He-And-She Is Me – Adi Da Samraj

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I Am One and Whole—Not Two

DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, You, the Very Divine Person, have Incarnated uniquely in this time. Because of Your own Process of Avataric Incarnation, has the “Goddess” also Incarnated?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. The “Goddess” is always Incarnated—as everything, as everyone, as the Cosmic Mandala. Natural experience is the “Goddess”—in Her Disposition to appear by conditional means (or as all conditionally arising forms, conditions, and states). In My “Relationship” to the “Goddess”, She is Divinely Converted and Rightened (or “Husbanded”) in Her Disposition—Such That She is One-Pointed in Love’s Response to Me, rather than Fascinated and Fascinating with Multiplicity’s mere Shifts of Shape. Therefore, because of My “Goddess-Husbanding” Avataric Divine Incarnation, an entirely different view of the Divine Spiritual Energy is possible. The Divine Spiritual Energy is no longer merely the “‘Goddess’-as-the-world” (or the conditionally arising patterning-pattern of suffering, illusion, and limitation). It is of great import that the “Goddess” is “Wed” (and, Thus, Submitted) to the Ultimate Divine—Such That She Is the Very Energy, the Inherent Radiance, the Self-Radiance of the Divine.

This is the right understanding of the “Goddess”. She no longer appears separately. From the “Point of View” of Divine Self-Realization, there is only the Inherent Oneness of the Divine. There is no “Me and the ‘Goddess’”. I Am Complete—as I have Said. There is no “difference”. I Speak of the Goddess”. You do not. Fundamentally, there is no “Goddess”, then. There is only the One Divine Person—only Me. The Divine Person Is One and Whole—not two, not many. One Person, One Absolute Being. Very Consciousness, Very Force—All Love-Bliss, Self-Existing, Self-Radiant, Absolute, not divided.

The notion of some kind of “two-ness”—of the Divine as Very Being (or Consciousness Itself) and the “Goddess” as somehow Divine (but Independent) Energy (Appearing as all manifestation)—arises from the dualistic vision associated with egoity, conditionality, appearances. From that point of view, it can seem that there are two. But if you understand rightly, there is only One. It is not “the God” and “the Goddess”—the Divine Person and the “Goddess”. There is just One. Such was My Realization in the Vedanta Temple. That was the Accomplishment there. And That is What you must Realize also—not the Divine somehow “over against” you and all of the conditional cosmos, but just the Very One Who Is Inherently Beyond all “difference” and beyond separation.

DEVOTEE: Beloved, there has always only been That One.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: Yes. But there have been many appearances and many thoughts.

DEVOTEE: But now we have Your Avataric Divine Incarnation here.

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: My Avataric Divine Sign set everything straight — actually Accomplished the Great Event, by virtue of My Divine Siddhis. My Divine Self-Realization is not a mere bit of poetry. I am not merely using symbolic language — as if nothing was actually different after the Great Event in the Vedanta Temple. It is not that at all. It was an actual Event. Not just the Event of My Divine Re-Awakening, but the Event of the utter submission of the entire Cosmic Mandala to the Very Divine Condition. In That Great Event, My Divine Siddhis Snapped the barrier that the Cosmic Mandala had represented for beings until then.

ANOTHER DEVOTEE: Beloved Lord, if there were some way to investigate what was happening throughout the world on September 10, 1970, should we expect to find evidence of this Transformation of the entire Cosmic Mandala at that precise moment, or should we expect to see it unfolding over time? Or both?

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: “Both” is a good way of putting it. You would not necessarily notice some historical events that signalled that everything had changed. The Event in the Vedanta Temple was not a change in history. It was a change in the Fundamental Nature of existence. All the changes that might occur on the basis of That Event are historical, but the Event Itself is not about history. It is about Most Perfect Real-God-Realization.

This history-oriented mentality is another part of the illusion of human beings. From the ordinary (body-based, ego-based, socially oriented) point of view, somehow you imagine “God” to be the “Maker” of all this. You naively presume that “God” is just sort of “wandering around” in history, “Making” this and that happen. Such is merely the lore of ordinary human beings in their seeking, merely a presumption human beings make to protect themselves and institutionalize their ego-made ideals. Real God does not (in the conventional sense) “Make” history. Rather, Real God Is The Context of history. To paraphrase a common saying: Real God is at your side—not on your side. Look at all the people praying for this and that fulfillment of their desires. They are supposing that all the desiring ego has to do is ask hard enough (and with enough obvious gestures of social flattery), and “God” will fulfill the ego’s desires—and, thus, “Make” history.

Even if you do ask, Real God is not merely “Commanding” merely human history. You all are commanding merely human history! Therefore, if you will enter into a truly profound depth of heart-Communion with Me, you will be able to have a remarkably benign influence on human history. But the course of merely human history is your business—not the business of Real God.

Human beings are not, like children, merely being “taken care of”—except insofar as human beings themselves (As natural extensions of Self-Evidently Divine Reality Itself) “take care of” one another and life’s place.

By means of experience, human beings progressively know themselves and their world.

And, by Means of Reality Itself, human beings Realize Reality Itself.


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