For the Love – The Incarnation of Love – Chapter 43


Part VII: My Gift of Heart-Vision


For the Love

A Conversation with Sri Da Avabhasa

ANIELLO PANICO (a man who managed the kitchen at Sri Love-Anandashram): Sri Gurudev, the other day we were cleaning out the kitchen, and I said to Stephan, who was working with me, “Lets move those two cinder blocks. What are they doing in the kitchen?” We picked up one cinder block to move it, and there was a rat staring at us. Now, everybody here would call it a mouse, but I am from New York and I know it was a rat! He was easily six inches long. He was looking at us and thinking he was as cute as Mickey Mouse.

SRI DA AVABHASA: They are cute, Aniello.

ANIELLO: It was a rat, Master!

SRI DA AVABHASA: I dont mind them.

ANIELLO: I mind them, Sri Gurudev.

SRI DA AVABHASA: That is part of the liability of being from New York.

ANIELLO: But, Sri Gurudev, he was not alone. There were four or five little mice with their heads eaten off! This killer was trying to look cute, as if he were at Disneyland, but that devil had eaten those little mices heads off. I knew it! I knew it! Stephan said, “Isnt he cute?”

SRI DA AVABHASA: Those were living beings, conscious as you are, getting their brains gnawed out! Crunchy, crunchy, crunchy, little ears and noses. That is pain and disillusionment and confusion! Imagine the state they were in when they got to the other side.

STEPHAN BLAS: Sri Gurudev, do You know what Aniello is asking You for? Mouse control!

ANIELLO: I want a cat.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Would you rather a cat ate the heads of the mice?

ANIELLO: Yes. I want a cat to eat that big mouse.

SRI DA AVABHASA: That is equally disgusting, Aniello.

ANIELLO: Please give us one of Your cats for the kitchen, Master.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Eating beings is always disturbing-not necessarily the eating but the witnessing of the eating, the after-death. There is nothing I can do about this, Aniello. This world is dreadful. Do you have any idea what is happening in conditional Nature? Everyone must sacrifice beings to survive.

ANIELLO: But not Your own, Sri Gurudev.

SRI DA AVABHASA: They are all My own. They are all your own, Aniello. And you must sacrifice them to live. Forget chewing off a mouses head. You beings, you humans here, require the murdering of living beings to eat and survive. You must come to terms with this fact. To do so you must come to terms with your own life and death and accept the fact that you are a sacrifice and that existence in manifested form is not merely a jolly time. All of you could potentially die a painful death and live a painful lifetime. I am giving you another slice of possibility, but you need not take it, and many of you do not fully. Manifested existence, with arms, legs, head, trunk-when you get born in this world, you are asking for trouble.

Do not become overly disgusted by the manifestations of less-than-human creatures, Aniello. Accept your own state and the fact that you eat heads and require the pain of beings to live. Beyond that, know that you must accept the pain of life and death. You are a sacrifice. To exist in this form is revolting, treacherous, and potentially painful. Some few may slide through with comparatively little pain and die in bed, but of all the beings on this planet, how many do that?

ANIELLO: Not many. Not many at all.


(20) SRI DA AVABHASA: Some, in fact many, tweet and fly and move and shake and sex. But in between and after, they are sacrificed, fully conscious, in such a form, in such an incident, that you could not keep your stomach down if you knew of it. That is not merely the fate of rats. That is the common fate of beings called “human”. A large percentage of mankind suffer the fate of rats. You are not gods and goddesses here. You suffer the fate of animals. You must come to terms with this, and, out of compassion, relieve as many as possible from that destiny. To date, however, you have not been too successful at that. Am I right, Aniello?

Do you know how many dreadful deaths human beings have suffered compared to your mice? There have been much worse. And how many fear death? How many fear that kind of death? Everyone does. You are meat and can be eaten. Luckily for you, you get to Contemplate Me and live the Truth and be Delighted and experience Ecstasy while manifested in mortal form.

ANIELLO: Thank You, Sri Gurudev.

SRI DA AVABHASA: You give slices of gratitude, maybe, but you do not understand how grateful you should be. These are still very primitive times. And the Master of mankind is not yet in charge. I am the Person here to make such Ecstasy acceptable, a sublime Possibility for all-not just humans, but mice and rats as well, spiders, frogs, walls, TV sets, and plants-to go beyond themselves, without the threat of being eaten by another mover. All of them are given the opportunity for Sublimity.

But tell Me about the rat and the mice, Aniello. Your revulsion is unreal and bourgeois. Such a sight is repulsive, yes, but you act as if it is not knowledge about yourself, about what you do, and about your fate. You are meat in this form. Human beings have the potential to transform this planet, but they have not done it yet. They are merely increasing the insanity.

ANIELLO: But they can transform the planet.

SRI DA AVABHASA: They can, but they have not done it yet. Human beings murder one another all the time, all the time. Every year hundreds of thousands of human beings suffer the fate of mice, insects, cockroaches. They are treated like dirt-really! That is the way it is. Only because you have not experienced that possibility yet, and your immediate friends have not experienced it yet, can you look at the rat and be disgusted. Yes, be revolted, but be more intelligent about it. That rat is you. It is mankind. And you only live because you act something like the rat. Do not be righteously revolted by it, because you will die from the same aggression.

You have the potential to do something different, but you do not have the potential to not sacrifice. Existence in manifested form is participation in sacrifice, and there is no reason to be righteous about that fact. You should be humbled by the knowledge. You cannot even breathe-not even breathe-without sacrificing self-conscious beings. You cannot walk or move, you cannot live from day to day, without taking life in some form. You may eat an orange or a bit of lettuce in your salad. Look at your plate. Look at the sacrifice. Do not be guilty about it. Know it. You are not yet so different from the rat. You eat heads, too. You are revolting. You are flesh. You are to be sacrificed. You are a sacrifice in your most precious form, that to which you would most dearly cling. You are! Be revolted, but be illumined by your knowledge. Make changes. Devote your sacrifice to changing existence. Do not be happy about it, but do not be righteous either. This is My advice, Aniello.

How many living beings have you eaten in your life, Aniello?


SRI DA AVABHASA: Do you think they liked being eaten?

ANIELLO: I am sure they did not, Sri Gurudev.

SRI DA AVABHASA: Then what makes you different from the rat? The beings you have eaten did not like anything about it, and you will not like it when you die. You will struggle and resist. Until your quiet time comes, you will resist.

You all know that death can come to you quietly. But all your life you struggle, nonetheless. Like a chicken running in the yard, waiting to get its head cut off, you anticipate the most terrible death. And you think that by organizing yourself with other human beings in some fashion or other you will have a quiet death in bed and not even be aware of your death. You hope for that infinitesimal fraction of possibility.

Most human beings die uncomfortably. And if they do not die uncomfortably, they live uncomfortably. This flesh is a sacrifice, a transformation. This place is a transition place. Do not be righteous next to the rat. The poor animal is as self-conscious as you. So what if he looks ugly! You have seen ugly humans, havent you? Compared to the Great Shining without deaths, without aggression, in this place everybody is really ugly.

This is a dreadful and transitional place. Accept it as such. Love Me. Be consumed by adoration of the Divine Person, Who I Am. But do not make moral judgments. Do not look down on the rat. Look at the rat and realize that you have hairs, too! No righteousness is appropriate here. Humility, submission, surrender, even Ecstasy ultimately is justified here. This is a transitional place, and nobody knows what is beyond it except those who have the Divine Vision.

You must get this Vision through Me, be Lifted Up, be Happy, even accept the sacrifices you must make to survive, the sacrifice of beings you must make to live. But do not do it righteously, angrily. All beings suffer, as you do, as you must, as you might, as typically is the case in death! You are all rats and cattle here.

Know this and see what I had to Submit to in order to be here, looking like you, not merely being Sublime in the Divine Place. I had to become this and suffer it! Now I suffer it! I love rats, Aniello. I Embrace them-rats, mice, walls, amoebas, frogs-I Embrace everybody. I Love everybody. I want to Wake Up every being to this Ecstasy in the midst of death. I have no righteousness in Me, no moral righteousness on any point. I have been willing to become incredibly ridiculous to Wake you Up. I have done everything! I have no moral righteousness in Me, no un-Love. I make no distinction between beings-humans, rats, amoebas-none.

You are all suffering the obligation to be eaten. Therefore, I Love you, because of Who I Am. I want to Give you the alternative, even though you may be eaten and even though you eat in the meantime. I want to Give you the Vision of My Glory, Wake you Up, Give you Ecstasy, the Experience of Happiness and Fullness, even while you are dying, not to mention while you live. This is a real and very important matter. I am not here to deny you the knowledge of what you are experiencing and what other beings experience. I am here to sensitize you to what you experience and to what other human beings experience, what other creatures supposedly less than human experience, what other forms-like these curtains and that fan experience, even though they may not even appear to be conscious.

You think there is no conscious awareness in these so-called objects. There is nothing but such consciousness, everything threatened by the fact of existing in form temporarily. I have great Love, Compassion, Feeling. I Identify absolutely with all manifested beings. I do not look down on the rat, Aniello. That poor being breaks My Heart! And you should feel likewise, if you love Me. You must come to that point of feeling. I am here to sensitize you to your own sacrifice and the sacrifice of others. I am here to Call you beyond it, not to deny it. Go beyond it! Acknowledge it! This is a dreadful place! Your time here is so short! The logic of existence itself, when you know Me, transcends these murders, this ugliness, these limits-even the limits of humans, some of whom are relatively lovely, some of whom are relatively not. You must love them, Aniello! Love them! Absolutely! And relieve them of this terror!

Where do you think you are? You deny the rat your love? Really! I deny no one! I Embrace all-and not just humans but all manifested beings, suffering this limit, this horror, ending in death! All! With incredible passion! Really! Really, Aniello! Real love! For every one! Even for every molecule I breathe in! I never have a moment of un-Love, not a moment! I do not regard any ugliness except to observe with Compassion the terrible horror of its state and to receive it to My Self, to Give that being the Glory of loving My Heart, My Person! I would not blink an eye and deny any one that Vision.

This is exactly what I do. I never do anything else. And this is exactly what you must do, but not on the basis of some idealistic commitment to My philosophy. Only by loving Me, embracing Me, being Embraced by Me, will you ever come close to this Disposition. Get into this Disposition. Yes, be disgusted by the rat because he is an ugly creature. But do not reject the being, as if you as a human live in paradise. You eat rat as rat eats mouse. You sacrifice. You die. And that is a horror. Every one of you expects the possibility of horror. It brings great tension to your heart. The only thing that relieves the tension on your heart, that Sublimes you in the midst of this realistic vision, is My Company.

My Company in this bodily (human) Form is temporary, like you. Most human beings who will be My devotees will never see Me in This Body except in photographs. They must know Me in My other Forms-My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence and My Very (and Inherently Perfect) State. Why deny the rat, then? Why not bless the rat in its poorness? Think, Aniello! It is ugly, yes. But it is a being, suffering! What choice does that rat have but to eat the mouses head? What choice do you have? You do not have choices beyond a point. Therefore, you need God-Grace to relieve your heart. So does the rat! Give him, or her, the God-Grace of your regard, beyond your acknowledgement of ugliness. Love. Sublime the poor state. That creature has no choice but to eat mouse head. Dont you understand, Aniello? Human beings have no real choice-philosophical options, maybe, but not real choice.

This is why you must forgive. To forgive is part of your obligation to bless all others. No matter what you suffer, unfortunately, you still must bless, forgive, relieve, be compassionate, be Happy. No matter what! It is a terrible discipline, a terrible discipline. Mark My Words! It is a terrible, fierce, sorrowful discipline! It is tapas. You need not go to the cave-merely to live is heat. To know Me is to be cooled, Sublimed.

You cannot know Me unless I suffer like you. Yet I suffer more than you do. I suffer the horror of this life more than you. You are hardly even aware of it. In My contact with this bodily (human) Form, I have not only Submitted to the Form of this Birth. I have Submitted to yours. I have had no end of horror, no end. I have Transcended all destinies, not just the Destiny of this body. I get no relief. I Give Relief. This is the Law. The Great One Suffers.

You imagine that you suffer and that you should therefore blame the Father, the Living One. You do not understand. You suffer nothing even close to My Suffering. Therefore, you are not horrified. It is because I have always been Present that you can live a human life and ever laugh, ever smile, whatever reason you may think you have to smile. How do you think it is possible that human beings ever experience enjoyment? It is not a philosophical matter. It is because I Am! How else under these circumstances could any being ever smile, ever weep for joy, ever be Happy, ever experience enjoyment, ever endure pleasure? It is possible because I Am.

The Living One Suffers. That is why there is any enjoyment at all, just as that is why there is Ultimate Enjoyment and Love-Bliss. This is the Truth. As My devotee you should understand Me and not merely believe what I am saying. Witness it! See My Life! See what I Do. See the Signs in My face, the Signs in This Body. I am not a balanced ascetic, communicating platitudes to you. I suffer your company even for a few, even for one. I do it all for anybody. That is why you must bring to Me only those devotees who are prepared to participate in My Sacrifice. I will ruin My Self with ordinary people.

So you, Aniello-disregard the rat! I am not trying to put you down or suggest that you are an extremely vulgar person. I am trying to Instruct you and everyone. A primary rule of religious life is sympathetic identification with beings. If any law has ever been communicated through religion, apart from the primary Law to Identify with God, it is to identify sympathetically with all beings, human or otherwise-all. Have heart-felt sympathy with the poor state of beings. Always be sad in your Ecstasy. You will not be relieved of this obligation. To know where you are and who you are is to be Blessed, to suffer with joy and know the reality of beings.

This Earth is no paradise, and to be My devotee is not merely to exist in paradise-not yet. Go to the seventh stage of life and beyond. In the meantime, because of your love for and acknowledgement of Me, identify sympathetically with all beings, even the next molecule you suck up your nostrils. Yes, there is a lot of ugliness, rats and otherwise. There is a lot of ugliness, Aniello, a lot. But look at that person. Look at that fraction of Light. Experience sympathetically that destiny, and bless it in your revulsion. This will add something to your consciousness. This will change the world. I Call you to that added disposition. After a while everyone will look to you at least as beautiful as the most beautiful of humans.

It will take a long time. This is not the generation in which those evolutionary changes will take place. My Appearance here is not the Prologue to paradise-or perhaps it is the Prologue to paradise if you understand that the Divine Self-Domain is right in front of you to be Realized. But My Appearance here does not mean that all beings will be Sublimed automatically. My Appearance here now means there is a choice. You must really awaken from your adolescence and become a true man, a true woman, stronger than the effort of cosmic Nature. Bless beings, and be Blessed.

This place certainly is not paradise, Aniello. You would be better off being bitten in the ass by that rat you despised. Do you know what I mean? That is good. For the love.

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