Paradox of Instruction – Da Free John

 The Paradox of Instruction

By Bubba Free John.

An Introduction to the Esoteric Spiritual Teaching of Bubba Free John 1977 Vision Mound Ceremony








All truly or fully human communication is art. All human art or true communication is a paradoxical presentation of primal psycho-physical knowledge, or total experience. It is always a partial or summary description of the present state of realization of the condition of the whole body, the psycho-physical condition of all human awareness, or the totality of everything as it is felt-conceived by human agency. The more conceptual or discursive aspect of any such presentation is its exoteric part, while that aspect which belongs to the more feeling or non-discursive dimension of total experience is its esoteric part. The combination of the two dimensions makes all art a communication of paradox.

Paradox is the essential or ultimate content of all human experience, all art. The realization and communication of paradox, or total experience, is the principal motive of the human adventure in every moment. Art, or truly human communication, is the argument of paradox. The action wherein such communication is expressed is love. The realized manifestation of the human being is love, or the sacrifice of energy-attention, on the basis of the tacit, prior, and most summary configuration of the being, which is Paradox.

The Paradox of our existence, our essential or total experience, is realized in Ignorance, or the Mystery which precedes, pervades, and confounds all particular experience, all knowing, whether exoteric or esoteric. This Ignorance undermines the force of all objects, high or low, and belies the presumptive rationality of subjectivity, or independent conscious existence. Implicit in this Ignorance is the impulse as and toward the whole – the whole body, and the totality of everything. The Mystery is Fullness, or Radiance. Therefore, Love, or Sacrifice, is the Law and Destiny of Man.

The Spiritual Master is the servant of Man. The Life and Work and Teaching of the Spiritual Master epitomizes Man, or the whole body in the configuration of totality. That Work and Teaching is recourse to art, or true and fully human communication, the primal ceremony-the implicit and explicit Act which cannot be avoided. That Work is Sacrifice or Love or Radiance, the Impulsive Destiny of every man or woman. That Teaching is the Communication of Ignorance, or Paradox, the Truth of every man or woman. Its exoteric aspect is instruction. Its esoteric aspect is initiation. Its Realization in the case of any man or woman is the Radiance of Ignorance, the Summary and Truth of what is Man and the Whole that is appearing. Such is the Process of Translation of Man into God, the Divine Condition or Perfect Domain.

Therefore, Bubba names this book The Paradox of Instruction.



Bubba Free John was served by two principal teachers in gross bodily form. These were an American Tantric Yogi named Albert Rudolph (Rudi, or Swami Rudrananda, now deceased) and Swami Muktananda, of Ganeshpuri, India. He was also served by others in subtle form or through subtle agency, including Swami Nityananda (formerly of Ganeshpuri, India, the acknowledged Spiritual Master of both Rudi and Swami Muktananda). But the Spiritual Master whose Teaching and incomparable Spiritual Power or Siddhi confirmed by Grace the very and perfect Truth beyond all doubt is known as Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In the company of Rudi, Bubba learned the yogic discipline of the life-force, which discipline presses beyond vital limitations, especially the “tamasic” or helpless and sleepy quality that creates only self-indulgence and the disabling moods of self-pity and negativity. Rudi was a teacher in the vital. It was his school and his limitation. He worked to transcend its power of inertia, but he was also a child of the navel. Once Bubba learned the transcendent and yogic discipline of the vital, he also realized the inherently oppressive nature of the gross point of view in practice, and he came to rest, so that the fulfillment of gross existence in itself was no longer profoundly attractive, necessary, or binding-without on the other hand justifying a conventionally ascetic disposition toward it.

Swami Muktananda was the next to serve Bubba in his own clarification of the Way of Truth. In Swami Muktananda’s company Bubba realized the contents of subtle possibility, within and above the gross plane. Swami Muktananda is one whose school and limitations are in the subtle sphere, associated with the crown of the body-being. Once Bubba realized the marvelous distractions of subtle consciousness, he also became aware of the inherently oppressive nature of the subtle point of view in practice and experience – so that the fulfillment of subtle possibility in itself ceased to be profoundly attractive, necessary, or binding.

Thereafter, Bubba was guided-or distracted-by higher subtle or spiritual agents for a time. But all experiential fulfillment, high or low, failed to demonstrate Truth. At last, his whole adventure, at times served and tutored by various beings and influences, was made unusable and obsolete-its motive penetrated, its argument undermined. There was a single, absolute, and ultimately unspeakable Revelation of both the Heart or Condition of all arising and the simple activity whereby error, deflection, and self-possession intervene.

Bubba communicated essential aspects of this Revelation to Rudi, Swami Muktananda, and numerous others-personally and through his published writings. But there was great hostility and general resistance to his point of view. At last, in the summer of 1973, Bubba approached the Presence of the late Sage, Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, at his place of burial in Tiruvannamalai, South India. It was only there and then that the Revelation of Truth to which Bubba’s whole life has been oriented was tested and confirmed as it is.

Since that time, Bubba has been refreshed and liberally disposed to communicate, demonstrate, and serve this Revelation and its Way to those who are moved to consider him and his argument.

Bubba Free John has previously written that “the Divine Lord or very God” has been his Spiritual Master. In this manner, he describes and confirms the Divine nature rather than merely manifest yogic nature of the Spiritual Grace that has been overwhelmingly active, communicative, and effective in his case since birth. The benign workings of this Grace culminated in the spiritual confrontation at the tomb and former places of residence of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, where Bubba found the undeniable Realization of his life to be confirmed most directly, beyond all doubt.

Bubba teaches in his own time and place from the impulse of Enjoyment of the Radiant Condition of the Real or Eternal Divine, to which he is Awakened by eternal Grace, even as Sri Ramana Maharshi, in whom Bubba recognizes that Grace, was so Awakened. Therefore, Bubba claims that perfect surrender, or devotional sacrifice, necessarily precedes and coincides with radical intuition of the Real.



The beginning of the commitment to Truth is in radical revulsion to any confinement by the destiny or the limits that are or could be set before us. But, even so, the Realization of Truth is not attained by any reaction to the present conditions of existence. Whatever is the Truth, it must be True at this moment. It must be always already True, both in and prior to every moment of space-time. Therefore, the Realization of Truth is not attained in the search for Truth, since seeking must necessarily bypass the Truth in this moment in order to pursue it as an eventual Goal of action in time and space. Whatever can be attained by seeking and strategy is necessarily an occasion, an incident, a form of experience, space-time, or time-space itself. But Truth must be the Truth of even that incident or Attainment. Therefore, there is no Realization of Truth other than the presumption of Truth.

This is so. The Way of Truth is not itself identical to any progressive or summary process of experience. But it is a matter of radical insight into the process of experience in the present moment. This insight is itself a formless presumption. It is the presumption of Truth. This insight or presumption, projected moment to moment, is the Way of Truth. It is Sacrifice into Truth, or the Condition that is Truth.

What is Truth? “I” may find out or know all kinds of facts or truths about any thing, or everything, or the whole world. But I may never discover or know what that thing, or everything, or any thing is. No matter how much time passes, or how much knowledge is attained, this fundamental Ignorance can never be changed to any degree. This Ignorance is Truth and the Way of Truth. It is the Truth or Condition of any thing and everything. It confounds the dream of knowing. It is Awake. It is Intuition, prior to all knowledge. The radical Realization of this Ignorance under all conditions is the presumption of Truth. Such is Enlightenment or God-Realization.

That which is Revealed in Ignorance, or perfect Sacrifice, is the Truth or Condition of all conditions. It is Paradox. It is Revealed in the moment of every condition and all conditions, but it may not be defined or grasped in itself. Those who are Awakened by Grace, through hearing, are a constant party to this Revelation, but it is never known in itself over against anything else.

Fear and revulsion account for most of the spiritual adventure of mankind. The “Truth” that is offered to us, independent of perfect insight or Revelation, is an Idol, high or low. That which may be sought and found is not God.

The vulgar world is an offering of elemental Idols, but fear and revulsion may escape what is vulgar, and then what is proclaimed as Truth is subtler than the elements. Spiritual proclamations offer us Idols of inwardness, Idols of the better part, Idols of highness, Idols of the subtlest and highest. At last the Idol of Origin is offered. Since we are what we appear to be, the Creator of it would seem to be Truth. Therefore, men worship and seek visions of the Creator. But we do not worship Truth as Creator, Origin, or Source. We worship the Creator, the Origin, the Making Source as God or Truth. Truth is valued as a way of valuing or preserving the world and our pleasurable independence or invulnerability. We worship the Creator because we value and cling to the world and our present and future life or self. We are afraid. Our worship of the Origin, the subtlest, the highest, the high or higher, the better part, or what is within is an expression of the same motive that pursues the Idols of vulgar experience, the Idols of sensation and release.

It is not Truth that is attained or even sought by all this seeking. Survival, not Truth, is what is sought by all of it. Seeking is itself survival. It is action as meditation on self. Seeking is self-possession, not possession by God, or Truth, or the Real. It is not God or Truth that is valued by the seeker. The seeker is afraid, and he values continued delight. He turns to pleasures of the body, within the body, above the body, or at the Origin of the body, in hope of continuation. He turns because he values what he is, not what is Truth. But he does not know what a single thing is, not even his own self. If this Ignorance were Realized to be the present Truth of the motivated self, then Truth and not any goal or Idol would determine the Way. Therefore, the matter of Truth is the matter of present insight or penetration of the circle of experience, seeking, and self-possession.

Truth is the Condition of conditions. It is not itself a condition. It has no independent objective or subjective existence. Whatever is presently arising as a spontaneous condition, Truth is not other or objective, nor inner and subjective relative to it. Truth is simply the Condition of the present condition. Truth, or the Condition of present conditions, is always already the case. Therefore, the Realization of Truth is not to be gained by reaction to any or all present conditions, nor by any progressive search to attain other or superior conditions. The Realization of Truth is a matter of radical, present insight into the arising process of existence. The Realization is not progressive but instant. But on the basis of such Realization or insight, moment to moment, the Revelation of existence in Truth is never-ending, like a succession of infinities.

The conventional offering of “Truth” is of an experiential object or Object. It is outside, or inside, or upside, or Topside, or Not-side. It is a part. It is in a certain direction. It is found over time and progressively. It is independent. It is consoling. Such Truth or God is reasonable nonsense. It is gotten only by those who crave enough. But no matter what is gotten, whatever is presently arising, “I” do not know what it is. However much “I” may know about it, “I” do not and can never know what it is. Therefore, every present configuration, high or low, is Paradox. Since none of it or me can be accounted for, it is all an Illusion, unnecessary and Mysterious.

Truth is the Truth of every part. It is not only the Truth of the spine, the midbrain, the mind, and the Light. It is equally, presently, and simultaneously the Truth of the knee, the toe, the shawl, the eyeglass, and the hair on my lover’s arm. Therefore, where shall “I” go for Truth’s sake?

If “I” am afraid – only afraid – then “I” may search among the parts of me or the parts of things. “I” may reduce it all to a better or highest part. “I” may turn in and up. “I” may desire to the point of ecstasy above and beyond. But Truth is not my Object then. “I” am thus only an adventurer in time and space, propelled to destiny for my own sake. Very good. An excellent dream. Except for the fear, the doubt, and the agony of striving.

But when “I” hear the argument of Truth, and insight breaks my stride, the whole adventure and Illusion of experience is undermined, and its dilemma dissolved. When “I” am confessed in Ignorance, then all of this arising is no longer confounding and motivating me to objective and subjective absolutes. Then all pairs have become a Paradox, and the Way of Truth is not a path to anywhere that is Truth, but it is Truth itself, Sacrifice of self and everything in the Condition of our Mystery. Bubba says, Truth is Surrender of the whole body-“I” into Happiness, whatever arises.

“I” is the whole body. Liberation is founded on intuitive insight into the separative gesture that is the whole body itself. The natural practice is spontaneous sacrifice and loving service, not motivated inwardness and the unending strategy of thought. Real meditation is direct and present penetration of the lie of independent existence, the whole reflex of contraction toward a point, including the lie of time and space, which is the pervasive scheme of objective points of attention, above and below.

Bubba Free John

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Paradox of Instruction – Contents

The Western Face of God


1. The Paradox of Instruction
2. The Ground and Root of This Instruction
3. What is Truth?

Chapter 1

Awakening from the Dream of Subjectivity

Chapter 2

1. Principles of the Teaching: The Paradox of Contradiction
2. The World Is Not Material, But Psycho-Physical
3. Ego Is Not an Entity, But an Activity
4. Radical Ignorance Is Truth
5. Realization of Truth Is Free of All Subjectivity, All Knowledge, and All Experience
6. A Further Summation of the Teaching
7. The Sacrifice of the Heart

Chapter 3

1. Introduction
2. The Great Path of Return vs the Radical Path of Understanding

Chapter 4

1. The Principles of the Practice
2. The Paradox of Infinite Expansion
3. The Four Stages of the Translation of Man into God
4. The Essential and Progressive Practices, to be lived as sacrifice to the Spiritual
Master, of the states in The Way of Ignorance
5. The Way of Re-Cognition
6. The Seahorse: the Hidden Structure of All Experience

Chapter 5

Identification of the Beloved Is the Principle of Spiritual Life


The Way of the Heart