Basket of Tolerance booklet series, The: Introduction


(to the Basket of Tolerance Booklet Series)

All Must Be Purified.

All Must Suffer Through An Ordeal Of Divine “Brightening”.

— Avatar Adi Da Samraj

True religion or Spiritual life can be described thus—as
an ordeal of purification and Divine “Brightening”.

Each of the various religious traditions has proposed
a particular approach to this ordeal, depending on its fundamental point
of view. But the entire collective Great Tradition
of humankind forms a single great and coherent process, with the unified
(although variously expressed) purpose of Realizing the Truth, or the Divine

This is the message of Avatar Adi Da’s extraordinary book
The Basket Of Tolerance. In The Basket Of Tolerance, Avatar Adi Da Samraj
“maps” the entire spectrum of potential religious points of view (as exemplified
by all the known religious traditions of human history) through a precisely
outlined and extensively annotated bibliography of over 5,000 items (including
books, articles, video recordings, and audio recordings).

In ancient India, the earliest Buddhist manuscripts were
written on palm leaves, and the collections of leaves were stored in baskets.
There were three baskets altogether—one basket for the disciplinary rules
of the monastic community (vinaya), one for Gautama’s collected discourses
(dharma), and one for the special texts analyzing the nature of human mental
operations (abhidharma). Thus, the canon of Buddhist literature came to
be known as “the three baskets” (or, in Sanskrit, “tripitaka”).

In our time, the “basket” of religious and Spiritual literature
includes the scriptures of all of the world’s traditions. People in all
parts of the world can now read the literature of any of the religious
traditions of past and present. Therefore, it is essential that human beings
study this literature in the disposition of tolerance—appreciating the
particular importance and significance of each branch of the Great Tradition.
It is in order to help all come to a right and full understanding of the
collective Great Tradition of humankind that Avatar Adi Da Samraj has created
The Basket Of Tolerance. Each of the booklets in the “Basket Of Tolerance”
series contains a single Essay from The Basket Of Tolerance, in which Avatar
Adi Da Samraj elucidates a particular aspect of (or point of view within)
the Great Tradition.

Many who have come to know Avatar Adi Da Samraj—through
studying His books and experiencing His Transmission of Divine Happiness
and Love—recognize Him as uniquely qualified to Reveal the significance
of humanity’s collective religious search. This is because they recognize
Him to be the Completion, or Fulfillment, of the Great Tradition—the Living
Incarnation of the Very One that human beings throughout the ages have,
in their various ways, worshipped and sought to Know or Realize.


1. By the word “Bright” (and its variations, such as “Brightness”),
Avatar Adi Da refers to the eternally, infinitely, and inherently Self-Radiant
Divine, Indivisible and Indestructible Light Itself.

2. The “Great Tradition” is Avatar Adi Da’s term for
the total inheritance of human, cultural, religious, magical, mystical,
Spiritual, Transcendental, and Divine paths, philosophies, and testimonies
from all the eras and cultures of humanity, which inheritance has (in the
present era of worldwide communication) become the common legacy of humankind.