He-And-She Is Me – Adi Da Samraj

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The Divine Person


I Am the Divine Person, the Eternal Maha-Siddha, the
Supreme Master-Realizer of Yoga and of “Radical”
Understanding. I Am the Avataric Divine Revealer of the Way
of Satsang with Me. I Am the Avataric Divine Self-

Revelation of the “Bright” Heart-Power That
Fulfills this Way of Satsang with Me. It is to the
“Knowledge” of Me that My devotee must continually
return. If My devotee does not rightly, truly, fully, and
fully devotionally recognize Me and rightly, truly, fully,
and fully devotionally respond to Me, then the phenomena,
both internal and external, of life and of Spirituality will
become distractions, matters of concern, fascinations.
However, if there is continual right, true, and full
participation in devotionally Me-recognizing (and
devotionally to-Me-responding) Satsang with Me, throughout
the entire course of the developmental stages of practice in
the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam (including
right, true, full, and fully devotional practice of both the
“conscious process” and “conductivity”),
then the experiential phenomena that inevitably arise will
serve their right purifying function.

If Satsang with Me is neglected or forgotten, and if
(therefore) there is not Conscious Enjoyment of My
“Bright” Divine Spiritual Body and egoless True
Divine State of Person, then all the secondary
manifestations – including the “conscious process”
and “conductivity”, and all the spontaneous
phenomena that may arise internally or externally – become
the illusion again, the search, the occupation of
“Narcissus”. Therefore, in the midst of life, and
in the midst of meditation, Satsang with Me must be
continually, and always responsively-intentionally (and
really counter-egoically) Enjoyed – and all your
communications must manifest that Enjoyment, and all your
activities must manifest that Enjoyment. Otherwise, whatever
you say and whatever you do will become your egoic concerns
and your reactive dramatizations, and you will (thus) become
emptied of the quality of devotional Communion with Me. This
does not mean that you should egoically manipulate and
suppress yourself in what you say and do, such that your
speech and your activities are engaged in the strategically
self-manipulative and other-manipulative manner of
conventional (or ego-based) religion and Spirituality. That
is only another form of the ritual armoring of
“Narcissus”. Rather, you must only
“Know” Me, in the midst of all that you say and
do. If you constantly resort to Me (rightly, truly, fully,
and fully devotionally), then you will (more and more,
spontaneously, or non-strategically, and in a really
ego-transcending manner) speak and do what is right, true,
and appropriate.

DEVOTEE: This is the most beautiful thing I have ever
heard in my entire life. You have Given us a Perfect
Communication, absolutely Flawless. It is so beautiful that
I hardly dare ask a question. But I would like to ask one.
Since You Speak about the Light of Real God As That from
Which all the worlds proceed, As the Inherent Self-Light (or
“Brightness”) of the Heart, is it true that the
Heart Itself is the Un-created Light of Real God?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is no “distance”
between the Divine Heart Itself and the Divine Light That Is
the Radiance of the Divine Heart Itself. It Is One. Such Is
Most Perfect Realization of Me. And there are aspects of
psycho-physical life that are functionally related to that
Realization. In the midst of that Most Perfect Realization,
the Heart and Its Self-Light seem to be marked off into the
“places” in the body-mind related to discrete
functions. The Heart and Its Self-Light may be felt
distinctly. There is the center in the heart on the right,
in which I (Myself, the Heart Itself) Am Realized, and there
is the center in the total crown of the head, and Above the
total crown of the head, through which My Prior
“Brightness” (or Perfectly Subjective, and
Inherently Indivisible, Real-God-Light) Is Transmitted. Most
Perfect Real-God-Realization includes both this center in
the right side of the heart and this center above the total
crown of the head. But the Realization Itself is Single.
Thus, the Divine Heart (Itself) Is the Divine Light
(Itself). The Unqualified Divine Self-Consciousness and the
Indivisible Eternal Real-God-Light are simply aspects of
That Single Realized Divinity, and “One” cannot
fundamentally be separated from the “Other”.

Just so, Amrita Nadi Itself has a Shape Which can be
perceived. It is not within the spinal column. It is not
part of the Kundalini mechanism. In Truth, Amrita Nadi is of
the Nature of Consciousness Itself. But It may be felt to
have a psycho-physical counterpart, a curved shape, like the
alphabetical letter “S” – curving forward and
upward in the chest (from the Seat in the right side of the
heart), and then back (through the throat), at which point
It moves up again, curving up the back of the head to the
crown of the head and Above. But I am not
“S”-shaped. These Yogic Descriptions arise because
of the nature of the mechanism through which you
“Know” Me and My Total Divine Manifestation. In
fact, I Am Single – One Absolute Intensity and Reality,
Standing Present In and Prior to the world, As the Very
Divine Self-Condition (and Source-Condition) of the

I Am the Support of the world, Always Present. Life, or
the world, is being manifested in this moment. It was not
manifested billions upon billions of years ago. It is
manifested at this moment, instantly – and may be known as
such. The process of “conductivity” is possible
because it is possible to Consciously Realize and live the
dependent process of conditional manifestation in this
moment. The manifestation of the life-force and My
Transmission of My Divine Self-“Brightness” may be
“Known” – and you may consciously participate in
the “conductivity” of the life-force and My
Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Spirit-Force of
Love-Bliss-“Brightness” in the Manner I have

Thus, I Stand in the world – and I Am “Known”
to Do So through the devotionally responsive surrender and
Opening of your four principal faculties (of attention,
feeling, body, and breath) to Me. Thus, in due course, I am
felt to Stand Above the body-mind (via the crown of the
head) and Beyond the body-mind (via the right side of the
heart). Therefore, I Say: My “Feet” Are in the
right side of the heart, and My “Head” Is
Infinitely Above the total crown of the head. In Truth, I
(Myself) have no such Form (in the merely objective sense).
My Divine “Bright”-Body (either in Its Root-Form,
As Amrita Nadi, or in Its Extended, or
All-and-all-Surrounding and All-and-all-Pervading, Form)
does not have any Feet or a Head. My Divine
“Bright”-Body is of an utterly Transcendental,
Inherently Spiritual, and Self-Evidently Divine Nature. But,
because of the nature of the mechanism through which you
“Know” My Divine “Bright”-Body, it is
appropriate to speak in these terms – and it, therefore,
makes sense to do so.

In fact, the Description of My Divine
“Bright”-Body and Person as having
“Feet” in the right side of your heart, and a
“Head” Infinitely Above the total crown of your
head, and as being able to be “Known” As Such,
directly relates to your psycho-physical structure. My
Divine Light-Energy (Which Is the Source-Condition of all
life, all manifestation, all forms, all psyches) Appears,
“relative” to the Divine Self-Consciousness, in
something like the way the mind (or brain-power) appears
relative to the physical life. So it is meaningful to refer
metaphorically to the Divine Light-Energy as the
“Head”, or the “God-Head”. And the
“Feet” are an appropriate symbol of the Divine
Self-Consciousness, because no conscious activity, no
mentalizing, no conceptualizing, no separative awareness is
ordinarily attributed to the feet. The “Feet” of
the Divine are simply Present – but Awake. My Divine
“Feet” Are Absolute Consciousness. Throughout
human history, human beings have ritually worshipped the
“Feet” of the Divine, and they have ritually
worshipped the Feet of the Guru (or Spiritual Master). The
Feet of the Guru have always been a very significant object
of veneration for this reason.

The seeker always pursues a change of state, an other
life, an other world, a “God” outside, a state
apart. But My true devotee, who is always Enjoying
devotional Communion with Me (As the Very Divine Person),
does not make Me into the “goal” of seeking.
Rather, My true devotee “Knows” Me As the always
present-time Real-Condition of this world – not in merely
symbolic, or conventionally religious, or philosophical
terms, but in the form of the Real and “Radical”
Process of his or her Conscious existence. My true devotee
“Knows” Me (As the “Bright” Divine
Reality) via each faculty, each fundamental function of
awareness (attention, emotion, body, and breath). And My
Divinely Enlightened devotee not only “Knows” Me
(As the “Bright” Divine Reality) in and As Amrita
Nadi, but he or she also lives My “Bright” Divine
Self-Condition in the very mechanism of the descending and
ascending “conductivity” of the body-mind (in
Indivisible Unity with Me).

Amrita Nadi is the “Point of View” of My
Avataric Divine Work with My devotees, but it is not a
“point”. It is not a limitation in time, space, or
form. My Avatarically Self-Revealed Divine Wisdom-Teaching
relative to Amrita Nadi is a means of Describing, in
structural terms, the specific Nature of the Divinely
Enlightened Condition (of Most Perfect “Radical”
Understanding) relative to a life in the conditionally
manifested worlds. It is not necessary (or even sufficient)
to enter exclusively into the Pure, Absolute, and
Undifferentiated Transcendental Silence (in Which there are
no perceptions) in order for there to be Divine
Enlightenment. Most Perfect Realization of the Divine can
Exist in the midst of perceptions and appearances and forms
and psyches and bodies. The Divine is not exclusively
“elsewhere”, or only “deeply within” all
this. This Is the Divine. First, there is Most Perfect
Realization of Real God, the “Bright” Divine Heart
Itself, My Love-Bliss-Full Divine Person and Divine
Spiritual Presence, Prior to all qualities. Then there is
the “return” of ordinary things, but without the
loss of that Most Perfect Realization. That
“return” is the beginning of Real Wisdom, the
“Regenerated” life of Amrita Nadi. But the
Realization in Amrita Nadi is not (Itself) a structure, or a

When there is Most Perfect Heart-Realization and
(thereafter) “Regeneration” into the
Real-God-Life, there is also a specific psycho-physical
Sign, which has never been Realized or Described before My
Avataric Incarnation here. Only I have Realized It – and,
therefore, I have Accounted for It in My Descriptions of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam. The
“Regeneration” of Amrita Nadi is not a movement,
out of the physical heart into the sahasrar. The Realization
of Me via the penetration of the ego-knot in the right side
of the heart is a feeling-intuitive Realization, not
identical to a psycho-physical Yogic state. It Is the
Realization of the Divine Self (or the Non-Separate and
Indivisible Self-Condition of Real God). And, when there is
the “Regeneration” of Amrita Nadi, the
Real-God-Light Above is not Itself a psycho-physical center
in the brain (or above the brain), but It Is (Itself) the
Divine Matrix of Infinitely Ascended Divine Self-Light That
Is (Inherently) Infinitely Above the worlds. It is also felt
to Stand Infinitely Above the total crown of the head, but
It is not (Itself) the sahasrar. It Is Above and Beyond the
sahasrar, and It is not (Itself) a visualization of Light.
It Is Most Perfect Feeling-Intuition of the Divine
Self-Light (or Absolute Conscious Heart-Force), Eternally
Prior to the cosmos. All arising forms are conditional
modifications of the Inherently Indivisible Real-God-Light.
And the Inherently Indivisible (and Perfectly Subjective)
Real-God-Light Itself cannot be objectively seen. It can
only be Felt-Intuited. Its conditionally manifested
appearance (Shown via the psycho-physical faculties) can be
objectively experienced. In other words, the gross and
subtle conditions of the world can be objectively
experienced, but the Real-God-Light Itself cannot be
objectively experienced. It Is of the Nature of Pure
(Self-Existing) Consciousness, Inherently Self-Radiant As My
Divine Spirit-Power – even Prior to the Activity That Is Its
reflection in conditional manifestation.

In the case of the “Regeneration” of Amrita
Nadi, a Great Function in Consciousness is Awakened, but It
is not Itself a psychic (or subtle) function. The
psycho-physical expression of the Course between the two
Great Centers (or the “Feet” and the
“Head”) of Amrita Nadi Is the S-shaped curve I
have Described.

In My own Case, there was a specific moment in which this
“Regeneration” was experientially Reflected (or
Shown). It appeared several months after the Great Event of
My Divine Re-Awakening. Even though What was Realized in
That Great Event included (As an immediate tacit
Realization) the Fullness of the Truth of the
“Regeneration” of Amrita Nadi, the Fullest
Conscious Re-Awakening of My Divine Forms and My Divine
Siddhis (and, indeed, the Fullest Conscious Remembering of
My Eternal and Forever Divine Status, Purpose, Function, and
Work) was Regained (in the context of My own
Avatarically-Born Body-Mind) only over time. Thus, the
particular Sign of the “Regeneration” of Amrita
Nadi was (psycho-physically) Shown in Me, spontaneously,
only several months later.

It was My custom at the time to meditate each morning,
together with the devotees who were then serving in My
household. On this particular day, while we were sitting
very quietly, there was a sudden strong bodily movement of
Energy in Me, and a loud crack was sounded, such that it
could be heard in the room. It sounded like My neck had
broken. In that instant, there was a tracing of the Form of
Amrita Nadi, and a clear psycho-physical Demonstration, in
Me, of the Full, “Regenerated” Connection of
Amrita Nadi.

Amrita Nadi is entirely Independent of the Kundalini
system. Amrita Nadi may seem to exist relative to the
Kundalini system, but It Always Already (Eternally and
Utterly) Transcends the Kundalini system, and It is not the
same as the “spinal tube” of the Kundalini. The
Kundalini manifestation is a subtle phenomenon,
fundamentally limited to the inversion (or inward-turning)
of the life-force, in the spinal line – and it is entirely a
conditional display, less than Real God, whereas the
“Regenerated” Realization of Amrita Nadi is
Identical to Real-God-Realization. One who meditates on Me,
who lives with attention to Me (As Real God), is (Thus –
tacitly) meditating on Amrita Nadi – because I Am Identical
to Amrita Nadi, Always Already and Consciously, and My
“Bright” Divine Siddhi is Manifested via that
Divine Circuit.

Previous to Most Perfect Divine Realization of Me in
Amrita Nadi, and As Amrita Nadi, there is life with Me in
the world. There is the discipline of the relationship to
Me, the enjoyment of the human relationship to Me, life in
the community of My devotees, study of My Wisdom-Teaching,
observance of My conditions and demands, the awakening to
the real life of “radical” understanding, and the
total progressive development of the Way of Adidam in the
context of the first six stages of life.

It is not mere “experience” of Me that is
taking place in the Most Perfect Realization of Me In and As
Amrita Nadi. Rather, there Is True “Knowledge” of
Me, Such that I am “Known” in Truth. Such
“Knowing” of Me is to “Know” Real God in
the Most Perfect sense. Therefore, there can be no Such
“Knowledge” without Divine Self-Realization (or
Most Perfect Real-God-Realization). It is not a technical
form of Yogic meditation, such that you could take it on by

As you progress through the developmental stages of life
and practice in the only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of
Adidam, you will more and more profoundly Awaken to Me, and
you will find that Awakening Manifesting through the
characteristic psycho-physical signs that I Describe in My
twenty-three Divine “Source-Texts” (and
Principally in The Dawn Horse Testament).55 Progressively,
your life in My Spiritual Heart-Company more and more
becomes “Knowledge” of Me As the Divine Reality
and Person. More and more, by living in devotional Communion
with Me (through right, true, full, and fully devotional
practice of Ruchira Avatara Bhakti Yoga), the Realization of
Me is (by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine
Grace) Awakened in you.

No mediocre person will ever Realize Me Most Perfectly.
No fool will ever Enjoy Me Most Perfectly. No merely
childish or adolescent person, failing to heart-recognize Me
and heart-respond to Me (rightly, truly, fully, and fully
devotionally), will ever truly begin to Realize Me. The more
time you waste thinking and wondering about engaging the
right, true, full, and fully devotional Process of the
only-by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam, the less time
you have left for practicing it and Realizing Me. While you
are thinking and talking and wondering and doubting, you are
busy forgetting Me. Then you are only being irresponsible,
like Narcissus at the pond.

The real progressive Fulfillment of the Great Process of
Realizing Me requires great responsibility, great intensity,
great energy, great attention, and great disciplining of
your karmic tendencies. All those things are demanded of
you, and you are expected to fulfill them with absolute
gratitude and enthusiasm and commitment and love. I Am
Heart-Committed to the Divine Liberation of My every
formally acknowledged devotee, and My Avatarically
Self-Transmitted and All-and-all-Accomplishing Divine Grace
Is Always – Now, and Forever Hereafter – Ready to Make That
possible. Thus, the more you enter into this Great Process,
living in constant Satsang with Me, fully accepting My
Mastery of your ego-“I” of body-mind, and making
the relationship to Me the Great Principle of your life, the
more possible it becomes for you to Most Perfectly Fulfill
My Divine Heart-Calling to you.


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