Basket of Tolerance Study Series, The

The Basket of Tolerance Study Series

For Students and Practioners of the Wisdom-Teaching of Heart-Master Da (The Avadhoota Da Love-Ananda Hridayam, Whose Teaching Name Is Da Free John.)

©1987 ©1988 The Free Daist Communion.

(4 Sessions (?), #2 withdrawn). (h)

Session One: Study the Great Tradition as Sadhana:
Transcending Intolerance and Religious Provincialism.
Sacred Study versus Academic Study.
Self-Understanding Is the Basis for Understanding the Great Tradition.
Discover the Grand Argument of the Seven Schools of God-Talk.
Understanding and Transcending the Difficulty of Study.
Summary Points.
Reading and Writing Assignment.
Sri Da Avabhasa One and Two.
Excerpts from the Teaching of Heart-Master Da Love-Ananda:
The Basket of Tolerance: Preface: “The Gathering of the Seven Schools Of God-Talk”.
Vision Mound; “The Truth Transcends the Body-Mind of Man”.
The Basket of Tolerance: Table of Contents.
The Basket of Tolerance: Sections IA and IIA.
(26 pp.)

Session Three: The Epitome of Traditional Wisdom: The Guru and the Practice of Devotion to the Guru (Part One):
Session One: The History of the Guru Tradition in India.
Session Two: The Guru: “What Kind of Person Is It Who Pervades the Whole World” (Vision Mound, vol. 2, no. 6). “Come Alive in Brightness, and Receive the Gift of Light!” (Vision Mound, vol. 2, no. 10)
Session Three: The Guru-Disciple Relationship:
Talk Excerpts (7/2/ & 7/3/88). “Lay It at My Feet” (11/15/75).
Session Four: Transformation through Devotion and Service (part one):
Introduction. Talk excerpts (8/18/88, 11/20/84).
Session Five: Transformation through Devotion and Service (part two):
Talk excerpts (8/3/87, 7/9/88).
(74 pp.)

Session Four: The Epitome of Traditional Wisdom: The Guru, and the Practice of Devotion to the Guru (Part Two):
Session Six: Crazy Wisdom.
Session Seven: The Mere and Blessing Presence of the Adept:
Talk excerpts (8/5/88, 8/3/87, 8/18/88).
Session Eight: The Mature Devotee:
“Do Not Doubt My Word” (The Lesson, Vol. 1.).
“The Gospel of the Siddhas”.
Talk excerpt (8/18/88).
“Divine Distraction” (12/16/75).
Session Nine: The Perfect Practice (4/1/83):
Talk Excerpt (7/9/88).
Session Ten: God Realization:
The Seventh Stage of Life: And You Will Awaken To The Eternal Self-Domain (DHT excerpt).
Talk excerpt (8/5/87).
(65 pp.)

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