The death of Adi Da – Adi Da Mahasamadhi – The passing of Adi Da




Adi Da
Taken the day
before he passed


“I am not going to Incarnate again
just because you did not get it! It is there still to be
gotten even after My physical lifetime, but My Work is done,
all the Dharma Communicated, all the Siddhis Established
that are necessary for your practice of the Way of the
Adi Da 1993

“The Community will be tested its
ability to survive without the physical presence of the
Guru. It remains to be seen what will result. He has never
claimed that the spiritual process would be a “success.” He
has criticized as dreamy nonsense the notion that heavenly
assurances would ultimately bring his teaching some sort of
global acceptance. He has made it equally clear that there
need be no guru if humanity only maintains contact with the
eternally present divine. It was only because men had lost
the way.”
West Journal – 1976


Read a Leela
written 8 months after the passing of Adi Da by Michael
Shaw, devotee

Terry Patten – Integral Heart – Blog

Memoriam: Adi Da Samraj —

of No Seeking

Zo-Callahan –
“In 1972 I became aware of
Franklin Jones…I was graced with, or maybe just lucked
into, an intense five-year relationship with Franklin as my
spiritual teacher”

DEVOTEE: As the Guru sheds the physical body, is it the
Divine Force that becomes alive in the disciples and other
people who live in relationship to the Guru?
BUBBA: Sure. Then the devotees of
such a one become the functional means for the presentation
of that Force in the world. They have that living
relationship with the Guru, who is now gone in his ordinary
human form. Their relationship is unbroken, so the activity,
the Divine Siddhi that was the Guru continues to manifest
through them as a community.
– 1973

BUBBA: …communities tend to become not communities, but
cults. They tend to be centered in the personality of a
Guru, directed to that Guru as a form of
It is the community re-enacting the
ritual of the ego that people all enact individually. So
they never become a community, and they never turn outward
and become functional and truly live this Siddhi. They
remain inward directed, always concentrating on this one who
is gone. I have told you that the Guru comes to manifest
that Satsang that existed prior to his physical birth.
People don’t relate to that. After the Guru’s death they try
to relate to that Satsang that he apparently generated
during his lifetime.
So they go around trying to remember
what he looked like and carrying that whole cult of his
personality, instead of truly living the Divine Satsang that
he was here to communicate while he was
– 1973

Real Divine Avataric Work has only now

“My promise to devotees is the same that all the Siddhas
have declared*: I am with you now, as I have always
been, and I will always be with you. My Function is without
beginning or end. The work I do in my psycho-physical form
is temporary. it is done in order to re-awaken The Way
itself. Therefore, my human life is only a moment. But the
purpose of my work while alive is to establish The Way of
Understanding in Satsang for the coming generations of
mankind. And the special inheritance of my devotees will be
the Community, the Teaching, and the Living Places I will
create and reserve among you.
Bubba Free John, October 18,

Paul Mason
*When in 1953 Guru
Dev (Swami Brahmananda Saraswati Shankaracharya of
Jyotirmath) left this mortal frame and attained nirvana…I
became very sad, very sorry, very morose, the entire world
was emtpy for me and I did not understand what to do without
Guru Dev. Just a minute or two seconds after Guru Dev
appeared to me and was scolding me;

“What a fool you are! You have
been with me for all these many years and you heard my
discourses too. Why should you be sorry today? And you think
that I am gone, where am I gone? Till now whenever you
wanted to meet me , you had to come to the place where I
was, and today when I have attained nirvana, I am
everywhere, I am omnipresent, Where have I gone? Very
foolish for you to mourn on this occasion. I am with you,
here, there, everywhere. Why should you be

pp. 308-09 The
Biography of Guru Dev
Vol II, Paul Mason

“My psycho-physical form is mortal, a function of the
and Name

“When this life of Bubba Free John (Adi Da) is abandoned,
the Person and Siddhi of the Divine will continue to be
manifested to my devotees in exactly the same way I have
made known to them while I live. And the Community of my
devotees will remain in the world as my very incarnation. It
will continue to serve as the fundamental and living
instrument whereby my work will be extended beyond my
lifetime.” – June 7, 1974
and The Goddess – Chapter 10

“The kernel of Liberation…is conscious realization of
complete oneness with the Brahman. It makes little
difference whether this occurs in an embodied state or in a
disembodied one.”
Yoga-Vasistha – The Character of the Liberated Living

I think the guru’s psycho-physical death is a lesson of
the same order so everybody has to get it together without
having to die the same lesson can be taught if it’s
necessary. The same lesson is already being taught by my
withdrawing in various ways into isolation, just leaving
things alone in various ways for periods of time.

“the guru’s psycho-physical death is a lesson of the same
order so everybody has to get it together. Without having to
die the same lesson can be taught if it’s necessary. The
same lesson is already being taught by my withdrawing in
various ways into isolation, just leaving things alone in
various ways for periods of time. My withdrawal not just a
way of becoming independent of the ashram. It’s a way
of requiring the ashram to take on its proper function.
It’s not an abandonment. It’s a form of teaching
in which things are done at the right time and in the proper
way the ashram does begin to fulfill its functions better.
It also begins to be Satsang more as it is, not as a cultic
life with a human individual, but it’s life in God in
divine communion, so the guru takes on opportunities he must
take in order to place his devotees in that more perfect
Satsang. The Ashram is still very childish, people require
very childish consolations when they should be busy doing it
instead of expecting me to be something like an entertainer
or a consoling presence and get them into line, week after
week. Why should that be necessary anymore.”
unpublished talk – 1974

The Mystery – Death – The
Perfect Insult

“(My work is) the same that all the Siddhas have
declared: I am with you now, as I have always been, and I
will always be with you. My Function is without beginning or
end. The work I do in my psycho-physical form is temporary.
It is done in order to reawaken the way itself. Therefore,
my human life is only a moment. But the purpose of my work
while alive is to establish the way of Satsang for the
coming generations of mankind”.
and Name


“…it should be presumed that this transmission will
continue through my Agency…after my death. Spiritual
Agency, once established doesn’t come to an end with
physical death. I will be functioning through tangible
Agency of those who are in this plane, capable of receiving
it. They won’t even have any particular sense necessarily of
having some association with me in a subtle form, an astral
form, that looks like I did during my life….But the Siddhi
itself will remain obvious to them…and the cycle will not
be interrupted.”

Adi Da

“My Work…is mysterious to me. I cannot explain it
really…you all must progressively adapt to
something that has happened that even I cannot explain
Adi Da Samraj,

This is a bardo, a transitional place – in other words, a
transformation of mind…that is what it really is. You
cannot merely…believe it…it is not a doctrine. I can
only Confess to you My State. Either you recognize Me or you
do not.
February 16, 1983,
is not a Gentleman, and I Am That One

The entire function of the human
guru’s appearance in the world is to create devotees. Once
devotees are created, it isn’t necessary for there to be a
human guru. The eternal guru, who is also that human guru,
is always present, and devotees are always in touch with
that one. The creation of devotees is what is necessary, not
the creation of more gurus.
I Said It?

“I see death as just a drawing back in of this extension
here. My so-called death will just draw this psycho-physical
being back into the Position in which I am already living.
This body is not my position.”
if the Universe Were to Disappear in

“It seems trivial to say that everyone dies, but it really
is the case. Love your way beyond it. Do not take it. The
heart cannot accept it. Don’t. You cannot know about it
altogether, but you can trust it.
How do you get to trust it?
Seriously ‘consider’ this matter with Me. The
Heart is faith, it is trust. Where there is no emotional
contraction in the midst of conditions, that is faith, that
is absolute trust. You do not have to be sold on it by
adding a belief structure. Understand. Enter into
heart-Communion with Me for real, and not by self-concern,
but through this response to Me. Then the Law becomes

become energetic in your devotion to Me. You must all become
un-“knowable” to yourselves in the
“Play” with Me.
You must all become so disturbed in
your center that you have no reach to yourself, but, in
spite of your reach, in your simplest activities, you
express Me without “knowledge”– and This Is the
Force of My Intrusion upon Which I Depend, and upon Which My
Continuation is Guaranteed.
When I see all of that multiplied in
My devotees, then I am free to Abandon This Body. You may
consider It somehow unfortunate, but It will
When I see in many of you the energy
of true devotion in My Company, in all kinds of relations
with Me, then I Know that My Birth has Begun. These signs of
your enthusiasm and freedom are My Birth-Pangs. They are the
signs of My Ending in the Body.
These signs demand that Ending, in
order to be instigated and furthered, in order to be refined
and defined. Now This Body must Go. When you see this in one
another, know that the Work of This Body is

“If any one Wonders How This Can Be So, Let him or her Study
The Great Tradition Of The Esoteric Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Realization Of Truth. Let every
one who Will Study The Great Tradition Understand That,
Although The Way Of The Heart Is A New and Most Full
Revelation Made Under the circumstances arising During The
Physical Lifetime Of My Now Speaking Bodily Human Form, It
Is Also The Eternal and Ancient “Secret” Way That Is The
Seed Of All Religions”.
Dawn Horse Testament – Chapter

“It is only in the next
generation beyond this body that the factuality of this
circumstance becomes apparent”
Death is My Birth
– July

“the Guru is not of the kind that at death returns to the
…..”(my influence) remains with those whose connection is
with me, even those who are now on this earth and who do not
know (this) body. That influence is working on them at this
Are Not That Either

November 20, 1975

Sister Death
– On the
Remarkable Departures of Illumined Beings
Ron Boyer, Laughing Man Magazine, 1981

Guru’s feel pain?
– “it is
immaterial to him where and when he leaves the body. Some of
them when passing appear to suffer, others may pass while in
Samadhi and quite unconscious of the outer world, while yet
others may just disappear from sight at the moment of
A Sadhu’s
Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi by Sadhu Arunachala (A.W.

My Death

Bubba Free John 4/17/76

my death, no one will ever see me, but my work will

Breath and Name

“I will yield utterly to the condition of Siddhi and Person
of God, and, therefore, I will remain only Perfectly
Age Journal – 1976

My Death

Garbage and The Goddess

lovers are the cause of my birth

Enlightenment of the Whole Body

body of the Guru is not God

An excerpt from, The Decision to Eat, 4/4/76

withdrawal of my human influence will change

Bubba Free John, 1976

There is no birth either on this or the other side (of the
world). A compound thing (samskrta) originates from its
conditions. Therefore it is sunya by its nature. This fact
comes into the range of knowledge of an omniscient one.
of Nagarjuna


For those who want
more ‘details’ of Adi Da’s death I recommend going
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November 26, 2008 – The day before
his death




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Adi Da, Ramana Maharshi, Nityananda, Shridi Sai Baba, Upasani Baba, Seshadri Swamigal , Meher Baba, Sivananda, Ramsuratkumar
perfect among the sages is identical with Me. There is
absolutely no difference between us”
XX, 128-133




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