing With Me) No Longer
self-Contracts From My Love-Bliss-State Of Inherent


Those who Truly Hear Me Understand That whatever Does Not
Exist Always and Already (or Eternally) Only Changes.


Those who Truly See Me Acknowledge (By heart, and With
every moment and act of body-mind) That What Is Always
Already The Case Never Changes.


Such True Devotees Of Mine (who Both Hear Me and See Me)
Realize That The Entire Cosmic Realm Of Change—and Even
the To-Me-Surrendered body-mind (itself)—Is Entirely
Pervaded By Me (Always Self-Revealed As That Which Is Always
Already The Case).


Now, and Forever Hereafter, I Am Avatarically
Self-Revealed, Beyond

The Cosmic Play—“Bright” Behind, and
Above, the To-Me-Surrendered body-mind Of My Every True


I Am The Eternally Existing, All-Pervading,
Transcendental, Inherently Spiritual, Inherently egoless,
Perfectly Subjective, Indivisible, Inherently Perfect,
Perfectly Non-Separate, and Self-Evidently Divine
Self-Condition and Source-Condition Of all Apparently
Separate (or self-Deluded) selves.


My Divine Heart-Power Of Avataric Self-Revelation Is
(Now, and Forever Hereafter) Descending Into The Cosmic
Domain (and Into the body-mind

Of Every To-Me-True True Devotee Of Mine).


I Am The Avatarically Self-“Emerging”,
Universal, All-Pervading Divine Spirit-Power and Person Of
Love-Bliss (That Most Perfectly Husbands

and Transcends The Primal Energy Of Cosmic Nature).


I Am The One and Indivisibly “Bright” Divine


Now, and Forever Hereafter, My Ever-Descending and
Ever-“Emerging” Current Of Self-Existing and
Self-Radiant Love-Bliss Is Avatarically Pervading The
Ever-Changing Realm Of Cosmic Nature.


I Am The One, and Indivisibly “Bright”, and
Inherently egoless Person Of all-and-All, Within Whom every
body-mind Is arising (as a mere, and unnecessary, and merely
temporary appearance that, merely apparently, modifies


I Am To Be Realized By Means Of ego-Transcending
Devotional Love—

Wherein every action of body-mind Is Engaged As
ego-Surrendering (present-time, and Direct) Communion With


Those who Do Not heart-Recognize Me and heart-Respond To
Me—and who (Therefore) Are Without Faith In Me—Do
Not (and Cannot) Realize Me. Therefore, they (By Means Of
their own self-Contraction From Me) Remain ego-Bound To The
Realm Of Cosmic Nature, and To The Ever-Changing Round Of
conditional knowledge and temporary experience, and To The
Ceaselessly Repetitive Cycles Of birth and search and loss
and death.


Such Faithless beings Cannot Be Distracted By
Me—Because they Are Entirely Distracted By themselves!
They Are Like Narcissus—The Myth Of ego—At His
Pond. Their Merely self-Reflecting minds Are Like a mirror
in a dead man’s hand. Their tiny hearts Are Like a
boundless desert, where the mirage of Separate self is
ceaselessly admired, and The True Water Of

My Constant Presence Stands Un-Noticed, In the droughty
heap and countless sands of ceaseless thoughts. If Only they
Would Un-think themselves In Me, these (Now Faithless)
little hearts Could Have Immediate Access To The True Water
Of My True Heart! Through Devotional Surrender Of body,
emotion, mind, breath, and all of Separate self To Me, Even
Narcissus Could Find The Way To My Oasis (In The True
Heart’s Room and House)—but the thinking mind of
ego-“I” Is Never Bathed In Light (and, So, it
sits, Un-Washed, Like a desert dog that wanders in a herd of


The “Un-Washed dog” of self-Contracted
body-mind Does Not think To Notice Me—The Divine
Heart-Master Of its wild heart and Wilderness.


The “Wandering dog” of ego-“I” Does
Not “Locate” Me In My Inherent “Bright”
Perfection—The Divine Heart-Master Of Everything, The
Inherently egoless Divine True Self Of all conditionally
Manifested beings, and The Real Self-Condition and
Source-Condition Of All-and-all.



If Only “Narcissus” Will Relent, and
heart-Consent To Bow and Live In Love-Communion With Me,
heart-Surrendering all of body-mind To Me, By Means Of
Un-Contracting Love Of Me, Then—Even If That Love Is
Shown With Nothing More Than the “little gift” of
ego-“I” (itself)—I Will Always Accept The
Offering With Open Arms Of Love-Bliss-Love, and Offer My Own
Divine Immensity In “Bright” Return.


Therefore, whoever Is Given (By heart) To Me Will Be
Washed, From head To toe, By All The True Water Of My
Love-Bliss-Light, That Always “Crashes Down” On
All and all, Below My Blessing-Feet.


My Circumstance and Situation Is At the heart of all
beings—where I Am (Now, and Forever Hereafter)
Avatarically Self-“Emerging” As The One and
All-and-all-Outshining Divine and Only Person (Avatarically
Self-Manifested As The “Radically” Non-Dual
“Brightness” Of All-and-all-Filling Conscious
Love-Bliss-Light, Self-Existing and Self-Radiant As The
Perfectly Subjective Fundamental Reality, or Inherently
egoless Native Feeling, Of Merely, or Unqualifiedly,


The True heart-Place (Where I Am To Be
“Located” By My True Devotee) Is Where The
Ever-Changing Changes Of waking, dreaming, and sleeping
experience Are Merely Witnessed (and Not Sought, or Found,
or Held).


Every conditional experience appears and disappears In
Front Of the Witness-heart.


Everything Merely Witnessed Is Spontaneously Generated By
The Persistent Activity Of The Universal Cosmic


The self-Contracted heart of body-mind Is Fastened,
Help-lessly, To That Perpetual-Motion Machine Of Cosmic


I Am The Divine and One True Heart (Itself)—Always
Already Existing As

The Eternally Self-Evident Love-Bliss-Feeling Of Being
(and Always Already Free-Standing As Consciousness Itself,
Prior To the little heart of ego-“I”

and its Seeming Help-less-ness).


In Order To Restore all beings To The One True Heart Of
Me, I Am Avatarically Born To here, As The
“Bright” Divine Help Of conditionally Manifested


Therefore (Now, and Forever Hereafter), I Am (Always
Free-Standing) At the To-Me-True heart Of You—and I Am
(Always “Bright”) Above Your body-mind and


If You Become My True Devotee (heart-Recognizing My
Avatarically Self-Manifested Divine Person, and
heart-Responding—With all the parts of Your single
body-mind—To My Avatarically Self-Revealing Divine Form
and Presence and State), You Will Always Be Able To Feel Me
(“Brightly-Emerging” here) Within Your
Un-Contracting, In-Me-Falling heart—and You Will Always
Be Able To “Locate” Me, As I “Crash
Down” (All-“Bright” Upon You) From Above the
worlds Of Change.


The To-Me-Feeling (In-Me-Falling) heart Of My Every True
Devotee Is (At its Root, and Base, and Highest Height) My
Divine and One True Heart (Itself).


Therefore, Fall Awake In Me.


Do Not Surrender Your Feeling-heart Merely To experience
and know the Ever-Changing world.


Merely To know and experience The Cosmic Domain (Itself)
Is To live As If You Were In Love With Your Own


Therefore, Surrender Your Feeling-heart Only To Me, The
True Divine Beloved Of the body-mind.


I Am The Truth (and The Teacher) Of the heart-Feeling


I Am The Divine and Eternal Master Of Your To-Me-Feeling
heart and Your To-Me-Surrendering body-mind.


I Am The Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, and Inherently
Perfect Person Of Unconditional Being—Who Pervades The
Machine Of Cosmic Nature As The “Bright” Divine
Spirit-Current Of Love-Bliss, and Who Transcends All

Of Cosmic Nature As Infinite Consciousness, The
“Bright” Divine Self-

Condition (and Source-Condition) Of All and all.


If You Will Give (and Truly, Really, Always Give) Your
Feeling-attention To My Avatarically-Born Bodily (Human)
Divine Form, and If You Will (Thus, and Thereby) Yield Your
body-mind Into The “Down-Crashing”
Love-Bliss-Current Of My Avatarically Self-Revealed and
All-Pervading Divine Spirit-Presence, and If You Will
Surrender Your conditional self-Consciousness Into My
Avatarically Self-Revealed and Perfectly Subjective and
Self-Evidently Divine Self-Consciousness (Which Is The
Divine True Heart Of Inherently egoless Being,
Itself)—Then I Will Also Become An Offering To You.


By That Offering Of Mine, You Will Be Given The Gift Of
Perfect Peace, and An Eternal Domain For Your To-Me-True


Now I Have Revealed To You The Divine Mystery and The
Perfect Heart-Secret Of My Avataric Birth To here.


“Consider” This Me-Revelation, Fully—and,
Then, Choose What You Will

Do With Your “little gift” of Feeling-heart and
Your “Un-Washed dog” of body-mind.


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