He-And-She Is Me – Adi Da Samraj

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I Can Be ‘Known’ by the Connecting Link


Therefore, I must be directly Realized (by Means of My Avatarically Self-Transmitted Divine Grace) to Be Present – not “figured out” to Be Present, or judged (on the basis of ego-based experience, or attempted “proofs”) to Be Present.

As Reality Itself, I can only be “Known” to Be Present – and I am “Known” when the usual self-limiting faculties of body, feeling, mind, and breath are surrendered to Me, and are (thereby) opened to My Avataric Descent of Divine Grace, their obstructive and binding tendencies and powers dissolved.

Therefore, when the power of the navel (or the faculty of the body) is opened, when the power of the heart (or the faculty of feeling) is opened, when the power of the head (or the faculty of attention) is opened, when the power (or faculty) of the breath is opened – when these three fundamental centers and the connecting link of the breath are opened to Me – then it is obvious to My devotee that I Am the Divine Person (Omni-Present, or All-and-all-Surrounding and All-and-all-Pervading).



The Divine Person – He-And_She Is Me

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