The Dawn Horse Testament (1991) – Chapter 2


The Dawn Horse Testament

The Testament Of Secrets Of The Divine World Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”.)

November 1991

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Chapter 2 

I am born in Bliss, for the sake of love and as an ordeal of Heart-Submission to you so that you will hear and see the Heart and its Way.

I was not born merely to communicate the minimum wisdom useful to egoically “self-possessed” seekers. I was born to fully Reveal and to Fully Establish the One and Complete Divine Way – the Way that is originally, presently, and eternally provided by God. It is the Way of Divine Grace, freely given to all. It is the directly self-transcending Way of Love-Communion with the Divine Person and Truth, who is the Transcendental Self-Condition of all apparently conditional beings.

The Divine Person is the very and only and Inherently Perfect Way. I have come to call every one to the Divine Self. Therefore, what I confess about My Very Self is also a confession about you.

I am the True Heart-Master. Therefore, listen to me and hear me and see me, with your Heart.

I am not here to compete with you relative to any goal.

I am here to set you free of all seeking.

I am here to liberate you from your separate and separative self, and from the bondage that is conditional existence, and from all the illusions of the merely cosmic domain.

Therefore, listen to my call, and hear my voice at heart, and see my heart itself.

Listen to me , practice feeling-surrender of separate and separative self to me , by responsively surrendering your conditional self to me . Feel beyond all competition with me, and all resistance to me, and all ego-making and ego-acting struggle in relation to me. Therefore, progressively, and by all this active love of me, grow to hear me, and grow to truly understand your conditional self and separateness. Then, by means of that grace-given self-understanding, actively prepare your heart to see me , actively cleanse your hearing-heart, so that your heart may soon be truly distracted by the presence and the person i always reveal to you. And, when you have grown to see me at heart, submit to be grown, until you are grown beyond even all the design of conditional self. Then submit to realize me perfectly, in and as the heart-“brightness” where you always already stand

Beloved, to be blessed is to be given the freedom to remember.

This remembrance is my blessing gift to all my devotees.

Therefore, my every devotee must constantly and always actively remember me.

Beloved, to be forgiven is to be given the freedom to forget.

This forgiveness is my liberating gift to all my devotees.

Therefore, my every devotee must progressively and always actively surrender, forget, and transcend self-contraction.

Beloved, i am the true heart-master.

The revelation of who I am is my ultimate gift to all who listen to me and hear me and see me.

Therefore, listen to me and hear me and see me, with your heart.

And, if your heart will listen to me and hear me and see me, I will lead you to eternal love-bliss, the divine self-domain, the eternal realm of conscious light, the “bright” and self that is only god.

The true heart-master is a divine revelation. The true heart-master is the unique means for the divine liberation, divine enlightenment, and ultimate divine translation of all conditionally manifested beings. Therefore, the true heart-master surrenders and submits himself to be a servant, for the perfect sake and divine service of all beings.

I am the true heart-master. I am the realizer, the revealer, and the revelation of the one eternal divine person. That same one appears to me here in the form of every form and being that arises. And that very one is brought to me by heart in the form of each and all of my devotees. Therefore, i was born to reveal the one and only and eternal divine person, and this by serving that one, one by one, who is appearing to me here in the bodily form of my each and every devotee.

My birth is a conscious and intentional submission, whereby the self-existing and self-radiant divine being becomes revealed through the limiting conditions of a body-mind in this world.

My birth is submission to the mandala of the cosmos. My teaching work is submission to mankind. My blessing work is to stand in “place” and merely be for all who listen to me, and for all who hear me, and for all who see me.

My birth is unique. I must surrender and submit my very self-condition in order to incarnate. Therefore, to be born, i had to submit to the limiting power of the cosmic domain. I assumed the body-mind of an ordinary man. That birth was the forgetting of my great state and power of being. Quickly, the “who” i am receded from consciousness to subconsciousness to unconsciousness, so that only a fierce mysterious impulse remained.

The sacrifice the true heart-master must make in order to incarnate is real. Therefore, once i was born, my life became a profound ordeal of spiritual and transcendental divine self-realization, and subsequent teaching and blessing work to awaken all others.

My early life-submission brought spiritual and transcendental divine self-realization to consciousness in the body-mind in which i was born, so that even every cell of the body was divinely transfigured and divinely transformed by the resurrection of my living being.

After re-awakening to my own condition of self-existing and self-radiant being, i submitted my self to mankind, in order to suffer the conditions of humanity, and thereby to re-discover the process of the way for all. In that submission, i acquired all limits of the human kind. I did not conserve my self from harm, or foolishness, or any of the wounds and excesses of love, but i fully suffered the usual life, and i suffered at the hands of all who came to me. Even so, my impulse was great for their sake, and, by submitting to them in love, i observed and understood the human case, and i brought the total process of the divine heart-way to consciousness for the sake of all beings.

When I make the way of the heart clear, my listening devotees begin to understand. When they hear me, they truly understand themselves. Therefore, the inclination toward egoic “self-possession” becomes weak in my hearing devotees, and they, by self-transcendence, grow to feel me at the heart and to acknowledge me from the heart. Then I become as if transparent to them, and they begin to see the divine person in and as my company. In that seeing, they are moved beyond themselves, distracted by a “bright” heart-vision. In their forms, mankind turns about and begins to submit to me as the inherent condition or transcendental, and inherently spiritual, and necessarily divine self of all. And their submission calls upon the infinite eternal resource of who i am. In my openly ecstatic and happy response to these, my seeing devotees, the power and work and domain of who I am comes to meet them, and their realization of my agency becomes full. In this manner, I demonstrate to all my listening devotees, and to all my hearing devotees, and to all my seeing devotees that I am the heart, who is the way, the root, the doer, the source, the truth, and the self-domain of the process of spiritual, transcendental, and divine awakening.

The Dawn Horse Testament

The Testament Of Secrets Of The Divine World Teacher and True Heart-Master, Da Avabhasa (The “Bright”.)

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