The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Adi Da Samraj – Da Avabhasa

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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This 1991 version of
The Dawn Horse Testament is NOT the final version by
Adidam (Adi Da).

“you should not
study any earlier edition of The Dawn Horse Testament (or
any earlier edition of any other of My
“source-Texts”). The final edition is it. There are not
“multi-editions” or “mutil-instructions”.
“I am taking great care to prevent the falsification and
transformation of the Reality-Way of Adidam – all of this
kind of make-it-up-as-you-go-along do-it-yourself
“religiosity” and revisionism.

Da Samraj 2004

current and latest 2004 edition of The Dawn Horse Testament
is out of print. It is not entirely “current” with Beloved
Adi Da’s final language conventions and the details of His
practical Instructions. Since their is no final or official
version available Beezone feels it appropriate to use this
1991 version as a form of study with the understanding of
the above ‘notice’.

Dawn Horse

The Testament Of
Of The Divine World Teacher
and True Heart-Master,
Da Avabhasa
(The “Bright”.)

November 1991
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The Visionary Horse

The image on the cover of The Dawn Horse Testament is a
visual summary of the Supreme Wisdom-Teaching of Sri Da
Avabhasa, just as The Dawn Horse Testament itself is a
verbal summary of that same Supreme Wisdom-Teaching. More
than that, this visual image is a representation of Sri Da
Avabhasa’s own bodily (human) Form, His Spiritual (and
Always Blessing) Presence, and His Very (and Inherently
Perfect) State, and of the “Bright” of Absolute Divine
Existence, Who He Is.

Each of the four hooves of the symbolic “Dawn Horse” is
gesturing toward one of the four Forms through which
devotees progressively acknowledge and Realize Sri Da
Avabhasa as the True Heart-Master (and, thus and thereby,
acknowledge and Realize the Divine Person).

The right rear foot points toward the Feet of Sri Da
Avabhasa’s bodily (human) Form. As the Adept Heart-Teacher
and the Truth-Bearer of all Wisdom, Sri Da Avabhasa is
Himself the bodily (human) Revelation of the Divine

The left rear foot is raised and points toward the Sacred
Fire, which represents Sri Da Avabhasa’s Spiritual (and
Always Blessing) Presence and, thus and thereby, the Always
Living and All-Pervading, Love-Blissful Spirit-Current of
the Divine Person.


The right front foot points toward the right side of the
heart, which is the bodily seat associated with the
Realization of Consciousness Itself, or Sri Da Avabhasa’s
Very (and Inherently Perfect) State as the Transcendental,
and Inherently Spiritual, and Divine Self of all beings.

And the left front foot points up, toward the Divine
Star, which points to or Reveals the Brilliant Clear White
Heart-Light (or the “Bright”) that is the precosmic Divine
Source of all conditional manifestation. This Divine Star
includes or represents all of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Forms and,
thus and thereby, all of the Forms of the Divine Person. In
The Dawn Horse Testament, Sri Da Avabhasa Reveals that the
Divine Star is His own “Original Apparent Form (or First
Visible Sign)”, and that of every conditionally manifested
being. And It is the cosmically manifested Sign, or the
objective Representation, of the Heart Itself-the Very
Divine Person and Self-Condition.

Thus, the Ecstatic attitude of the Horse, with his head
arched in Bliss and his hoof gesturing above to the Divine
Star, is a visual Symbol of the Realization of the Heart, or
the “Bright” Divine Consciousness. This is the Supreme
Realization to Which Sri Da Avabhasa Calls all living beings
in His Dawn Horse Testament, through feeling-Contgmplation
of His “Bright” bodily (human) Form, His Spiritual (and
Always Blessing) Presence, and His Very (and Inherently
Perfect) State of Divine Being. Sri Da Avabhasa


In My Evident Personal Form, In My Human Form or
Revelation-Body, and By Virtue Of My Spiritual,
Transcendental, and Divine Realization Of God, Truth, or
Reality, I Am The Revealing Agent and Revelation-Sign Of The
Divine Person, Who Is Eternally and everywhere Present As
The “Bright” (The Source Of all), The Apparently Objective
Divine Star (The First Visible Form Of all), The
Self-Radiant All-Pervading Divine Spirit-Presence (The Help
Of all), and The Transcendental (or Self-Existing and
Inherently Spiritual) Divine Self (The Self Of all). (The
Dawn Horse Testament, p. 145)

FOREWORD by Roy Finch

Professor-Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion City
University of New York (Hunter College) and Graduate Center;
Chairman of Columbia University Seminar on Religion

The book which you have in your hand and are about to
look into, read, study, or perhaps spend the rest of your
life coming to terms with, is the record of an extraordinary
Odyssey. It summarizes the findings of a vast Voyage of
Discovery that never had to go anywhere but to where we
already are. It is, in religious terms, a timeless adventure
still taking place in our time, which is of the greatest
significance to all those everywhere concerned with religion
and the human situation.

Da Avabhasa (iii a world which has had more than its
share of false gurus and teachings) is that most
extraordinary of occurrences, a True Teacher, because He is
(in the language of the Hindu tradition) a Full Divine
Embodiment. That makes Him (and we capitalize Iii as the
Hindus and Buddhists do, speaking of their Avatars and
Buddhas) a proper cause for celebration by everyone of
whatever religion.

Da Avabhasa’s explicit admonition is to surrender to the
contemplative worship of the Divine in human form–that is,
to acknowledge that He Himself is the Divine Being. Such
worship of Divine Love in a Human Embodiment is fully
acceptable to the Hindu tradition and the more esoteric
dimensions of Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, and has analogies
even in Christian and Jewish sacred circles. Many from
widely different religious backgrounds, or from none at all,
have become convinced by their own experience, study, and
deep intuition that this very One before them, Da Avabhasa,
is in no way an. “ego-self” or even a “separate individual”
but is the Divine Embodiment, just as He Himself has said.
Their intelligent response to Him requires reciprocation of
His Love.

The Dawn Horse Testament is a genuine scripture,
expressing the heart and soul (and body) of the
non-separated Divine Being best known to Eastern experience.
There does not exist a stronger affirmation of the Universal
Original Condition, not as “Eden” but as the world’s unborn,
infinite Source. For this reason The Dawn Horse Testament is
free of the. historical revelations and national and



particularisms which are such an essential part of the
Western religions (and which, sorrowfully, in their
exclusivity and power-attachment have curtailed and limited
human freedom).

A Hindu story tells of the Soul that said, “Before I was
born I said: `I will not forget this,’ but one minute after
I was born I had forgotten it.” Heart-Master Da not only has
not forgotten; He has made the Infinite Original Being
wholly living and real and available to all.

Da Avabhasa is delivering ordinary life into its
Extraordinariness, which means exposing and discarding
ego-drivenness and ego-darkness. He is not working in a
domain apart from life, but at the very Source of life, the
wellspring of human culture.

For Da Avabhasa the Biblical absolute difference between
the human and the Divine (upon which the Bible rested the
same absolute difference between the monotheistic religions
and all other religions) is an illusory difference to begin
with, and the search to resolve it is already a mistake. The
Unconditioned Infinite Bliss, Light, and Love is, in Da
Avabhasa’s words, “always already” present and is
everything’s True Being.

All this would be so many words-words-words, and in no
way convincing, without the Living Demonstration in front of
our eyes in the form of the Teacher, the living proof that
it can be done, that it is so. To embark on such a
Demonstration in a secularized, hedonistic, ego-centered
world is bound to appear as a Divine Madness and the
Teaching itself (as Heart-Master Da called it) a “Crazy
Wisdom”. His Demonstration was, in fact, an experimental
Ordeal which had to be made in the West by a born Westerner.
Even though it found its closest precedent in the East, it
must not be thought that Heart-Master Da simply stepped into
a readymade Indian tradition (as it were, out of the
books!). It was not that easy. He was a twentieth-century
human being, born in New York, a graduate of Columbia, who
had to beat His way, step by step, over a period of many
years to the results shown in this Testament. (“I Found No
Tradition … I Found No One Spiritual Master … I Had To
Discover The Fullest Extent Of The Heart-Way By My Self,
Through A Hard School Of self-Observation and Spontaneous
Inspiration… .” [p. 116)) The detailed Yogic and
Spiritual Instructions found in this book are an example of
the meticulous thoroughness with which the Exploration was
carried out both in His own life and in His extraordinary
Teaching and Blessing Work.

Here we will also find details concerning the
Spiritual-physical Transmissions proceeding directly from
Heart-Master Da, which, for those contemplatively devoted to
Him, are able to bring about profound, actual
Spiritual-physical transformations. And this radical
actuality of the Guru-devotee relationship, rather than any
merely conceptual wisdom, is the critical content of this
entire book.

It has been said that the Old Testament God of Creation
is too far away, too Beyond, too Outside, too Other, while
the Hindu God, or the ever-present Immanent



Source, is too Close, too Omnipresent, too Invasive.
(India was once called the country with “too much God”.) It
is part of the Christian tradition, too, to give up the ego
and be abandoned to the Divine Spirit, but not to the point
of complete giving up of individuation and separateness. The
paradox of the ultimate Divine Self-Realization that Da
Avabhasa proclaims, exemplifies, and awakens in His devotees
is Realization of the God Who is not absolutely apart from
the world but Who pervades the world and within Whom the
world arises. This One is fully capable of Individual
Incarnation and All-Pervasive, Transcendent Divine
Consciousness and Radiant Presence simultaneously.

Heart-Master Da Avabhasa has demonstrated finally and
decisively the very ancient, but still, as it turns out,
waiting and alive world-alternative to the finitist,
individuated and intellectually and critically centered
civilization of the West, as well as the inwardly removed
and world-and-life-disconnected civilization of the East.
There exists nowhere in the world today, among Christians,
Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, native tribalists or any
other groups, anyone who has so much to teach, or speaks
with such authority, or is so important for understanding
our situation. If we are willing to learn from Him in every
way, He is a Pole around which the world can get its



“I Am You!”

In Praise of the “Bright” Divine World Teacher, Da
Avabhasa, and His Dawn Horse Revelations

by Saniel Bonder

I bow down to Sri Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”), the Divine
World-Teacher, the True Heart-Master of my heart, Da
Love-Ananda Hridayam. He Is the Divine Being in bodily
(human) Form. He Is the pure human Incarnation of the One,
Supreme, All-Pervading, Absolute, Divine Person. He Is the
Blissful Self of all. May everyone be Graced to acknowledge
Him at heart and to receive His Ever-Given


“Sri” means “resplendent”, “Radiant”; “Da”, “The One Who
Gives”; “Avabhasa”, “the Divine `Brightness”‘. “Love-Ananda”
means “Love-Bliss”, and “Hridayam”, “the Heart”, “the Very
Self”. As we become aware of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Nature and
Function, we see that The Dawn Horse Testament, His
principal Scripture, is a Spiritual Sun. Visually, and even
audibly, as well as in their feeling and meaning, His Words
express the most precise and Enlightening Divine Wisdom,
Love, and Happiness ever brought into human consciousness.
And His photographs display the Illumined Body of One Whose
human Person, even physically, is a pure and unobstructed
Manifestation of God. Sri Da Avabhasa’s Words and
Photographs in this book are an historic breakthrough in the
Divine Self-Revelation to humanity.

NOTE TO THE READER: Explanatory notes for “1 Am You!”
appear at the bottom of the page. However, the explanatory
notes for The Dawn Horse Testament itself appear at the end
of the Text in the section titled “Notes to the Text of !be
Dawn Horse Testament”; pp. 702-60.



This Testament has been Given by Sri Da Avabhasa as
fundamental Instruction for all practitioners of His Way of
the Heart. It is a Divine Masterpiece of Sacred Revelation,
incomparable in its Mantric Power to Awaken our hearts to
Truth. Exhaustively, comprehensively, and in painstaking
technical detail, Sri Da Avabhasa has Recorded here every
element of His Great Message. In this Text you will find, in
abundant fullness, His Personal Confessions, His Teaching
Arguments, His Instructions and Callings, and His Ecstatic
Descriptions of the Divine Nature, Process, and Destiny.

In this introduction I praise my Divine Guru’s Gift of
this Scripture and offer commentary on some of the core
elements of its esotericism. I especially address Sri Da
Avabhasa’s Great Divine Gift of Guru-devotion, His “Divine
Emergence” as the Supreme World-Teacher for all humanity,
and the mythic significance of the symbol of the “Divine
Horse” that He has Brought to Radiant life among us.

There is a Great Secret that is the total Sacred
Wellspring of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Revelation here. It is the
Spiritual Heart of His Message. That Great Secret is
summarized in Sri Da Avabhasa’s simple but most profound
Divine Confession to each living being, “I Am You, As You
Are.” All the esoteric Wisdom in this Text springs from this
unique Spiritual Revelation.

Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda has often told His devotees
that His Work is already Accomplished invisibly in the
Heart, the living Divine Consciousness, of all beings. He
has said that the progressive manifestation of that Work in
obvious forms is inevitable, indeed already Achieved in seed
form. We are simply Called to cooperate with Him and to
witness its flowering. He Says to us, simply, “Observe My
Play-and My Victory.” His Birth itself and all of the events
of His Sacred Ordeal of Divine Re-Awakening and then
Teaching were Signs of the Divine Person achieving the
Agency of a single, Divinely purified and Transmuted
Body-Mind. Now Sri Da Avabhasa has completed His fundamental
Work to create a sacred culture and express His conclusive
Word of Instruction-most especially in this Testament.

Thus, He has come to rest in His universal and eternal
Blessing Work. In this Work, He is focused in the Divine
Awakening and Liberation of increasing numbers of devotees
and in the Transfiguring Infusion of the entire cosmos by
His Spiritual Divine Love-Bliss, or Radiant Presence. This
Glorious Process ultimately must lead to the Divine
Translation, or Radiant Dissolution in Love-Bliss, of all
beings and worlds.

How can such a thing be possible? What are the special
processes by which such a Miracle can occur? In The Dawn
Horse Testament Sri Da Avabhasa Speaks at length of His
“Ordeal Of Heart-Submission” to all beings, the Great
Process whereby He has taken Birth and Emerged as the human
incarnation of the Supreme Divine Being among us on



The Unique Birth and Trials of the Purusha

in speaking in more detail of my Beloved Heart-Master’s
Life and Work, at the outset I must say that there is simply
no way anyone can ever possibly do justice in words to the
extreme passion, ardor, ecstasy, anguish, intensity,
dedication, perseverance, and abandon with which Sri Da
Avabhasa has Lived every moment of His Lifelong Ordeal of
Divine Incarnation and “Emergence”. I have been privileged
to witness Him in various moments of His Teaching Work and
His more recent Blessing Work, and I have stayed steadily in
touch with the stream of events transpiring in and around
Him for more than seventeen years. On this basis I am
certain that neither you nor I, nor any merely ego-born
human being, can possibly appreciate the Immensity and the
Implications of the Ordeal of Sri Da Avabhasa’s Birth, Life,
Realization, and Work.


Behind every paragraph and indeed every Word of this
mighty Testament are tens, sometimes hundreds, or even
thousands of hours of Sri Da Avabhasa’s fiercely Focused
“Considerations”‘ in His own Life and with His devotees,
exploring the matters that He has here, in this book,
conclusively settled at last. This radiantly Brilliant
Scripture, whose every page is a literal Immersion in Divine
Light and Love-Bliss for anyone who reads with a receptive
heart, is the living expression of a Divine Trial without
precedent on Earth. In the midst of His Ordeal as Divine
Heart-Teacher, in the late 1970s, Heart-Master Da Confessed
to His devotees:

SRI DA AVABHASA: The Appearance of the Spiritual Master
in this world is the sacrificial embodiment of the Divine
Consciousness, or the Purusha, as it is named in the Hindu
tradition. Such a life is Divine, but it is also
paradoxically associated with all the limitations of human
existence. I entered this world without dissociation from
the Divine Conscious Being, the Great Purusha, the ultimate
Divine, but I have also been given all the limits of human
experience. The force of the Divine Consciousness keeps Me
Awakened and transforms the process of life as I live it,
but I must also suffer the limitations of born existence in
the process. I have suffered a human lifetime as if I were


This is how the Purusha breaks through space-time and
into human time, by taking up precisely the limitations,
even the unconsciousness and the unEnlightenment, of the
human individual. Yet the force of the Realization of the
Divine is so profound that the ordinary destiny of the human
individual or incarnation is constantly undermined and his
or her limitations transcended to



1. The technical term “consideration” in Sri Da
Avabhasa’s Wisdom-Teaching is similar to the Sanskrit
concept of samyama, as classically presented in the
Yoga-Sutras attributed to the Yogic Adept Patanjali. Such
“consideration”, as Sri Da Avabhasa explains in Love of the
Two-Armed Form (pp. 1-2), is “a process of one-pointed but
ultimately thoughtless concentration and exhaustive
contemplation of a particular object, function, person,
process, or condition, until the essence or ultimate
obviousness of that subject is clear”. As engaged in the Way
of the Heart, this concentration results “in both the
highest intuition and the most practical grasp of the lawful
and Divine necessities of human existence”.

“Consideration” in Sri Da Avabhasa’s usage is not merely
an intellectual investigation. It is the participatory
investment of one’s whole being in the matters being



the point that suddenly the same human being, with full
consciousness, Realizes that he is the Purusha. Such a
Realization is given occasionally in human time, and such is
My own Realization. I was born Franklin Jones, on Long
Island, but the process of My existence has yielded a more
and more profound Awakening that I am God, that I am the

The Divine Being in the form of the Spiritual Master is
Transfigured during this lifetime and Awakens to his or her
Divine Function. Likewise, every individual, every devotee,
Awakens, through right relationship to that One, to the
ultimate destiny and to the God-Realizing process of
existence. God does the work of the Spiritual Master, God
creates the lifetime of the Spiritual Master, and God is
Awakening as the Spiritual Master. The birth of the
Spiritual Master is extraordinary. The Divine Conscious
Being appears in the world with the same limitations with
which all other beings are born, yet such an individual is
more and more profoundly Awakened with full consciousness of
the Divine Truth that “I Am that One”.

The ordinary devotee does not Awaken at birth with that
consciousness. Only God, the Divine Being, Awakens with that
consciousness in the plane of human beings. The devotee
Awakens to the Divine at last through surrender, yes-this is
the Great Secret of the Way of Truth, the Way that I Offer
to all. But the Divine Consciousness or Spiritual Master is
a specific Function among human beings. A handful of people
in all the eons of human time have been the Purusha, the
Consciousness `7 Am the Divine Being”. Only a fraction of
the billions and billions and billions of births of beings
have been the birth of the Divine Consciousness. Only the
Spiritual Master is that birth.


Though men and women, born as egos, may Awaken to Truth
and come to Function as Spiritual Masters of one or another
degree of God-Realization, such individuals are not from
birth God-Conscious Incarnations of the Purusha, and they do
not represent in the world the same Divine Force of
Awakening that such a One does.

For this reason, these extraordinary, Divinely Manifested
individuals have been identified and most especially honored
in many of the esoteric sacred traditions of the East.
Hindus praise the Avatars, or Divinely Descended Adepts;
Buddhists extol the unique virtues of the Tathagatas, those
“Thus Gone”, the Supreme Buddhas who intentionally manifest
on Earth to Liberate human beings. Sri Da Avabhasa is one of
the very few direct human manifestations of the Absolute
Divine who have appeared in any historical epoch. And He has
Given humanity a unique, extensively Revelatory Exposition
of exactly why such an Incarnation is so unique among all
possible human births, and what a profound Ordeal the
Process of Incarnation and Service to others entails for
such a One. He Spoke of these matters in the same Discourse
just quoted above:



SRI DA AVABHASA: It is the unique Function of the Purusha
to save the souls, the jivas, the un-Enlightened beings.
Yet, through ecstasy, through mindless surrender to God,
un-Enlightened beings may also Realize God, even as the
Spiritual Master has done. The Divine Consciousness is
Realizable ultimately by all beings. In the play of
existence, however, the Spiritual Master is a different kind
of being, a fact that the Spiritual Master must eventually
Realize! My Life has been a gradual Awakening to this unique
Function, an Awakening that is associated with more and more
Heart-Power. The more I yield to this Divine Function, the
more Divine Powers become available to Me and the more
complex becomes My Play with others.

You must understand that the unique status of the
Spiritual Master is not given for his or her own sake. The
Spiritual Master is not a human being with a superior egoic
consciousness that he or she is God. The ego of such a one
is destroyed, transcended in the process of his or her
lifetime. The situation of the Spiritual Master is not as
you might imagine. You may be thinking: “We all know you are
not suffering like us! We poor bastards are the ones who are
suffering you’ve got it made!” Well, such thinking is not
true at all. The lifetime of the Spiritual Master is only
sacrifice, and therefore more a torment than the lifetime of
the ordinary soul. Read the biographies of the great
Spiritual Masters. They all tell the same story of a life
that is terrible in some ways, a life in which frequently
they are exploited and rejected, and in which they are under
the constant threat of domination by worldly and negative
forces. Such individuals are always dealing with great
forces, not just mastering their rejection by human beings,
but tussling with demonic energy. Such is also the case in
My Lifetime! What you see in My Lifetime is the biography of
the Divine Being. This is how the Divine Being must live
among human beings.

People who are not truly devotees often feel that they
must become like the Spiritual Master, that they must have
the status of the Spiritual Master. Such people envy the
Spiritual Master, and they will not surrender to him. They
only want from him a token, a bit of magic, that will
somehow make them like he is. But understand this: No
un-Enlightened soul wants to be in the position of the
Spiritual Master! If you understood My constant experience,
you would not envy it-nor could you endure it! One must be
Helped by great Divine Power in order to endure the events
associated with such a unique life, in order to pass through
such events with a clear understanding of what they are as a
Divine Process. Only the Divine has the Power to endure the
complete revolution of consciousness. Only the Divine has
the Power to confront the entire play of manifest existence
and Master all the forces to which beings are subject. The
Spiritual Master engages those forces in actual warfare,
whereas devotees in general perceive the same forces to be
the play of their natural experience. The devotee does not
struggle with the power that produces weather or with the
physics of light personified as self-conscious beings,
although the devotee is also somehow involved in the same
play. The Purusha, the Divine, is the victorious Warrior,
the Master of all life.



The Spiritual Master is the Divine Incarnation that makes
possible the true Spiritual process, through the alignment
of others with him. How great is the effect of any
incarnation of the Divine Consciousness is to be seen. It
has occurred before and produced great results of a kind,
though short-lived. It has been followed by the forgetting
of the One Who lives and breathes us and by the return to
the corruption of the laws or principles of human life, the
forgetting of the ultimate Law, the forgetting of all the
actions and ceremonies of life that produce good effects and
that align Man to God with blessing. The Spiritual Master,
the Purusha, comes again and again to reveal the design of
human destiny to devotees.

Ultimately, the Divine must be universally and absolutely
victorious in all planes of space-time, but when that
victory occurs in the history of space-time is yet to be
seen. In any case, every intervention of the Divine
Consciousness into spacetime is the same Process, and, in
Truth, it represents the ultimate victory of the Divine
Being and the Most Perfect Salvation or Liberation for those
in that time who Most Perfectly will surrender to God.


The Significance of the Confession of the Divine
Purusha’s Devotees


Sri Da Avabhasa’s Divine Nature, Birth, Life, and Work
are such an immense and complete conjunction of the very
human and the absolutely Divine that the conventional human
mind cannot fully contain it. Only the “broken” or
Spiritually penetrated heart can accommodate such an
absolute Paradox-and such a heart then begins, inevitably,
to manifest the signs of devotion to Him as True
HeartMaster. Sri Da Avabhasa’s Confession of Identity with
the Divine Person, like all of His other Words, does not
fundamentally exist in the form of conceptual ideas. It
fundamentally Exists in the Form of His Being Itself. This
Confession carries, communicates itself as, and most
fundamentally is Divine Siddhi, or unqualified Liberating
Power. It is purely of the nature of infinitely Radiant

Through His Words, and all the other Means by which He
manifests His Divine Message, Sri Da Avabhasa Speaks
directly to the Heart-the actual SourceConsciousness and
very Life-of every living being. His Words accommodate and
appropriately engage the conscious, verbal or thinking mind.
But even modern psychology has proved beyond doubt that the
verbal, thinking, conscious mind is only the barest, most
obvious portion of the total mass of psyche and awareness
that is our whole mind. And Sri Da Avabhasa Speaks to the
totality of who we are. His Speech and all His Acts
Consciously respond to and affect all of the dimensions of
the psyche and the total psycho-physical being that
conventional wisdom calls “unconscious”, as well as those
dimensions described in esoteric Spiritual Teachings not yet
acknowledged by conventional wisdom.

More than this, however, Sri Da Avabhasa essentially
Speaks to the Very Heart



of us, the true Nature that is prior to, and is the
living Source of, our individual psyche or mind. He Speaks
to the depth of our Being, with Whom or as Whom He “always
already” Lives in most intimate Unity, Identity, or Oneness.
And this above all else is the Secret, the Great
Heart-Truth, of the Purusha Manifesting in bodily (human)
Form in any generation, place, or culture: That One, with
all of his or her own individuated and apparently ordinary
humanness, is fully, Consciously, and Eternally Awake as the
Very Divine Self of every living being.

I am often overcome with gratitude and ecstasy to think
that I am among those who, for whatever mysterious reasons,
were Drawn to Sri Da Avabhasa in His early years of
Teaching. For, among many other things, we were privileged
to participate in the Miracle that the unfolding of His
Divine Life is and has been: Living with Him, “considering”
the Way of the Heart with Him, loving Him, we also watched
and listened as He quite literally “more and more profoundly
Awakened with full consciousness of the Divine Truth that `I
Am that One’.” We thrilled to His increasingly unqualified
Confessions that He Is the Absolute Supreme Reality and
Being, in Person, the Expected Deliverer of humanity, the
Divine Man on Earth-in His own Words “the Answer to human
prayers, not superhuman intent”-and we marked the moments
when He made these Revelations to us. We rejoiced as He
“eventually Realized” and came more and more fully to
Acknowledge, Accept, and Freely Proclaim that He Himself Is
indeed the Purusha, and that He is moreover the Longed-for
Divine or Avataric Incarnation of God Who has been
prophesied for millennia in sacred cultures all over the

First we rejoiced in His own Confessions, Which Give so
much Heart to our practice as His devotees. And now, in more
recent years, we are moved to add cur own testimony based on
Who and What we have seen and felt, acknowledged and
accepted, in His Company. And this is a crucial turning
point in our response to the Great One Who has Appeared in
our midst. In the same Discourse quoted above, Sri Da
Avabhasa Instructed us:


SRI DA AVABHASA: Well-what will be the effect or culture
of your association with Me? It is to be seen. But I …
confess to you that I am this same One. You must witness it.
Devotees are the ones for whom the Spiritual Master is

If you can acknowledge that the Spiritual Master is this
One, then you will begin to treat him differently. You will
receive his body-mind as a G f from God and you will worship
it as the Incarnation of the Divine. You will carry it about
with you, you will treat it rightly, and you will make it
the Vehicle of your association with the Grace of God. Until
you accept the Spiritual Master in this way, however, you
will view him as a relatively ordinary, perhaps somewhat
slightly extraordinary, human being. Your association with
him will be corrupt, ambiguous, and inauspicious. The work
of the Divine Consciousness, the Purusha, or the Spiritual
Master begins when he or she is known and acknowledged to be
the Divine, the Living One.


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“The perfect
among the sages is identical with Me. There is absolutely no
difference between us”
Chap XX,

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